Do bumblebees sting?

Do bumblebees sting? well, Just as honey bees, bumblebees also sting but the difference is that unlike honey bees bumblebees only sting if they are severely bothered or are attacked. they only sting for protection and as a reflex action towards a danger. it is a reflex action actually and they only attack if necessary.

Most interesting facts about bumblebees

Queen bumblebee can store the sperm inside herself for more than a month. Also, the biggest bumblebee looks like a flying mouse. That’s an interesting start, isn’t it?. Then you’ll be glad to know that this article will help you find a lot more about bumblebees and I’m sure everything you would want to know is in this article below.

Bumblebees are interesting and hard to study

As an animal studies enthusiast bumblebees are one of the most interesting animals/insects known, as their habitats, instincts, and lifestyle can be surprisingly deep and they have been proven very intelligent among other kinds of bees. Famous scientist Dave Goulson spent his whole career writing about the history of bumblebees in his book called “a sting In the tale”. Bumblebees are very complex creatures and have a sense of unique lifestyle.

Do bumblebee sting

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How often do bumble bees sting?

Bumblebees can sting more than once they have this ability because They are responsible for the protection of their hives. Bumblebees have this ability that other bees don’t have like honey bees and wasps. You might wonder why they have this quality? The answer is it’s because they are more endangered and vulnerable to the environment than other insects or bees. So they have this quality to use their stinging advantage not once but as many times as they need to when they are in danger.

Do bumble bees die after stinging?

The answer is no, bumblebees don’t die after they sting because their sting is not attached to their abdomen it can detach when it’s being stung to something. That is the reason why bumblebees can sting more than once in their lifetime it’s because they don’t die after stinging. And it won’t be a surprise if the same bubble bee stings you twice as it remembers you. Sounds creepy but yeah that’s how intelligent they are.

Bumblebees smelly feet

Did you know that bees have smelly feet? This article will tell you they have smelly feet and Phoebe Buffey should have written a song about bumblebees and not cats. You will be surprised to read that bumblebees have oil glands on their feet so that they can mark the area or a flower they have already stripped of pollen and nectar for the other nectar-feeding insects. it’s like marking their territory and the smell works as the mark.

Do bumblebee sting

Do all bumble bees sting?

No, not all bumblebees can sting and I will give you the answer to this question through a mermaid reference because I’m obsessed with them. you know mermaids can lure the Pirates or any other human through their beauty and then eat them but mermen don’t do that. similarly, female bumblebees have venom glands and Stinger developed in the early stages of their growth while male bumblebees don’t have venom glands or Stinger as they never evolved in their body growth. Girl power that’s what I’m talking about;).

Difference between female and male bumblebee

Just like other animals and insects, bumblebees also have slightly different body structures regarding their genders. Some important characteristic of male and female bumblebees are in the chart below:

Male bumblebee Female bumblebee
1 Male bumblebees have 7 abdominal sections Female bumblebees have 6 abdominal sections
2 Male bumblebees have 13 segments in their antenna Female bumblebees have 12 segments in their antenna
3 Males do not have pollen baskets on the back legs as they don’t collect pollen. Females have a sack-like structure called a pollen basket on the back legs

The female bumblebees are the workers And Queens. Although the Queens are the reproductive ones and all of the other sterile female bumblebees work in harvesting and pollen collecting. Whereas the male bumblebees are called drones. And as lame as it sounds, drones only have the work to produce sperm and fertilize the queen’s eggs.

Bumblebee venom reactions

What would you do if a bumblebee stings you?. the answer would be not to panic first because usually, the venom reaction occurs after 30 to 45 minutes of stinging. The most common reactions are swelling and redness in the area. But it really depends on what part of your body is stung by a bumblebee.

Areas with loose skin like eyelids can cause severe reactions. but areas with more muscle will not be affected as much. Itching, swelling, and redness are the most common reactions that occur after the bee sting. But the thing about the bumblebees is that they can sting more than once as their Stinger Can efficiently detach from the abdomen. If one gets stung by bumblebees twice the reactions can get severe and might need some medical help.

Chemical reactions after getting stung

When the venom enters the body through a stinger, it mixes with blood and might cause some toxic reactions if one consumes some kind of heavy medicine or alcohol. The bumblebee venom reactions can get complicated if it reacts with other chemicals.

One should avoid consuming alcohol or heavy medicines until the venom wears off. Rare venom reactions Some venom reactions can get complicated and are very rare. in some cases when the bumblebee stings in sensitive areas like the throat, Can cause suffocation and thus is fatal. The case can be difficult if someone is severely allergic to bumblebees or their venom, can get into serious condition for example dramatically drop in blood pressure or worst cases unconsciousness within 30 minutes of stinging. In these cases, one needs to be consulted with a doctor immediately.

In case of consciousness and drop in blood pressure or suffocation, immediate emergency consultation and medication should be given to that person as the throat swelling can cause death in very rare cases.

