Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics,

How To Define Environmental Economics?

You can define Environmental Economics as, Environmental economics is an economic sector that studies the financial implications of environmental policies. Environmentalists conduct studies to determine the theoretical or experimental effects of environmental policies on the economy. This segment of the economy helps consumers design appropriate environmental policies and analyze the effects and benefits of existing or proposed policies.

  • Environmental economics examines the effects of environmental policies and formulates solutions to the problems that arise from them.
  • The approach can be based on prescription or concessions.
  • The two main challenges facing the eco-economy are its transitional role and its impact on different sections of society.

Literal Meanings of Environmental Economics


Meanings of Environmental:
  1. In relation to the nature and influence of human activities on their condition.

  2. Related to or coming from an environment.

Sentences of Environmental
  1. Acid rain can cause significant environmental damage

  2. Noisy environment

Synonyms of Environmental

meteorological, environmental, atmospheric, natural


Meanings of Economics:
  1. The branch of knowledge that deals with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth.

  2. The state of a region or group in material prosperity.

Sentences of Economics
  1. According to classical economists, this was not an integral part of the new economy.

  2. He studied music at Oxford, but a year later turned to politics, philosophy and economics.

  3. Well written and debated, it empowers business life.

  4. The steady economic advancement of this ideology was hit.

  5. This point is often overlooked in textbook discussions on industrial economics and economic theory.

  6. You may regret not attending Mori Rothbard's Economics course.

  7. It covers a wide range of topics, but deals with the idea that the economy is a male issue.

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Synonyms of Economics

pecuniary matters, business, commerce, money management, fiscal matters, investment, money matters, banking, accounting, economics