Steven Universe All Fusion

The final result gets after mixing two things is fusion. In the Steven Universe, all fusions and characters get fused according to the gem’s similarity. It can also occur between two different gems fused to become a new gem. Things for fusion are mental and physical coordination, gems do a sync dance to get fused. Steven is not only fused with a gem but also human because he is half-human and half-gem.

Here are some fusion examples.

  • More than one ruby fused to form a giant gem, the category of the gem is ruby. This can increase the power of the fused gem.
  • Another example is garnet which is a fusion of sapphire and ruby. It takes a different form when fused with amethyst and pearl. We can see in All Fusion, steven and the father of Steven named Greg both ride over Alexandrite (fusion of garnet, pearl, and amethyst).

Two things are important for the fusion,

  1. One is participants should harmonious with each other.
  2. Second you can achieve it through a synchronized dance.

Fusion Appearance:

If we talk about appearance, it depends upon gems who are fusing. The similarity that we noticed is they increase in size as they become giant. Some might have more than two eyes and some have more than two hands. They have long thick hair and the participants involved in being fusion gems can control body parts.

Such as the infusion between pearl and amethyst, Pearl can control the upper body parts and amethyst can control the lower body part. It needs cooperation and understanding as well as harmonious emotions.

Types of Fusion:

Different types of fusion can be expressed as:

Stable Fusion:

It is a type of fusion that involved a sort of romance. The gems have a good mutual understanding and share a strong bond with them. The fusion between these types of gems can be stable. For example, if stable fusion is garnet, it possesses a perfect strong bond between sapphire and ruby.

Unstable Fusion:

Unstable fusion is a type of fusion that happened when two or more gems get fused. But they do not have a good mutual understanding or have different personalities. For example, the fusion between lapis lazuli and jasper. Their fusion is malachite, and the only gem that fused remains fused. It is due to Lapis lazuli’s efforts put all his strength to remain in this bond. Unstable fusion could not exist for a while.

Forced Fusion:

The fusion between gems occurred by force, that force could be the external force or the will of only one gem. Because the gems are not agreed to fuse, they might not get the proper appearance like other kinds of gems. For example, a cluster gem is who is an artificial gem. The body of the forced fusion gem usually embodies incomplete fusion.

Corrupted Fusion:

You can consider two criteria when corrupted fusion.

  1. Uncorrupted gem can fuse with the corrupted gem and it doesn’t need to take permission from the corrupted gem.

  2. Corrupted gem can diffuse this fusion by fighting back hard.

  3. As a result, an uncorrupted gem can convert into a corrupted gem.

For example:

In Earthlings, when Jasper who is an uncorrupted gem fused with a corrupted gem name ocean gasper, then she became corrupted herself.

Same-Gem Fusion:

The fusion between the same category of the gem is the same-gem fusion. Their fusion comes up with no different personality like the fusion of different gems. They are the same as their selves but in one form. For example: in “Hit the Diamond” a fusion of five rubies.


De-fusion is the reverse process of fusion or splitting up back to their original state. A light has blown and split up into a mass of light, that is how you perform the process of de-fusion. Participating gems are visible (with the odd exception of Sardonyx de-fusing in “cry for help”).

Important Aspects of Fusion:

1. Synchronization: The first and main aspect of fusion is mental and emotional synchronization. It is an idol fusion when all these states syn together.

2. Sync dance: Dance requires a mutual movement if it happens between two individuals. Or if it happens between three or more sync is an important thing to dance well. if two or more gem wants to fuse, they dance in synchronization that blends them into one form.

3. Physical touch: When two or more gems are physically in contact with each other and they infuse with each other to form a new gem.

4. Alexandrite: It is a form of fusion that obtain when garnet (sapphire and ruby) is fused with pearl and amethyst but other fusions obtained the same result. For example.

  • Opal fused with garnet
  • Pearl fused with Sugilite
  • Amethyst fused with sardonyx

5. Romance: Romance is in the air. We all have to listen to this but here is when gems fused romance comes into the air. And their dance and state of sync blend them into a new gem who might be a different personality than the actual gems. It might not be different as they layered over each other.

