How to live a healthy lifestyle?

How to live a healthy lifestyle?Sometimes,it becomes necessary to reconsider our way of living.For living a healthy lifestyle,we need to make some changes in our daily routine.Your genetics,diet,exercise routine and other choices determine your quality of life.We can’t control our genes but other factors like regular exercise and healthy diet can be managed that will make our lifestyle healthy.

What is meant by a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that reduces the threat of serious diseases or early death.Not all disorders,however a large portion of coronary heart diseases and lung cancer are preventable.

Scientific researches have clearly mentioned a certain type of attitude that contributes to serious illness or sudden death.So there’s a need to change our behavior and try to choose healthier alternatives in life.

We have to choose a way of living that helps us enjoy more aspects of our life.Health is not just about preventing a disease,it is about social,mental and physical well-being.When we embrace a healthy lifestyle,we provide a more optimistic role model for other people in our family,especially children.

Principles for living a healthy lifestyle:

For maintaining a healthy body and mind,you have to pursue some particular principles that will enable you to attain your goals.Here are some special measures that will assist you to live healthy:

Have a balanced diet:

First of all,for being healthy,you have to schedule and pursue a strict diet. This diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the body.Eat only healthy food and stop eating junk food that’s rich of carbohydrates and fats which are harmful for your health.

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Get up early:

It’s a good habit to get up early in the morning.Rising early gives you a chance to complete your work early then you’ll have time for your family. Besides this,early sleep is also very important for your body.You must sleep early because it relaxes your body completely which makes it healthy.

Do regular exercise:

Exercising regularly makes your body more healthy and it also releases tension from the muscles which is accumulated from a long time.

Avoid addiction of cell phone:

People nowadays are obsessed with their cell phones.Moreover,these cell phones cause many mental and physical issues for them.So for preventing the adverse effects of excessive use of cell phones,their usage volume should be curtailed.

Have a positive company:

Engage with optimistic people.The more you share their company,the more positive attitude you will have towards yourself and your life which will eventually affect your health in a good way.

For adopting a healthy lifestyle,you must act upon these principles such as having a healthy diet,rising and sleeping early and doing regular exercise.Minimized use of cell phone is necessary.Being with people,who are enjoying a healthy lifestyle,will also help you.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

It is crucial to be aware of the tips which are useful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Maintain healthy habits:

For a healthy lifestyle,one of the most important thing is simply trying to continue it.No matter how busy you are,always try to eat balanced diet, consume the same number of calories and do the same amount of physical activity.You may want to maintain your healthy habits during the working days and give yourself a break on weekends,but it is important to manage the same routine every day of the week.

Keep your calories in check:

You may try to ease or change your diet plan completely after attaining your objective of weight loss.While it is a reasonable idea to have different types of nourishing food in your diet,it’s crucial to keep an eye on your calorie intake.To specify the amount of calories you need,count your total daily energy consumption to assure that you are enabling your body to obtain the energy balance.

Make time to exercise daily:

You know that regular exercise and adequate physical fitness is crucial for reaching your desired weight.But the importance of exercise for feeling good and for living a healthy lifestyle can’t be ignored.If you are already doing exercise on your own or having physical training in the gym daily, don’t skip it.But if you are willing to change your routine,however,try not to take a break.Continue your regular workout whether you are going for jogging on a track or for swimming in the pool.

Increase your water intake:

It is significant to increase the amount of water you consume daily.Drinking a lot of water not only keeps you hydrated and helps your body to function better but also benefits in weight management.If you take a large glass of water before a meal,it will give you the feeling of fullness which will reduce your calorie intake.

Have a good sleep:

Lack of sleep and weight gain are more closely related to each other than you may think.When you sleep poorly,you are more likely to miss the exercise and to make unhealthy decisions about food.So you must sleep well.You should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night and try to find out adequate amount of sleep for yourself.

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For maintaining a healthy lifestyle,some healthy practices must be adopted such as being regular for exercise and careful about calorie intake,drinking a lot of water and having sufficient amount of sleep.If you make these changes,you will become happy and healthy.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle:

If you want to live a long,happy and a healthy life and you wish to enjoy every single day of your life,you need to have a healthy mind and body.For this,you must choose a healthy lifestyle,which helps you to stay fit and eradicate many health issues.In this way,you’ll become an active and smart person.It improves your attitude towards people and increases your self-esteem.You’ll become more productive at work.It will bring pleasure in your life and you’ll find positive atmosphere around you which makes you confident.

Having a life with less health problems:

A significant benefit of a healthy lifestyle is that it enables you to live longer with less health problems.Following health-friendly strategies helps you to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes,high cholesterol,depression,anxiety and especially obesity that could become the cause of all of these diseases.

Being more energetic:

It is evident that when you become more energetic,your performance will also improve at work.An energetic person holds lots of good qualities naturally.They are likely to develop a lively personality.People adore their willingness and interest for work.

Maintaining body weight is easier:

If you embrace the healthy lifestyle,it will prevent you from unintentional weight gain.It becomes easy for you to manage your body weight.People can lose weight if they start eating healthy food.Junk or processed food should also be avoided. Eating on a fixed time also helps you to prevent overeating.

Don’t tire yourself out for a week or for a month.You should rather put small efforts everyday.Try to get used to healthy food slowly.In the beginning,an exercise for 10 minutes is enough.Increase the time of your workout gradually.

For more tips on weight loss,see this article on losing weight through yoga.

