What is a sedentary lifestyle?

Do you want to know what is a sedentary lifestyle?A sedentary lifestyle means an inactive lifestyle.During our recreation time,we are continuously sitting while using our computers or other gadgets,watching TV or playing video games.Many of our careers have also become sedentary.

Is sedentary lifestyle good or bad?

A sedentary lifestyle isn’t only harmful for the waistline and the heart,though it can really inflict trouble there.Sitting for too long can further be related to the weakening of the brain in the areas related to memory,the high risk of cancer,diabetes and the overall threat of early death.

These are the additional indications that sitting is dangerous.Sitting for lengthy hours,as we know it,damages the heart,may harm the brain and intensify the danger of dying.Researchers aren’t actually certain that the workout is enough to make up for the damage of sitting too much.You can counterbalance it by taking a break as it proves to be beneficial.Begin to get up every 30 minutes or for 2 hours of every workday.

What can sitting too much cause?

Sitting too much also boosts the chance of heart disease along with diabetes,stroke,high blood pressure and high cholesterol which are its prime causes.Standing or walking while doing work throughout the day can benefit even more than work out to reduce the danger of all these health problems.

Risk of having dementia increases:

You are likely to die faster if you sit for a lengthy duration of time.Regardless of your daily workout,it will shorten your life.Ofcourse,that’s not a justification to avoid gym.The danger of having dementia also increases.If you sit too much,your brain could become just like that of someone with dementia.

Workout will become useless:

All the exercises you do will be in vain.The consequences of too much sitting are difficult to control with exercise.Even if you workout 7 hours a week,you can’t overturn the impact of sitting 7 hours at a time.Don’t throw away all the hard work at the gym by sitting on the sofa for the remaining part of the day.Keep yourself energetic.

You can become a diabetic patient:

The odds of having diabetes also rise.You are likely to have it if you sit all day.Calories are not solely responsible for this disease.The real cause appears to be sitting for long.It isn’t clear yet but according to doctors,sitting may alter the way your body responds to insulin,the hormone that enables the body to burn sugar and carbs for energy.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can also occur:

You could get Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a clot that forms in your leg,often due to sitting inactively for a long interval of time.It can be critical if the clot breaks free and enters your lungs.Some people might observe swelling or discomfort,while others can also have no symptoms at all.That’s why it’s a reasonable suggestion to take breaks between long sitting sessions.

You can be obese:

You will also gain weight.If you watch a lot of TV or surf the web for hours,it is possible that you can be obese.If exercising is your daily routine,it’s good but it won’t make a difference in the additional weight you will gain as an outcome of being sedentary.

Sedentary lifestyle causes many health problems like high blood pressure,diabetes,
dementia and heart diseases in human body.You can also get Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) because of sitting for too long.

For a healthy lifestyle,a normal blood pressure is important.To find more on how to regulate your blood pressure,check out this article about high blood pressure.

How many hours should I sit in a day?

There is low risk in sitting less than 4 hours per day.Medium risk is when you sit 4 to 8 hours in a day.Sitting for 8 to 11 hours per day involves high risk.Very high danger is entailed when you sit more than 11 hours in a day.

Is it better to sit or stand all day?

Standing burns additional 0.15 calories per minute as compared to sitting.If a person weighing 143 pounds stands for 6 hours a day instead of sitting, it would burn 54 calories per day additionally.Moreover,according to recent research,the muscle movement from standing also contributes to lower the chances for stroke and heart diseases.

Researchers say that standing burns more calories than sitting,but the share of advantages you can get from working on your feet varies,depending upon the circumstances.

Latest studies which are done in this matter greatly emphasize on the benefits of staying on your feet and the usefulness of standing desk.

Is lying down worse than sitting?

Lying down will have similar harmful results as sitting.But sleep is an exception.It is a must for our bodies to have those 8 hours or so for being able to perform several physiological repair processes.Shortly,the answer is that inactivity is a fault that will harm you to a great extent.

What happens to the body when you live a sedentary lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle or too much sitting and idleness can lead to osteoporosis and enhance possibilities of dementia,depression and anxiety.The mind is considerably linked to the parts of the body responsible for movement,particularly in aged people.

Strive to quit being sedentary:

Humans are quite habitual creatures.It is much easier to do something once you have formed a pattern to do it rather than to get out of your comfort zone and try something unusual.If you have adapted to a sedentary lifestyle,the possibilities indicate that you are going to proceed with it until you either hit the rock bottom,have a life-changing occurrence or realize the importance of physical movement.


Take runners for an example.They are running regularly and they have built a routine.This practice also discharges endorphins that directly influences the brain.But it takes a long time,atleast 17 to 21 days to set a pattern of life.

Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle:

A sedentary lifestyle is a wrong addiction.You don’t have to be an outstanding athlete or a regular exerciser to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle.Here are some of the dangerous consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.This may prove to be eye-opening to some people.

Health hazard:

Being sedentary is the contrary of being healthy.No good comes from this harmful lifestyle.

Weight gain:

Your weight increases that leads to health problems obesity,diabetes,high blood pressure and other heart diseases.The more weight you gain,the harder your heart will have to work.

Loss of flexibility:

Blood doesn’t flow freely through tightly bounded muscles.As flexibility is lost,pain increases.Sitting for long hours make your hips flexors and your lower back becomes awfully tight.Your abs and glutes also become weaker.

Lower metabolism:

A sedentary lifestyle can only help you burn a few calories.A lot of your body’s capacity to break down fat is completely ceased.


This is a health threat which is not so evident.Your body and muscles are created to change positions.Your bones are made to carry the burden of your actions in order to stay tough and healthy.A sedentary lifestyle or laziness can lead to osteoporosis.

Dementia,depression and anxiety:

The mind is more affected by the body parts which are used for performing different actions in old age,but you don’t have to become old before you realize the adverse outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle on the mind.

Mental tension:

Unused energy is observed as one of the most common factors for causing anxiety in people.If you don’t consume your body energy,it can turn into physical tension,which if not released,can produce mental tension.Unfortunately,this directs to anxiousness and even panic attacks.

Immune system malfunction:

Your immune system is your body’s defence against diseases including microorganisms.Briefly,it is vital to your health.It has been proved that higher level of anxiety can certainly weaken the immune system,making its capacity to protect you,limited.So,anxiety itself isn’t making you sick,you will be getting sick because of your weak immune system.

How does a sedentary lifestyle affect mental health?

A sedentary lifestyle also seems to have an adverse effect on the mental health of a person.A sedentary lifestyle is injurious to a person as his health is influenced by a combination of his physical and mental activities.

Higher chances of mental disorders:

A study which is based on 10381 participants which are related with a sedentary lifestyle and absence of physical activity shows that they have an increased chance of developing a mental disorder.A current research that contains the data of 110152 people shows a connection between sedentary attitude and increased risk of depression.

If you want to know more about mental health disorders,visit this article about Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the side effects of sitting too long?

Here are some of the side effects which are affecting the life of a sedentary person.
The negative side effects on the body which occur due to sitting for a long time are as follows:

  1. Energy expenditure is lower:

Sitting for long hours decreases thermogenesis which is much essential for making heat and burning calories in the body.

  1. Metabolism is slower:

The reduced muscle contraction which occurs due to sitting motionless for a long period of time hinders the clearance of fat from the blood stream and decreases the effect of insulin.

  1. Posture is compromised:

If a body remains in sitting position for long hours,the head is forced too forward and the shoulders are forced too curve to compensate for the weight transfer because of this position.

  1. Results in back and spin injuries:

As time passes,static position of tissues for long hours puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back,stressing the muscles and joints surrounding it.

  1. Social skill is decreased:

When interaction is limited to communication over the internet only,this makes a person’s social involvement to decrease,threatening psychological wellbeing.

  1. Depression or loneliness:
    With computer being used as a medium of communication,the size of a person’s social circle is believed to be declined and a feeling of depression and loneliness increases.

  2. Rheumatic disorders:

Sitting for an excessive amount of time can also result in some rheumatic diseases like osteoarthritis.

Sitting for too long can cause many negative side effects like slower metabolism and bad body posture.A sedentary person also has higher chances of being depressed more often.

Can you reverse the effect of a sedentary lifestyle?

According to recent research,the right amount of exercise at the right time can overturn the outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle.In this study,the researchers have proved that by starting regular physical work out,a person can improve his heart health,even if he has been living a sedentary lifestyle before this.

How can I become active after being sedentary?

Following are the convenient ways to move ahead in your normal daily life:

  • Start walking for 5 minutes after every 2 hours.
  • While watching your favourite shows on TV,start walking around during TV commercials.
  • Try to raise your heels and stand just on your toes for getting your body stretched.
  • Start walking around when you are on the phone.
  • Do push-ups against the kitchen counter.

Everyday workouts that comprises of things like walking can also build up your muscles which may help you stay alive and active.

For more information regarding exercises which help to lose weight,see this article on how to lose belly fat with exercise.

Solutions for getting rid of a sedentary lifestyle:

People can lessen the amount of time they waste in being sedentary by following these steps:

  • To stand instead of sitting on public transport.

  • To prefer walking to work instead of using any public transport.

