Definition of Complex:

  1. Psychology: Desires, thoughts and memories are expressed emotionally, but are suppressed, which activates in the unconscious mind of a person and affects their behavior (or neurological disorders) without anyone noticing. ۔ Complex names (such as inferior complex, electra complex, Oedipus complex) are used for descriptive purposes only and do not necessarily indicate a pathological condition. In common parlance, this term is synonymous with insanity.

  2. It consists of many different and connected parts.

  3. Complex with another (one atom or compound).

  4. Ions or molecules in which one or more groups are connected to a metal atom by connected bonds.

  5. Systems: Parts with many separate and independent components, but interconnected and interconnected or connected by multiple connections (tight).

  6. Treatment: Symptoms and Symptoms of a Disease or Disorder.

  7. Designation or participation consisting of real and imaginary parts of a number or quantity.

  8. A group of emotionally important theories that are completely or partially suppressed and cause psychological conflicts that lead to mental states or abnormal behaviors.

  9. Refers to an ion or molecule in which one or more groups are connected to metal atoms by cohesive bonds.

  10. A group of buildings or similar facilities in the same place.

  11. General: A group of adjacent, interconnected buildings, facilities, or structures (usually isolated from the area around the fence or wall) that are built to perform the same function, e.g. B. Residential complex, medical complex or military industrial complex.

  12. Chemistry: Compounds that form non-metallic molecules or ions by binding to metal molecules or ions. Organic complexes (where organic molecules are attached to metal molecules) are called chelates.

Synonyms of Complex

Messed up, Perplexed, Irresistible impulse, Snafu, Obsessive compulsion, Trait-complex, Ambiguous, Culture center, Compound, Integer, Conglomerate, Loused up, Beyond one, Matted, Strenuous, Ticklish, Compound, Snarl, Implicated, Tangled skein, Culture, Puzzling, Fixed idea, Ruling passion, Morbid drive, Thorny, Jawbreaking, Tic, Superiority complex, Confused, Byzantine, Thrown together, Embrangled, Mysterious, Reticular, Culture trait, Difficile, Heterogeneous, Mingled, Meander, Knotted, Integrity, Jumbled, Wheels within wheels, Spiny, Obscured, Syncretic, Compounded, Brutal, Garbled, Vague, Pluralistic, Many-sided, Many-faceted, Hypercathexis, Set with thorns, Structure, Multiplex, Culture pattern, Jungle, Totality, Confounding, Mesh, Gordian knot, Webwork, Toilsome, Intricate, Devious, Snarled, Exacting, Composite, Rough, Tangly, Cultural drift, Folkways, Balled up, Collectivity, Multinational, Involuted, Culture conflict, Labyrinth, Involved, Elaborate, Arduous, Difficult, Oedipus complex, Monomania, Compounded, Obscure, Culture complex, Perplexing, Delicate, Rugged, No picnic, Ethos, Abstruse, Knot, Operose, Diana complex, Disturbing, Confusing, Mores, Fascination, Key trait, Integration, Daedal, Hard-fought, Critical, Distracting, Overtechnical, Hang-up, Patchy, Equivocal, Knotty, Hairy, Wilderness, Mystifying, Hard, Hard to understand, Subtle, Prepossession, Amphibious, Multiracial, Mixed-up, Preoccupation, Medley, Obfuscated, Miscellaneous, Development, Not easy, Baffling, Demanding, Convoluted, Combined, Ravel, Unity, Bewildering, Herculean, Idee fixe, Laborious, Complex, Eclectic, Varied, Mucked up, Hard-earned, Mother complex, Father complex, Tricky, Mixed, Ramified, Screwed up, Obsession, Tough, Building, Indiscriminate, Oneness, Fifty-fifty, Rigorous, Motley, Confounded, Multifaceted, Labyrinthian, Multifarious, Inferiority complex, Scrambled, Twisted, Mazy, Entangled, Fixation, Sophisticated, Dappled, Ironic, Chinese puzzle, Mean, Half-and-half, Promiscuous, Whole, Parent complex, Roundabout, Castration complex, Cramp, Blended, Trait, Composite, Wicked, Ambivalent, Possession, Tangled, Amalgamated, Gordian, Perplex, Persecution complex, Culture area, Labyrinthine, Mixed up, Complicated, Maze, Embodiment, Steep, Can of worms, Fouled up, Civilization, Culture contact, Formidable, Tangle, Crabbed, Snake pit, Electra complex, Society, Severe, Compulsion, Organic unity, Uphill, Acculturation, Entirety, Involute, Mess, Rube Goldberg contraption, Meandering

How to use Complex in a sentence?

  1. New apartment complex.
  2. The complex was recently renovated, so the area is still new, but with a population per unit area.
  3. The world of finance is a big and complex machine. Every part of the connection and serves as a normal function. We are the gears of the machine, we have to keep running it.
  4. When complex ions are named, ligands are named first.
  5. For about six to eight hours, she apparently had no physical experience of chronic muscle tension, which Reich says is a symptom of an unhealthy mental or emotional complication.
  6. Complex water network.
  7. The old woman loved puzzles all her life and never stopped solving them until her nephew bought the most complex one she had tried.
  8. It is known that ionic and owl oxygen complexes have a complex glycerol lipid phosphocholine structure with metal phosphodaster group.
  9. DNA is supplemented with a basic extract.
  10. They also categorized real and complex numbers into independent categories.

Meaning of Complex & Complex Definition

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