Lord of the rings movie order

Lord of the Rings movie order is the widely searched query. While talking about the order of the movie, The fellowship of the ring (2001) is the first part that is followed by the sequel, The two towers (2002), and then leading to the third and final part, The Return of the King (2003).

Ring of The Lord of the rings

Background of The Lord of the rings

LOTRs was based on the novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1954 that was filmed in the 2000s and its first part was released in 2001.

However, the writer J. R. R. Tolkien firstly wrote The Hobbit in 1937 and The Lord of the rings was written several years later. The hobbit was although written first it was filmed after the lord of rings, in the year 2012 with the name of the following films:

1. The unexpected journey
2. Desolation of Smaug
3. Battle of 5 armies

LOTRs was a mutual venture between the film industry of New Zealand and the United States of America. It was a highly successful movie series that earned about $3.0 billion around the world.

To the point :pencil2:
LOTRs trilogy has been filmed in the 20th century on the books written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1957. The books consist of three volumes and each volume consists of two parts.

Tongariro: Lord of the rings

The Lord of the Rings books

The film trilogy that was released initially in 2001 while the sequels being released in 2002 and 2003 consequently is based on a novel that has several parts.

The novel was written by J. R. R. Tolkien back in 1954 and lately filmed in the form of three parts film series in the following order:

  • The fellowship of the Ring
  • The two towers
  • The return of the King

Structurally, the writing of J. R. R. Tolkien has been split into six books, with two books in each volume per, with several appendices of background material at the end.

This trilogy is an amazing book series to read, no matter if they are lengthy and wearisome. While filming the novels, a lot of parts are left that are interesting to read before watching the movies.

The film series is a fantasy adventure and has won the honor of being the most influential film series with the highest box office record.

Each part if watched in order is considered a masterpiece and the film series has won 17 records out of 30 nominations in various categories. Lord of the Rings movies have been discussed in order:

1.The fellowship of the ring

The first part of The Lord of the Rings is named The fellowship of the ring. Abstracts of the film have been tabulated below:

Movie name The lord of the rings: The fellowship of the ring
:one:Release date 10 December 2001
:two:Genre Adventure
:three:Story writer J. R. R. Tolkien
:four:Director Peter Jackson
:five:Music Howard shore
:six:Budget :dollar: 93.00 million US dollars
:seven:Box office :dollar: 887.90 million dollars
:eight:IMDb rating :star: :star: 8.80/10.0

Cast of The fellowship of the ring

It was also known as the Company of the rings and is the first part of the trilogy. The cast of The fellowship of the ring consists of the following actors along with their role in the movie.

Actor As Character
Elijah wood As Frodo Baggins
Ian McKellen As Gandalf
Orlando Bloom As Legolas
Viggo Mortenson As Aragorn
Sean Astin As Samwise
Billy Boyd As Pippin Took
Dominic Monaghan As Merry Bran
Sean Bean As Boromir
Hugo Weaving As Elrond
Andy Serkis As Gollum

Hobbit House

What is The fellowship of the ring about?

  • The fellowship of the ring depicts the story that the future of human development lies in the destiny of the ring that has been lost for hundreds of years.

  • There are a lot of forces with massive power who are searching it with an unbending determination. But destiny has given the ring in the hands of Frodo who is a Hobbit.

  • The young hobbit named Frodo gets the ring in inheritance and becomes a legend.

  • After being the ring owner, Frodo has to perform an intimidating task, that is to demolish the One ring that is hammered out in the fires of Mount ■■■■.

