How long does it take to boil an egg?

How long does it take to boil an egg? It takes 11-12 minutes to boil an egg. Boiled eggs are a delicious and nutritious staple food at hand. There are some variations such as soft boiled egg, half-boiled egg, hard-boiled egg and so, all depends on requirements and timings.

hard-boiled egg sandwich

The semi-boiled egg takes 4 minutes, the soft-boiled egg takes 5 minutes, the half-boiled egg takes 6 - 7 minutes and the hard-boiled egg takes 11 - 12 minutes to boil.

How to boil an egg?

Oh my God, a very difficult question. Jokes a part boiling an egg is as easy as buying an egg but at the same time not actually, you work hard to earn money then you go shopping and buy your favorite breakfast item EGG. In such a way, boiling an egg is easy but boiling an egg according to your need is a bit tricky.

The basic things that you need to boil an egg are water, a saucepan, and last but not least eggs. Some people add one more thing, that is salt, later I’ll tell you why people add salt while boiling eggs.

Steps to boil eggs:

  1. Take a saucepan, add water to it.
  2. Put this saucepan on the stove and turn on the flame.
  3. Put eggs into the saucepan, make sure don’t overcrowded and add one teaspoon of salt.
  4. One thing to keep in mind that the water level should be 1 to 1.5 inches above the eggs, otherwise it could not be cook evenly.
  5. Wait for 12 minutes if you want a well-cooked perfect egg.
  6. Right after 12 minutes, pour hot water and put eggs in cold water or water at room temperature. This helps to stop cooking further.
  7. Peel out eggs and cut them into half, sprinkle salt and black pepper according to taste.
  8. Boiled eggs are ready to eat.

Tips to boil egg:

Here are 4 tips that help to understand the tricks of boiling a perfect egg:

Tip # 1: in the recipe, I add salt to the water, salt helps in peeling egg easily. Salt contains a kind of agent that solidifies the protein in the egg and makes peeling the egg easy. Don’t worry it doesn’t affect the taste of the egg.

Tip # 2: never directly turn on the tap over the egg, it can break your egg if pressure is extreme. First, try to fill the saucepan with water then put eggs into it.

Tip # 3: when you put eggs into cold water after boiling, try to keep them at least for 4 to 5 minutes in the water. It stops cooking and helps to peel easily.

Tip # 4: continue to stir after a while during boiling, it helps to cook eggs evenly from all the sides.

What to do if an egg cracked while boiling?

All of us faced this cracked egg problem while boiling. What happens, when we put eggs in the saucepan they cracked when the temperature increases. This is because the surface of the egg would not be hard enough to tolerate high-temperature result, cracked, with this egg white comes out of the egg and poached in the hot water spoiled shaped of the egg.

Can we eat cracked eggs?

Yeah, after the whole story this question comes to our mind. it seems not good but nothing bad to eat a cracked egg. A cracked egg is as delicious as a normal boiled egg, poached part can also be edible because we use clean water for boiling an egg. Clean water means as clean as we can drink so nothing to be worried about if you eat even poached part of the egg.

If you want to serve a boiled egg in front of your guest either at home or on the commercial level then you have to make sure that you don’t serve cracked egg. A well-cooked and well-shaped egg expresses your cooking expertise also it can put a bad impression in front of your guest. Always serve uncracked and desired boiled eggs.

Best cooking time for boiling eggs:

The method is one but timings are varying, all depends on your requirement and use. There could be a variety of boiled eggs found like semi-boiled, semi half-boiled, half-boiled egg, and full boiled. The procedure is the same but all you need to monitor is the timings or duration of eggs stayed in hot water.

Semi boiled egg:

Semi boiled means soft boiled egg white with a runny yolk. If you want this kind of texture then you just need to boil for 4 minutes. After four minutes immediately remove eggs from the hot water and put them in cold water to stop the cooking process of eggs.

semi-boiled egg

Mostly semi-boiled eggs served with the toasted slice of bread along with a sideline.
An egg is full of protein and very nutritious for children, babies of around 7 months can easily eat such semi-boiled eggs and obviously loved it.

Semi half-boiled egg:

The white part is a bit ■■■■■■ with gooey yolk, 5 minutes is the minimum required time of boiling if you like to have semi half-boiled egg. It can be served with salads or on top of toasted bread.

