The fire dragon is one of the Chinese animal zodiac sign places on number five in the 12 years cycle. This sign represents people who were born in years such as 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 and so… but especially those who were born in 1976.

fire dragon

What is the zodiac sign?

It is an imaginary belt of the heavens, extending about 8° on each side of the ecliptic, within which are the apparent paths of the sun, moon, and principal planets. It contains twelve constellations and hence twelve divisions called signs of the zodiac.
If we talk about the Chinese zodiac sign, each zodiac sign has these elements earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are:

  • Rat
  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Goat
  • Monkey
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Pig

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Fire Dragon

The fire dragon is the 5th Chinese zodiac sign among 12 and you really want to know which zodiac sign is best?. People who were born in the years 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 are considered fire dragons under Chinese culture. Like the quality’s a fire dragon possesses, people born under a fire dragon are strong, charming, and impulsive. People who are fire dragons have various characteristics are as follows:

Characteristics of a fire dragon:

Peoples who are fire dragons contain various characteristics, the positive aspect they have in their life is admirable.

  1. Fire dragons are ambitious, confident, hardworking, and wise peoples. when they want to achieve something, they give their best to win it. They love success.
  2. They are dominant and have the ability to lead a group or community. Their tremendous leadership quality makes them a good leader.
  3. They always in search of better, they want to avail themselves of the chance that drives them toward success.
  4. Fire dragons are very strong-minded people, they never get confused, they take decisions confidently.
  5. They are called perfectionist, as they try to do their work perfectly that would be hard for their opponents or colleague s to beat it.
  6. They are attention seekers, try to do those things that make them ‘wow’ in front of others. They are outgoing and love being the center of attraction.
  7. They love to make friends and try to be social if not in a bad mood. As a love of being the center of attraction, they rarely lack an audience.
  8. Fire dragons are the showman, heart of the musicales. They are energetic and ready to work for a long time.
  9. When they choose any career, they try to peruse to the extended level in their life. The reason for that is the level of confidence they have and the power of their mind.
  10. The charming personalities they have makes them admirable by others. Mostly fire dragons are attractive by looks, they love to groom their selves. They are self-lovers and due to this they can stay alone for a longer time but when they marry they marry in young.
  11. Fire dragons are more compatible with rats, snakes, monkeys, and roosters.

Negative characteristics of a fire dragon:

Every character keeps some positive and some negative aspects of their selves. Likewise, peoples who contain a fire dragon also possess negative terms in their personalities and now we are going to analyze it.

  1. The biggest issue they have is they don’t take anyone’s advice. As I describe above they are very confident and dominant personalities and that builds an aura of self-esteem in them. They think that they are correct, they know everything better than others, and they don’t need anyone’s advice.
  2. Fire dragons are very straight forward in other words it can say bluntly, they say openly what they feel even they don’t take care of other person’s feelings.
  3. They are not the kind of people who forgive easily, fire dragons take time to trust again if they are deceived by someone.
  4. Sometimes they show off their selves to get the attention of the peoples
  5. They are impulsive, done effort with any thought that brings them in difficult consequences.

Summary: Fire dragon is the 5th Chinese zodiac sign in 12 signs order. Fire dragons are charming hardworking, goal-oriented, admiring personalities with some drawbacks. The biggest drawback they have is they don’t listen to others, as they think that they are good enough to take decisions and don’t need anyone’s advice.

We all listen and saw in the movies about the dragon and how a dragon breathes fire. But out of our fantasy stories, did we ever thought about its real existence?
Maybe some of us including me thought about it, today in this section we discuss the fire dragon’s real existence by the research we are going to do. Thanks to google and the facility of the internet that helps us to know about what we just think.

The reality of a fire dragon:

In ancient times, obviously, when we were not born, dinosaurs exist in this world they are from the family of reptiles. They not only ground animals but also fly, as they are big reptile birds.
Dragons are not real but they are modified from these flying dinosaurs. In stories, or movies they used dragons are used as a fictional character to fascinate kids.

