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There are 14 Miku anime character’s name Megurine Loga, Megpoid, Miku Nakano, See U, Hatsune Miku, Umaru Doma, Miku Izayoi, Nino Nakano, MAYU, Kasane Teto, Zero Two, Kotori Itsuka. Hatsune miku is the most famous among them.

Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka is a VOCALOID software developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc. it officially launched with an animation called Hatsune Miku or Miku Hatsune. She is a 15- or 16-year-old girl with a dual turquoise ponytail, her eye color is the same as her hairs. She is the main or official character of the software.
Before explaining the whole topic let me tell you what is Vocaloid?


Many peoples don’t know about Vocaloid, Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software product. Let me clear you about this, it’s like you type song lyrics or in a more simple way, words of the song in the Vocaloid software, and it interpreted it into a synthetic voice that sings whatever song you write. In Urdu, we listen to the idiom “Mere Lafzon Ko Zuban Mili” if we translate it into English “My Words Got A Voice”, which is the work of Vocaloid software.
As I described above, Miku Hatsune is the first Japanese Vocaloid software also found as Vocaloid 2. Voice behind Miku Hatsune is taken from a Japanese voice actress “Saki Fujita”, her voice is molded in a control pitch and tone that grabs millions of people’s attention.


Miku consists of 14 anime characters. Its official face that is launched for the first time is Hatsune Miku. It’s all characters are virtual idols who performed on stage in concerts as an animation projection. Miku is the first Vocaloid series called “Character Vocal Series”, Kagamine Rin/Lin and Megurine Luka included in this with its vocal direction and concept.

Hatsune Miku anime:

Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid software developed and distributes by Crypton Future Media. Hatsune is a 15- or 16-years old girl, who wears a unique kind of dress and had a signature appearance that appeals to many peoples especially girls. She is an official face of Miku Vocaloid software. Hatsune is a virtual idol, she sings and dances in live concerts through anime projectors. Hatsune is as famous as any flesh and blood singer. Her voice is molded by a Japanese voice actress “Saki Fujita”.
Yamaha corporation’s technology is used to build her as Vocaloid 2, Vocaloid 3, and Vocaloid 4 synthetic voicebank. She appears in numerous commercials as a virtual model.


The way she designed is quite impressive, her looks appeal to many of her fans especially girls. She has long turquoise hairs wear two high ponytails. She wears a black mini skirt like wearing in 60’s fashion and a gray sleeveless front open shirt with a turquoise tie. Black gloves and long boots enhance her look with a red color tattoo on her left arm. Her whole looks depend on three colors turquoise, black and grey, her eye color is the same as her hair color.
She is very cute and adorable, her dancing style admires many peoples, they love to look and dance like her.

Her turquoise dua high ponytail is a trend among the fans of Hatsune Miku here in these articles you get to know how to make these styles.

:point_right: Easy Hairstyles For Long hair


Hatsune is derived from two Japanese words, in simple words ‘Hatsu’ and ‘ne’ two different words, (Hatsu) means ‘first’ and (ne) means ‘sound’. Miku is another word that means future, if we combine all these words it becomes “Future First Sound”.
It is the first Japanese Vocaloid software that uses Vocaloid engine 2 that’s why it is named Hatsune Miku.


She is a cheerful person, carefree, loves to enjoy singing and dancing. Although she is a hero for many of her fans, however, she spends a good time with her friend and shares a strong bond with each of them. She is an iconic synthesize singer, the aura she developed while on stage performance increases her popularity day by day.
The second Miku anime character we see in detail is “Megurine Luka”.

Megurine Luka:

Like Hatsune Miku, she is also the face of Japanese Vocaloid software name ‘Miku’ developed by Crypton future media and released in January 2019. She is the third anime character by Miku, her voice is molded from another Japanese voice actress “Yu Asakawa”, with two different languages Japanese and English. Megurine was made with the Yamaha technology Vocaloid 3 and Vocaloid 4.
She is a singing persona, not only on android devices or apps but also her popularity brings her on stage as a virtual performer. She acts through an anime projector or hologram in concerts between the audience. According to Crypton future media, she was intended to be the first face and the main singer of Miku Vocaloid but later on due to some reason she was replaced by another character as we know with Hatsune Miku.


The whole concept of her appearance is coming from “Song to All Around the World as Scent Spread”, flowers are the source of the scent. According to KEI, the official illustrator of the character Megurine anime, Crypton future asked him to made a character that can be used for bilingual software, which means that the character should be asymmetrical that makes it look different from every angle.

