Steven universe unleash the light

Steven universe unleash light is a game all about rescue the world of a gem called Homeworld from other negative influencers. Demantoid and pyrope want to establish their empire in the 3rd era, on the other hand, steven wants all the Gems free to live in their own way. The battle begins when the light is constructed with the help of prisms to control the colonies and everyone complains to steven about it. The battle ends with the defeat of demantoid and pyrope and as steven desires everyone free to live.

Origin of steven universe unleash light:

Steven universe unleash light is a game that was first launched for mobile but now it can also be played on console devices. the game was released in September 2019 by cartoon network and primarily announced as a part of apple arcade. In November 2019 it includes in the catalog of the apple arcade.

The game was co-written by Rebecca sugar. She is an American animator, director, screenwriter, producer, and songwriter. She was the only female who owned as a writer of the first animated series called steven universe for cartoon network.

The game was developed by Grumpy face studio, firs it was introduced just for the apple arcade but not it is also available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What the game is all about?

Steven’s universe unleash light is all about adventures, new moves, unlock upgraded powers and costumes. It is a universal adventure on which 5 characters of your choice going through to unlock the levels one by one. While their journey they face enemies and other sorts of hurdles. Steven is the main character of the game.

Main characters of steven universe unleash light:

There are seven playable characters in the game.

  • Steven universe
  • Pearl
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Bismuth
  • Peridot

Let’s talk a little bit about the characters so the first and the main character is steven universe.

Steven Universe:

Steven Universe is a popular cartoon network animated series written by Rebecca sugar. Steven is the main character in the game as well. he is a young boy who loves to help others like his mother rose quartz. He is the first crystal gem of human descent due to which he possesses supernatural powers, unlike any other human.

He is a chubby boy who has dark black hair, always loves to wear a black t-shirt and pink jacket over it. He grabs a pink shield in his left hand. He acts as a frontline soldier, protects his companions, and gives them instructions to attack or defend. His mission is to establish peace across the galaxy.


Perl is not a human she is an old member of crystal gym. Pearl can be found in three colors pink, blue, and white. During the game, she has the ability to change her color and her powers are upgraded according to it. She is the second pearl of pink diamond and a very close follower of rose quartz, mother of steven’s universe.

She teaches steven about the gem world and prepares him for the challenges and tasks that steven has to perform of being the only child of rose quartz and Greg’s universe. She possesses the most powerful attack when it comes to the final boss in the game.

pearl-steven universe unleash light


Garnet is the leader of the group called “crystal gym”, he is a fusion of ruby and sapphire. He joins the crystal gym group that was first held by ruby quartz who has to give up her life just to give birth to her child steven universe, after her death garnet commands the group as a leader. He is the only gem on earth who stands against Gem Homeworld for the sake of crystal gym.

Garnet contains three eyes, the right eye is medium ruby-red, the left eye is medium sapphire-blue and the medium eye is purple in color. Garnet possesses different abilities like bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength.


Amethyst is a part of the crystal gym, in beginning she was a part of Gem Homeworld, but later on, when ruby quartz finds her and associates her as a team member, she put all her efforts to save the entire universe. I talk about their gender they are gender-free creatures, which means that neither male nor female, but we count her as female by appearance.

She loves eating and sleeping and by her cubby looks it seems exactly. Although, she is a fun-loving, full of life, d a carefree creature. She possesses all abilities that a standard gem has.

Lapis lazuli:

She contains all the abilities that a standard gem has, more she possesses fusion, superhuman strength/durability, and agelessness. She belongs to crystal gem but before part of the team, she was trapped in the mirror till she convinced steven to put her out of it. Like others, she is also genderless.


He is also a member of crystal gem. Steven’s mother rose and bismuth in some sort of conflict with each other that apart from their ways but now he is with steven and follows his mission to save the world.


Basically, he is from Homeworld, initially, he was against the crystal gem but when he let him know about their mission he starts to trust them, and now he is a member of the crystal gem.

What is the mission?

Crystal gems’ mission is to save the world, when steven universe finalize the 3rd era planner in which he constructs some rules according to which all the gems are free, they can live their lives according to them they don’t need to follow any criteria that bond their lives. While discussing with the three pearls, blue, pink, and yellow, yellow bend his concentration on a very important issue. She told him that two prisms are still active, she sends messages to demantoid and pyrope but they are not responding. Blue pearls indicate that if they are not replying it means that they might battalion to retrieve those prisms. steven refused and suggest making a team.

Steven and his team in which four members play at a time start playing the game. After dropping down hurdles, they reach the door that is locked by light. Steven talks with demantoid and pyrope but they refused to open the gates that look rude mentioned by amethyst. Then a prism came called George, steven gets excited because he was his old prism. George opens the gate and all of them enter into it.

