Definition of Exercise:

  1. To make use of right available under an agreement, option, rank, or situation.

  2. A process or activity carried out for a specific purpose, especially one concerned with a specified area or skill.

  3. The use or application of a faculty, right, or process.

  4. Occupy the thoughts of; worry or perplex.

  5. Use or apply (a faculty, right, or process).

  6. Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

  7. Engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness; take exercise.

Synonyms of Exercise

Use, Employ, Make use of, Utilize, Avail oneself of, Put to use, Physical activity, Movement, Exertion, Effort, Work, Nachtmusik, Abrade, Absolute music, Absorb, Absorb the attention, Act, Acting, Action, Active use, Activism, Activity, Adaptation, Aerobics, Agency, Aggravate, Agitate, Air varie, Aleatory, Aleatory music, Annoy, Appliance, Application, Apply, Apprentice, Apprenticeship, Arrangement, Arrest, Assignment, Athletics, Baccalaureate service, Badger, Bait, Basic training, Be at, Bedevil, Behavior, Beset, Bestow, Boning, Bother, Brainwork, Break, Break in, Breaking, Breather, Breed, Breeding, Bring to bear, Bring up, Bristle, Brown off, Bug, Bullyrag, Burden, Burn up, Busywork, Calisthenics, Callisthenics, Carry on, Catch, Celebration, Ceremonial, Ceremony, Chafe, Chalk talk, Chamber music, Chamber orchestra, Chare, Charge, Charm, Chivy, Chore, Commencement, Commission, Composition, Concern, Condition, Conditioning, Conduct, Conning, Constitutional, Consumption, Contemplation, Convocation, Cram, Cramming, Cultivate, Cultivation, Daily dozen, Descant, Develop, Development, Devil, Direction, Discharge, Discipline, Discompose, Discourse, Disquisition, Distemper, Distress, Disturb, Do, Do with, Dog, Doing, Drill, Drilling, Driving, Duty, Effect, Electronic music, Employ, Employment, Empty formality, Enchant, Engage, Engage in, Engage the attention, Engage the mind, Engage the thoughts, Engross, Engross the mind, Engross the thoughts, Engrossment, Enthrall, Errand, Etude, Exasperate, Execute, Execution, Exercises, Exercising, Exert, Exertion, Exploit, Exposition, Extensive study, Fascinate, Fash, Fetch up, Fetching-up, Fish to fry, Fit, Fix, Follow, Form, Formal, Formality, Foster, Fostering, Fret, Function, Functioning, Gall, Get, Go in for, Good use, Grab, Graduation, Graduation exercises, Grind, Grinding, Grip, Gripe, Groom, Grooming, Gymnastic exercises, Gymnastics, Handle, Handling, Harangue, Harass, Hard usage, Hard use, Harmonization, Harry, Headwork, Heckle, Hector, Hold, Hold spellbound, Hold the interest, Homework, Homily, Hound, House-train, Housebreak, Housebreaking, Hypnotize, Ill use, Immerse, Improve, Improvement, In-service training, Inaugural, Inauguration, Incidental music, Initiation, Inspection, Instruction, Instrumental music, Invention, Involve, Involve the interest, Irk, Irritate, Isometrics, Job, Job of work, Labor, Lecture, Lecture-demonstration, Lesson, Lick into shape, Limber up, Liturgy, Lucubration, Make use of, Make-work, Manage, Management, Manipulate, Manipulation, Manual training, Matters in hand, Mental labor, Mesmerize, Miff, Military training, Mission, Misuse, Molest, Monopolize, Moral, Moral lesson, Morality, Moralization, Movement, Movements, Mummery, Nag, Needle, Nettle, Nocturne, Nudzh, Nurse, Nurture, Nurturing, Object lesson, Observance, Obsess, Occupation, Occupy, Occupy the attention, Odd job, Office, On-the-job training, Operancy, Operate, Operation, Operations, Opus, Orchestration, Peeve, Performance, Performing, Persecute, Perturb, Perusal, Pester, Physical education, Physical jerks, Pick on, Piece, Piece of work, Pique, Plague, Play, Pluck the beard, Ply, Pother, Practice, Praxis, Preachment, Preoccupy, Preparation, Prepare, Production, Program music, Project, Prosecute, Provoke, Pursue, Put forth, Put in tune, Put into practice, Put out, Put to school, Put to use, Raise, Raising, Reading, Ready, Readying, Rear, Rearing, Recital, Recitation, Rehearsal, Rehearse, Religious ceremony, Responsibility, Restudy, Restudying, Review, Ricercar, Ride, Rile, Rite, Rite de passage, Rite of passage, Ritual, Roil, Rough usage, Ruffle, Running, Score, Send to school, Sermon, Service, Set, Set task, Setting-up exercises, Skull session, Sloyd, Solemnity, Solemnization, Sonata, Sonatina, Specialize in, Spellbind, Steering, Stint, Stretch, String orchestra, String quartet, Study, Studying, Subject, Swing, Swotting, Tackle, Take in hand, Take on, Take to, Take up, Talk, Task, Teaching, Tease, Theme and variations, Things to do, Throw, Torment, Train, Training, Trio, Trouble, Try, Try the patience, Tweak the nose, Undertake, Upbringing, Usage, Use, Using up, Utilization, Utilize, Variation, Vex, Vocational education, Vocational training, Wage, Warm up, Warm-up, Wide reading, Wield, Work, Work at, Work out, Working, Working-out, Workings, Workout, Worry, Wrong use, Yoga, Work out, Do exercises, Keep fit, Train, Drill, Engage in physical activity, Worry, Trouble, Concern, Make anxious, Bother, Disturb, Perturb, Perplex, Puzzle, Distress, Occupy someones thoughts, Preoccupy, Prey on someones mind, Gnaw at, Lie heavy on, Burden, Make uneasy, Agitate, Use, Utilization, Employment

