Ghost is the dire wolf and among the six pups that were found near the river in the jungle. He was owned by Jon snow who is the main character of the series called “games of Thrones”. Jon gives him the name ghost because of his looks and quietness as he was an albino white wolf with red eyes who never howl.

Ghost game of thrones

About games of Throne:

Games of Thrones is a series based on R.R martin’s fiction novel song of ice and fire. The novel was published in 1996 and after 15 years in 2011, the characters of the novel come on our television screen through an American channel HBO. Games of Thrones have 8 seasons and 10 episodes in each.

This series is among the famous series and the most illegally downloaded series in the world. Even though one has not seen but listened to the games of the Throne.
Like seasons of the series, the novel also consists of 6 books the first one known as “Games of Throne”, producers of the series entitle their whole series with this name.

The interesting factor in the series is its ■■■■■■■■■, all the elements used in the movie like magic, dragons’ zombies, and especially wolfs which are part of every stark’s kids, the way wolf help them and play a positive role is marvelous. These factors make this series the most famous series in the world.

Story highlights:

The game of Throne is the battle for the throne, everyone wants their rule and for that, they are fighting and killing each other. All the scenario is happening in the state called western which have 7 kingdoms. The capital of Westeros is called king landing where the king lives.

The west side of Westeros is snowy where a wall is situated called “The wall”. one side of the wall is in the king’s state and another side where wildlings live doesn’t come under the king’s state. Wildlings are different people than Westeros people, they have their own rules. Zombies are also live on that side.

Jon snow-game of thrones

On the other side of the wall, some surveillants walk around called nightwalkers who protect their state from wildlings and zombies. Jon Snow is the part of nightwalkers.
Jon snow was the son of the royal man Eddard stalk but he was an unethical child (here unethical child means the birth of a child without marriage). When stark children found 6 pups of a dire wolf, Jon got a ghost as his pet wolf.

About ghost:

Ghost is a dire wolf, albino with white fur, a bushy tail, and red eyes. Throughout the series, you can see him as a good boy who helps his owner on different stages. He is owned by Jon snow. He appears in different episodes of all 8 seasons. Ghost and Nymeria remain alive among all dire wolves.
He grows faster and become a big size wolf till the second and third season. Now it’s time to see his appearance in different seasons.

Ghost appearance in seasons:

Season 1:

Episode 1: In games of throne first season, truly born starks children found 5 pups of a dire wolf as starks are also 5 Jon who is the son of Eddard convince his father to allow his children to keep these pups. They also find another pup who is albino.
Jon’s younger brother bullying him by an associate albino wolf with Jon, surprisingly it is associated with Jon throughout his journey. He is the only dire wolf pup whose eyes are opened and he gets bigger rapidly than the other pups of the family.

Episode 4: Jon goes back to the castle with the ghost where he joined the night watch. Jon threatened rust to not tease Sam there ghost growling on him as well. Rust was in the opposing team and always try to bullying Sam and Jon, Jon said to him that ‘No One Touch Sam’.

Episode 7: of season one when Ghost finds the corpse of two rangers and brings the hand of one of them to Jon.

Episode 8: At midnight when a ghost suddenly whines on the door he wants to say that something is happing out there, Jon wakes up as he was lying, and follow him. Ghost brings him to the lord commanders’ room, here Jon saves the lord commander’s life from a zombie. In this way, Ghost helps Jon to save a life.

Episode 10: Jon went in the battle that was held between Robb and Lannister where ghosts also leave with and, later they both return to the castle.

game of throne-dragons

Season 2

Episode 2: One of the caster’s daughters Gilly gets frightened by the ghost because he comes close to her as he was attracted to the raw meat that Gilly is holding. Sam noticed it and order the ghost to stay away from her.

Episode 6: When all the black brothers walking in the snow, Ghost along with him but he was walking at a distance with them. While walking ghosts disappear, even though Jon calls him to stay with them.

Season 3

Episode 1: White walkers who are also called zombies try to attack Sam, Ghost suddenly came from the back and save him.