If we compare the costumes of Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, Hatsune’s costume is much like a school uniform a mini skirt and a top along with a tie however, Luka wears half body top and a front open long skirt along with high-end boots. She carries long pink open hairs and a sort of jewelry on her neck as she looks older than Hatsune, around 20 years old. A bow in her neck represents “sound around”, a gold curl in her chest represents a circulatory organ and mimic brass instrument and a blue jewel piece in her neck represents “moisture in the air” and “water drops”.


Her name is derived from multiple words. ‘Meguri’ means circulation or around ne’ means sound, combine circulated sound. Luka means flow scent or flow song, thus it can be written as a “song to all around the world as scent spread.”
If a song is spread all around the world it needs to translate into multiple languages, Megurine Vocaloid into English and Japanese languages.


She is a happy and cheerful person, shares a good relationship with all other characters of Miku Vocaloid.

Summary: Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka both are Vocaloid software developed by Crypton future media. Both of them were built using Yamaha technology Vocaloid 2, 3, and 4. Megurine was intended to be officially the first face of Vocaloid software although due to some reason it changes into Hatsune Miku. Hatsune’s voice molded from Saki Fujita and Megurine Luka voice is molded from Yu Asakawa, both are Japanese voice actresses.

Miku Nakano:

Miku Nakano is a character in Japanese Miku anime. She is 17 years old girl, the third sister of five sisters, all of them named “Nakano Quintuplets” (five sisters). she is introverted and shy, her emotionless face expresses what’s inside her. She is one of the main characters of the series.


Her appearance is a reflection of her personality. She used to wear full sleeves blue sweater that covers her uniform, brown tights in the bottom,, and black shoes. She is fully covered (nobody exposes) as her appearance. She has brown color medium-length hairs, Bangs toward the right side of the face. Like her sisters, she has blue color eyes, medium height, and a toned body.

She always used to wear wireless headphones, mostly put around her neck that possess a triangle mark on both of its ear caps. Sometimes she wears a navy blue jacket over her sweater.


Miku Nakano or Nakano Miku is an introverted, shy, and unconfident 17 years old teenage girl. She feels insecure in a crowded place and tries to hide from acknowledgment. She is not social at all, as her reserved behavior spread unknowingly weird vibes that back off peoples from her. although she is serious and unexpressive, however, at the same time straight forward and can comfort others.

She is obsessing with some philosophies of the Sengoku Period in her life that influence her to some extent in her real-life behavior. As her introverted and reserved nature, she never wants to expose this part of her life, she became embarrassed when Fuutarou finds it out.

She follows some rules in her life that she never compromise even though her interest would be neglect. She believes everyone is equal and deserves an equal opportunity in life. Every character has some sort of capability that stands out from the others, in her case she is good handwriting.

Compare to her other four sisters, Miku is conscious of her looks. She wants to look perfect, perfection includes a neat and clean dress, no tear or tore from any part, should be full like the way she is covered. In case of any malfunction, she never hesitates to put off her tights even in front of her brother and tutor.


Being a bad cook, she is smart than her other sisters. she loves history and has extensive knowledge of Japanese history as social studies are her favorite subject. She can change the looks and personality of her sisters even though no one recognizes them.
She is not social and as her behavior can’t connect with peoples easily. She doesn’t know much about relationships and a bad cook as well. she is physically not as strong as her other four sisters. she does not know romance and human romantic relationships.

Summary: Miku nakano is Japanese miku anime. She is an unconfident, shy, and reserved girl. she wears full sleeves sweater and black tights. She is the main character and third sister of “Nakano Quintuplets”. She loves history and her favorite subject is social studies.

Miku Izayoi:

Miku Izayoi is a beautiful female anime character in a series called “Date and Live”, she was a human but later due to some tragedies in her life she transformed into a spirit. She can control other spirits with her hypnotizing powers. She strongly hates males and treats females as servants. She is a Rockstar, a singing sensation, and had strong control over the music.


When she was a human her appearance is quite different. She has long hairs in purplish-blue color, she wears a purple frock decorated with white frills. Over frock, she wears a pink full sleeves sweater with a broad neck. Her eye color is the same as her hair color.
When she turns to spirit, her frock changes into Astral Dress in yellow colors decorated with blue and white ruffles. Her hairs are the same as in a human avatar, her small flower clip turns into a bunch of flowers with a crescent over it. She wears a choker on her neck with a flower in between. White long gloves and white tights hide her overall body.


