Definition of Characteristic:

  1. Math: Integer part of a common logarithm.

  2. A distinguishing feature or attribute of an item, person, phenomenon, etc., usually divided into three categories: (1) physical, (2) functional, and (3) operational.

  3. A feature or quality belonging typically to a person, place, or thing and serving to identify it.

  4. The whole number or integral part of a logarithm, which gives the order of magnitude of the original number.

  5. Typical of a particular person, place, or thing.

Synonyms of Characteristic

Attribute, Feature, Affection, Affective, Appropriate, Aroma, Attribute, Automatism, Bad habit, Badge, Banner, Birthmark, Body-build, Brand, Cachet, Cast, Categorical, Character, Characteristics, Characterizing, Classificational, Classificatory, Compare, Complexion, Composition, Configuration, Constituents, Constitution, Constitutional, Contrastive, Crasis, Creature of habit, Custom, Cut, Defining, Denominative, Device, Dharma, Diacritical, Diagnostic, Diathesis, Differencing, Differentia, Differential, Differentiative, Discriminating, Discriminative, Disposition, Dispositional, Distinctive, Distinctive feature, Distinguished, Distinguishing, Divisional, Divisionary, Earmark, Emblematic, Emotional, Especial, Ethos, Exemplary, Feature, Fiber, Figure, Flavor, Force of habit, Frame, Genius, Grain, Gust, Habit, Habit pattern, Habitude, Hallmark, Hue, Humor, Humors, Idiocrasy, Idiocratic, Idiosyncrasy, Idiosyncratic, Ilk, Image, Impress, Impression, In character, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Individual, Individualism, Individualizing, Individuating, Innate, Insignia, Intellectual, Intrinsic, Keynote, Kind, Lineaments, Makeup, Mannerism, Mark, Marked, Marking, Measure, Mental, Mold, Natural, Naturalistic, Nature, Normal, Note, Odor, Ordinal, Particular, Particularity, Pattern, Peculiar, Peculiarity, Personalizing, Physique, Picture, Point, Practice, Praxis, Proper, Property, Quality, Quintessential, Quirk, Realistic, Regular, Representation, Representative, Sample, Savor, Seal, Second nature, Separative, Shape, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signature, Single, Singular, Singularity, Smack, Somatotype, Sort, Special, Specialty, Specific, Spirit, Spiritual, Stamp, Stereotype, Stereotyped behavior, Streak, Stripe, Subdivisional, Suchness, Sure sign, Symbolic, Symptom, Symptomatic, System, Taint, Tang, Taste, Taxonomic, Telltale sign, Temper, Temperament, Temperamental, Tendency, Tenor, Token, Tone, Trait, Trick, True to form, True to type, Typal, Type, Typic, Typical, Unique, Usage, Use, Usual, Vein, Virtue, Way, Wont, Typical, Usual, Normal, Predictable, Habitual, In character

How to use Characteristic in a sentence?

  1. Inherited characteristics such as blood groups.
  2. You should always try and make sure your business keeps the same characteristic it has had in the past if things are going well.
  3. A strong belief in God and the Bible is characteristic of people who consider themselves belonging to one of the many Christian faiths.
  4. His early work was on quadratic forms in fields, particularly fields of characteristic 2.
  5. Large farms are characteristic of this area.
  6. I thought that understanding the characteristic our subject was displaying would offer insight into the inner workings of the individuals mind.

Meaning of Characteristic & Characteristic Definition