Dragon Skin body armor

Dragon skin body armor. Dragon skin body armor is a used in the battle field which is made up of ceramic plates. It is made up of thick fiber for superior performance as well as overlaying ceramic plates. Dragon skin body armor is made up of plates which covered the body more than half.

Dragon Skin Body Armor:

Dragon Skin body armor uses advanced ceramic and titanium composite discs that overlap and interlink with each other. The way the discs are laid out allow the impact energy of the bullet to be dispersed over a larger area. This is critical because, even if the defense is able to block the bullet, the power of a direct hit could be devastating.

Features of Dragon skin armor:

Fresno, California produced dragon skin body armor in the 1990s. These body armor are tested by many military or Air forces army as well as by Navy force. The NIJ’s program was dissatisfied with the performance.

It consist of level III or level IV model of armor which give high protection.

no. Features
1. Dragon Skin body armor
2. Width 2-inches
3. $ 5000 worth
4. Ballistic body armor
5. Scale-like ceramic body
6. Good range motion

dragon skin body armor

Development of Dragon skin armor:

  • It is the weighted and strong body armor.

  • It can minimize the distortion of the back face by 45-52%.

  • It can also reduce the body trauma.

  • It provide high protection to the body without damaging its structure.

dragon skin body armor

Here is the list of some good points of the Dragon skin body armor:

  • It can cover more than half part of your body.

  • It don’t restrict the movement of body.

  • It can hold multiple hits or fires.

  • Ceramic disks can absorb bullets.

  • It can stop rounds in the 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers.

  • It is flexible which can help in movement.

  • It had a lower influence on the user’s body.

Dragon Skin Armor Performance:

A round doesn’t have to pierce body armor to cause serious internal injuries or even death when the projectile impacts it induces yaw and that yaw causes the bullet to come apart and disintegrate upon impact.

The dragon skin body armor can’t compete with the high quality body ballistic armors which are highly protective as compare to it.

dragon skin body armor

Body Armor need:

For a soldier to survive in combat he needs good training and discipline in a fire when there’s bullets flying and explosives dropping the key to staying alive is great protection.

If you want to improve command soldiers’ survival in a combat situation, make sure they have the best gear, weapons, radios, tactics, and training, but one item of equipment that has truly come into its own over the last 20 years is protective gear.

Dragon skin body armor features:

Dragon skin body armor structure Cover (in mm)
Dragon skin extreme 0.25-inch (6.4mm) x 2-inch (51mm)
Dragon skin panel 11.5-inch (290mm) x 13.5-inch (340mm)
Dragon skin disc 10-inch (250mm) x 12-inch (300mm)
Dragon skin weight 10-inch (250mm) x 12-inch (300mm)
Dragon skin level III protection 6.4 lb (2.9kg)

Body Armor manufacturing:

In Fresno California where this important development in the fight to protect and survive has moved up to a whole norther level.

Most body armor is made of ceramic plates, which are tough but harsh. Sure, they’ll absorb a few rifle rods, but after they’re done, the ceramic plates will shatter and break, putting you in significant danger in a war zone.


Body armor is a protective tool used in battle, although different manufacturers of equipment provide different forms of body armor. The dragon body armor is one of them but it is not much effective in handling heavy injury or damage.

Dragon Skin armor test:

The U.S. army tested the Dragon skin body armor. Around 200 vests were delivered to U.S. army for testing. They were ill manufactured and the design was very heavy. The quality of plates used in the dragon skin body armor was poor.

The armor was put to the test by the US utilizing various trials such as using different calibers of fire as well as exclusives, but the dragon body armor failed to shield its plates from injury.

dragon skin body armor

Idea of Dragon skin armor:

The dragon skin body armor were made by company named as Pinnacle Armor. Although this company ceased operations in the 1990s, other companies continue to manufacture dragon skin armor. The ceramic plates in the body armor are stacked one on top of the other in a scale-like pattern.

Design of Dragon skin armor:

The dragon skin body armor is designed as a flexible model which don’t disturbs the motion of its user. It covers around half of the body, which is a plus for this armor. The scales in the dragon body armor is heavy in weight.

dragon skin armor

Popularity of Dragon skin armor:

In the beginning, people think that the dragon skin body armor is one of the masterpiece like the dragon skin protector. In the beginning, the company was extremely popular. The dragon skin body armor is thought to be the future weapon, but the United States has outlawed the purchase of these armors due to some difficulties with the armor’s activities.

dragon skin armor

Failure of Dragon skin armor:

The main failure of the dragon skin body armor is the result of test in which it was shown that out of 48 fires, 13 of them cause serious damage to the skin of dragon armor. It damaged the plated of dragon skin armor badly which is a negative impact of the result. The other negative feedback s its weight which is difficult to handle.

Flexible Dragon skin armor:

Dragon skin body armor is made up of small, flexible plates, and several ballistic reports have found that these plates are thick or heavy, both of which are disadvantages to the body armor’s effectiveness. The flexibility of the fragments of body armor make it uncomfortable in the battle field and it can take the life of soldier.

dragon skin body armor

Exposure test of Dragon body armor:

Different experiments were performed to check the penetration ability of different materials with the dragon body armor. These studies were carried out by a variety of forces, including the military, the air force, and the navy, as well as the National Institute of Justice’s program.