The wish of a long,happy and a healthy life can come true if you are ready to adapt to the healthy lifestyle as it will keep your mind and your body fit and healthy.It will also prevent many health issues.

What are the elements of a healthy lifestyle?

We all know that health is wealth.It is the most precious thing that we have. We should be strong and healthy if we want to enjoy a good quality of life. Health is of three dimensions:mental,physical and emotional.An equal portion of these three features is required to enjoy life at its zenith where we work,play and relax in a perfect balance.

There are a number of elements that are required for being a happy and a healthy person.Some of them are going to be discussed here.

Nutritious meal:

According to the nutritionists,80 percent of your overall health depends on your diet.Food is capable of inducing special effects in our bodies.It can make us healthy or vice versa.So it’s very important to watch what you eat. Always prefer organic food and avoid processed food.Moreover,you should refrain from overcooking your food as it destroys important vitamins and nutrients.

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Regular exercise:

The human body should do physical activity for at least 14 hours everyday. A sedentary lifestyle is extremely harmful for a person.Exercise is very useful to get the amount of activity which is required by your body.But only physical exercise is not enough,you should also have a healthy routine.

There are many advantages of doing regular exercise.It prevents you from heart diseases,high blood pressure and anxiety and improves the quality of your sleep.

Quality sleep:

Sleep can increase the effects of your efforts of being healthy.When you are busy in activities to improve your overall health,sleep multiplies the effects of these activities.Your body gets tired by the tasks you perform during the day.When you sleep,it revitalizes you for the next day.But remember that at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Stress Management:

Today’s world is full of activities and pressures.Activities in our life occur so quickly that we often have to keep up with them.This causes pressure on our mind and body.It is highly important to manage this pressure because too much stress can cause a nervous breakdown,loss of body strength and cardiac arrest.You should do everything possible to reduce this stress.You can also join relaxing therapies such as meditation for this purpose.

Sunlight exposure:

It is significant for us to spend some time in the sunny atmosphere because sun is a source of vitamin D which is crucial for keeping our bones,teeth and muscles healthy.For most of us who remain busy in our sedentary jobs, it is often hard to get proper amount of sunlight in daily life.

We are stuck to our office seats all the time.As a result,it becomes impossible to get the sunlight sufficiently.

Now,it’s time to understand that we should get 1 or 2 hours of sunlight for sure on daily basis.This helps our body to produce vitamin D which is necessary for absorption of calcium and for keeping the digestive system healthy.

Social contact:

Humans are social beings.We grow and progress in life by living and working together.It is important for us to remain in contact with our family, friends,co-workers and others.We should build meaningful relationships with people if we want to accomplish our goals in life.Always be ready for helping others,in return you will receive their help too and this will become the beginning of a healthy relationship.

Recreational activities:

Don’t keep yourself busy with work all the time,relax and enjoy your life too.Spare some time to do something you love.Don’t forget that after work, your body and mind need relaxation.This is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle.


Work is a significant aspect of a healthy lifestyle.To spend too much time doing rest is not good for our health.When we perform some activities,it makes us healthy and smart.The balance between work and recreation is necessary for being healthy.

Health supplements:

Taking supplements is good for filling the nutritional gap.These supplements can aid you in managing your stress,required physical performance,good sleep quality and even your metabolism.These supplements can be taken alongside your daily diet but they are not the alternatives of healthy food.

5 factors of a healthy lifestyle:

According to the researches which are done recently,people who practise the following 5 healthy factors can live longer as compared to those individuals who follow none of them.These factors are:

Eat healthy food:

If you are trying to control your weight,you must be careful about your eating habits.Diets which are high in fat cause more calories and can contribute to weight gain so you must avoid them.Eating vegetables and fruits will help you in reducing your weight.

Be active:

Regardless of age,being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.It can protect you from the threats of certain types of cancer.Exercise always helps you to improve your health whenever you start doing it.You can gain many benefits from exercise even though you have started it lately.

Quit smoking:

You should know the risks which are involved in smoking.The number of people who have been killed by smoking is greater than the number of persons who have died in car accidents,gun shots or even by drinking alcohol.Smoking damages nearly every organ in the body including mouth,nose,lungs,heart,skin and reproductive organs.It can cause cancer in them and can become the reason for a painful death.It is not easy for you to quit smoking but you have to do it at any cost.

Don’t be overweight:

Increase the use of veggies,fruits and fibre in your routine diet and lower the amount of sugar,saturated fat and calories.It can help you live a healthy lifestyle if you watch what you eat and drink.

Limit alcohol:

Using alcohol can increase the risk of cancer of stomach,mouth,throat, breast,esophagus,colon and rectum.The amount of alcohol a person drinks seems to be the most important factor in raising the possibility of having cancer.If they limit the amount of alcohol they consume,the risk of cancer can be curtailed.

10 healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle:

People who want to live a healthy lifestyle should adopt the habits which are mentioned below.

Don’t skip breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,so we shouldn’t skip it. Eating breakfast helps us to improve our focus and makes us feel full.It keeps our food cravings and hunger in control during the day.It also boosts our energy.In this way,we can prove ourselves to be more efficient at work. Shortly,breakfast is the best way to start our day.

Drink more water:

For transportation of nutrients throughout the body and for keeping body fluids in balance,drinking a lot of water is necessary.It gives you a feeling of fullness so you can control your food cravings which can be the reason for your weight gain.