Now, one thing is clear that dragons are just a fictional character, but flying replies did exist in the world. The next question arises here that are they really big enough to kill humans or to eat them easily as we have seen in the movie Jurassic park?

The answer is yes, they are called Quetzalcoatlus northropi. They are pterosaur (flying reptiles) from the cretaceous of North America. Northropi belongs to the family of Azhdarchidae. They had a very long neck like a giraffe, the only toothless bird with a long beak.
Size can be very but on average a northropi is approximately equaled to a giraffe. Its weight could be around 200 to 250 kg that equals a modern tiger.

Theory of evolution

Scientists revealed, why they are not existing in the modern world? We all heard about ancient times that human height is much longer than now (in the modern world). Likewise, birds and the other creatures are larger than now but due to evolution and various climatic changes these creatures lost their existence or they evolute with time.

We all have heard that a human was a monkey and with time they modified into a human, another example is about the snake, a study shows that snake had legs but unfortunately they don’t use it and with time it disappears and now snake has no legs.
The study reveals many more about the creatures that do not exist in the modern world but fossil proves their presence.

Sadly, we can’t see those prestigious creatures that now just exist in our fantasy world although one thing that we can experience, a modern real-life flying dragon.
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The real-life flying dragon:

There are many wired creatures around the world that we even can’t imagine. In the sea or on the ground millions of species found and some of them are not even discovered till now. Iguanian lizard is among them.

They are the real-life flying dragon of the modern world. Iguanian belongs to the family of Agamidae and genus Draco, found in South Asia.

  1. They are lizards of 20 cm (7.9 inches) in length.
  2. They are also called the flying dragon because they are looking like a dragon and can fly.
  3. The lizard can glide by flattening its limbs and expand the wing.
  4. The maximum distance they approach is up to 60 meters (200 ft).
  5. They eat insects and small birds.
  6. Their neck and tail play a major role to control the weight of the body while flying.

How to draw a fire dragon:

the above video elaborates the easy way of making a fire dragon. Here i give you an over view but in to know in detail read the article Dragons Drawing - How to Draw Dragons

  1. Select a sketch pencil that can be easy to erase if required and start drawing with light hands.
  2. Start sketching from wings like in this video you can see how he start making dragon’s wings.
  3. Dragon wings are like bat wings, it also resembles a spider web from the bottom of the wings.
  4. Next step is drawing its tail, as dragons have a long spiky tail.
  5. Then in last make its face and body, dragon have a crocodile kind of face and body.
  6. The body texture also resembles crocodile skin.

Summary: dragon exist in real life but they can’t eat humans or big animals like goats and sheep, they are Iguanian lizards found in South Asia. They have wings to fly, while flying they flatten their limbs. They can travel up to 60 meters (200 ft).

Fire dragon tattoo:

A fire dragon is the most popular tattoo worn by men or women. it contains different meanings in different civilizations. dragon tattoo can be made in different styles using an abstract, cartoonish look. The shading and coloring in the dragon also have different meanings.

Dragon is the prominent part of ancient civilizations, commonly china, japan, Vietnam are the countries that possess a strong belief in this mythological creature.
Meaning of a dragon tattoo:

dragon tattoo
Dragons are a part of ancient civilization; dragon tattoos possess a variety of meanings in themselves.

  1. Dragon is a symbol of strength and wisdom.
  2. Dragon is a symbol of greed and a bad omen

Like a coin has two sides. Dragon tattoo has two meanings in some civilizations it considers as a good sign but according to some mythologies, it considers a bad sign.

  • In china: in Chinese civilization, a dragon tattoo represents wisdom, good luck, and goodwill.
  • In japan: in Japanese mythology it represents balance. It also shows power and strength.
  • Eastern culture: in eastern culture, a fire dragon is considered a noble ■■■■■ that represents wisdom and protection.
  • Western culture: in western culture dragon is a sign of darkness or warning.

