Wargs are those who can control animals by penetrating their minds. They are also called skin-changer. One skin-changer born after thousands and one Greenseer born after thousand skin changers.


If we talk about reality then Wargs are not found in real life but usually, we saw in movies. The most popular series called ‘Game of Throne’ and ‘Lord of The Ring’ possess a kind of story on which we can see Wargs in different avatars however, their actual existence is not acceptable. In one of my articles, I wrote about How to Become A Vampire? In which I elaborate conditions under which one can become a vampire, they are also just like a character of a fantasy world or you can say the scary character of our novels and movie who bite humans to drink their blood and can’t expose in the daylight although you might wonder to know that they actually exist the character is little more exaggerated.

Anyways let’s talk about Wargs in our most favorite show “Game of Thrones”. As I describe above Wargs are those who can control animals or who can change their skin and enter into animal minds to control it. Although it is not clear that either they actually change their appearance or not but as we saw in the game of thrones stark kids are Wargs, especially Barn Stark who enter into Hodder’s mind to get him out of the way because he was under attack by someone. This act actually describes Wargs not only enter into the animal mind but also the human mind.

Before exploring more about Wargs in the game of thrones let’s discuss some of their characteristics.

Characteristics of Warg:

  • A warg is one who can enter into the mind of an animal or human to control their activities according to them.
  • A wargs normally enter into the wolf mind, Wargs are generally associated with wolves but if we see the novel game of thrones Wargs not only enter in wolf but also an eagle, bear, dog, and Shadowcat.
  • If a Wrag dies while into the animal body, his consciousness remains alive in it, actually that could be a second life for him.
  • ■■■■ Warg consciousness stays for some time, it could be 1 month, 1 year or so but never forever. In end, a ■■■■■ is a ■■■■■ it could contain a human consciousness for some time but it fades out with time.
  • Once a Warg dies while controlling an animal’s body, then he cannot switch again into another animal’s mind.
  • If a Warg can control two or even three animals mind them it is not possible for him to switch one by one with being back. This means to say that if a Warg enters the wolf’s mind, then to switch into the eagle’s mind he needs to come back into his own body then he can switch to the eagle.

These are the characteristics Warg possesses in our fantasy novels and movies now let’s talk about another character of the novel song of ice and fire who actually famous as six skins.

Varamyr Warg (six skins)

Varamyr is also called six skins because he has the ability to transform into six animals’ minds and control them. He is a gray face, bald guy with a round shoulder. He lives on the other side of the wall in Westeros. He belongs to a free flock.

varamyr warg


He was born as a ■■■■■■■■■ baby just one month before due to which he gets easily ill. His mother named him after 4 years of his birth that would be a huge time for a person without a name, between the time people of the village calls him lump. This name was first suggested by her sister Meha as per wilding tradition as he belongs to this family.

He was the second and the middle child of the family. He gets jealous of his younger two years old brother because he is more vigorous and healthier than him and also a skin-changer. One day he tries to kill him by a slip into a dog’s mind, at that time he was probably 7 years old. After his younger brother’s death, his father tries to find out which dog kill his son, they have three dogs. He switches into bump’s body, all dogs sniffing around him, without knowing which dog kill his son, he killed all the dogs with an ax, on that time lump scream that was the moment when his father knows that lump is a Warg. When he turns to 10 years old, he named him Varamyr. His father dragged him to Haggon, who persuade him about the pros and cons of the animals’ characteristics that help him to understand and use them as Warg.

When he grows up he intended to rule over it, when Haggon dies he takes his wolf warg and gray skin after that he called himself four skins. That how he gains two more he can control 3 wolves and 6 animals, bear, eagle, shadow cat, eagle, and wolf. He used to ride on a 13 ft tall white female bear when he went for wars. He has a lot of kids from numerous females but no one among his children was able to control an animal or being able to skin-changer.