Set your goals:

You must have a clear ambition to accomplish your goals.For achieving a goal,set a deadline and work hard to attain it.Once you have succeeded in accomplishing this goal,set a new goal and start striving for attaining it.

Don’t forget your health goals:

Don’t skip the gym or forget to prepare some healthy food for yourself. Don’t make lame excuses.Be dependable and honest with yourself.

Be consistent:

We all have days when we skip the gym,don’t eat healthy food or avoid some other rules of healthy living.But there is no need to panic and curse yourself for this.The thing that really matters is what you do most of the time,not what happens sometimes in your life.So forgive yourself and try to be more consistent in the future.

Be connected to others:

Stay connected with people around you.Every person needs a reliable connection or relation with someone you can rely on.The need of this connection is different for each person.It is less required for introverts as compared to extroverts.There are unlimited ways to make connections with people.Some people enjoy things like sharing a meal or going for a walk together.Others may prefer social gatherings.Being connected with people completes your personality and you feel like you’re not alone in this society.

Take care of your mental health:

Researches have shown that in old age,you could be saved from mental health problems if you keep yourself busy in social activities.Recent studies also prove that regular exercise is helpful for mental health even in old age.

Sleep well:

Sleep is very important for your well-being.Not only your body gets rest but also produces vital hormones for many psychological functions.It improves your memory and helps you in learning new things.If you are sleep deprived,it can make you a victim of hormonal imbalance,obesity and mental stress.

Do skin care:

Skin is the largest and a very important part of our body but we often neglect it.It protects us from germs and manages our body temperature. Plenty of water,quality sleep and nutritious diet are the basis of a healthy skin.Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer so be careful and apply sunscreens (SPF) whenever you go out in the sun.

If you want to have more information on skin problems,see this article on acne.

Laugh more:

Laughter is not only a sign of having joy and fun,but it also improves your mood and reduces mental stress and anxiety.Researches show that it can boosts the immune system,lowers the blood pressure and reduces stress hormones which makes it good for your overall health.

Express gratitude:

Having gratitude is something which you can develop in your personality. You don’t need a gift or a big favour from someone to show your gratitude to that person.It is just a mindset which can make you healthier,happier and less stressed.Start counting your blessings,it will make your mind positive and your life will be more joyful.

For adapting to a healthy lifestyle,people must start their day with a healthy breakfast.Drinking lots of water,eating nutritious food and having good relations with others are essential for a healthy lifestyle.

15 steps to a healthy lifestyle:

Here are some quick and effective steps you can take to adopt a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Do physical activity everyday to remain active.
  2. Try to maintain your weight and body shape.
  3. Eat healthy and nutritious food which includes proteins,fruits,vegetables and whole grains.
  4. Have a quality sleep every night.
  5. Take good care of your skin.
  6. Get sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D.
  7. Manage your time cleverly.
  8. Be happy and contented with yourself and your life.
  9. Develop good social relations with people around you.
  10. Show your gratitude to others.
  11. Avoid smoking and other unhealthy habits.
  12. Strive to achieve your goals.
  13. Manage your stress well.
  14. Visit your dentist for dental checkups regularly.
  15. Do brain exercises which will benefit your mental health.

Frequently asked questions:

Here are some questions which most people have about the healthy lifestyle.

1. What are smart health goals?

Smart goals is a way to write down some goals that pursue certain standards.SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific,Measurable, Attainable,Relevant and Time-bound.Each smart goal should have these five traits to ensure that it could be accomplished by someone to be successful in life.

  • Be specific about your goal and what you are going to do to turn your dream into reality.

  • Think whether the goal you have can be achieved or not.

  • Your goal must be practically attainable according your ground realities.

  • When you set a goal,it must have any connection to your practical life.

  • Your goal should be achievable in a limited time frame.

2. What is the best eating lifestyle?

Healthy eating is necessary for both young ones and grown-ups in order to live a healthy lifestyle.A healthy lifestyle is a combination of nutritious food and physical activities.

  • Your body requires a variety of nutritional food e.g whole grains,fruits, vegetables,proteins and dairy products.

  • Always use whole-grain foods like whole-wheat bread and brown rice.

  • Always use beans,peas,low-fat meat and skinless chicken for your protein intake.

  • Don’t forget to include dairy products like low-fat milk,yogurt and cheese in your daily diet.

  • Make your diet plan consciously according to the amount of calories you require.

3. What is the healthiest breakfast for a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy breakfast can give you energy and strength throughout the day. Here are some of the best foods you can have in the morning.

  • Many important nutrients and proteins are present in eggs.They will give you the feeling of fullness with less calories.

  • Creamy,delicious Greek yogurt not only fulfills your appetite but also provides you more proteins as compared to regular yogurt.

  • For starting a day,coffee is one of the best options.It has caffeine which can boost your mood,mental performance and metabolism.

  • Green tea is very good for health as it contains caffeine and antioxidants.

  • Fruits contain vitamins and potassium in great quantity which are beneficial for health with less amount of calories.

4. How can I live a long life?

These are some habits which can help you live longer:

  • It’s necessary to limit your calorie intake.

  • For keeping yourself healthy,add some nuts in your daily diet.

  • Turmeric can increase your lifespan by providing antioxidants.

  • Plant-based diets such as vegetables,fruits,whole grains and beans can reduce the risks of diseases and can save you from early death.

  • Regular exercise can also add years in your life.

  • Quit smoking if you want to prolong your life.

  • If you want to live a long life,be happy.It not only improves your mood but also can increase your life.


