How to run away

How to run away? Running away is a complicated decision. Only run away if you don’t have any other option. It isn’t easy. Think about all the consequences. Plan everything. All you need is self-confidence and enough courage to face all the situations.

What is running away?

Running away means deciding to leave your home/city secretly. A runaway is a person who takes this decision without the permission of his parents or guardians. Running away is a very major decision.

If someone is facing depressed or difficult situations at their home or workplace, they might think of an escape to that place. Running away from home seems to be the best choice as an escape. It can be a better or worst decision at the same time.

Therefore, before taking this decision, one must have proper guideline like how to run away, what are the consequences of running away.

Why to run away?

In this era of the 20th century, every second person is facing difficult situations all the time. Almost 80% of the people (both teenagers and adults) struggle with family complications. They are having family break-ups and family conflicts.

According to research, every year, almost 75,000 people run away. Usually, teenagers age 15-20 run away. Girls are more likely to run away as compare to boys. On average, 10.5% of the girls and 7.5% of boys run out every year.

Most teenagers face bullying at home and at school. Such a situation ends up making them mentally ill. Therefore, when the situation becomes out of control, people look for an escape. That can is temporary or permanent. Running away from home is the standard option that comes to mind as an escape.

Running away is a risky decision. It can be the best or worst decision of your life at the same time. However, if you are energetic and confident about giving your life a new turn, it can be the best turning point of your life.

You can pick up your life at a different stage. You can be more confident in facing difficult situations. You can also take this decision in the meaning of traveling and exploring the world. That can is a better and clear direction.

How to run away from home?

Again and again repeating, running away from home is difficult and not exactly straightforward. It’s not like your grandpa’s home, where you can come inside and outside anytime. Go out of your comfort zone.

Before taking this decision, figure out all the actions. You must have a simple idea about the cons and pros of this decision. Plan every single step. Therefore, focus entirely while taking this decision.

And the most important thing is, before you complete your decision, (doesn’t matter if you are an adult or teenager)talk to someone—a person who is mature enough to guide you in the right direction. Hide nothing from him.

After talking with that specific person, take a break from all the massive thoughts. Relax your mind and brain. Give yourself a complete space. And then, with a calm state of mind, think about your decision again.

If you find yourself confidant and courageous enough, then you can go for it. However, don’t think life would be like a bunch of flowers once you ran away. Nope, your life can be more weird and full of challenging situations.

However, the only thing that matters is your self-confidence and courage to face all hurdles. Now, when you have made your decision, here are all the things that you can help you take a clearest and straight forwarded decision:

Pros and cons of running away

Please read this section clearly, as it will help you clear all the confusion. Knowing about all the cons and pros can help you make a perfect plan in every situation. You will better prepare yourself for any case.

1. Think about all the reasons

Ask yourself an obvious question, “Why you want to run away?” Is there any complicated and messed-up situation you cannot sort out if you stay at your home or stay near your dear ones?

Do you have some good reasons for leaving your home and family? Or it is just some temporary issues. Like you fought with your parents for any reason, it bore you while staying at home, or your present job demands more time and effort.

Maybe you are in physical danger, or your family doesn’t support the way they should be. Things are not worst; perhaps you are tired of your work and want to chill your mind up. It can be just a temporary feeling that can go away.

All the things mentioned above are like a temporary issue. You can quickly sort them out if you take a minor break from your home or workplace. Like, it would be much better to have some holidays and to go out for a picnic.

Be in a completely calm state of mind. Don’t decide immediately. Give your mind the proper space to think. Don’t make instant decisions that you might regret later.

However, if you are at the worst stage, suicidal thoughts come to your mind. You tried to sort out the things, but it’s getting worst day by day instead of any better situation. You might feel like if you stayed a little longer, you would end up doing self-harm.

2. Think about your family, friends, and social circle

No one lives alone in this world. We all depend on each other. We need people around us. That’s how this world of social circles proceeds. Therefore, before deciding to run away, think about all the surrounding people.

Don’t ignore that you have a complete family and circle of friends around you. And if you leave your place, it will affect them. Therefore, before making any final decision, think about your family.