How do you overcome these effects:

If you have a corporate lifestyle,you may be shocked to find the extent of the damage that is being caused by the sedentary lifestyle on your mind and body.But it is never too late for a person who’s trying to overcome these effects.Where there is a will,there is a way.

With the assistance of the following directions,you will be prepared to withstand the adverse effects which are related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Note your time of sitting:

The most important thing that you have to do is to estimate the time which you spend sitting down in your home and workplace.Once you have calculated that,try to lessen it intentionally.There are several researches verifying that sitting for long intervals of time puts people in great danger as it leaves them vulnerable to health problems.

Have regular breaks:

After every half hour,have a quick break and leave your seat.Go for a walk or have a cup of coffee or just stand up to stretch your body a bit.Such breaks when taken regularly will also enable you to focus on your job without being bored and to help you work efficiently.

Start walking after lunch:

You should make a habit to go for a walk after lunch.By doing so,you will be more active as you will be able to burn more calories during the day.If you walk after a meal,it particularly supports digestion and aids to regulate blood sugar levels.It also maintains the health of your heart as HDL cholesterol is increased and LDL cholesterol is reduced.

Use stairs by choice:

If your office is in a multistoried building,prefer to use stairs as much as possible instead of elevators.A great deal of energy is utilized by taking stairs and more calories are burned per minute as compared to jogging.

Work in standing position:

While working,if you sit for a long duration of time,it becomes the major reason for back pain and bad posture.

Stand for at least 15 to 30 minutes every hour while you are working.In this way,you will be less sedentary.Use of standing desks will help you maintain a good posture, also eradicating health problems related with sitting.

Do exercise more:

A sedentary lifestyle has many dangers which can be neutralized by doing physical exercise.As a matter of fact,there are such exercises which can be done comfortably at your desk.They will make you leave your seat,so you will be more active.This will also help in weight loss and in achieving a healthy weight.

Be more active:

You won’t be able to stop being sedentary by only taking measures like using the stairs or cycling to work.You should strive to lessen your sitting time as much as possible.Your time should be spent in working out at a gym or in anything that reduces your sitting time rather than in sitting at home,watching tv or playing video games.

Adapt to healthy transportation:

People are also being physically idle while they are travelling to and from their workplace in addition to being sedentary at work.They are likely to remain inactive throughout the entire trip,regardless of who’s driving and the type of vehicle.It all includes in the hours they will remain sitting down eventually.

People may also ask:

These are few questions which are being frequently asked by many people.

1. How many steps a day is considered a sedentary lifestyle?

You live a sedentary lifestyle if your steps are less than 5,000 in a day.You can be considered as less active if you take 5,000 to 7,499 steps per day.A person is somewhat active if he is taking 7,500 to 9,999 steps in a day.An active person takes more than 10,000 steps per day.

Take active alternatives to remain healthy:

In order to live a healthy lifestyle,the goal of attaining 10,000 steps should be encouraged.For achieving this objective,you should select such options which can help you remain active throughout the day.It’s a mistake to think that anyone can complete 10,000 steps per day without doing an intended moderate activity.

2. How much exercise do you need for a sedentary lifestyle?

It’s wrong if a person who is spending almost all of his time sitting expects that a little bit of walking around can neutralize the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

  • You require around 20 to 40 minutes of physical activity which makes 150 to 300 minutes of exercise a week.Then,you’ll be able to eradicate majority of the risks related with sitting.

  • According to a new research,20-40 minutes of physical activity in a day can eliminate many health risks.The time required for exercise is even less than an hour per day.

3. Can you lose weight if you are sedentary?

No,you can’t lose weight unless you stop being sedentary.You can easily lose weight if you make sure that the number of calories you take in is not more than the number of calories you utilize in your daily routine and for making it possible,you have to workout whether you want it or not.That’s the only effective method to burn extra calories.However,if you lead a sedentary lifestyle,losing weight can be more difficult.

To get tips on how to lose weight fast,visit this article on weight loss

4. What is the best exercise for a lazy person?

Exercising daily sounds great,but when it comes to actually doing it in real life,that would be difficult for a lazy person.Most of the time if you are being feeling lazy,you just can’t stand to do that.

Build your stamina gradually:

A justification will always be there.It’s either too cold to go for a walk outside,the gym is too far from your house,or you have no money to join a gym.If you have just begun exercising,your stamina doesn’t grow that much initially.It takes time.

Here are some sugggestions on how to get yourselves fit,without being uncomfortable.Just start with 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups everyday,even if they are not done continuously. Something is better than nothing and after sometime,you will develop the stamina for doing something more.So you can do this at your own tempo.

5. Does a sedentary lifestyle cause constipation?

A sedentary lifestyle can cause constipation because to enable normal muscle contractions in the bowel wall,regular workout is a necessary condition.If you have a sedentary job or you can hardly get time for exercising,this will cause you an increased chance of constipation.