For anyone who’s still wondering how to live a healthy lifestyle,it can be simply summarized as a combination of various healthy practices which include eating nutritious food,drinking lots of water,exercising regularly, having quality sleep and doing skin care.This lifestyle puts emphasis on adopting habits which are beneficial for physical as well as mental well-being.By adapting to a healthy lifestyle,the person will surely be more happier,healthier and will probably live a long life too.

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How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

“HEALTH IS WEALTH”. We all know how important it is to be healthy but in the busy life of today’s world we have almost neglected our health. It’s hard to take care of your health especially during a busy routine but with some little changes in your daily routine you can lead a healthy lifestyle. These healthy habits can easily be incorporated even in a busy routine. Following are some healthy habits that can be a step towards betterment.


For leading a healthy life the most important factor is your mindset. Your thoughts and your mindset have a great impact on your actions and so on your life. You Should think Positive about your plans for making a healthy lifestyle and about incorporating the healthy habits in your routine. You should prioritize your health over work and other stuff. You should give more importance to your health than your work.
If you decide to start living a healthy lifestyle then your positive thoughts will give you energy for that. Think like that your health is one of the most precious things that you have and you cannot ruin it. Remind yourself that your health is more important than anything else. If you are not healthy you will not be able to perform well.


It is something that our body needs. Proper sleep allows your brain to do the functions that can only be done while you are sleeping. Human body can’t work efficiently if it doesn’t get enough sleep. Mostly 8 to 9 hours of sleep is considered enough but not everyone is same so find how much sleep you need and sleep properly for better functioning of your body. Moreover sleeping on the right time also affects the human health. Sleeping early also has a good effect on your health.
A study done on athletes shows that proper sleep impact your physical development, emotional regulation, performance and your overall health.

Short Exercises:

Another habit for a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Today our lifestyles don’t allow proper activity that our body needs. Physical activity is important for a healthy lifestyle so we need to exercise to make our body active. Instead of doing long exercises try doing short ones like 10 to 15 minutes. At least our body deserves this little time from our busy routine. Remember that short but regular workout is much beneficial than irregular long workouts. There are many workouts available on internet that are short and anyone can follow.
You can plan your workout according to your routine. Remember “The best time for exercise is the time that suits you the best.” Either you exercise in the morning or you do it at night it doesn’t matter.

Avoid unhealthy food:

“You are what you eat”. Healthy eating means healthy you. Improper diet can lead to many diseases so instead of eating junk food try eating healthy. You don’t have to completely stop eating fast food but pay attention to what you are eating don’t eat too much junk food. Incorporate eggs, milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables in your meal.
Remember that, like deficiency of a specific nutrient is harmful and lead to diseases likewise sufficiency of a nutrient is also harmful. If you are consuming some specific nutrient which is healthy but if your body has more of it than required then it is harmful and unhealthy for you. So only junk food is not unhealthy have a look at your diet and figure out what you should eat more and what you should consume less.

Avoid Stress:

If you are not mentally healthy your physical health will be affected by it. Try to be mentally relax. Remember that your health is one of the most important thing that you have. You cannot ruin it just by stressing over little things. Study shows that you work better when you are relaxed. There are many videos available on internet that can help you relax.
A study done in Sweden shows that stress can trigger many health problems like fatigue, low interest and focus, poor performance, memory problems and chronic stress can lead to some serious diseases like heart diseases.

Proper Use Of Devices:

Sometimes people are exhausted and tired so they try to relax by using their mobile or by watching TV. That’s not always right. It makes you even more dizzy . Instead of that trying lying or sitting with your eyes closed for 15 to 20 minutes that will actually help you to relax.
Don’t use devices for too long especially before sleeping. The blue light of the screen disturbs the sleep cycle.
Instead of that try using your devices to relax yourself and to make yourself better and healthier. Make your mobile phone a productive device. Like use it to find some good exercises and some healthy recipes. There is a lot of information available that can help you to become a better and healthier version of yourself. Use these devices for your betterment everything is available on internet you only need to select what you want to see.


70% of our body is made up of water. 85% of our brain is water. It is necessary for the body to work properly. Proper intake of water can help in preventing health problems. Drink proper amount of water in a day it’s a basic requirement of your body.


Another healthy habit is having proper breakfast. It is the most important and essential meal of the day. Do not skip breakfast because it is essential for the body.

Studies have shown that those people who skip breakfast eat slightly fewer calories during their day but still they tend to have higher body mass index, or BMI.
It is because when you eat breakfast you give message to your body that there are plenty of calories to intake and there is no need to conserve them. When you skip breakfast your body gets the message that it needs to store calories instead of burning.

Wake up Early:

Waking up early has a great impact on your health. When you start your day with good then there is a great chance that rest of your day will be good as well. There is a famous book called “The 5a.m Club” by Robin Sharma this book is all about a good morning routine, it’s impact on your life and how can you make your morning routine proper.

“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life.” From The 5a.m Club by Robin Sharma.


For living a healthy lifestyle you need to adopt some healthy habits. These habits can change your lifestyle towards betterment because

“You don’t decide your future, you decide your habits and your habits decide your future” Dan Lok.


A healthy lifestyle is the need of the day.Everyone tries hard to stay toned so that they can spend a healthy life in order to devote themselves to higher and nobler pursuits.A healthy lifestyle can can make an individual more determined towards his goals and the objectives.
Some of the tips to pursue healthy lifestyle are as follows:

1) Exercise
The exercise is the best way and very essential towards a healthy lifestyle, an individual can stay toned up if he or she exercises daily.Exercising daily can flush out the toxins from your body and can make individual’s quality of life better.