They reached over a gate that needs three keys to unlock these keys are also called rainbow keys. Hessonite’s prism now helpless to help them they need to find the keys to unlock the door. With a digital device placed beside the door, they successfully find out the code that is 215. After hacking the commlink they decided to follow demantoid that would be performed by peal and the other including Lapis goes to yellow diamond’s mining colony.

steven in the universe

Demantoid constructs a light throughout colony 215 that destruct many of the peridots’ work, steven also come to know that demantoid knows about the 3rd era and now they decided to establish an empire over it. Peri pal also tells steven that they destroy a bridge of communication between peridot and homeworld and also destruct their buildings and other resources. They don’t want us to communicate with you. He calls steven the leader of him and salutes him on the behalf of his colony that makes him a little bit embrace.

They shifted through the platform of light to the place where a rainbow key in places. Here is only one key and they need three keys. After picking that key they moved to another place where he placed his prism and disrupt the light that affects 215 peridot colony after they become gladder of steven.

They by using the platform of light they reached the place where the pearl was standing, steven gets happy to see her, she told him that the matter is exactly what we fear. They want to take over the third era and want to establish their control on every track. Steven wants to talk to demantoid to solve this matter. Pearl told him that she doesn’t know much about him as he is a gem of the 2nd era.

Crystal gems reached the kindergarten gem where lots of small gems ready to fight with them after defeating them they reached one level up and unlock more power with one more rainbow key. They move to the other planet to find demantoid on the way they meet bismuth, he told them that she wants to replace him and he can make a prism containment chest that can destroy the effect of prims.

Finally, they met demantoid, after some conflicting discussion the battle start and guess who wins, crystal gem of course. Bismuth wants to finish her at that moment with his prism containment chest but she gets that box with the help of her prism and flying away. At that moment other bismuth came and after demantoid departure, they are free to live in their own conditions. Steven saves bismuth from her but unable to save the box that upset all of them and without that box, they can’t get those two prisms. They finally got the bismuth armor badge moved towards another destiny.

They arrived in colony 4 where they talked with the jades but all of them doesn’t know about steven as they are not allowed to broadcast. After a battle, they find 3rd rainbow key and now it’s time to face pyrope.

Story ■■■■■■:

After a long discussion pyrope and crystal gems fight and luckily defeat her but the story is not over now, a big boss came in their way whom they have to fight to take over the 3rd ear and the two prisms. When all these happening, pyrope tries to convinced hessonite to come on their side but he stands against them and after a critical battle, they defeat the big boss along with pyrope and demantoid and take two prisms.

They decided to live in the Homeworld and establish 3rd era rules on every colony.

the ■■■■■■ of steven universe unleash light

Summary: steven’s universe unleashes light is a game to save the universe. The story is about three prisms that are used to establish the control of pyrope and demantoid. Steven and his companions struggle to get the colonies out of their control. They have to find three rainbow keys to unlock the light barrier that is a way to defeat the two villains of the story.

Steven universe all fusion:

As we can see garnet in steven’s universe unleash light, she is a fusion gem (sapphire and pearl). Fusion gems look different than the original gem. In all fusion, crystal gems can transform their selves into fusion gems such as steven fuse with garnet and form sunstone who is considered as the most powerful fusion, other than that garnet, pearl and amethyst fused and form alexandrite, etc.

If we talk about their appearance, they look completely different as they have additional pairs of hands and eyes, they increase their size and weight and they have thick long hairs. If you want to know more about it then see the article steven universe all fusion.


The frequently asked question regarding the topic called “steven universe unleash light” are given below:

1. Is steven’s universe unleash light free?

Yes, steven universe unleash light is free for all mobile devices like android/IOS devices. steven universe is the origin of Rebecca sugar who write the story for the cartoon network. Firstly, it was released as cartoon series, later it was modified into a game.

2. How old is steven in the steven universe?

He celebrates his birthday on 15 august in the steven universe, his first birthday when he was 13 years old, then 14 in steven universe-change in mind, 15 in unleashing light, and 16 the in steven universe movie. Steven is a male of about 5ft 6inch height.

3. Is steven the only male?

Yes, steven is the only male among all the gems. Gems are aliens from the other world. Steven is half human and half gem because of the Y chromosome that he got from his father Greg. Other gems are agender means neither male nor female.


To conclude the above article “Steven Universe Unleash Light”, is a game in which steven universe is the main character. This game is a modified form of the cartoon network series called “steven universe”. It is co-written by Rebecca sugar and publishes by cartoon network. Steven wants to impose 3rd era rule according to which every one free to live their own life but pyrope and demantoid want to establish their empire. There are 6 players among them 4 would be played at a time. They start the search for three rainbow keys that opens a light barrier. In the end, they fight with pyrope and demantoid and after defeating them they took those two prisms and finally they become successful to establish free gem rule in the Homeworld and colonies.

conclusion-gems of the homeworld

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