Semi half-boiled eggs are very nutritious and healthy, also good in taste. Again, healthy option for babies with newly hatched teeth, as it is easy to chew.

semi half-boiled egg

Half boiled egg:

A half-boiled egg is obviously not fully boiled but it’s near to full boiled egg. Are you confused? let me clear you, half boiled egg’s white part or egg white is more firmed and bouncier with soft yolk inside that is slightly gooey from the center. 7 to 8 minutes is the ideal time for boiling a half-boiled egg.

half-boiled egg

It can be served with the salad, also can be mix in any dressing. The half-boiled egg can be eaten in raw form, just cut it in half sprinkle salt and pepper on it, and here you go, healthy and fully nutritious breakfast ready to eat.

Full or the hardboiled egg:

A fully boiled egg bouncier from the outside inside is also well done means no gooey part can be seen in a fully boiled egg. 10 to 12 minutes is the ideal time if you want fully well-cooked boiled eggs.
It can be eaten in raw form in breakfast, can be mixed with vegetable or fruit salad, in Pakistani food can be used in egg gravy and much more. A variety of meals can be made with eggs.

Over boiled egg:

We all especially women’s ever boiled eggs in their home kitchens, the timing of boiling eggs matters a lot, if we overcook it egg yolk turn gray and gets dry that not only looks bad but also makes you much drier and stickier while eating over the boiled egg.

Always try to monitor timings when you put your pan on flame. Temperature is very important, but the flame in normal mode (not very high and not very low) but water should be boiling. A perfect hard-boiled egg’s yolk is bright yellow in color with no gray or blue tone at all.

Keep these things in mind and follow all the instructions, it definitely gives you the best results. One thing to be noted that this temperature is for large size hen egg, if the egg is small in size then you must decrease timings.

Why sometimes is it difficult to peel boiled eggs?

Boiling a perfect egg measures time, although peeling its self a whole science. We noticed that sometimes when we peel an egg, the egg white pops out with the outer shell and becomes hectic to peel out a perfectly shaped egg, almost impossible and a dented egg comes out that obviously good in taste but looking not good.

As I tell you above that there is a science behind this, we all know there is a variety of eggs in different markets, some are old and some are newly hatched. Old eggs lose moisture with the time that creates a space between the inner membrane and out shell of the egg. However, newly hatched eggs contain moisture and due to the possibility of growth inside, the outer shell hardly sticks with the inner membrane.

After knowing all this you might still curious about which egg peels easily, the answer is an old egg. Due to the space formed between the outer shell and inner membrane shell peel out easily. So, if you get annoyed with hard peeling eggs try to buy old eggs.

Ways to peel fresh eggs easily:

Although we are not sure that this will take out a perfect oval egg without any dent, however, using these agents and make your work easier.

  1. Vinegar: add vinegar into the boiling water then putting eggs into it, vinegar contains such properties that create space between the outer shell and inner membrane of the egg that could make peel easy.

  2. Baking soda: mix baking soda into the hot water, its color turn foggy and formed an alkaline solution. Put eggs into it and let boil, as desired boiling turn off flame and transfer them into cold water. It could make peel easily.

  3. Salt: add a teaspoon of salt into water while boiling, after boiling put eggs into cold water to peel easily.

  4. Crack shell: when eggs get boiled, crack their shell and then put them in cold water. It also helps to peel eggs easily.

In short: eggs are a healthy and nutritious food, there are different forms of boiled eggs. Semi-boiled eggs need 4 minutes, semi half boil needs 5 minutes, half boil needs 7 to 8 minutes, and full hard-boiled egg needs 12 minutes to boil. It all depends on the requirement and need. Newley hatched egg is difficult to peel because it contains moisture than old eggs.

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Nutritional value of boiled eggs:

An egg contains the nutritional properties of a whole chicken, how powerful is it. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two powerful nutrients that help to reduce the risk of age-related muscular degeneration and contribute to the brain development. Here is a chart of the nutrition value of a hard boil egg, other than that egg is rich in vitamins, minerals, and iron.

calories 78
Total fat 5 gm
Saturated fat 7 gm
cholesterol 178 mg
sodium 62 mg
carbohydrates 1 gm
protein 1 gm
sugar 1 gm

If you are on diet two ‘2’ full hard boil eggs (with yolk) are enough for a day.

Salmonella and egg:

No doubt, eggs contain lots of health benefits. It is a complete meal for kids and adults, eggs are rich in vitamins minerals, and proteins that help in muscles and brain development. However, apart from the benefit, there is a bad side which affects your health and makes you seriously ill.

Most people do not know about a bacterium called “Salmonella”, which exists in the egg yolk. When we eat semi-boiled or semi half-boiled eggs it enters our body and causes “foodborne” illness, in general term is known as ‘food poisoning’. According to FDA (Food and drug administration), 79000 cases of salmonella disease are found every year in America among which 30 would be dying all because of eating uncooked eggs.