2) Drinking lots of water
Drinking lots of water helps an individual to stay hydrated , it flushes out all the toxins from the body and makes skin glowing and shiny and keeps hydrated and moist.

3) Toxic environment
Getting out of a toxic environment is likely to improve one’s health and lifestyle.Focusing on yourself is the key to maintenance of the body and one’s lifestyle.

4) Reading
Reading can improve ones psyche and mental well being.Reading can create good habits in an individual.

Though there’s so much in life that an individual can do in order to lead a successful and a healthy lifestyle, above are some tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to make community a safer and a happier place.


For a healthy life balance is essential which can be achieved by doing exercise along with other daily tasks.

As we’re progressing into the modern world, a plethora of challenges and goals are coming to our ways and in the race of achieving it, we often forget our health. Being healthy doesn’t mean you’re free from illness or any disease, it’s a whole way of life of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from fitness to a balanced diet.

According to the study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, only 3% of the participants showed the traits of a healthy lifestyle . On the basis of gender, women tend to have a more healthy lifestyle than men.


A healthy lifestyle is defined as

"A state of living which has acquired a balanced physical, mental and social well being."

It highlights not only the physical fitness or building abs or muscles, it also revolves around how to keep your mental state balanced and relaxed. Other than that, your social interaction and personality development also relate to your healthy lifestyle.


Your body has a right to be taken care and live a healthy balanced life. So, here are some tips and elements of a healthy lifestyle which are as follows:


The best way to keep yourself fit and smart is by exercising daily. Prefer exercising early in the morning for thirty minutes before breakfast allows you to burn excess calories and strengthen your muscles and bones. Moreover, exercising allows you to control blood pressure, glucose level, cholesterol and gives you a relaxing state of mind.


Taking a balanced and measured amount of nutrients is an impeccable way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with providing the nutritional needs required to the body. Nutritional and calorie intake varies in accordance with age, weight and height. For example, some people have a 1550 kcal intake every day so for maintaining it, they need to take measured nutrition, depending on whether they need to lose weight or gain it.


Leisure time is necessary for your physical as well as for mental health. To live a healthy and happy life, do whatever you love. If you’re an introvert, go for reading books, watching your favorite Netflix seasons, painting and singing etc. Or if you’re an extrovert, socialize with your friends and family, go for vacations, attend events and parties. When you’re mentally relaxed and healthy, eventually you’re more prone to live a contented and balanced life.


The average person needs approximately eight hours of sleep at night. People staying up all night did not only suffers from chronic diseases but also face a plethora of mental disorders. Common problems mainly night owls suffer including constant headaches, inattentive mind, short temper, laziness, obesity, fatigue etc. According to medical study, insomnia and lack of sleep increase the risk of death by 12%.

So, gather up and balance your lifestyle. Avoid using mobile phones at night which is one of the main reasons for staying up late.

  • Try to make a barrier between your chaos of problems and mind.
  • Use relaxing teas for better sleep such as lavender and rose green tea.
  • Avoid having caffeine before sleeping.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day .
  • Use nature ambiance for better sleep


Positivity is a medicine that keeps your mind and body healthy. It allows us to outlook the world in a positive way no matter, how many times we fail. The use of this approach allows us to overcome stress and depression by overcoming our negative thoughts. When you’re happy and contented, eventually your life expectancy increases. According to medical records, being happy or joyful releases dopamine and serotonin in the brain which boosts our immune system, regulates your mood and sleep, appetite and digestion.


Many people especially teenager gets addicted to smoking and drugs. Smoking contains nicotine and 68 harmful carcinogens that four times increases the rate of death risks. Intake of drugs is also contributing to exaggerating the chronic diseases. Around 7 million people are suffering from illicit drug disorder . The use of drugs and alcohol causes higher risks of injuries, diseases which include cancer, lung diseases, seizures, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and then eventually death.


According to this study led by psychologist Salvatore R. Maddi, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of Chicago, using stress in an effective way can lead to productive progress in mental health. Using stress in a positive way and the ability to endure minor to major obstacles is termed as hardiness. It is directly proportional to an impeccable performance and determination and also has an ability to inculcate a positive and healthy life.


Meditation is not only vital for the body but also for the mind. It improves attention, focus, empathy and releases everyday stress. Studies show that it also improves memory and emotional fitness. Other than that, it improves disturbed sleeping patterns, boosts immunity and resolves hormonal problems.


Sometimes, our mind needs consolation. As psychologist Shelly Taylor says,

“A healthy mind tells itself flattering lies.”

Rather than beating around the bush or using the pessimistic approach, we should look into the scenario in a brighter way or a positive outlook. As Eric Barker says,

Optimists lie to themselves. But if we all stop believing anything can change nothing ever will. We need a bit of fantasy to keep us going.”

An optimistic mind is key to a healthy life.


  • Fewer health problems
  • Enhances strength and flexibility
  • Reduces laziness and procrastinating approach
  • Increases the chance of conceiving who are facing Pcos and hormonal problems
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Keeps your energetic and fresh
  • Brings gratitude approach in your life
  • Helps you deal with stress and negative vibes
  • Improves memory
  • Enhances emotional intelligence
  • Reduces mood swings and aids in anger management


Maintaining a healthy and balanced life is not easy in a tough scheduled life. But to live long and happy for yourself and your family, you have to take out time. It all starts with self-care and loving yourself. Start with the baby steps and keep striving for it every day. Maintain focus and take small initiative towards a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is directly proportional to a happy life.