There is deep mythology associated with the dragon’s tattoo such as the design of the tattoo and colors. A color tattoo is a part of ancient civilization different colors has different meanings.

  • Black: a black color dragon tattoo is associated with parents, their age, and how wise they are.
  • Green: green color represents a small dragon and the element that can be linked with the green dragon is life and earth.
  • Blue: it represents laziness, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Yellow: it represents people who are from the east and they are self-centered and helpful.
  • Gold: shows wisdom, kindness, and helpfulness.

Why have people worn dragon’s tattoo?

Like I describe above different civilizations have different meanings of dragons, it depends upon the people and their association. Some people are fond of tattoos, they love to wear them on their bodies.

In Chinese culture, the full-body tattoo represents the criminal background, mostly those peoples who belong to the underworld wore full-body tattoos but now this perception has been changed.

In China, the number 9 is excepted as the biggest number and it is associated with the dragon. Most people don’t know about “nine dragon walls”, palace and gardens are boundaries by this wall and only higher-grade officers are allowed to nine dragons on their robes.

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Fire dragon dance:

The fire dragon is associated with life in a variety of aspects although here I am going to share another information about fire dragon and its involvement in people’s life.
In a small town of Hongkong called Pok ■■ Lam, a festival is held in every mid-autumn season known as the fire dragon dance. At this festival peoples of the town make fire dragons and at 7 pm they gathered in one place and dance. They play different musical instruments, while doing this they beg for peace in their life.

History of fire dragon dance:

The tradition of the fire dragon dance festival has been followed by hundreds of years ago. Its basic origin is from tai hang. At that time numerous distractions come across the peoples of Tai hang, they suffered from storm, as soon as they stable from this distraction another calamity comes into their life. A snake attacked the people of the village, that scared peoples but soon it was caught and killed.

In the means while, plague broke up in the tai hang. An old man of Thi hang saw buddha in his dream, he guides him toward the fire dragon dance and gives him all instruction about this festival. They get relief from the plague after making this festival. This remedy gets popular from tai hang to Pok ■■ Lam.

From that time till now peoples of Pok Lu Fam celebrate this festival every year in the mid-autumn. They think that this festival brings peace and prosperity in their life and also save them from the plague.

Summary: fire dragon dance is a festival celebrated by the people of Pok Lu Fam, Hongkong. Every year in the mid-autumn peoples make dragons and gathered at one place where they dance and play a different musical instrument. The festival starts at 7 pm and end at 11 pm.

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dragon in chinese culture


The frequently asked question regarding the topic is given below.

1. Are two fire dragons compatible?
No, because both want to lead and in any relationship, if one is the leader the other should be a follower, so in my point of view they are not compatible with each other.

2. What does a black dragon tattoo mean?
In different civilization, dragon tattoo possesses different meanings, but if we talk about n majority then the black dragon tattoo represents experience and wisdom.

3. Is the word of dragon used in the bible?
In the bible, the book of revelation the word dragon used, as it described as a ■■■■■ who had two horns like a lamb and speak like a dragon.


The above article “fire dragon” gives you all possible knowledge about fire dragon. Fire dragons can be found in different areas, especially as an important part of Chinese culture.
If we talk about the Chinese animal zodiac sign, the fire dragon is number five. The people born under this sign contain impressive personalities, good leadership qualities, they have strong-minded and impulsive nature.

You are surprised to know that fire dragon are actually exist but they are not big enough to eat a goat or human. they are small lizard-like creatures who eat insects and birds, they have the ability to glide from a distance. They have wings when they glide they flattened their limbs.

In a small town of hongkong called “Pok Lu Fam”, there is a festival called fire dragon dance is held every mid-autumn season. The meaning of this festival is to beg for peace. The people of the village gathered in one place and celebrate the festival by a dancing with dragon which they made and play different musical instruments.

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