Definition of Evolution:

  1. Slow process of change from one form or level to a better or higher one, or that brings into being a superior or new order. Evolution does not occur in a straight, steady progression but is marked by false starts and dead ends, random leaps in different directions, and long periods of no fruitful activity. And, contrary to the popular belief, constant adaptation (see natural selection) is not the main feature of evolution. By far the most dominant evolutionary phenomenon is the preservation of whatever is working well. The fundamental natural principle as borne out by fossil (paleontological) research is: If it works, dont mess with it..

Synonyms of Evolution

Addition, Advance, Approximation, Beautification, Change, Developing, Development, Differentiation, Division, Elaboration, Embellishment, Equation, Evolvement, Evolving, Extrapolation, Flowering, Formation, Growing, Growth, Integration, Interpolation, Inversion, Involution, Maturation, Multiplication, Notation, Perfection, Phylogeny, Practice, Production, Progress, Progression, Proportion, Reduction, Refinement, Ripening, Seasoning, Subtraction, Transformation, Unfolding, Upgrowth

How to use Evolution in a sentence?

  1. With the evolution of technology, humans have been able to go from reading a paper map in order to get directions somewhere to simply going on a cellular device and letting that device guide you to your destination in less time.
  2. There was no evolution from one series to the other, it was like they did the same thing over and over.
  3. The slow but steady evolution of vehicle restraint systems has resulted in saving thousands of lives over the last thirty years.

Meaning of Evolution & Evolution Definition