“ Healthy living” most people mean both mental and physical health should be functioning and or in balance in both men and women. In many situations, mental and physical health are closely linked, so that the bad or good whatever changes always affect the other.

Listed below are some good tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition and Diet ( healthy eating)

All humans have to eat food for maintenance and growth for a healthy body. But we humans have different diet and nutrition requirements as infants, teenagers, adults, young adults, children, and seniors.

For example, babies cannot take in more solid food and require feeding every 3 to 4 hours. After that, they develop a normal pattern of eating three times a day as young kids.


  • Try eating healthy meals three times a day ( dinner, breakfast, and lunch). It is important to consider that dinner does not have to be the largest meal.
  • Your daily food consumption should consist of more healthy food, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low fat and fat-free milk products,
  • Incorporate lean meat, fish, beans, poultry, eggs, and nuts into a healthy lifestyle.
  • Choose food that is low in trans fat, saturated fats, cholesterol, salt, and added sugar.
  • Control a huge part of the portion you eat daily, eat the smallest portion which can satisfy your hunger, and then stop to eat.
  • Healthy snacks are good in balance and it should consist of items like whole grains, fruit, and nuts to satisfy your hunger, and also it will not cause you excessive weight gain.
  • Avoid the use of sugar and sodas because of the excessive calories in the sugar and sodas drinks.
  • Before going to sleep avoid eating large meals to decrease weight gain and gastroesophageal reflux.
  • If a person is angry or depressed, many people thought that eating is going to help them, but research shows that it will not be going to help you and it can make your problem worse than any other.
  • Always reward your children with healthy snacks, don’t reward them with sugary snacks it will not be going to help you.
  • Try to develop a vegetarian lifestyle for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid undercooked and raw meat of any type. Raw and undercooked food cause a lot of damage to your belly.

Tips for special situations

  • People with diabetes should monitor their glucose levels and use the above tips.
  • People who have an unusual work schedule who are in the military, college students, and doing night shifts should try to adhere to lunch, breakfast, and dinner routines with snacks.
  • People who prepare their food should avoid frying foods in grease or avoid using grease.
  • People fighting with weight loss should avoid all sugary and fatty foods and eat mainly fruits, vegetables, and markedly reduce the intake of dairy products and meat.
  • Follow the advice in time if you cannot control your food intake, weight, or if you cannot control your blood glucose levels and if you also have diabetes.

Physical Exercise and activity

Physical exercise and activity is a major contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy living may reveal itself in lack of endurance, obesity weakness, and overall poor health that may develop many disease problems.


  • Daily exercise can reverse age and prevent related decreases in muscle strength and mass, optimize flexibility, balance, and endurance, and decreases the risk of falls in the elderly. Daily exercise can help you cover your stroke diabetes, heart diseases, high blood sugar pressure, and obesity.
  • Daily fitness can help chronic arthritis which develops your capacity to perform daily activities such as climbing stairs, driving, and opening jars.
  • Daily exercise can help increase self-confidence and self-esteem, decreases anxiety and stress. Improve your general mental health and swing your mood.
  • Regular exercise can cause you to lose your fat and also control your body weight.
  • Progress gradually and start slowly to avoid excessive soreness, injury, or fatigue over time, build up to thirty to sixty minutes of exercise every day.
  • Any type of exercise like water aerobics, resistance, swimming, walking, yoga, and many others is helpful for everybody.
  • Let your children playing outside of the home is a good beginning.

Most individuals can start moderate exercises, such as yoga and walking without a medical examination.

Go to a doctor if:

You should consider consulting a doctor before doing the following vigorous exercise:

  • Women over the age of 50 and men over the age of 40.
  • People with lung or heart diseases, arthritis, asthma, or osteoporosis.
  • People who experienced pain or chest pressure, or who develop shortness of breath or fatigue.

Consequences fo lack of exercises and physical inactivity:

  • Lack of exercise and physical inactivity are associated with type II diabetes. Also known as adult-onset or maturity, noninsulin-dependent diabetes.
  • Lack of exercise and physical inactivity are linked with some cancers and heart diseases.
  • Lack of exercise and physical inactivity adds to weight gain.

Mental health

Healthy living also includes mental and emotional health. The listed below are some important way, how people can support their well being and mental health.

  • Get enough sleep daily, seven to nine hours daily is recommended. Naps also help you there.
  • Reflect and take a walk on what you hear and see at least several times per week.
  • Try something often and new like trying a different route of workout, eating new food, going to museums, and a new book library.
  • Try to complete a segment and focus on a process intensely of it over one to several hours, then do something relaxing and take a break. Like short nap, walk, and exercise.
  • Talk with good peoples about different subjects and spend some time with them.
  • Try to develop hobbies and take interest in sport, make some leisure time, and take interest in these activities every week.
  • Have some fun by going on shopping, going on a trip with someone you love, go hunting, fishing, roller coaster rides, and do not let your vacation time slip away.
  • Let yourself be pleased with both small and big develop contentment and with your achievements.
  • You should not stop taking these medications if you are taking medicines for mental health problems.