Her background involves many emotions and s tragedy that transform a young beautiful girl into a spirit. The story starts with her childhood when she was a small girl who loves singing, always admire famous singers like and their big stage performance. Her dream is to perform like that on a massive platform. She was not good at studies and sports but her interest in singing encourage her to sing best of the best. When she turns to 15 she got a chance to perform on a big stage name ‘Tsukino Yoimachi’. She moved to her success and that is the best thing that could happen in her life. She earns millions of fans who love her singing.

Not much time had been spent enjoying fame when downfall knocked at her door. After about one year, she lost all favors by her agency, and scandalous statements revolve in the air that decline her reputation. The reason for her downfall is she refuses to sleep with a hotshot TV producer, he spread rumors about her that badly affect her reputation and personality. she also lost her voice due to the trauma she was going through. It breaks her completely and urges her to commit suicide however, she turns into a spirit and gains all powers that a spirit has.

She used her powers to bring her voice back and again debuted as a singer with the name Miku Izayoi. She released several music tracks that were loved by every other individual. She used her powers in her song that helps people forget her human avatar. She only does private concerts and never appeared in magazines, television, or any public media.

Why does she hate men?

When she was a human her main fan following were male. After the scandal, her male fan talks about her and sees her with bad eyes. She would not be able to bear all such rumors due to which a strong feeling of hatred develops inside her.


She possesses various aspects in her personality, she is flirtatious, blunt and at the same time, she hates men and treats the woman as servants. She was not a strong person due to which she commits suicide although, a phantom appears who transforms her into a free spirit and grant her superpowers.
Her hatred feeling shaded out when she met Shido, he seals the spirits. Initially dislike him however when she came to know that not every male is bad her feelings turn to be nice and later she like Shido and show great affection to him.

Summary: Miku Izayoi is a free spirit who once a human-like Tohka. She loves singing and on-stage performance. a tragedy changes her life and transforms her into a spirit with superpowers. She likes Shido and feels affection for him. she hates men and treats women as servants


Miku is a wide subject consist of various characters, some belong to animation, some are video games and the rest belong to Vocaloid software. Several questions might come into mind, some of them we cover in this article and they are given below.

1. Who are Miku’s sponsors?

Miku Hatsune is a famous anime character used as the face of a Vocaloid software launched by Crypton Future Media, the character gets more fame than any human singer. Sega, Google, Japanese transit, and other big companies sponsor Hatsune Miku.

2. Why Miku Hatsune is everywhere?

Miku Hatsune is a virtual idol, the greatest reason for her popularity is the way it marketizes as well as the whole persona it creates among the fans. There are many franchises located in japan and other countries that help to create hype, apart from that Hatsune modified into video games and animation for kids that increase its fame more and more.

3. Who is Miku dating?

It might funny but a 35-year-old man named Akihiko Kondo, by profession is a school administrator who falls in love with a holographic virtual idol Hatsune Miku. his likeness reaches to that extent that he gets married to her. in an interview he said having a predictable partner more comfortable and easy living.


To precise the above article name “Miku anime” in some points then Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka both are Vocaloid characters powered by Crypton Future Media. Both are build using Yamaha technology Vocaloid 2,3 and 4. Hatsune Miku’s voice is molded by a Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita and megurine Luka’s voice is molded by ‘Yu Asakawa’. Megurine Luka was intended to be the official face of the software although some changes occur and in the end, Hatsune was introduced as the first Vocaloid anime character. Both are singing icons and virtual idols, perform on stage through hologram technology.
The next character we discuss in the article is Miku Nakano. It is the main anime character and the 3rd sister of Nakano quintuplets. She is a reserved, shy, and less confident girl. She has a good knowledge of Japanese culture and her favorite subject is social studies. She also has the expertise to transform her sister by appearance and personality.
Miku izayoi is a young girl who loves singing, she debuted at the age of 15 in a concert. After enjoying one year of her career, she came under a rumor that destroys her life, lost her voice, and drag her to the point that encourages her to commit suicide although a phantom appears and transform her into a spirit as well as grant her some superpowers. she gets back her voice using superpowers and debuted again as a singer. She hates men and treats the woman as a servant, after meeting Shido a young guy she realizes that every man is not bad. She starts liking him and calls him darling again and again.

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