Maybe you have old parents, your children, wife, and friends behind. All these people need you in their life. You are a part of their life. Maybe you don’t know, but they care about you. You owe them, and you have to take care of them.

Before finalizing your decision, think about what consequences these people will face. You can’t take these people for granted as they connect with you.

a. Think about your parents.

Parents are the biggest blessing from Allah Almighty. They grow you up, and they are the only ones who want the best for you. Even sometimes, they don’t express, but they love you deeply.

Random home fights and misunderstanding are every home’s story. That’s not a big deal. But parent-child relation is beyond words to explain. You must be more concerned about their safe future, more than you want for yourself.

If you have old parents, and there is no trusted person behind to look after them. Then, no matter whatever the situation is, and how worst things go, you can’t run away from home. It will affect their lives.

However, if you live in a joint family system and have your other siblings behind, there might be a situation. Or your parents are not dependent on you. They have a secure future without you, and then you can for it.

b. Think about your wife and children.

Suppose you are married, and you have a complete family. Even you have family complications; you can’t run away. That’s out of ethics and even more disgusting. You have no future without your family.

How the worst situation is, don’t even think to leave them. If you are having issues from your wife’s side, talk to her about all the things. Try to sort the things out. However, if things are still out of control, they shift you to a new nearby place.

You can’t get rid of their responsibilities. Therefore, living in a nearby place and trying to fulfill their needs and necessities is always the best choice.

However, if your life is in danger, and you risk that someone can murder you or some other situation like this. Then running away can be an option. But you have taken your family with you, or you have to take all the precautions for their security and needs.

c. Think about the rest of the family.

You have a large circle of blood relations around you. You have sisters, brothers, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. These are the people who may don’t live with you, but you have a bond with them that’s more than a friendship.

Even though you don’t meet these people daily or don’t have a strong understanding bond with them, you are still a part of their lives. Your absence might be hurtful to them. Therefore, before leaving your home/city think about them.

d. Think about your friends.

Outside of family, friends are another blessing of Allah. Sometimes, you are more close to your family rather than your family. They are a big part of your social circle. Real friends are something you can’t take for granted.

You laugh with your friends; you make beautiful memories all together. Somewhere and somehow, you and they both become dependent on each other. You don’t even know how important you are for each other.

Therefore, before making any final decision, think about friends. Leaving away means you are moving out, maybe for a lifetime. That’s something hurtful. Talk to them about all your decisions and try to pick up something better and comfortable for both of you.

e. Think about your social circle

We connect with hundreds of people. Sometimes, the social circle defines our entire personality. There are our respected teachers, class fellows, neighbors, colleges, and many other people.

These people are a must part of ourselves. We can’t even think about life without a social circle. Sometimes, you may not be close to a person, but you matter to them. Maybe you don’t know, but you are essential to them.

Your leaving can affect them. People in your social circle might feel your absence and miss you. Therefore, before leaving your place, try to think about all your social circle people. If possible, then contact them often, so they don’t miss you.

3. Running away can be illegal.

Many states are running away like a teenager (if someone is under 18) is illegal. Countries and states like South Carolina, Idaho, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, and many more consider it unfair to run away from your home/city/country.

But suppose you are having life-taken situations from your family or some other person, it’s your right to move away from that place. However, don’t just pack your bag and leave. Try to do it in some legal way.

Before running away, trust someone, and talk to them about the entire situation. Talk to your friend, teacher, or even you can speak to the police about it. However, if you think talking to someone can make the situation worse, don’t talk and focus more on your plan.

But still don’t do something wrong, like if you don’t have money. Steal nothing from your home or outside. First, make yourself confidant enough to handle all the things. Being very honest, instead of running away as an illegal activity, it is much better to talk to some allowed person.

Even if you live in a state where running away as a teenager or adult is legal. You cannot handle all the consequences alone with no proper knowledge. If you talk to anyone, then it can help you stay somewhere for one or two nights, instead of waiting outside or at a weird place.