Safety measures:

Even natural products could be dangerous for health if they would not be handled properly, in this section we discuss some safety measurements that help to reduce the risk of salmonella in eggs.

  1. The first step is buying. Always try to buy eggs that store in the refrigerator or cooling pack.
  2. Make sure that no egg is cracked and the outer shells are clean.
  3. Keep eggs at 40 F (4-degree centigrade) or low temperature. But don’t keep them in the freezer as it can spoiled eggs.
  4. the best durability of eggs is 3 weeks, try to use them within this period and keep the egg in its original carton. You can put the whole carton in the refrigerator.
  5. Try to eat a full boiled egg, well-cooked yolk, and egg white.
  6. Try to eat egg dished instantly right after cooking, especially scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and boiled eggs. You can keep it for 1 to 2 hours but not more than that.
  7. Try to keep egg-made desserts in the refrigerator and eat it in 1 or a maximum of 2 days.
  8. Try to use pasteurized eggs when dished with uncooked eggs such as salad dressings, sauce, mayonnaise, etc.
  9. Wash hands and kitchen equipment with soap and hot water that comes in contact with raw eggs.
  10. Never taste cake batter or dough that contain uncooked egg.
    By taking this safety measure you can save your family and from salmonella bacteria.

Boiled eggs, a weight loss secret:

If you are trying so hard to reduce your weight then here is additional information that helps to increase your weight loss. We all know eggs are rich in proteins, and protein plays a major role in reducing weight. The massive benefit of protein is it full your stomach for a longer time, which means it reduces your appetite. Here we have some ownsome benefits of egg that truly admire you and encourage you for weight loss.

weight loss appitizer

1. Low-calorie food:

Calories play a dominant role in reducing weight. If you are thinking to lose weight then the first thing you need to consider is your calorie count. Boiled eggs contain a low number of calories that can help in reducing weight. As one means 3 eggs with a small portion of vegetables is enough. An egg contains 78 calories, 3 eggs contain 240 calories, a small portion of sauté fried vegetables contain 50 calories, the whole meaning is around 300 calories perfect for weight loss.

2. Long term filling food:

Eggs contain proteins that are not easily digestible and give you a fuller feeling for a longer time. When you feel fulness then you don’t need to eat more and helps you to reduce weight. An egg is a high protein food and all the high protein food remains in the stomach then less protein food.

3. Boost metabolism:

Eggs are rich in proteins and low in calories, it also contains all the essential amino acid in a balanced ratio that helps to boost the metabolism.
Metabolic rate plays a major role when it comes to weight reduction. As fast as the metabolism as easy to reduce weight. Eggs not only slow digestible and filling food but also boost metabolism.

4. Cheap and easy to prepare food:

Nobody wants to spend more time in the kitchen, and if you are a working woman then you want easy make and recipe. The egg is a food that is easy to make and less to spend. It hardly takes 10 to 12 minutes to boil an egg, you can fry it in less oil or butter.
So, here we have seen four benefits of taking eggs in reducing weight loss.

Start your day with boiled eggs:

Most people take eggs in breakfast, starting your day with a healthy breakfast not only good for your health but also give you intensive energy for whole day long and makes you fresh for the whole day. Here are some studies show how an egg is a fuller day starter than other meals.

Some overweight women take part in an experiment, the experiment is based on boiled eggs breakfast compare to other kinds of healthy breakfast like oats, cereals, and beagles.

Half of them take 3 boiled eggs in breakfast and half take cereals in breakfast every day. Those who take eggs in breakfast feel fuller for a longer time than those who take cereals. It shows that if we start our day with eggs, we can lose weight efficiently.
Another study shows that men can starve easily for the next couple of hours if they take eggs in breakfast as a day starter.

If you like eggs then try different healthy recipes to make a variation in your breakfast.

Egg variations:

An egg is the most versatile food found on earth; we can make a variety of dishes just to use eggs. It can be used in the cake batter, bread dough, egg gravy, boiled egg, fry egg, omelet, poach eggs, biscuit dough, pizza dough, egg halwa, sweets, what not can be made with eggs…… uncountable things. We see some egg variation in temperature and boiling, it definitely increases your knowledge.

fired eggs-yummy and healthy

Room temperature:

If eggs are paced in the refrigerator then you must keep them outside of the fridge to bring them back to room temperature. A room-temperature egg can even be boiled and it also easy for you to measure temperature instead of boiling a cold egg.