2. The LOTRs: The two towers

The second part regarding the order of the lord of the rings is The two towers and it was released in 2002. Details about the movie have been listed below:

Title The lord of the rings: The two towers
:one:Story J. R. R. Tolkien
:two:Genre Fantasy, adventure
:three:Release date 2 December 2002
:four:Director Peter Jackson
:five:Budget 94.0 million dollars
:six:Box office 951.20 million dollars
:seven:IMDb rating 8.7/10.0

Cast of The two towers

The cast of the second part of LOTRs consists of the following actors. Names of the actors and their role in the film have been given below:

Real name Character name
Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn
Elijah wood as Frodo
Ian McKellen as Gandalf
Orlando bloom as Legolas
Sean Astin as Samewise
Cate Blanchett as Galadriel
Christopher lee as Saruman
John Rhys Davies as Dwarf Gimli
Hugo Weaving as Elrond
Brad Dourif as Grima Wormtongue

Plot of The two towers

  • The two towers is the sequel of blockbuster “The fellowship of the ring”. This part continues with the pursuit of Frodo (Elijah Wood) and his fellows to destroy that One ring in the fires of Mount ■■■■.

  • Frodo and Sam come to know that the strange Gollum has been following them. Aragorn, the dwarf Gimli, and the Legolas come in front of the beleaguered kingdom named Rohan.

Gandalf: LOTRs

  • King Theoden who is the king of that kingdom has caught by the lethal spell of Saruman. When Frodo and Sam reach Mordor with the assistance of Gollum.

  • Several other fellows join them and their previous associates to save the Isengard because Saruman begins a strike from his empire.

Gollum: Lord of the rings

3. The lord of the rings: The return of the Kings

The third part in the order of the trilogy is The return of the king which is a fantasy adventure just like the other two parts.

Details of The return of the King

Name of the movie The lord of the rings: The return of the king
:one:Writer :memo: J. R. R. Tolkien
:two:Genre Action, Drama, Fantasy
:three:Release date 1st December, 2003
:four:Director of the film Peter Jackson
:five:Producer Peter Jackson, Barrie M. Osborne, Fran Walsh, Rick Porras
:six:Budget :dollar: $94.00 million dollars
:seven:Box office :dollar: $1.1420 billion dollars
:seven:IMDb rating :star: :star: :star: 8.9/10.0

Brief Plot of The return of the king

  • “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” is the third and final part of the movie series based on the third volume of the novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

  • It presents the concluding encounter between the corps of the righteous path and the evil ones for the rule of succeeding era of the middle earth.

  • Frodo and Sam reach Mordor in their journey to abolish the one ring in Mount ■■■■.

  • Meanwhile Aragorn, the king of Gondor, appears as a leader of righteous forces against the bad army of Sauron’s at the location of Minas Tirith.

Summary :pencil2:
Sequence of LOTR is that the first part is The fellowship of the ring, second is The two towers and the third and final part is The return of the king. All parts have been directed by Peter Jackson.

Cosplay: LOTRs

Frequently asked questions

Most of the people who are interested in watching the Lord of the rings have certain questions related to it. Some of these questions have been answered briefly:

1. What should be the order of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the rings first”?

  • The hobbit and LOTRs both are penned by the writer J. R. R. Tolkien. The Hobbit was written before the lord of the rings but the filmography is done in reverse.

  • However, one should watch the first two parts of the hobbit and then the trilogy of the lord of the rings, and finally the third part of the hobbit (The battle of the five armies).

2. Is the hobbit better than the Lord of the rings?

  • The Hobbit is a great and fanciful adventure for the children. In contrast to it, The Lord of the Rings is an extraordinary and extremely deep adventure for the adults.

  • It is a classy movie and can be regarded as the greatest fiction movie of the century with a lot of nominations and awards. However, both of these trilogies are parts of the same story written by the same writer.

Hobbit, Newzealand

3. Why is the hobbit not as good as LOTRs?

  • The lord of the rings is based on a story that is written for adults and this trilogy was filmed before the hobbit. In the hobbit, the story and scenes are pointlessly dragged.

  • Another difference between these two is that in the Lod of the rings, each novel is filmed as one part of the trilogy. While in the hobbit, one novel is divided into three parts that made the scenes stretched.

4. What is the age to read the lord of the rings?

  • During teenage, e.g. below 11 is the age where the kids should read the books with less violence and fights, in short, the literature should be twee friendly. LOTR is not suitable to read at this age.