4. Talk to someone

That is the most crucial thing while running away. Consultation is something that can be helpful in any situation. When you are in a messy state of mind, your brain might not make the right decisions.

Therefore, depend not only on yourself. Talk to a mature and trust-worthy person who can guide you well. It can help you strategize your plan in a better way. There are many supporting services available for such situations.

Every state and country has a wide range of emergency stations. You can call them or talk to them about every horrible or dangerous situation. These services consult you the right way and, if possible, then provide their platforms for refuge.

There are many international emergency services, which provide their services worldwide. You must have their numbers for any situation. Some helping numbers are as follows:

some worldwide helping contacts

• 1-800-786-2929 or 1-800-RUN-AWAY
• Helping Hands International (058610) 36981

You can also visit these websites for any help or consultation for running away.

5. Address for the right motivation

There are plenty of reasons that can make a person run away from home. Before running away, one must have a factual basis for leaving out. Running away is not the solution to all the problems.

However, after leaving that place where you feel uncomfortable, you will stand yourself in the right direction. The most important thing that matters at this point is a useful guide and the right motivation.

Don’t be in a hurry while making any final decision. You must get enough motivation and self-confidence that work till the things don’t get normal and you can spend an everyday routine life.

You can’t go for a chance or choice thing; once you made your decision, stick to it. For that purpose, the only thing that can help is a strong, reliable, and valid reason you are running away.

Once you have a solid reason and have made your strict mind for leaving, it will be flexible for you to stick to your plans and struggles for a longer time. You already took a risky decision; you can’t afford other hustles.

6. Make a list of all the cons and pros.

Write things down always help to understand and to clear situations. It can clear your mind towards a straight motive, and you will be more precise for adopting a suitable and flexible plan for all the conditions.

Here is a list of some cons and pros:

The pros

Self-freedom, i.e., freedom of making your decisions, freedom of eating, and living according to your choice.

Traveling and exploring unknown places and things. That’s the best thing you will do after running away. In this era, we are busier enough that we don’t find time to travel.

Maturity. Staying at your home-place sometimes doesn’t help you be mature. Even you are 18+; you might not be mentally mature enough to handle things. But outside the home can make you more confident.

Self-reliance. Knowing yourself is the most important for being mature. When you explore new things, you gain more experiences, and it makes you understand yourself better.

Getting rid of unpleasant situations. When you move to a new, better place, you leave an entire society and all its evil effects behind. That helps you to grow and protects you from nasty buds of lousy culture.

More flexible opportunities. Running away from your worst situation opens the door for new opportunities, where you are not afraid of anything. You can do anything of your choice.

The cons

Staying outside. Running away from home and moving to a new place where you don’t have any house. You might have to spend nights outdoors in the streets, hotels, wandering where you can go.

Evil buds. Goods and buds are everywhere. Leaving a place behind doesn’t mean you are secure from the wrong hands. You might be at greater risk of being scammed.

Loneliness. Once you left your loved ones and home behind, it will take time to settle at a new place. You may feel that you have no one to talk to and to care about yourself. That’s something that can make you feel bad.

More likely to drugs, alcohol, physical abuse, and truanting.

Risks of being caught. Suppose you are leaving your place illegally, so there might be chances that the police are looking for you.

No way back. Once you left your home, it can change the situations behind it. Maybe you can never go back home again.

7. Give yourself a break.

  • That is the most important point while making a final decision for running away. You might have a perfect plan along with proper strategy, but still, you need to ask yourself again and again if you want to run away.

  • Therefore, once you make your mind and want to strategize a proper plan, give yourself a break, a break from all the dirty thoughts and depress situations. If possible, then spend some nights out with friends or at a place where you feel calm.

  • Don’t decide when you are mentally tired and emotionally sick. Make a state with a fresh and calm state of mind. Otherwise, you might regret your decision later.

Running away from home is never going to an easy step. Before you complete your decision, you must think about all the consequences. You must figure out all the cons and pros. Then take the irrevocable step with a calm state of mind.

Planning strategy for running away

When you are done thinking about all the consequences of running away, it’s now time to make a proper plan. Don’t stick to a single project. Make 3-4 perfect plans while thinking if any program goes wrong.