6. Does a sedentary lifestyle cause hair loss?

You can suffer problems of low growth hormone, with low metabolism because of being sedentary which can result in hair loss.Hormone imbalance,poor weight management and hypothyroidism can result in a rapid decline in your overall health which also affects your hair health.

7. What is the best diet for a sedentary lifestyle?

Locally accessible seasonal fruits and vegetables must be included in your diet.At least three fruits and three to four bowls of veggies should be added in your meal throughout the day. Don’t eat processed food.Keep your salt intake in a limit i.e. one teaspoon per day.

With 3 to 5 cups of green tea in a day,you can relax yourself and increase your immunity.It helps in maintaining blood circulation.It enables you to keep your weight in control because of being full of antioxidants.Oats is a fibre rich food.Eating a bowl a day can decrease the threat of heart diseases to a great extent.

Manage your calories according to your age:

Individuals with a sedentary lifestyle could consume 1,800 calories per day between the age of 25 and 30.This should be reduced to 1,600 calories in a day from the age of 50 onwards.People with active lifestyles can increase the calories consumption as high as 2,400 calories per day between the age of 20 and 30.This should be decreased to 2000 calories in a day from the age of 60.

If you want to learn further regarding organic food,see this article on organic food.


I’m sure you have understood what is a sedentary lifestyle by now.A sedentary lifestyle is linked with several health problems from heart diseases to various types of cancer.Most people who don’t follow the health guidelines are at the risk of developing health problems because of sedentary lifestyle.You must remember that these risks can be reduced by increasing the amount of physical activities.It is hard to avoid a sedentary lifestyle entirely,but with the help of methods mentioned in this article,you can prevent its adverse outcomes in your life.

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What is a sedentary lifestyle?

Sedentary lifestyle is a lifestyle with a lot of sitting and lying down, with very little or no exercise. People are spending more and more time doing sedentary activities such as playing video games, watching TV, using computer, laptop or other devices.

Sedentary behaviour

Examples of sedentary behaviour include:

  1. During television watching or playing electronic games with sitting or lying down.
  2. For driving a vehicle, or while travelling sitting for long time.
  3. For reading, studying, writing or working at computer sitting or lying for long time.

Difference between sedentary person and physically inactive person

Person who is sedentary and a person who is physically inactive are very different. Being ‘physically inactive’ means not doing enough physical activity, not meeting the physical activity guidelines. Sitting or lying down for long periods is called sedentary. So, a person can do enough physical activity and still be considered sedentary if they spend a large amount of their day sitting or lying down at work, study, for travel or at home.

What happens if you are sedentary?

Harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle:

1-The Obvious Health Risks

Health risks like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease are because of sedentary lifestyle. Increase in weight results in weak working of heart. Heart is a muscle, and if it is working less, it becomes weaker.

2-Lower metabolism:

A sedentary lifestyle means fewer calories burned. A body’s ability to break down fat simply shuts down.


Body and muscles are made to move. Bones are for movement to stay strong. Too sitting and inactivity can lead to osteoporosis.

Depression and anxiety

Lack of moving have very adverse effects on mind. There is negative harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle on the mind.

Move more every day:

1-Get up and walk around or march in place during TV commercials.
2-Always stand or walk around when you’re on the phone.
3-Use soup cans as dumbbells and do 10 to 20 reps of biceps curls.
4-Perform rep by rise from a chair without using your arms and then sit down again to complete one rep.

How much exercises sedentary person needed?

Physical trainers suggest and recommend 30 minutes of exercise every day. Get up and move during the work day is not always easy, especially when deadlines loom, but being mindful of movement can really help. Movement or walking for going bathroom or get a drink, be sure to take the longest office route possible. A quick walk around during lunch time can also help stretch muscles and give mind a break.

Why sedentary lifestyle increses nowadays?

Spending more time in environments that not only limit physical activity but require prolonged sitting at work, at home, and in our cars and communities when compared with our parents and grandparents.

Difference between sedentary lifestyle and moderately active lifestyle:

Sedentary means a lifestyle with less physical activity associated with typical activities of daily living.1.5 to 3 miles daily walk is important for an active person. An active person walks more than 3 miles daily.

Benefits of active lifestyle

1-Activity can increase your health

Activity helps lower risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Activity can help control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol level.

2-Strong bones and muscles

This will help prevent osteoporosis and reduce risk for falls.

3-Help in controlling weight

Activity helps body use the calories we eat instead of storing them as fat. Body continues to burn calories at a higher rate after activity.

4-Mood improvement

Activity can reduce or prevent depression and stress. Activity can also help improve sleep.

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