Do bumblebee sting

How to prevent bumblebee sting

Bumblebees sting is quite dangerous for you it may cause severe skin relations especially if it stung you in the sensitive part of your body or on loose skin areas, so preventing yourself from their sting is the most important thing if you are working or sitting near them. Some of the points are mentioned below:

• One of the reasons why a bumblebee will sting you is because you’re wearing a perfume that smells like Flowers or any fruity smell will attract a bumblebee and you will most likely end up being stung by it.
• Do not panic if a bumblebee comes in your way and do not swap it away as it will only attack back and sting you. Staying calm and neutral will not trigger the bumblebee.
• Avoid hitting or touching bumblebee hives because they will use their stinging abilities when they sense danger.
• Bumblebees are attracted to blue color surprisingly, so the chances are that if you’re wearing blue and you are near a hive, chances are that you’ll probably be stung.
• Wear protective clothes and gloves and masks if you are working near a bumblebee hive. Wear protective clothing if it’s necessary for you to be near bumble beehives.

Bumblebee sting treatment

The reactions caused by bumblebee venom can affect everyone differently as we don’t know who is more allergic to the venom and who is immune to it. so if someone gets very severe reactions and causes health problems several treatments can be done to cure the sting.

Injections of adrenaline can really help in the reactions. histamine and corticosteroids also help in getting rid of the chemical reactions that cause Severe swelling and Redness. If the venom causes some serious cardio problems then the patient should be taken to the hospital immediately.

The advanced technology for venom extraction called immunotherapy is also available for sting treatment but it is available in Belgium and Netherlands. Such treatments are available to treat the bumblebee sting and it is only necessary if someone is hypersensitive to their sting otherwise it can be treated at home with ice cubes and local drug store medicines.

If you are stung by a bumblebee here are some immediate actions to do:

• The most effective and common way to treat a bumble a bee sting is to use ice cubes on the areas the bee has stung.
• Ice cubes help with treating swelling and redness and numbs the itchiness.
• If the sting is severe apply hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to ease the itchiness and allergic reaction.
• The oral medicine for a bee sting is an antihistamine. one can easily find it in a local drug store.
• Avoid scratching the stung area as it will only make it worse.

Foodie bumble bees

The bumblebees eat more than any other regular bees because they need more energy and they need to store fat to work efficiently. Queen bumblebees eat so much food that it is said if they are full they won’t sting. yes, that’s right just like humans they tend to be in a good mood after they eat enough and they won’t be as triggered as they are when they are hungry.

You might be wondering why these tiny bees need to eat so much? The answer is that Queens eat a lot of food ‘because they store fat to reproduce properly even if there is a shortage of food and she can use the energy from the stored fat in her body. bumblebees Have a very fast metabolism that’s why they need food every 40 to 45 minutes which is why they’re always busy finding nectars.

What is bombus dahlbomii ?

It is the largest species of bumblebees and Queens grow Up to 40mm long. This species of bumblebees have proven to be the largest bees in the Kingdom and are often referred to as flying mice because that’s how big Bombus dahlbomii look like.

After knowing how big some bumblebee Queens can be I’m sure you would want to know how their eggs look like. this article has got you covered and the answer is that the eggs look like tiny sausages and the best example is like plankton from sponge Bob.

Their eggs are not typically round they have a very specific sausage-like shape and are easily Signified as bumblebee eggs. Another unique thing about bumblebees is that the sperm lives for months inside the Queen bees.

Queen bumblebees are magical creatures

Yes, that’s right these Queen bees have some characteristic that makes them literal magical fairies. Why? Because Queen bees can actually control the genetics of their offspring and this quality is specifically in bumblebees. They are basically Tinkerbell in disguise.

Fascinating facts about Queen bumblebees don’t end here there’s more. No joke these bumblebees air condition their nest with their wings. yes, that’s true, they move their wings frequently to create cool air for their nests and this is easily the best thing to know about insects hands down.

Someone asked me will the bumblebee sting if you pet them? Yep, that’s exactly the face I made when I heard the question but apparently, people do wonder about it so here’s the answer, yes they will sting you if you pet them because they are so fragile that if you pet them it’s going to break their wings and for them, it’s dangerous so they will sting you for their protection even if your intention was not to hurt them.

Keeping bumblebees as pets is not such a great idea either because they require open spaces free oxygen and a whole hive to survive they will die if they are kept in captivity individually.

Do bumblebee sting

Bumblebee nest

Bumble Bees are known to have mysterious nesting habits. Now it’s quite common for honey bees to have a hive on top of tree branches or any place that doesn’t require any shade or protection, but in the case of bumblebees, they find places to the nest that is well protected have to shade over them and hidden from most animals and humans. some of the places that bumblebees prefer to nest in are underground places, tree holes, bird boxes, or any other place with a roof like a shelter over it.

These mysterious habitats and nesting qualities of bumblebees make them different from other insects like honey bees and Wasps. That’s why bumblebees have a majestic appearance compared to other flying insects.

Different species of bumblebees

A large number of bumblebees are spread all over the world but in every other area, there are different species of these bees having a very slight difference in their appearance. but some species are very different and are rare for example:
There’s a species in bumblebees that have red stripes whereas normal bumblebees have yellow. There are over 250 species of bumblebees. Bumblebees are usually social insects and live by forming colonies although they have smaller colonies as compared to those of honey bees. but some very rare species of bumblebees survive alone and are not a part of colonies. They are mostly found in higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere and they’re also abundantly found in South America. Some common species of bumblebees are also found in European countries.

