Definition of Waste:

  1. Lean production: Activity that consumes resources but adds no value. Called muda in Japanese, wastes are divided into seven types; (1) Over-production: producing something more than the demand, or before it is needed. (2) Waiting: for the next process step due to long cycle time. (3) Transport: unnecessary movement of material or parts due to inappropriate location of equipment or machines. (4) Over-processing: processing that adds no value due to poor product design. (5) Excess inventory: collect costs due to poor planning. (6) Unnecessary movement of workers, due to inappropriate tool or work design. (7) Defective product: products that nobody wants.

  2. General: (1) Resources consumed by inefficient or non-essential activities. (2) Unwanted material left over from a production process, or output which has no marketable value. (3) Process or material that does not (from the viewpoint of the customer) add value to a good or service. (4) Material discharged to, deposited in, or emitted to an environment in such amount or manner that causes a harmful change.

  3. Law: Change or harm (other than normal wear and tear) to land or buildings due to the actions or inactions of the tenant or mortgager for which he or she is liable to the landlord or the mortgagee. It may constitute (1) permanent damage due to intentional act or negligence, (2) failure to maintain and/or repair the property, (3) failure to pay taxes and other statutory charges, (4) failure to comply with mortgage agreements covenants, or (5) failure to pass on the rent to which the landlord or mortgagee is entitled.

Synonyms of Waste

Arabia Deserta, Death Valley, Sahara, Abate, Ablate, Ablation, Absorption, Acarpous, Afterglow, Afterimage, Arid, Assimilation, Atrophy, Attenuate, Attrition, Back, Back of beyond, Back-country, Backwood, Backwoods, Backwoodsy, Balance, Barren, Barren land, Barrens, Bate, Be consumed, Be eaten away, Be gone, Be used up, Blast, Bloodbath, Blot out, Blow, Blue ruin, Blunder away, Bones, Breakup, Bring to ruin, Brush, Bump off, Burning up, Bush, Butt, Butt end, Candle ends, Carnage, Carpe diem, Cast away, Cease, Cease to be, Cease to exist, Celibate, Chaff, Childless, Condemn, Confound, Conspicuous consumption, Consume, Consume away, Consumption, Corrode, Corrosion, Croak, Crumble, Culm, Damn, Damnation, Deadwood, Deal destruction, Debris, Decimate, Decimation, Decline, Decrease, Decrement, Dejecta, Dejection, Dejecture, Deliquesce, Deliquescence, Dematerialize, Depart, Deplete, Depletion, Depreciate, Depreciation, Depredate, Depredation, Desecrate, Desert, Desolate, Desolation, Despoil, Despoilment, Despoliation, Destroy, Destruction, Detritus, Devastate, Devastation, Devour, Die, Die away, Die out, Digestion, Diminish, Disappear, Discharge, Dishwater, Disintegration, Disorganization, Dispel, Disperse, Disruption, Dissipate, Dissipation, Dissolution, Dissolve, Dive, Do a fade-out, Do in, Draff, Drain, Drained, Dregs, Dribble away, Dried-up, Drivel, Droop, Drop, Drop off, Dry, Dry up, Dust, Dust bowl, Dwindle, Eating up, Ebb, Effluent, Egesta, Ejecta, Ejectamenta, Ejection, Emacerate, Emaciate, Emaciation, End, Engorge, Erase, Erode, Erosion, Evanesce, Evaporate, Evaporation, Excrement, Excreta, Excretes, Exhaust, Exhausted, Exhaustion, Exit, Expend, Expending, Expenditure, Extravagance, Extravagancy, Extravasate, Extravasation, Exudate, Exudation, Fade, Fade away, Fade out, Fag end, Fail, Fall, Fall away, Fall off, Fallow, Filings, Finishing, Fix, Flag, Flee, Fly, Fool away, Fossil, Fritter, Frivol, Fruitless, Garbage, Gash, Gaunt, Gelded, Get, Give out, Give the business, Go, Go away, Gobble, Gobble up, Gun down, Gut, Gut with fire, Havoc, Heath, Hecatomb, Hide, Hinterland, Hit, Hogwash, Holdover, Holocaust, Howling wilderness, Husks, Ice, Impotent, Impoverishment, Incinerate, Incontinence, Ineffectual, Infecund, Infertile, Ingestion, Intemperance, Issueless, Jejune, Jungle, Junk, Karroo, Kelter, Languish, Lavishness, Lay in ruins, Lay out, Lay waste, Leached, Leakage, Leaking purse, Leave no trace, Leave the scene, Leavings, Lees, Leftovers, Lessen, Let up, Litter, Loose purse strings, Lose, Lose strength, Loss, Lunar landscape, Lunar waste, Macerate, Marcescence, Melt, Melt away, Menopausal, Nonfertile, Nonproducing, Nonproductive, Nonprolific, Odds and ends, Off, Offal, Offscourings, Orts, Outback, Overdoing, Overgenerosity, Overgenerousness, Overliberality, Parch, Parings, Pass, Pass away, Pass out, Peak, Perdition, Perish, Peter out, Pillage, Pine, Pine away, Plummet, Plunge, Polish off, Potsherds, Pound-foolishness, Preshrink, Prodigality, Profligacy, Profuseness, Profusion, Rags, Raspings, Ravage, Reckless expenditure, Reckless spending, Refuse, Relics, Remainder, Remains, Remnant, Residue, Residuum, Rest, Retire from sight, Roach, Rub out, Rubbish, Rubble, Ruin, Ruinate, Ruination, Ruins, Rummage, Rump, Run down, Run dry, Run low, Run out, Run to seed, Run to waste, Sack, Sag, Salt flat, Sawdust, Scourings, Scrap iron, Scraps, Scum, Sear, Settle, Shadow, Shambles, Shards, Shavings, Shipwreck, Shrink, Shrinkage, Shrivel, Sine prole, Sink, Slack, Slag, Slaughter, Slop, Slops, Spend, Spending, Spill, Spoliate, Spoliation, Squander, Squandering, Squandermania, Sterile, Straw, Stubble, Stump, Subside, Sucked dry, Suffer an eclipse, Survival, Swallow up, Sweepings, Swill, Sylvan, Tail off, Take care of, Tares, Teemless, Thin, Throw into disorder, Trace, Transudate, Transudation, Trash, Uncultivated, Undoing, Unfertile, Unfruitful, Unleash destruction, Unleash the hurricane, Unplowed, Unproductive, Unprolific, Unsown, Untilled, Up-country, Upheave, Use up, Using, Using up, Vandalism, Vandalize, Vanish, Vanish from sight, Vaporize, Vestige, Virgin, Wane, Wastage, Waste away, Waste matter, Wasted, Wastefulness, Wasteland, Wastepaper, Wasting away, Weaken, Wear, Wear and tear, Wear away, Wearing, Wearing away, Wearing down, Weary waste, Weazen, Weeds, Wild, Wilderness, Wildness, Wilds, Wilt, Wilting, Wipe out, Wither, Wither away, Withering, Without issue, Wizen, Woodland, Wrack, Wrack and ruin, Wreak havoc, Wreck, Zap

How to use Waste in a sentence?

  1. You must make sure to properly dispose of all waste that your factories make and not to do any illegal dumping that will harm the environment.
  2. Each week the garbage company comes around to neighborhoods to collect waste that people have put out in their garbage cans.
  3. Most kitchen waste usually is typically composed of unwanted, spoiled or excess food that is thrown away as common garbage.

Meaning of Waste & Waste Definition

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