Season 4

Episode 5: Rast trap the ghost in the cage and try to make fun of him by dropping water from the bottle, ghost gets angry with him and get out of the cage. Rast fell and was scared of him, suddenly Ghost attack him and kill him. Ghost return to Jon after one year.

Episode 7: when Ghost and Jon return to the castle Alliser’s throne order Jon to ‘Lock Him Away’ so that he brings Ghost and locked him.

Episode 9: in episode 9 Jon and Sam released ghosts during the battle of castle black to help them in the battle. Ghost attack on the opponents who are wildlings and survive in the battle.

Season 5

Episode 7: Two-night watch try to rape Gilly, Sam came and try to rescue Gilly. Night watch beat him suddenly ghost came from the back and growling on them, now there is no way for them instead of run away.

ice land- Game of thrones

Season 6

Episode 1: in this episode, Jon was killed by night watch, his body was lying on the snow. On the other hand, the ghost was trapped in a room, he was howling to call for help some of their black brothers came to save Jon, they put on his body and bring it into the chamber, they free ghost as well.

When mutineers come in at midnight and ask to open the door when they refuse to open the door, mutineers start to break the door, ghost stands beside the loyalist to protect Jon’s body.

Episode 3: ghost was sleeping suddenly he woke up and as something is going to happen…. And guess what Jon gets alive.

Season 8

Episode 2: in the last season ghost was standing on the battlefield and fight.

Episode 4: this the last time when Jon sees the ghost, he lost his ear in the battle but survive. A question arises in this episode that why Jon doesn’t say a proper goodby to the ghost, is he offended by him. However, Ghost and Nymeria are the dire wolves who stay alive.

Summary: in the series called the game of throne, the ghost has a great impact as a character. He played Jon’s dire wolf as his companion in every stage of life. Throughout the series, he can be seen in multiple episodes as a good albino red eye wolf.

Ghost in the song of ice and fire series:

:dragon_face: The actual origin of the ghost was held in 1996 in the R.R martin novel song of ice and fire.
:dragon_face: The character of the ghost was played by a dire wolf who is the quietest wolf among all five dire wolves.
:dragon_face: There is a kind of connectivity between the ghost and Jon. Both are reserve and quiet in nature, both are part of their respective families but a part of their siblings.
:dragon_face: Jon was an intelligent child on the other hand ghost was an albino wolf.
:dragon_face: Like in the series, Ghost opens his eyes first and grows faster than the other wolf pups also walk on his own. Unlike series when they find pups of dire wolf Jon Theon advised to leave ghost there but Jon wants to keep the pup.
:dragon_face: In the book series, Ghost was a very quiet wolf that would not happen naturally. Jon gives him the name ghost because of his quiet nature and albino color.
The story in the book is slightly different than the tv series, however, both have their impact upon the audience.

the song of ice and fire


The frequently asked questions regarding a topic called “Ghost Game of Thrones” are given below:

1. Does ghost survive in the game of thrones?

Yes, Ghost and Nymeria are the only dire wolves that still alive, the other four wolves that were found by the stark’s kids are ■■■■.

2. Is Ghost a real wolf in the game of throne?

Today, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin posted a tribute to Ghost, Jon Snow’s loyal dire wolf, who passed away earlier this week. … Like all the dire wolves on the show, Ghost (a real-life albino arctic wolf) lived at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico.

3. Why did Catelyn hate Jon snow?

Jon Snow was a boy hated by Catelyn since she first glimpsed him in Ned Stark’s arms. Ned’s lie that Jon was his own and that during his time at war he had broken his vows to Catelyn proved to be the cardinal sin that led to Catelyn despising the boy for the rest of her life.


To conclude the above article called “ghost game of thrones”, Ghost is a dire wolf found by the stark’s kids and owned by Jon snow who was the son of Eddard Stark. Ha was an albino white fur, bushy tail, and red eyes. Throughout the series he appears in various episodes with Jon, he was a good wolf who helps Jon when he was in danger. The story of a game of thrones was inspired by R.R Martin’s novel called song of ice and fire. In the series, the story is slightly different than in the book. The first episode of the series was released in 2011 after 15 years of a published novel.

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