Piercing egg:

Some people piercing an egg before boiling, the thought behind this is to prevent the egg from cracking however, this can damage the protein inside an egg and cause bacteria to enter inside. American egg board also prohibited egg piercing.

Steaming egg:

Steaming is a process of making eggs inside the shell-like boiling. The egg can directly place in the steamer for 6 to 7 minutes if you want a soft steamed egg, for a hard steamed egg you just need to twice the temperature. There are certain steamers available in the market that are specially designed for eggs. To bring variation in your breakfast instead of boiling you can go for steaming, as they are equally delicious as boiled eggs.

Baked eggs:

It is not surprising that eggs can be caked inside the shell. In baking, eggs take more time to cook than in boiling procedure. Just put the eggs in the muffin tray, one egg in one muffin cup then pace it in the over at 177 degrees centigrade or 350-degree Fahrenheit and leave it for half an hour (1/2 hour). Shell peeled easily through this procedure of cooking.

Summary: eggs are the most versatile and variated food on earth. It can be boiled, fry, poached, and also used in different dishes. Start your day with boiled eggs can reduce your feeling of hunger for a longer time and also give you drastic energy for the whole day. Boiled eggs play a major role if you want to reduce weight. It is a good day starter than other healthy breakfast.

Boiled egg test:

We did three experiments to find out which egg is boiled. If someone asked you to guess which egg is boiled then you can do these things to let them know and confidently answer the question. It is fun and a kind of boiled egg hack, let’s see the experiments.

  • Experiment # 1:
    Place two eggs on the countertop or any hard surface, one should be raw and the other one should be fully boiled. Spin both of them by using hand, the boiled one spinning but the raw one doesn’t spin. The boiled egg gets heavy and hard from inside due to which when it spins it easily move round and round.

  • Experiment # 2:
    Place two eggs on an egg stand or anything that holds egg easily, again one egg should be boiled and the other one raw then place a blowing candle or light in front of them. A raw egg can pass a small amount of light into it while a hardboiled egg doesn’t.

  • Experiment # 3:
    Again, take two eggs one is boiled and the other is raw, and put them in a pan fill with water (at room temperature). Bubbles appear from the raw egg and the boiled egg does not appear any bubble.

So, these are the three experiments through which you can easily find which egg is boiled. I hope you try this and enjoy finding this boiled egg treasure out.

Health benefits of egg:

If we talk about health benefits related to eggs then we can find numerous health benefits. An egg is a whole meal its self, it contains a high amount of protein and other nutrition that provide strength to the body. Among thousands, here we have some of the important health benefits that you get after eating eggs.

health benefits of eggs

  1. Although egg is rich in cholesterol, however, it does not affect adversely blood cholesterol. The liver which is considered the strongest ■■■■■ of the body makes cholesterol for the body every day according to the environment. When you take rich cholesterol food, the liver automatically decreases making cholesterol level.

  2. Egg is a good source of making HDL (good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein). HDL reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke, and other diseases.

  3. Egg is a good source of choline; it is an important nutrient in our body. It helps in building cell membranes and a singling molecule in the brain along with other functions. An egg contains 100 mg of choline nutrient, lined under the vitamin B group. Choline deficiency can create severe problems.

  4. Eggs contain the two most important substances for the eyes, one is lutein and the other is zeaxanthin. Both were found in the egg yolk in good amounts. Having these two substances in your diet reduces the risk of cataracts, muscle degeneration, and weak eyesight.

  5. Egg is a good source of vitamin A; it is a substance that helps to sustain eyesight and reduce the risk of blindness.

  6. Not all eggs are riches in omega 3, it depends upon the feed given to the hen. If she eats omega 3 rich feed then her egg would also be rich with omega 3. Omega 3 is a compound that helps to reduce the triglycerides in the blood, which helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

  7. Eggs are full of proteins and amino acids. Protein is a building block of the body, helps in muscle building and optimize bone health. A large egg contains 6 gm of proteins that is enough for our body.

  8. Eggs contain a drastic amount of nutrients like vitamin A, folate, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, Phosphorus, and selenium. Also vitamin D, E, K, B6, calcium, and zinc.


The frequently asked questions regarding the topic are given below:

1. Do hard boil eggs float when they have done?

No, either hard-boiled eggs or raw eggs never float in the water if it is fresh. There is a theory behind it, if you want to find either the egg is fresh or old you can simply put them into a pan fill with water if eggs float it means that they are old. old eggs lose moisture and become denser due to this reason they float perhaps fresh eggs sink.