How to use Exercise in a sentence?

  1. Control is exercised by the Board.
  2. She still exercised every day.
  3. The free exercise of religion.
  4. When the tenant defaulted on his lease, the property owner chose to exercise his option to have the tenant evicted.
  5. Because he was disappointed with his teams performance and the direction of the organization, he decided to exercise his option to become a free agent in the off season.
  6. My brother and I always play sports, go to the gym, and exercise my body to become a better basketball player.
  7. Exercise improves your heart and lung power.
  8. An exercise in public relations.
  9. The knowledge that a larger margin was possible still exercised him.

Meaning of Exercise & Exercise Definition


How To Define Exercise?

  • Exercise means exercising the right to buy or sell the basic financial resources specified in the Optional Agreement. In option trading, an option holder has the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell options under a security at or before a certain price. in the future.

    • In option trading, exercising means exercising the right to buy or sell certain underlying securities in the options contract.
    • When the input option holder executes the contract, he sells the underlying security for a certain period of time for a certain price.
    • When call option holders sign an agreement, they purchase basic security at a specified price over a period of time.
    • Before making a choice, it is important to consider the type of options you have and whether you can do so.

Meanings of Exercise

  1. Activities that require physical exertion and are designed to maintain or improve health and fitness. Is performed.

  2. Pro processes or activities for specific purposes, especially in certain areas or capabilities.

  3. Use or exercise of power, rights or actions.

  4. Sign up (faculty, legal or practice)

  5. Practice physical activity to maintain or improve your health and fitness.

  6. Keep your mind occupied with anxiety or confusion.

Sentences of Exercise

  1. Exercise increases the strength of your heart and lungs

  2. Home exercises

  3. Free religious practice

  4. Control is exercised by the Board of Directors

  5. He still practices every day today

  6. Knowing that a large margin is possible, he is still practicing

Synonyms of Exercise

occupy someone's thoughts, prey on someone's mind