6. Poofed or retreated: Gems transform into fusion form when one or more participants poofed or retreated into their gemstone. One gem that is not retreated or poofed should be in contact with retreated gem for fusion.

7. Back to physical form: When a retreated gem fuse with an untreated gem they get back its physical appearance after de-fusion.

8. Unable to share memory:
In infusion form, gems are unable to share their memory except for common memories. A gem would not share with the other participant. For example, when Garnet and Pearl fuse for the second time, Garnet doesn’t know that Pearl repaired the tower in “Cry for Help”.

Effects of Fusion:

Fusion changes the entire entity of gems. When two or more gems fused either belong to the same category or not, they put on a different appearance, personality, as well as upgraded powers. For example, garnet is a fusion of two different gems sapphire and ruby. Garnet still exists if he doesn’t fuse but his appearance and personality would change.


In steven universe all fusion episodes, the gem can combine its body with the other gem, they can be two, three, or even more. There are different kinds of fusion it depends upon the gem’s fusion ability. After fusion, their physical would completely change. They transform into a giant with more than one pair of hands and eyes.

Steven’s Fusion:

Steven is a half-human and half-gem. He can fuse with a gem as well as with a human. when he fuses with a gem named garnet it transformed into a sunstone which is the most powerful fusion gem.

When Steven fused with Greg Universe who is his father. They transformed into Steg, a tall and muscular man who has long thick hair with eight packs and a gem on his navel.


Sunstone Gem forms when Steven and Garnet who is already a fusion gem fused. He first appears in the episode “Change Your Mind”. He is the most powerful fusion with great abilities than others.

He is a combination of dominant aspects of Steven and Garnet’s personalities as a leader like Garnet and optimistic like Steven. He is a tall and broad gem with a sunny face in orange color. He wears a T-shirt and jacket like Steven and gloves like Garnet. He has two extra pairs of hands that are small in size than his upper pair of arms. he wears sunglasses and salmon slippers.


Steg came into being when Steven fused with Greg. He first appears in steven universe in the movie. Steg is a muscular man with two pairs of arms, he is very tall and broad. gem placed in his naval between his eight packs. He has long thick black hair and wears a Steven blue shirt torn from the chest. In the bottom, he wears Greg shorts of grey color along with salmon color slippers. His personality is not identified.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The frequently asked questions regarding the topic called “Steven universe all fusion” are given below:

1. Why does Greg not live with Steven?

Greg is a human and he does not possess the abilities of gem due to which he could face danger if live with Steven. Apart from it, Greg lives in the world, and Gem’s homeworld is an alien world, Steven can live there because he is half human and half gem but Greg can’t live there. Steven carries a mission due to which he can’t stay in one place. But when a took a break, he went to Greg and spends time with him.

2. In what episode do Steven and Greg fuse?

Steven and Greg fused in episode 37 of season 1. When they fused they transform into a completely different form, named “Steg”.

3. What is the most powerful fusion in the Steven universe?

The fusion between Steven and Garnet named “Sunstone” is considered the most powerful fusion of all. They possess the greatest abilities as no character has.

4. What are the fusions in the Steven universe?

We can see numerous fusions in the Steven universe such as:

  • Fusion of pearl and amethyst into opal
  • Fusion of pearl and garnet into sardonyx
  • Fusion of amethyst and garnet into sugilite
  • Fusion of garnet, pearl, and amethyst into alexandrite
  • Fusion of garnet and Steven into sunstone
  • Fusion of Steven and Greg into a stag
  • Fusion of Steven and amethyst into smoky quartz


Steven’s universe all fusion is all about the fusion of all characters. The crystal gem’s motive is to save the world from antagonist gems whose intention is to establish their empire to control the colonies. Fusion increases the power of the gems. The participants do a sync dance influenced by romance and mutual understanding after that they transform into a desire fusion.
A fusion gem is different from a single gem. More than two pairs of hands and eyes along with the increase in size and some cases long thick hairs arise. They have the abilities like shape-shifting, bubbling, fusing, and even more.

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