Lightning dragon is a powerful weapon it protects the player to defeat. The most tremendous power it has is the lightning breath that can back off the target. The lightning dragon can be getting by the breed of two opposite gender dragon. Female dragons make nests to lay eggs. Once a baby dragon hatched out from an egg owner start to tame it till it becomes a full-size dragon. Dragon grows as faster as it eats normally take 125 days to complete all 5 stages.

If you are thinking that you will get to know about a real lightning dragon or is lightning dragon exist then I am off to say that no you may not find that thriller in this article however, lightning dragon present in our imaginations, movies, or games.

The article is based on the lightning dragon that a player finds in mine craft. Whoever plays Minecraft knows very well that how important is, to obtain a dragon in the game and how it helps to pass out difficult levels.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about Minecraft.

About Minecraft

Mine craft is a 3D game based on a block made man and the level achieved by targeting enemies. The whole scene is made with blocks which include trees, tree trunk, floor, small huts, mountains, water pound, etc.

Dragons are part of the game and used as a weapon against enemies. The Player needs to hatch a dragon’s egg and then feed him to grow until a full-size dragon. The player uses a dragon to fly over it and apply his abilities to complete the levels of the game.

Lightning dragon

The game has three dragons, a lightning dragon is among them. The main ability because of which it would be called a lightning dragon is its ability to breathe a stream of lightning, it is powerful among all dragons and involved five stages of growth.
If we see lightning dragon stage by stage growing in the game them it can be obtained by red hearts like

  • In stage 1: 20 (10 x :heart:) to 112 (56 x :heart: )
  • In stage 2: 116 (58 x :heart: ) to 208 (104 x :heart:)
  • In stage 3: 212 (106 x :heart: ) to 304 (152 x :heart: )
  • In stage 4: 308 (154 x :heart:) to 400 (200 x :heart: )
  • In stage 5: 404 (202 x :heart: ) to 500 (250 x :heart: )

As a dragon’s stages increase the rate of the heart also increases It means that the dragon would become more powerful as an increase in hearts.

When the player feeds the lightning dragon, he sprinkles hearts over the player which means that the dragon loves his owner. A dragon takes 25 days to grow and 125 days to reach the maximum size.

How do lightning dragons look?

We all have an image of the dragon in our minds like a scaley textured body, two big wide wings, web feet with long nails, spikes on the back, etc. the lightning dragon you experience in the game have almost the same appearance as our imagination perhaps having a slight difference.

  • Lightning dragon have broad wide massive wings and long tail.
  • Counted as a family of quadrupedal reptile
  • Big strong jaws and spike has laden back, spikes are longer and stand taller
  • Another dragon has 2 pairs of horns while the lightning dragon has 3 pairs of the backward-facing horn.
  • Longtail end with 3 pair of long spikes
  • Usually, a lightning dragon has black, blue, purple, and copper bronze

That’s how a lightning dragon looks like. A small baby dragon is about 1 block in and grows up to 50 bocks. There is a difference between a male lightning dragon and a female lightning dragon

  • Male lightning dragon has dark edge wings
  • Female lightning dragon has curvy horns

How does the lightning dragon work?

A lightning dragon gets stronger in terms of abilities and powers when growing up stage by stage. Lightning dragons can drop one thing at a time, it can be either dragon scale, dragon heart, dragon flesh, or a glass bottle fill with dragon blood.

When the dragon dies it falls on the ground like a corpse and then disappears. A corpse of a dragon can still drop out by just click as empty hand by right click, again and again, the corpse turns into a skeleton and then disappear.

46 bones and 58 scales or 12 vials of blood could be the drop by a full-grown lightning dragon. A dragon corpse can produce eggs that can only drop out by a female dragon.

The behavior of a lightning dragon:

The following aspects include the behavior of a lightning dragon.

  • They are hostile and always ready to attack every mob or even player.
  • They can spot prey from 64 blocks far away.
  • When female dragon spawn naturally, they become very hungry.
  • It would be almost impossible to tame a grown dragon because it already comes into a wild mode perhaps a newly hatched dragon can be tamed easily.
  • Lightning dragon sleeps during the day but can wake up in some scenarios like breakage of a copper pile or due to thunderstorms.
  • Lightning dragon eats meat that would be a drop of on the floor.

Powers of a lightning dragon:

As we saw in the movie dragons are mesmerize with great powers that are almost undefeatable. Lightning dragon is no different from others, its outstanding fly techniques and electrical shocks can break down anything very easily. This powerful creation is filled with multiple supernatural activities that you would love to know.