Avoid excessive use of alcohol

here I will discuss some important consequences of excessive use of alcohol consumption:

  • Excess alcohol consumption and chronic is the leading cause of liver cirrhosis in Europe and the U.S.
  • Liver cirrhosis can cause fluid accumulation, internal hemorrhage its the abdomen. bruising and easy bleeding, muscle wasting, infections, mental confusion, and in an advanced coma, cases, and kidney failures.
  • It can also lead to a nightmare of liver cancer.
  • Alcohol is responsible for 50 to 60 percent of automobile deaths in the U.S.
  • Alcohol use is the main cause of death and injury from burns and drownings and death.

Avoid sexual of high risk

High risk of sexual behavior can get to several sexually transmitted illnesses such as syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV infection, herpes, high risk sexual behavior is also known to spread infection. Which can get to cervical cancer in both women and men. High-risk sexual include the following:

  • Different sex partners
  • Sex partners with a history of extraneous use of the drug.
  • General diseases like STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Don’t do sex without barriers such as a condom, avoid unprotected sex.
  • If you are unsure of your partner’s health and plan to have sex, use a condom.

Eat more fish

Fish contain many minerals and vitamins and are an excellent source of protein. Try to eat one and a half portions of fish a week at least, including some portion of oily fish.

Oily fish is good in omega 3 fats, which can help you cure and prevent heart diseases.

Oily fish include trout, salmon, sardines, pilchards, sardines, mackerel.

Non- oily fish include plaice, haddock, cod, coley, skate, tuna, hake.

You can choose from frozen, fresh, and canned, but get that smoked and canned fish can be high in salt.

Cut down saturated fat

There are two types of fat: unsaturated and saturated. Too much saturated fat can boost the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and also increases the heart disease developing risks.

Saturated fat is found in many foods like sausages, fatty cuts of meat, butter, cream, hard cheese, biscuits, cakes, pies, and lard.

Choose food that contains unsaturated fat and try to cut down your saturated fat intake. Spreads, vegetables, oily fish, and avocados include unsaturated fat.

For healthier health, use a small amount of olive oil and vegetable, or reduce your fat spread instead of lard, ghee, or butter.

Choose cuts and lean cuts off any visible fat, when you are having meat.


Drinks and sugary food are generally high in energy measured in calories and kilojoules. And if consumed too often can add to weight gain. It can also cause tooth decay if eaten between meals.

Free sugar is found in most food, such as sugary breakfast cereals, sugary fizzy drinks, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, and sweet, puddings and pastries, and alcoholic drinks. Use food labels to check how much sugar foods contain.

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A healthy lifestyle is the need of the day. Everyone tries hard to stay toned so that they can spend a healthy life in order to devote themselves to higher and nobler pursuits.A healthy lifestyle can can make an individual more determined towards his goals and the objectives.
Some of the tips to pursue healthy lifestyle are as follows:

1) Exercise
The exercise is the best way and very essential towards a healthy lifestyle, an individual can stay toned up if he or she exercises daily. Exercising daily can flush out the toxins from your body and can make individual’s quality of life better.

2) Drinking lots of water
Drinking lots of water helps an individual to stay hydrated , it flushes out all the toxins from the body and makes skin glowing and shiny and keeps hydrated and moist.Drinking 8 to 10 glasses water per day will make skin soft and supple and glowing.The breakouts on the skin will be declined too if your water intake is good.

3) Toxic environment
Getting out of a toxic environment is likely to improve one’s health and lifestyle.Focusing on yourself is the key to maintenance of the body and one’s lifestyle.Maintaining such lifestyle will help an individual to deveote himself to higher and nobler pursuits.

4) Reading
Reading can improve ones psyche and mental well being.Reading can create good habits in an individual.Reading will also make an individual feel good and he or she will be definetly more creative since reading makes an individual creative.

  1. Indulging in me time

Take out some time for your self, maybe by reading a book or sipping up a cup of tea or coffee.It really helps and will make you feel good. Also talking to a very old friend is considered to be therapeutic sometimes.

Though there’s so much in life that an individual can do in order to lead a successful and a healthy lifestyle, above are some tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to make community a safer and a happier place.Moreover,an individual will also work better if he keeps him/her self healthy and will make him /her more active during the work hours.

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Healthy lifestyle refers to a lifestyle which includes your physical and mental health its not over life style is a result of accumulation of all your entire living way , your eating way , your dressing way , your talking way , how to deal with your problems , how to over come your fears, how accountable you are, how you control yourself ? how positive or negative your are, what you think about others ,and obviously which actions do you perform on tour life how much your thought and deeds are identical these aspects influenced your way of living and your lifestyle reflects all these answers . Enormous and never ending lifestyle aspects are already well described and defined above .
But in my opinion one thing has left that affects overall lifestyle and its vital for survival . The one and only complete survival guide “prayers” without prayer your lifestyle becomes dull and inadequate. prayer is leading necessity to sustain in life .its a way in communicating with God and make wishes and request to him. Prayer has a power to change your life like its an inner feeling that helps to cope with difficulties e.g depression , fear of something , health issues , relationship problems , financial issues negetive thinking these things can spoil your lifestyle but prayer has a path by going on it you can talk to your God and share your problems and week guidance we all gave connections with God prayer is a source. recitation of holy books depression can go away , negativity turns into positivity. performing regular prayers good for your physical health as well as it generated more strong spiritual connections to God .prayers give feeling of satisfaction about yourself. regularly when you talk with God it eliminates all your negativity , fears and curse
prayer helps you to wish what you want from life.
when you ask from god it creates hope and after that you’ ll get what you wanted and if not , think its not meant for us . these satisfaction boast your confidence about life , and make us able to go forward and create new hopes and desires . prayers ate healthy for us because we stay away from drugs and alcohol because to you are nearest to God all bad habits start left behind. These things are unhealthy and lethal for us. when we believe we are answerable to God we never act wrong such as hurting others , corruption , immoral activities , its called personal transformation . that includes hygiene , physical exertion , avoid illegal unhealthy things , positive thinking , self accountability . it offers us to judge your flaws and try to over come it also enlighten sense of purpose that is important for choosing career that controls financial stability. none can be survive in a satisfied way without prayer. its better to know the importance of prayer and give quality time for prayers and allow yourself to get more involve in it.