  • While after 15 or 16, when you reach the teenage your nerves can handle the violence and the adventure present in The Lord of the rings. So at this age, you can read the LOTR.

5. How many middle-earth books there?

There are the following middle earth books in order are there:

Book volume
The book of the lost tales 1
The book of the lost tales’ part two 2
The lays of Beleriand 3
The shaping of the middle earth: The quanta, the ambarkanta and the annals 4
The lost road and other writings 5
The return of the shadow: The history of the LOTRs 6
The treason of the Isengard: The history of the lord of the rings part 2 7
The war of the ring: The history of the lord of the rings part 3 8
Sauron defeated 9
Morgoth’s ring 10
The war of the jewels 11
People of the middle earth 12


The LOTRs trilogy is based on the fantasy novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien. Films are directed by Peter Jackson has been one of the greatest movies of the 20th century.

Lord of the rings movie order is sometimes confusing for the audience. They want to know what order should they follow to watch the movie. The order of the movies should be according to the release of the parts in this trilogy:

  • The fellowship of the ring (released in 2001)
  • The two towers (released in 2002)
  • The return of the king (released in 2003)
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Lord of the Rings is a fantasy novel written by an English author J. R. R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings also represents a film series including three blockbuster adventurous films based on this fantasy novel and directed by Peter Jackson. In this post you will be explain about what films are based on The Hobbit novel, and what films are based on The Lord of the Rings books, and what order you should to watch them.


L[ord of the Rings, written by J. R. R.Tolkien is considered among one of the best fantasy book series ever. It begins with the children’s book The Hobbit, and slowly gathers momentum all the way through its follow up e.g. The Lord of the Rings. These books were converted into six movies. Without any doubt, the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies have proved them as all time favorites and best adventure films to ever come.

The Lord of the Rings is broadly considered as one of the biggest and most influential film series ever made. This film is among the top grossing film series of all time with a business of $2.981 billion worldwide. Each film was significantly admired and praised for its acting, music, original special effects and emotional depth, and was greatly awarded. The series has won 17 out of its 30 Academy Award nominations.

J. R. R.Tolkien originally wrote two novels which were later turned into the Lord of the Rings film franchise. The first one was The Hobbit, published in 1937 to critical acclaim. This children’s book was chosen for a Carnegie Medal and awarded from the New York Herald Tribune for the best youthful fiction, and is still considered as one of the most eminent children’s books of all time. Afterwards fans begged Tolkien for a sequel, and The Lord of the Rings, followed The Hobbit, it was thought to be part of a two-volume book including poetry collection The Silmarillion which didn’t happen. Sadly, publishers were not in favor of this idea, and instead The Lord of the Rings was released in three volumes over the period of 1954 and 1955.

The Story

The story follows the character Bilbo Baggins the so-called hobbit that goes on a false journey to get his hands on a scrap of treasure defended by Smaug the dragon. This role is played by Martin Freeman in The Hobbit and by Sir Ian Holm in Lord of the Rings, Bilbo’s journey starts happily until things become more evil and he faces dangers that he never had even imagined.

The three volumes are each split up into two sections and were called “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King”, and the same titles were used as the names of movies which were adapted from that book.

The book earned less vigor than The Hobbit, and references Lord Sauron, who had previously created the “One Ring” to rule “Rings of Power” as the ultimate weapon, in its title. Its story follows the hunt of a fellowship of people belonging to different Middle Earthen races for the destruction of the ring, and is mainly shown through the eyes of four hobbits: that are Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.

Films released and their success

As the animations of the stories were released, the most successful version was that of Peter Jackson, which began with “Fellowship of the Ring” in 2001. This followed two other installments, “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King” in 2002 and 2003, and gathered huge success with Tolkien and fantasy lovers.

The final film earned a huge critical acclamation, and became the second film to reach the $1billion barrier winning 11 Oscars, which at that time made it a record breaker alongside Ben-Hur and Titanic.