Do bumblebee sting?

Imposter alert

One of the mysterious things about bumblebees is that they leave their eggs in other nests. They leave their eggs in other bee nests and workers will take care of the eggs and offspring. Only some species of bumblebees have the habit to leave imposter eggs in other bumblebee nests.

Endangered species

Just like every other insect and animal bumblebee species are also critically endangered. There are five species of bumblebees that are most likely to get instinct because of their severe endangered state. Bumblebees participate in a huge variety of pollination for the plants of tomatoes, squash, blueberries, etc. But these fuzzy busy workers are in danger, the factors that are causing their extinction are quite serious and universal. As you know the climatic changes are disturbed due to global warming causing the bees to die of extreme heat.

Saving our little helping hand friends should be our priority. Breeding in captivity should not be the only response to this situation. We should create a bumblebee-friendly environment to help them get back at their healthy reproduction and pollination. Which will not only help them but also will increase our vegetation quality. An eco-friendly environment is a basic need of all living things and bumblebees are one of them so keep in mind to work for their survival and ours too. Help them revitalize our grounds and make the earth full of life again.

Process of studying bumblebees

Tiny and delicate creatures like bees are kept in laboratories or captivity for studies. But the question is how can one study them without squishing them accidentally?. Well, they do have a device that is used to suck the bumblebee through a tube.

This device is called a “pooter”. It is used manually by people who study insects and there is no electrical force involved as this device is used to handle the fragile bees without hurting or killing them.

For extended slides and microscopic studies, they use the toes of bumblebees. That’s right these little fuzzy balls have toes but don’t worry as it Doesn’t hurt them or cause any injury. Their toes are just like dead skin which doesn’t make a difference in their structure.

Do bumblebees sting dogs?

A question often asked by pet owners concerned about their dogs getting stung by bumblebees. The answer is yes they can get stung but because it’s hard for bees to reach the Surface of animal skin with fur and hair, there is a lesser chance for your dog or any other pet to get stung. The only time that you should be concerned is when a bumblebee stings the insides of an animal, this can lead to severe swelling itching vomiting and even sudden collapse.

Severe reactions will only show if the animal is allergic to a bumblebee sting and should be taken to a vet if the condition gets worse. But for common reactions like swelling, itching, and redness a bag of ice cubes or a mix of water and baking soda can help soothe the stung area. The best way to avoid your pets getting stung by bumblebees is that keep them away from hives as they can disturb the colony and end up getting stung badly.

Avoid giving your pet medications without a veteran’s consultation, as it can cause chemical reactions in the body. make sure your dog doesn’t bite or scratch the stung area as it will only get worse and may cause infections. In the same way, if a dog eats a bumblebee, the reactions will only show if they are allergic otherwise the venom will be out of their system through waste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a bumblebee sting worse than a honey bee?

Yes, bumblebee sting is more dangerous than honey bee because it doesn’t have barbs. Bumblebee can sting you more than once which can be a harmful weapon to us.

2. What happens to a bumblebee after it stings you?

Bumblebee sting is called a smooth weapon that means after stinging it will not stick in our skin that’s why bumblebee doesn’t die after stinging.

3. Why do bees die after stinging?

Bees like honey bee dies after stinging because their sting is modified ovipositor and after stinging when they try to fly away the stinger is pulled apart form their abdomen which kills them. Note only female bees die after stinging because male bees don’t have a sting.

4. What Sting is most painful?

The most painful sting is a bullet ant sting that lasts for 24 hours. It rates 4.0 in the pain chart.

5. Will a queen bee sting you?

However, Queen bee does not sting you because they reserve their sting for other Queen bees. Their sting is smooth and can sting multiple times and will not die after stinging.

6. Why do bees chase you?

Bess chases humans because they found human sweat sweet, sounds strange but true sometimes bees are attracted to human sweat they are hard to notice because of their metallic and black and yellow color. But they are not found aggressive towards human beings.

7. Where do bees go to die?

When bees are near to die they are very weak and often go on flowers when they die they drop off from the flower their bodies are usually found near bee-friendly flowers.

8. Do bees remember you?

Surprisingly the answer is yes, the bees do remember the individual features of human they have a tiny seed-like brain but carries a great memory.

9. What is the lifespan of a queen bee?

The lifespan of the Queen bee is 2 years whereas workers live 150-200 days in winter and 15-40 days in summer.

10. Why did a bee randomly sting me?

Bees mostly sting in their defense when you disturb them they are not going to leave you without chasing and stinging. They only sting when they are threatened.


The above article has all the collected information that you need to know about do bumblebee sting and what to do when you get stung by a bumblebee and how to prevent it from happening. The details about these fuzzy little creatures might fascinate you and have pretty interesting facts and stories behind their species. The answer to the questions frequently asked regarding bumblebees are individually explained in the article above.

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