Conclusion :

when life throws stone at you prayers become guard for you it supports each and every aspect of your life . connection with God is an inner feeling that helps you alot I think its a blessing.

Have a healthy lifestyle, is essential to enjoy the beautiful colors of life. Without a healthy lifestyle, we can’t achieve anything in our life, we can’t enjoy a single moment even. So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for all people so they make your lives better and be successful.
Today we have to talk about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what are the factors that make up a healthy lifestyle and bring better vision to your wonderful life. Not only the proper diet make your lifestyle better and healthy. Some other factors are needed to maintain your lifestyle, follow these principles, and enjoy your life.


1). Have a proper diet

A nutritious diet means a diet that contains all the essential nutrients needed for our body to work properly. If you are not taking essential elements like vitamins, minerals, and fats, it may cause you some major problems.
You can also take supplements of a specific micronutrient, but try to have natural and sources like vegetables and fruits for quality nutrients. They also protect you from infectious diseases by enhancing your immunity.

2). Do exercise regularly

Do exercise on regular basis to maintain your physical also maintain health. It is the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. It helps you to burn extra calories in the body, strengthen muscles and bones, and keep your body in shape. It also helps you to stay motivated.

3). Have an adequate sleep

Our body works like a machine, it also needs some break. Sleep means when your brain rests and works more efficiently also other body organs work efficiently after some rest. So have adequate sleep to increase your body efficiency.

4). Maintain a better your mental health

Have better mental health is as important as having better physical health is. If you are suffering from anxiety and mental stress, your brain will not work properly, As your all body organs work directly according to the stimulus by the brain. If your brain is not working properly, it will also affect your physical health. If you have anxiety or stress, visit a psychologist to stop its progression into depression. Depression is a killer disease. It will harm you more than you think.

5). Have a good community.

Have good friends, if you have a supportive community around you. You will have fewer chances of neurological and cardiovascular diseases. It is because when you have a better company around you, they will support you, solve your problems and let you live happily. Living happily lowers the risk of heart diseases and boost brain functioning and the immune system.

6). Take care of yourself:

Fulfill your body needs like cleaning it regularly, your physical needs like wearing comfortable, your mental needs like peace and calm.
Take a bath regularly, keep clean your teeth, nails, and hairs. Protect yourself from germs by keeping clean your hands, your face, and your environment. Cleaning is very necessary for our life to have a healthy lifestyle.

7). Have some emotional or love moments.

We all need love in our life. We get love from our friends, family, and our spouse. If we have some love moments with our loved ones, it helps us a lot stay happy thus maintaining our mental health. And as a result, making us have good physical health.
Always give time to your loved ones in your daily routine, it will motivate you and keep you to stay happy and feel blessed. Thus, prevent you from anxiety and depression.

8). Avoid smoking.

Tobacco damage your lungs eventually thus affecting your physical health badly. It also affects your mental health, as it lowers the ability to think and work properly, thus lowering your IQ level. Smokers may say they feel good after smoking, but the reality is totally the opposite, it lowers the ability of your brain to work.

Also when you try to quit, you can’t because your body is addicted to it. Don’t even try such things that are addictive.

9). Never do drug abuse.

Drug abuse or substance abuse means to take an abnormal amount of drugs. They also harm your body by affecting on working part of your brain.
Don’t drink alcohol or such drugs, they weaken your immune system and your affect your brain very badly. Thus giving harm to your body and will never let you adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

10). Be spiritually strong

Keep your spiritual soul strong by worship or other things your religion says. Follow your religion, whatever your religion is. It is better for your mental health thus helps you to have a happy and blessed life. It keeps you away from stress and anxiety. Fulfill the needs of your soul also to live life and enjoy the beautiful moments in your wonderful life.


  • Drink more water.
  • Keep yourself happy and positive.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Have some love moments in your daily routine.
  • Drink more juices or smoothies instead of fizzy drinks.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits instead of fast food.
  • Keep your soul happy to enjoy every moment of your life.
  • Keep your environment and yourself clean.
  • Do work honestly and have adequate sleep.
  • Always wear what gives you comfort and calm.
  • Take less sugar and spices in your diet.
  • Maintain your body weight.
  • Keep checking your blood pressure and sugar level.
  • Keep checking your body after every six months.
  • Visit a doctor if you have any problem related to your health.


Having a healthy lifestyle make your life easier and help you to enjoy your life and get success easily.
Some general and easy tips are given to have a healthy lifestyle. Fulfill all your physical as well as mental health. Keep your soul to feel healthy and fulfilled, it will prevent you from anxiety problems. Maintain your mental health along with physical health. Keep yourself and the people around you, healthy and happy.