2. How many eggs should you eat to lose weight?

According to the recommendation, a healthy person can eat three large eggs a day it’s good to have it in breakfast. Eggs contain a high number of calories but for healthy persons, it counts as healthy calories for the body.

3. What happens if you crack an egg in boiling water?

If you crack an egg in boiling water it might be torn into pieces. Never directly crack an egg into the water, the first crack into a bowl then put it into simmering water if you want to make a poached egg.


How long does it take to boil an egg? The answer is 11 to 12 minutes, this is the simple and one-line answer to the question. However, boiling is of four types such as semi boiled, half-boiled, Semi half boiled, and full-boiled, all these depend on the timing of boiling otherwise, the procedure is the same.

  • Semi boiled egg (soft egg white with runny yolk) cooked in 4 minutes 
  • Semi half-boiled egg (firmed white with gooey yolk) cooked in 5 minutes
  • Half boiled egg (bouncy egg white with soft yolk slightly gooey from the center) cooked in 7 minutes 
  • Hardboiled egg (well firmed, bouncy egg white with fully cooked yellow yolk) cooked in 12 minutes.

Egg contains a lot of health benefits and also an incredible food for weight loss. An egg is rich in proteins, vitamins, and good cholesterol helps in muscles and brain development. Best food for kids, easy to make, and cheap to buy.

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How long does it take to boil an egg

We use a large egg at room temperature, lowered into boiling water. When done, remove the eggs from the pan and put them in a bowl of cold water. To prevent further cooking (if you don’t eat it immediately).

How long to boil an egg:

:fried_egg: 5 minutes: Adjust the yellowish white and flowing color - ideal for dipping.

:fried_egg: 6 minutes: Liquid egg yolk - a little less fat.

:fried_egg: 7 minutes: Almost ready - sticky, tasty

:fried_egg: 8 minutes: Set slowly - this is what you want to make whiskey eggs.

:fried_egg: 10 minutes: Classic soft boiled egg - can be kneaded but not dry and frothy.

How long does it take to hard boil an egg

Boil the pot on high heat. When the water boils, turn off the heat and cover the pot. If necessary, put the eggs in hot water the next time. 3 minutes for soft-boiled eggs. 6 minutes on medium heat , 12 minutes to hard.

How do you know when the eggs will be cooked?

Tip: Put the egg on a solid surface such as a bench and roll it as above. While turning, keep holding it briefly with your finger and release immediately. If it continues to spin, it will be raw, if it stops, it will boil.

Are you putting the eggs in hot or cold water to boil?

Start with boiling water

Making soft boiled eggs should always start with cold water. Bringing the water and eggs to temperature will speed up cooking and prevent cracking. Follow this advice: Always start with cold water.

Can you boil an egg?

When it comes to boiling eggs, the biggest problem is that people can easily overcook it, which makes the yolk around it a dark green color and a rather sulfuric flavor.

Is the gray of the yolk bad?

A grayish green ring may appear around the cooked yolk, it is not beautiful. But not dangerous The rings are produced by a chemical reaction involving sulfur (from the egg white) and iron (from the yolk), which naturally react to form ferrous sulfide on the yolk surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Can I eat 4 eggs a day?

Science is clear that up to 3 whole eggs a day is completely safe for a healthy person. The result: Eggs consistently increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol for 70% of people without increased total or LDL cholesterol.

Q: How rare are three yolks?

According to the British Egg Information Service, the double yolk ratio is about 1/1000. Three yolks burst to 1 in 25 million.

Q: What is the healthiest way to cook eggs?

In general, shorter cooking methods and lower heat cooking methods result in less cholesterol oxidation and help preserve most of the egg’s nutrients. Therefore, boiled and boiled (hard or soft) eggs may be the healthiest thing to eat. These cooking methods do not add unnecessary calories either.

Q: Does frying eggs destroy protein?

But the heat isn’t all bad when it comes to nutrition. Heat also helps our bodies digest certain nutrients. For example, heat helps us process egg white proteins and destroy avidin. In fact, the protein in cooked eggs is 180 percent more digestible than in raw eggs.

Q: Are Scrambled Eggs Healthier Than Poached Eggs?

According to the USDA Nutrition Database, boiled eggs contain more protein than an omelet. It has fewer calories and healthier nutrients like B-complex vitamins and selenium compared to scrambled eggs. However, scrambled eggs contain healthier fats.


Eggs are rich in protein. Normally, it takes around 10 mins to boil an egg. It takes 3 minutes to soft boil eggs, 6 minutes to medium boil, and 12 minutes to hard boil. If you need proteins, you need to increase the number of eggs.