Here is proper planning for running away:

1. Packing

You are leaving your home for a lifetime. Therefore, you must have to pick up all the right things. Don’t fill your nag with unnecessary items. Make a list of all the essential things and then pack them nicely.

Here is a list of things that you need to take away with you:

Documents. Ensure you collected all your essential documents like Id card, license, birth certificate, and degrees (if you have any).

Food. You must have some dry food and fruits, junk food, snacks, canned food with you. You can find water anywhere, so one empty water bottle will be enough.

Clothes. Pack clothes for both hot and cold weather. Also, add jackets, socks, and mufflers.

Source of communication. You must have a prepaid smartphone (Wal-Mart), laptop, iPod, and Bluetooth device.

Travelling bag. A bag that has many layers and can work like a sleeping bed too.

First aid kit. You might be sick at any place. Your first-aid kit must comprise painkillers and other essential medicines.

Notebook and pen. Make sure you noted the numbers of all of your family members, friends, and colleagues. Also, add some emergency numbers.

Pepper spray. Suppose someone wants to harm you, you can use it as a weapon.

Books. You can read them when you are feeling bore or want to talk to someone; books are the best choice as books can work as your best friends and best consultant at the same time.

Maps. You might have planned where you will settle onward; therefore, you must have a map of that place.

• Set of two/three shoes

• Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush,

• scissor, knife

• Deodorant

• Flashlight

Note: Else of this list, you can add anything according to your need and ease.

2. Travel-friendly things

Before leaving, make sure you are physically healthy and emotionally fit. You can face an emergency at any point. Maybe you are staying in a hotel, and suddenly you come into the eyes of the police.

In such a situation, you must know how to pack things quickly and how to run. You must know how to save yourself and to hide your identity from anyone. You also learn how to change your physical look, i.e., by changing hairstyles or wearing makeup.

3. How to earn money

No matter how much money you have, it will end one day if you do not earn more. Therefore, before leaving, you must plan how to make money. What are the things you can do to earn money?

Before leaving, you can start some skills to earn online, i.e., freelancing. You can learn any craft of your choice. Make sure you are pro at any art by which you can earn online by staying anywhere.

Else of online earning, here are some jobs you can easily do while traveling and even with no skill.

• Dishwasher
• Bus-driver
• Conductor
• Babysitter
• Tutor
• Mover
• Painter
• Salesperson
• Stitching
• Cooking, i.e., a chef in a restaurant

4. How to stay away from home

That is the most important thing to figure out. If possible, take any person from your family under your trust, and tell them the situation. It will help you stay connected with your people.

Also, take some pictures of all of your family members and friends. If possible, then save your data in a digital format for any secure app to watch them later if you miss them or want to recall your memories.

You must prepare yourself for doing all your things on your own, like cooking, laundry, etc. You know how to deal with any anxiety or mental illness. You must be habitual to stay away from your family and home for a long time.

5. Wait until you find an opportunity to run away.

Running away is not a game of one week or month. Maybe you are going to leave your house for a lifetime. Don’t do any hurry. Even you have planned everything and done with thinking about all the actions.

Still, you need to be patient towards your last step of leaving. While leaving, make sure no one notices you. Before leaving, try to shift your equipment to a secure place.

6. Method of transportation.

While running away, you cannot use your vehicles as there will be chances for tracing. Therefore, before leaving, make sure you booked your seat somewhere, i.e., at the railway station, bus station, and air ticket (in case you are leaving your country).

7. Find shelter before leaving.

You cannot face the sudden consequences of running away. You are leaving your home, family, and everything. You must know where you will stay after leaving. Try to find some shelter places.

It can be any place where you can stay for a shorter period. You can book a room in a hotel, or you can ask your trustworthy friend to stay at his place. You can also check for public temporary shelter places.

8. Emergencies.

Here are some situations that can happen, and you must have a plan before:

a) What if you get sick?

You must be physically healthy. Suppose there is a change in climate or any other factors, which cause illness. Therefore, you must have a first aid box containing all the medicines for headache, flu, painkillers, etc.

b) What if your parents try to find you?

