Definition of Fragility:

  1. The quality is easily broken or damaged.

  2. The sensitivity to damage, failure or shrinkage of an object due to the action of external forces is measured as the force required to cause damage.

Synonyms of Fragility

Effeminacy, Amiable weakness, Morbidity, Crumbliness, Sickliness, Irresolution, Hypochondria, Indecisiveness, Cachexy, Flimsiness, Weakness, Wasting, Human frailty, Cachexia, Brittleness, Frailty, Sleaziness, Wispiness, Moral weakness, Delicate health, Crackableness, Womanishness, Frangibility, Delicacy, Healthlessness, Poor health, Slightness, Friability, Hypochondriasis, Peakedness, Unsoundness, Delicacy, Fissility, Lightness, Infirmity, Destructibility, Debility, Velleity, Invalidism, Languishment, Enervation, Chronic ill health, Unsubstantiality, Ill health, Crushableness, Exhaustion, Unhealthiness, Fracturableness, Flimsiness, Collapse, Frailty, Inherent vice, Weakliness, Crackability, Crushability, Daintiness, Breakableness, Unwholesomeness, Fineness, Vulnerability, Daintiness, Debilitation, Languishing, Morbidness, Infirmity of will, Changeableness, Brittleness, Disintegration, Valetudinarianism, Feebleness, Lacerability, Invalidity, Crispness, Decrepitude, Breakability

How to use Fragility in a sentence?

  1. Osteoporosis is a characteristic of bone weakness.

Meaning of Fragility & Fragility Definition