These experiments were carried out to determine the armor’s quality, namely how resistant the dragon skin armor is against environmental elements and fire.

Here are some test results for determining the Dragon skin body armor's quality:

  • When dragon body armor was tested with saltwater then it give fine result.

  • The test resulted in the dragon body armor being penetrated by diesel fuel, which is a negative result.

  • The usage of motor oil with dragon skin body armor has a negative influence on the armor’s performance.

  • The dragon skin body armor performs poorly at hot temperatures. The adhesive that held the ceramic plates together had cracked or grown loose.

  • The dragon skin body armor is vulnerable to fire at very low temperatures, which is a disadvantage of the armor.

dragon skin body armor

List of faults in Dragon skin body armor:

  • Poor quality of plates

  • Heavy weight of armor

  • Can’t handle 50 caliber fire

  • Penetration of bullets in armor


The Dragon skin armor can provide only rudimentary protection, but according to the National Institute of Justice, it is not included in the safe equipment. It is a major fail of this body armor and it is not highly effective against fires.


People often asks these questins:

1. What makes dragon skin so unique?

It doesn’t restrict your body movement. It takes substantial multiple repeat hits time to quit. Dragon Skin has the future weapons test. If you shoot a variety of bullets at Dragon Skin five to six times, including the steel core.

2. What are the drawbacks of Dragon Skin body Armor?

We saw shredding foam metal plate in seven to six rounds earlier. Surely this body armor can’t repel it that kind of onslaught hits an m16 with steel core. Five to six millimeter rounds can do some real serious damage.

3. How will Dragon Skin cope with this power?

This innovative armor genuinely stops shots that rip through steel, especially from practically point-blank range. You get two 9 millimeter quarter-inch pieces of steel if you fire two bullets. This isn’t ideal for defense.

4. Can Dragon skin body armor stop bullets of 50 caliber?

No, Dragon skin body armor will not protect you from a 50 millimeter bullet. Various experiments have simply shown that most body armors are useless against bullets with a caliber of 50 caliber.

5. Why Dragon skin body armor is banned in U.S.?

Dragon skin body armor is banned in the United State in order to stop soldiers from purchasing body armors for private use. This body armor is tested but most of the time it fails to stop the major damage or loss from the bullet and explosives.

6. For what reason the use of bulletproof vest is illegal?

The use of bulletproof vest for personal safety is illegal because the criminal can wear the vest and he can protect himself after committing any crime. Bulletproof vests are prohibited for personal protection in order to avoid such danger.

7. Why the Dragon skin body armor is not the good armor for use?

Due to a flaw in the design, dragon skin body armor is not suitable for use. In looking it seems to have a strong power but when it was tested it reveals that it can’t stop the heavy fire or stress.

8. How the weight of Dragon Skin armor is the challenge for its ban?

Dragon skin body armor is heavy in weight. The weight of Dragon sin body armor is 48 pound which is quiet heavy to handle. A solider with heavy equipment can’t handle this dragon skin body armor.

9. What is the cost of Dragon skin body armor?

The dragon skin body armor is made up of overlapping fragments which in complete set worth around 5000$. Dragon body armor is highly cost than other body armors but it is not much effective against fire.

10. Why dragon skin body armor not satisfied for the best armor?

Dragon skin body armor is not considered
as a safe body armor to use. The National institute of Justice tests all the equipment and armor before use. But the dragon skin body armor did not fulfil the list or criteria of good body armor.

11. Which bullet can pass through the body armor?

No doubt the bullets which have high speed can easily cross the body armor. The bullets which have slow speed and fired from large distance can’t cross the body armor because the body armor can easily stop them.

12. Is Dragon skin body armor is currently manufactured?

Yes, still dragon skin body armor are constructed by in Fresno and California. These dragon skin ballistic body armor were made by Pinnacle. These are the ceramic based body armor.

13. Is it safe to buy Dragon skin body armor?

People who are in battle field do not wear the dragon skin body armor. In the battle field every step is life taking so it is not safe to wear the Dragon skin body armor only for experiment. It is quite heavy in weight as well as it is highly penetrating armor and these qualities make it unsafe to use.

14. Which body armor is the strongest armor in the world?

The strongest body armor in the world is the level IV armor which is highly resistant against bullets and oils or diesel can’t effect the performance of the level IV armor. It can stop the fire with little hit as compared to Dragon skin body armor.


Dragon skin body armor is made of ceramic plates but due to its structure it can’t handle heavy damage. Different experiments have been performed to check the quality of the body armor but it is quite difficult for the dragon armor to tackle with heavy damage. The U.S. army has banned the dragon skin body armor that no soldier can purchase this stuff for private use. Dragon skin body armor could be the best body armor if they change the faulty stuff from the armor. They should have to increase the strength of the dragon body armor like ESAPI and XSAPI. Dragon skin body armor was tested but in some tests the result was negative but in some points the dragon skin body armor is good.

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