The Hobbit was afterwards adapted and made into three films instead of just one. These were less well received, but are still important in the Lord of the Rings franchise catalog. It can be said withithout a doubt, that the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies prove to be some of the best adventure films to ever come.

Lord of the Rings movie order

Now the question arises that what is the best way to enjoy these movies. For fans wishing to re-watch these movies, there are two options to do so: chronologically based on fiction timeline, or chronologically by film release date.

The first order leads the fans to enjoy the movies in the following order:

Sr. No. Series Name of film Releasesd in
1. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey 2012
2. The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug 2013
3. The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies 2014
4. Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring 2001
5. Lord of the Rings The Two Towers 2002
6. Lord of the Rings Return of the King 2003

The third film in the movies depicts reference to the events of The Hobbit, and even the events which explored the birth of Gollum, one of the hobbits who got the ring before its power changed him into something monstrous.

Watching Lord of the Rings in this order will give you a collection of movies based on the original works of J. R. R. Tolkien, combining both animated and live-action stories.

The second order of watching these movies is based on chronologically by film release date, starting from the Lord of the Rings series followed by The Hobbit series films; it will keep the viewers in line with improving CGI effects.

                   The order of “The Lord of the Ring”

Most people have an interest in watching movies few of them have the interest to watch fiction, adventures, imagination, and other romantic series but the movie “The Lord of the ring” is a mixture of imagination, fantasy, fiction, and the most adventurous movies. The “lord of the rings” movie was introduced by the great man Peter Jackson. The movies were written by J.R.R which was based on a novel that’s was written early. However, the lord of the ring movie was introduced in new cinema with the WingNut films of co-production. The films were an international journey between the United State and New Zealand.
These members were included in the shooting:
Viggo Mortensen music by Howard shore
Elijah Wood edited by Michael Horton
Orlando Bloom
Jamie Selkirk
Liv Tyler
John gilbert
Billy Boyd
Dominic Monaghan
Cate Blanchett
Sean Astin
Hugo Weaving
Sean Bean
Ian McKellen
John Rhys-Davies
Christopher Lee
The lord of the ring films was one of the brilliant and the greatest movie ever made and it was the largest financial mark and cross the largest budget film series of all time. The total budget of the series was $2.981 billion all over the world and the film’s actors were nominated in which of them 30 out of 17 members were nominated.
The lord of the ring series:
I know you have a curiosity to know about the order of ‘’lord of the ring’’ but before going ahead you need to know “The Lord of the ring movie” was reigned before Games of thrones. However, the movie was released in the 20th century based on a novel that was written by J.R.R Tolkien which was an amazing novel series. Moreover, the writer J.R.R Tolkien begins to write a book for Childers which was named “The Hobbit” which gains attention from readers and follow-ups.
J.R.R Tolkien wrote many novels but which of the two novels turn into films and named “The Lord of the Ring” and “the Hobbit”. However, the Hobbit movie was first published in 1937, it was the greatest success for J.R.R Tolkien. However, the children’s book “The Hobbit” was nominated for the prize and Carnegie medal in New York Herald Tribune and it is still the Favorites book for children’s. Anyway, the movie “The Hobbit” follows Bilbo Baggins’s stories which were displayed by Martin Freeman. But on the other hand “The Lord of Ring was played by Sir Lan Holm.
The order of the lord of the ring
As you have read above about the lord of the ring movie. But now I’m going to show you that what was the exact order of the “lord of the ring movie”.
So, here is it.
“The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of the Ring: The Two Towers
The Lord of the Ring: The Return OF the King
However, when movies were released the name of Hobbit movies were given below:
The Battle of Five Armies
An Unexpected journey
Desolation of Smaug
Here we will see the stories of The Lord of the Rings series.
Story of The lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Fellowship of the ring was first released in 2001 which was directed by McKellen Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom. The fellowship of the ring is the real volume and the mixture of three epic movies The Lord of the Rings. However, the story of the lord of the ring was started with a few scenes that happened in the movie “The Hobbit” when Bilbo Baggins and a small size man were wandering in the darkest cave.
Although the actual, story of the lord of the ring: the fellowship of the ring was about the powerful ring that was lost a few years ago but powerful forces inflexibly researching the ring but unfortunately the ring comes in the hand of the young boy his name is Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) who possess the ring and become the legend. However, the fellowship of the ring was a famous movie ever.
The lord of the ring” The Two Towers 2002
The second part of the lord of the ring “the two towers was released on December 18, 2002. However, the story of the lord of the ring “The two towers were continuing part of the fellowship of the ring in which Frodo (Elijah Wood) trying to destroy the ring. However, the movie was interesting and seen by many people.
Although, the films make a large amount budget of about 94 Million dollars and made approximately 62 million in a weekend. The movie makes 926 million all around the world but in the US 342million were made.
The lord of the ring ‘’ The Return of the King’’ 2003
The third and the last part of the lord of the ring” The Return of the Ring” was released in the year 2003. The story of the return of the king was the war between good and evil forces which was happened to control the future of the planet of Frodo. However, Sam Reach Mordor and Hobbit Frodo Were trying to destroy the ring where Aragorn and his force team lead to destroying the dark evil.
Although the lord of the ring” The return of the king made 1 billion dollars worldwide in the US state the movie made 72 million dollars. People love the movie very much.
Moreover, most of the people face difficulty to watch the series of the lord of the ring movie which is probably happening because whenever you want to see the movie you will find the similar faces and places and would not recognize well. However, it’s necessary for you to see the order of the lord of the ring movie which I told you about above. But the lord of the ring movie was released in a trilogy and base on each part and It would be brilliant for you to watch the series in a trilogy.

