Definition of Software:

  1. Program and other operational information used by the computer.

  2. Information about operating system features, utilities, programs and applications that work on computers.

    This software contains carefully crafted instructions and code that the programmer wrote in one of several specialized computer languages. Software is generally divided into two main types: (1) System software - controls basic (and invisible) computer functions, and is usually pre-installed with the machine. See also BIOS and operating system. (2) Application software: performs a number of general and specific tasks that the user may wish to perform, for example. B. Accounting, Communication, Data Processing and Word Processing

Synonyms of Software

Routine, Program, Use, Software

How to use Software in a sentence?

  1. The new computer software can perform the same tasks as the previous version at the same time, making the system more efficient.
  2. With the above optional units, you can purchase extension packs, which are special files that include software add-ons.
  3. Software industry
  4. It's important to make sure you have the right software whenever you work on a computer, or you're wasting your time.

Meaning of Software & Software Definition

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Software Definition:

  • General term for programs, etc. Used to operate a computer.

  • Software can be defined as, The term computer refers to a program (see). Computers are useless without software. This means hardware (see everything).


How Do You Define Software?

  1. Software means: The collective term for programs, etc., is used to run a computer.

  2. The term computer refers to a program (see) without computer software. It refers to everything except matter.


Software means,

  1. A simple definition of Software is: A general term for a dll program used to run a computer.

  2. You can define Software as, A computer term that refers to a program (see). Computers are useless without software. It means everything except (see) matter.

Meanings of Software

  1. Programs and other operational information used by computers.