What Does Vindictive Mean

What Does Vindictive Mean

What does the word revenge mean?

I was asked this question during a shellfish survey and I'm not sure what the word means.

Have you taken revenge on your peers?

1. Ready or willing to take revenge: a formal person.

2. Out of the spirit of revenge or balance: the gold of revenge.

Basically, when you are an outspoken person, you want to say something to get revenge on the other person.

Explanation of revenge

Revenge means the avenger or his. If you take revenge on someone, you are wrong.

Conflict means you are trying to save yourself because we hurt you. When people realize that you are like that by nature, they will realize that they cannot trust you.

Revenge is another word and that

Have you ever done anything to get back from your coworkers?

What Does Vindictive Mean