Definition of Worker:

  1. A person who works hard.

  2. A person who is employed.

  3. A person who does a specified type of work or who works in a specified way.

  4. A person who produces or achieves a specified thing.

  5. (in social insects such as bees, wasps, ants, and termites) a neuter or undeveloped female that is a member of what is usually the most numerous caste and does the basic work of the colony.

Synonyms of Worker

Actor, Agent, Ant, Architect, Army ant, Artisan, Assistant, Author, Bee, Black ant, Blue-collar worker, Brainworker, Brassworker, Breadwinner, Bumblebee, Carpenter ant, Casual, Casual laborer, Clothworker, Common laborer, Craftsman, Creator, Day laborer, Doer, Drone, Emmet, Employee, Executant, Executor, Executrix, Fabricator, Factory worker, Fieldworker, Fire ant, Flintworker, Flunky, Free lance, Free-lancer, Full-time worker, Garmentworker, Girl Friday, Glassworker, Goldworker, Hand, Handicraftsman, Hired hand, Hired man, Hireling, Honeybee, Hornet, House ant, Industrial worker, Ironworker, Jobber, Jobholder, Laborer, Laboring man, Laceworker, Leatherworker, Maker, Man Friday, Mechanic, Medium, Menial, Mercenary, Metalworker, Migrant, Millworker, Mineworker, Moiler, Mover, Myrmidon, Navvy, Needleworker, Office temporary, Operant, Operative, Operator, Pensioner, Performer, Perpetrator, Pismire, Practitioner, Prime mover, Producer, Proletarian, Queen, Queen bee, Red ant, Right-hand man, Roustabout, Salaried worker, Self-employed person, Servant, Slave ant, Soldier, Stiff, Subject, Temporary, Termite, Toiler, Wage earner, Wage slave, Wageworker, Wasp, Workgirl, Workhand, Working girl, Workingman, Workingwoman, Workman, Yellow jacket

How to use Worker in a sentence?

  1. The manager knew that Abigail was a good worker by the fact that she would often ask if addition work was available after her assigned tasks were completed.
  2. A worker of miracles.
  3. A farm worker.
  4. He was a really great worker and out in a lot of hours at our firm and tried his best to make everything work.
  5. The factory worker has consistently put in long hours which enables them to master their craft and solidify their spot on our team.
  6. Polybia occidentalis workers engaged in social biting with nest mates.

Meaning of Worker & Worker Definition

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