There are significant chances that your parents will try to find you. And instead of considering the situation, they might be mad at you. They want you to come back to come. Therefore, you must have some logical reasons to tell them to leave.

c) What if they have caught you?

When you are running away illegally, there will be significant risks of being caught. Police must look for you at all the places. Be mentally prepared for that situation. Maybe they lock you somewhere.

d) What will you eat if you get out of money?

You can live without a home, money, and anything. But you cannot live without eating. You must have some dry fruits and some dry food with you for an emergency. Try to eat these foods when you don’t have any or don’t have any eating places nearby.

e) How will you manage your money?

Money is the most significant need of the hour. Most of your necessities fulfilled while at your home without your notice, like your mobile data, food needs, laundry, etc. You don’t pay any rent for your home.

While living somewhere, you will pay electricity bills, water bills, roaming data charges, and many more. These little necessities consume a lot of money. Therefore, you must make a proper pocket-friendly budget.

f) What if you lost your phone?

There must be chances for mobile snatching. Secure all your expensive things like mobile, money and documents. But you never know what can happen next. Therefore, prepare yourself for any worst situation.

Frequently asked questions

Running away from home seems to be a very awkward and weird situation. Here are some questions that most people ask:

1. What if I want to run away temporarily so I can see the consequences?

Never try to run away as a purpose of the experiment. Running away from home is not a joke. You might face any dangerous situations. Or it can also affect even someone at your home.

You never know what is going to happen next. Therefore, don’t even think of doing it as an adventure. Situations can turn horrible or even out of your control. What you believe is not a sure thing to happen.

2. What to do if I don’t have enough money to run away?

You can borrow money from your friend or colleague by taking them under the trust. But being very honest, don’t run away if you don’t have money. You don’t know where you will live. Therefore, if you don’t have money, try to earn it.

Collect as much money as you can. Don’t depend on bank-money or credit cards. Maybe your guardians freeze your accounts after you leave. Therefore, don’t go for this risk. You won’t be able to live even a single day without money.

3. Can I still go to the office/school after running away?

The answer is yes; you can go to school or working place after running away. But there will be a risk of being caught. Your colleagues/classmates can tell your family about you. Therefore, you must not prefer going to any place whereof being tracked.

Also, running away doesn’t mean you are just leaving your home or city. That means you are going away from each and everything with no permission. You want to start a new life in a new place. If you only changed your city, that is not a more significant risk.

4. How to prevent running away?

Running away from home can be the best and worst decision at the same time. Try to make all the efforts to sort things out. Talk to someone, or you can even call help centers for any guide and help.

They will better guide you on what to do. Like if you are having some mental issues, they will help you to cure it. If they find that running away is the only choice, they will surely provide you some sheltered place.

5. What’s easy to run away as a teenager or as an adult?

It is much better to sort things out without running away. However, if you think things are entirely out of control and running away is the last option, then leaving away as a teenager could be riskier.

Adults are mature enough to handle messy situations. However, for teenagers, it could be something out, of course. It will depress and worry about them and have significant chances of adopting bad habits, i.e., drugs and alcohol.

6. What are the usual problems that make people run away?

There are various reasons for running away. Every second person is facing depression and anxiety. Most people try to sort things out, while some end up running away from home or country.

Here are some significant issues that cause running away:

• Physical abuse
• Sexual health
• Having the risk of murder
• Truancy
• School Exclusion
• Family problems
• Working problems
• Personal problems


Running away means leaving your home/working place secretly with no permission. There are plenty of reasons, because of which people run out. One might think about how to run away? Running away will never be a better or easy option.

It might be illegal and can cause horrible situations. Don’t run away if you think you can solve these issues in any other way. Think about all the problems that can happen after running away. Try to consider every little thing.

However, if running away seems to be the only option, don’t do it in a hurry. Make a proper plan while keeping all the cons and pros in mind. Make sure you have enough sources and money to leave. Don’t depend on a single plan. Make 3-4 flexible plans while thinking about all the emergencies.

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