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Whenever you start watching the movie “The Hobbit”, you must wonder about the hobbit movies in order, well you are at right place to know the order of the series of the hobbit. Here you will also find out the comparison of the Film series with the original novel.

The hobbit movies in order:

The Hobbit is a movie arrangement comprising of three high dream experience films coordinated by Subside Jackson. The three movies are The Hobbit: A Sudden Excursion (2012), The Hobbit: The Destruction of Smaug (2013), and The Hobbit: The Clash of the Five Militaries (2014).They depend on the 1937 novel “The Hobbit” written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

“The Hobbit “: Review of the Novel and the Film:

In Center Earth there carried on an exceptionally little hobbit, who was bound for an extremely huge experience. J.R.R. Tolkien composed The Hobbit in 1937. The epic is about the undertakings of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins, and how he unites with a band of dwarves and the wizard Gandalf to win back the dwarves’ territory and fortune, which is being protected by the winged serpent, Smaug. The tale and its gallant characters reverberated with crowds, all things considered; and the novel has remained fiercely well known since its first distribution.
Following its prosperity, the distributers pushed for a continuation. Tolkien at that point composed The Master of The Rings, which has gotten considerably more famous than its archetype. The epic, blockbuster film: The Hobbit: A Surprising Excursion was delivered in auditoriums on December 14, 2013, and was delivered on DVD/Blu-beam on Walk 19, 2013. The film, which The Hobbit 4had a financial plan of $315 million, took in an all-out income of $1,016,893,299. Subside Jackson, who coordinated the Master of the Rings set of three, coordinated this dream/experience prequel to that set of three moreover. The epic was separated into three sections for film, and the two different movies in The Hobbit set of three will be delivered in 2013 and 2014, individually.

Main fact about the hobbit series and the novel:

While the film remains genuinely near to the novel, numerous progressions were made to the content. This could be on the grounds that the novel was separated into three sections for film, so a few holes should have been filled in. The Hobbit: An Unforeseen Excursion just covers sections one through eight, out of nineteen aggregate, of the novel. The majority of the discourse from the content is utilized verbatim in the film, so the film characters state something very similar as the characters in the books. A portion of the principle plot changes are recorded in the accompanying sections.