  1. Roar: roar is the voice that can half defeat any enemy, stage 4 dragon has a loud piercing roar that is cool enough to stand in the battle.
  2. Super roar: the lightning dragon has a level up kind of roar called super roar that he does while spreading his large broad wings, stage 4 dragon can better do this.
  3. Grab and shake: grab and shake mean not with the hand but with the mouth. The lightning dragon grabs the target by mouth and shakes it until death is on the ground.
  4. Bite: as we all know the dragon is an animal and animals have the only way to attack the target either by claws or by bite. The lightning dragon does the same if the target on the ground dragon simple bite.
  5. Wingbeat: wing beat doesn’t mean wing through beat but flips the wing in the speed that it can create a hurricane that is enough to knock out the enemy.
  6. Tailwhip: if the target on the ground, the dragon moves its tails in a way that it hit the target and knocks it back.
  7. Lightning breath: the most famous attack that is a specialty of a lightning dragon. This attack can be performed on the ground as well as in the air, dragon takes a lightning breath that gives an electrical shock to the target.
  8. Lightning bomb: lightning dragon can perform this attack on the ground and in the air as well. As the name sounds this power has an exploded effect. It can crack the target.
  9. Aerial tackle: the dragon rapidly downward through the air with outstretched talons before smacking them down.

Breeding and hatching

Lightning dragons breed like any other dragon, two dragons of opposite gender met each other. The female dragon makes a nest to lay eggs. The minimum age requirement for breeding is stage 4 or above.

The egg hatching process is slightly different, rain is mandatory during the hatching process without rain lightning dragon’s egg can’t be a hatch. As soon as movement starts in the egg, it takes a few minutes to take out a tiny baby dragon.

How to operate a dragon?

Stage one dragon:

  • if want to put stage one dragon on the owner’s shoulder the click on empty hand
  • if want to put off the dragon on the shoulder then click on X. a player can put 3 dragons on its shoulder at a time.

Stage 2 dragon:

  • Now you don’t need to put a dragon on the shoulder.

Stage 3 dragon:

  • Simple interact with an empty hand to put on the dragon in stage 3 or use WA SD control
  • If want to rise the dragon already in the air then click on the space bar, it also works if a dragon is on the ground then the spacebar helps to fly the dragon.
  • X can be used to lower the dragon if flying
  • For lightning breath press R
  • To dismount click on the shift key
  • To attack the target press G

Dragon command staff:

  • Dragon command staff gives the command to the dragon for either stay, wander, or escort the owner, it is an item that can be crafted either by the fire dragon skull, ice dragon skull, or lightning dragon skull.
  • Dragon command staff can also use to stay dragon at one position or to move it from there.

Dragon horns:

  • Dragon horns are like an antenna that gets the signal from the commanding item and act accordingly

Dragon bone flute:

  • Dragon bone flute is a tool used to call dragon on the ground if flying in the air

Relationship with other dragons

  • Lightning dragon is an aggressive kind of character, if fire dragon and ice dragon come in front of the lightning dragon it starts fighting. Try to stay them away and avoid front-facing.

Lightning dragon slayer magic:

It is a magic spell through which an individual can transform into a lightning dragon in terms of the power and thunder effect that a lightning dragon has.


  • The consumer can generate lightning in the body and use it to attack the target.
  • Lightning energy can be restored by the electricity around like, electricity poles, switches, and other sockets that allows recharging. The body that comes under the lighting dragon slayer magic acts as walking high voltage electricity, the body can be recharge by the outsourcing of electricity.
  • A lightning dragon magic spell can transform into a red lightning dragon if come in the access of a special kind of red lightning powered by their blood.
  • This can change the yellow light into red and increase the powers as well.

Summary: the lightning dragon is a weapon in the game called Minecraft. The player gets a bulk of strength when got an egg from the dragon. The egg hatched in the rain and when it starts moving baby will hatch in a few moments. Dragon possesses a variety of powers and it can fly very quickly. The famous power is lightning breath.

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The frequently asked question regarding the topic “lightning dragon “are given below:

1. How do you tame a lightning dragon in Minecraft PE?

Lightning dragons like to eat meat and the best thing that can be used to tame a lightning dragon is fish. Lightning dragon is a strong character and a way to make you win the battle.

2. How do you get a lightning dragon?

Two ways to get a lightning dragon:

  • By purchase it from a shop in exchange for 900 gems.
  • By natural process, breeding of two opposite gender dragons. A laid egg can be hatched out in the rain.

3. Can you get Minecraft for free?

Minecraft is a paid java script game and there is no legal way to get it for free. The only way to get Minecraft legally is to purchase the game.


If you know what is Minecraft then you know about the lightning dragon. We are listening to dragons from our childhood. Dragons can be seen in various movies, games, and even cartoons, it is a fantasy character that gives scary but at the same time friendly impact in our minds.

Lightning dragon consumed multiple strong powers that help players to fight in the battle. You won’t get the actual but imaginary experience to nurture a dragon and used it for your beneficiary purpose. The game possesses three kids of dragon fire, ice, and lightning, the lightning dragon is the most powerful among them. It starts fighting with other dragons but not with the owner.

The player does efforts to get the lightning dragon’s egg then hatched out and grows up by feeding with meat. The famous power does a lightning dragon possesses is lightning breath through which it can back off the opponent in the battle.

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