Jon snow attacked by a warg:

In the HBO series of game of thrones, Jon snow was attacked by an eagle who scratched all his face badly. Most probably people can’t understand it and why this eagle attacked Jon snow in Mance Ryder camp, may I describe you a little bit, it is also related to a warg called Orell. Who died while controlling an eagle due to which his consciousness still alive inside that eagle who attacked Jon snow?

When Orell died, Varamyer takes over his eagle as his warg after that he becomes five skin. Varamyr also tries to control his dire wolf ghost because he wants to take him from Jon.

Jon and his dire wolf ghost are interesting fictional characters of the series to know more about ghosts read the article “GHOST GAME OF THRONES”.

Varamyr defeat:

When the wildling is defeated after a war beneath the wall, varamyr got mad he lost his eagle during the war and after that, he also loses control over his bear and shadow cat that makes him weak, he hides somewhere and shadows of his identity. At last, when he got to know that he is going to die, he found a way to still alive, he tries to ■■■■■■■■■ a women body but she reacts badly, screams tore her eyes, and bite her own tongue that loses him and he gets back but unfortunately till that time his body was ■■■■ then he slips into his wolf mind name one eye and remains in it till its human copiousness fade out.

Stark kids are wargs:

All the stark kids are warg including Jon snow. All of them have the ability to control their wolves. However, bran is a greenseer as well. one night he saw his father Eddard in his dream in a bad condition, and in the morning Eddard was ■■■■■■■■, that’s how on many occasions barn and Arya were seen as great warg.

song of ice and fire-game of thrones-stark kids

Who are greenseer?

Greenseer is those who are warg and can highly intuitive about future. If something gets wrong or if something special going to happen in the future, they get to know it in their dreams. The children of the forest are greenseers.

Summary: in the ice and fire song, Wargs are those who have the ability to switch into the animal or human mind and control according to them. Generally, Warg is associated with wolves although, other ■■■■■-like dogs, shadow cat, eagle, bear, are seen to be controlled by a warg.

Wargs in lord of the ring:

In lord of the ring, wraps are not like in the game of thrones but they are described as a breed of wolves who are intelligent as well as wild. They lived in the misty mountains and are especially used by orcs. Orcs are the front-line soldiers of the dark lord army. They are looking like zombies, and easy to defeat. But due to their large number, it is quite difficult to fight.

Wargs are not primarily but when they fight for the opponents it seems evil. In the hobbit, they attacked Thorin And the Company when traveling from misty mountain to east, that is their first appearance. On some of the other occasions, they can be seen while attacking.

They look like a horrible giant ■■■■■ with pointed sharp teeth and toes. They are grayish-brown in color.

Summary: Wargs are associated with wolves. In lord of the ring, warg is a kind of ■■■■■, bred as a wolf. They are not evil but orcs used them as their riding to attack Thorin And the Company.


Frequently asked questions regarding a topic called “warg” are given below.

1. Who was the greenseer among stark kids in the game of thrones?

All the six stark kids including Jon, Arya, Bran, Robb, Sansa, and Reckon are warg. But the Barn is a greenseer as well. greenseer is a precious ability that is gifted to one among thousand wargs.

2. Who is Haggon?

Haggon is a senior warg, when lump’s father came to know that lump is a war he dragged him to the place where Haggon lives. He told him all about Wargs and the characteristics of each animal in which a warg penetrates.

3. Can we see wargs in our real life?

Wargs are associated with a wolf that we can see in fiction novels and series. As far as real life is concerned there is no existence of warg although, some people have the ability to control animals we can’t say they are wargs.


Wargs are fictional characters of our stories. They have no real existence but what actually warg is, those who can switch into an animal mind or who can change skin into different animals and human as well. they have the ability to control their minds and make anything from them. If a warg human body dies while controlling other’s minds, his consciousness remains in that animal forever but the humanoid sense would be fade out with time because a ■■■■■ can’t hold with it. Warg is generally associated with the wolf but it could be possible in dogs, shadow cat, eagle, and bear.

In lord of the ring, wargs are wolf breed live in the misty mountain. They are used by orcs who are a frontline army of the dark lord.

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