Start of Series: The Hobbit 1:

The film starts indicating Bilbo compose the story for Frodo, as an approach to integrate the two adventures, though the novel gets directly down the story and Gandalf appearing to Bilbo. When the dwarves show up in the novel, it is at break time, and it is supper time in the film. The account of the winged serpent is the equivalent, yet in the novel, Thorin doesn’t see the Mythical beings get some distance from him in his kin’s hour of need, so he doesn’t detest the Mythical people. There isn’t a contention among Thorin and the Mythical people in the novel, on the grounds that the Mythical people didn’t “surrender” the dwarves. The film has a significantly more emotional depiction of Bilbo choosing to go on an undertaking, though in the novel Gandalf advises him to meet in almost no time and Bilbo just heads out to meet everybody.

A Surprising JOURNEY In the Film:

When their experience formally starts, the gathering runs into issue with the savages.
THE HOBBIT: A Surprising JOURNEY In the film, Bilbo defers the savages from eating the dwarves by disclosing to them how to cook them, and afterward when Gandalf returns toward the beginning of the day light, the savages go to stone. In any case, in the novel, Gandalf utilizes various voices to keep the savages contending with one another, until they forget about time and go to stone when the sun comes up. After this scene, the following thing that occurs in the film is the organization invests energy with Redigest the Earthy colored. This wizard has a chariot of bunnies and leads the orcs away from the organization as they advance toward Rivendell.

In the novel, nonetheless, this scene never happens and they don’t meet him in The Hobbit. In the novel, the organization remains in Rivendell with the Mythical people for fourteen days. In both the film and the novel, the mythical person Elrond uncovers the mystery entryway in the mountain that they are looking for must be uncovered on Duran’s Day. The tale doesn’t show Gandalf meeting with the White Committee during their stay at Rivendell, as he does in the film. Additionally, Galadriel is The Hobbit 8not even in the novel, yet she shows up in this scene in the film.

The Tale and Film:

The tale and film show that Bilbo is alert in the cavern, which awakens everybody when the Trolls abduct them. In the novel, just after the trolls find Thorin’s blade, Or Crist the Troll Knife, Gandalf shows up and slaughters the Incomparable Troll and leads them out of the mountain. In the film, the Incomparable Troll needs to hold Thorin ■■■■■■■ for the abundance cash guaranteed by Azog. Additionally, in the novel Bilbo isn’t isolated until after Gandalf spares the organization. The area of puzzles with Gollum is the equivalent in both. After Gollum acknowledges Bilbo Gollum in the film of The Hobbitstole the ring, and Bilbo understands the ring is enchantment and makes its wearer undetectable, he can sneak past Gollum and getaway. The tale likewise has Bilbo to sneak past more trolls after he leaves Gollum, before he is protected. In both, Gollum curses the hobbit and promises to detest him for eternity.

The Extraordinary Completion:

The completion is obviously extraordinary, on the grounds that the film closes in just part eight of the novel. The epic does exclude a battle with the orcs after Bilbo re-visitations of the gathering. All the dwarves and Gandalf consider higher him subsequent to perceiving how he got away and gotten back to them. The last battle in the “The Hobbit 5 film” is with the orcs, yet in the novel, since it is just part eight, nothing that sensational occurs. All things being equal, a bunch of wolves pursue the organization up into the trees. At the point when the trolls and wolves are going to consume the organization, falcons spare them and convey them to their home. Birds additionally spare the organization from the orcs in the film, yet it was not until after that new, sensational battle scene was added.


Luckily, the progressions to the content don’t detract from the mind boggling plot, “The Hobbit 7” rather it just upgrades it. The story actually has the significant topics of boldness, development, experience, and companionship. Tolkien’s characters are rejuvenated from minds and onto the cinema. The feeling of fervor and experience is available in both novel and film. Perusing the novel resembles being totally drenched into a different universe; and watching the film resembles being cleared away into a dream brimming with interest and secret. It is uncommon that both a story’s novel and film can be similarly ground-breaking and engaging; however that is certainly the situation with The Hobbit. Tolkien and Jackson have joined humor and activity into legends that will everlastingly be a heritage.