Definition of Characteristic:

  1. Mathematics: The whole of the common logarithm.

  2. Features or characteristics of an object, person, phenomenon, etc. which are generally divided into three categories: (1) physical, (2) functional and (3) practical.

  3. An attribute, features, or characteristics that a person, place, or thing possesses in general and serves to identify them.

  4. A number is a statistic or part of a logarithm that indicates the order of magnitude of the original number.

  5. Characteristic of a particular person, place, or thing.

Synonyms of Characteristic

Sample, Idiocratic, Specific, Compare, Representation, Differentiative, Predictable, Suchness, Marked, Taint, Marking, Distinguished, Typic, Character, Wont, Individuating, Pattern, Point, Second nature, Note, Affective, Dispositional, Discriminative, Temper, Signature, Somatotype, Genius, Frame, Fiber, Cut, Index, Temperament, Quintessential, Impression, Complexion, Ordinal, Makeup, Idiocrasy, In character, Appropriate, Measure, Regular, Constituents, Quirk, Token, Dharma, Characteristics, Disposition, Usual, Trait, Brand, Diagnostic, Taste, Cachet, True to type, Intrinsic, True to form, Peculiar, Crasis, Defining, Composition, Stripe, Singular, Classificational, Distinctive feature, Impress, Differencing, Tenor, Device, Typal, Body-build, Contrastive, Insignia, Characterizing, Earmark, Attribute, Emblematic, Typical, Sort, Distinguishing, Signal, Shape, Symbolic, Custom, Peculiarity, Gust, Usage, Spirit, Feature, Mannerism, Discriminating, Mold, Banner, Use, Idiosyncratic, Praxis, Hallmark, Nature, Differentia, Humors, Constitutional, Realistic, Lineaments, Indicant, Particular, Normal, Virtue, Badge, Cast, Representative, Sigil, Natural, Denominative, Hue, Individualizing, Telltale sign, Habitual, Temperamental, Savor, Flavor, Differential, Intellectual, Attribute, Separative, Ethos, Way, Especial, Individual, Emotional, Figure, Stereotype, Proper, Force of habit, In character, Diathesis, Subdivisional, Automatism, Exemplary, Symptom, Symptomatic, Bad habit, Normal, Constitution, Sure sign, Divisionary, Ilk, Feature, Property, Mental, Stamp, Individualism, Sign, Stereotyped behavior, Odor, System, Physique, Personalizing, Typical, Specialty, Mark, Image, Grain, Streak, Habit, Kind, Diacritical, Practice, Taxonomic, Classificatory, Habit pattern, Naturalistic, Humor, Particularity, Idiosyncrasy, Birthmark, Picture, Single, Quality, Smack, Creature of habit, Indicator, Singularity, Distinctive, Type, Tang, Special, Tendency, Trick, Keynote, Categorical, Configuration, Habitude, Unique, Vein, Usual, Innate, Spiritual, Seal, Aroma, Divisional, Tone, Affection

How to use Characteristic in a sentence?

  1. Inherited traits, such as blood type.
  2. You should always try to make sure that your company maintains the same features as everything else.
  3. Strong faith in God and the Bible is characteristic of those who consider themselves part of many Christian denominations.
  4. His first work focused on the squares of fields, especially the characteristic areas.
  5. Large farms are a trademark of the region.
  6. I think that understanding these features will provide information about the inner workings of the individual that our topics exhibit.

Meaning of Characteristic & Characteristic Definition