Who owns Ferrari?

Who owns Ferrari? Exor owns ferrari. Originally operating under the Alfa Rome brand, Enzo Ferrari was released in 1939 to start his own company. While all Ferraris have clearly remained a Ferrari since the day the Maranello, Italy manufacturing plant opened, the company had multiple owners over time.

Starting in 2020, the public will own the majority of Ferraris, but if you believe that Ferrari does not belong to FIAT, you are not alone (only a few years late). Join us as we discuss the details of which Ferrari currently belongs and the ownership history.

Ferrari is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars and a brand that represents sex appeal, Rosa Corsa (or the “Race Red” color), and the rearing horse logo. Ferrari is now a public company and remains active in motorsport.


Ferrari was created by Enzo Ferrari, a racing driver and businessman who founded Scuderia Ferrari in Modena, Italy in 1929 to supply Alfa Romeo racing cars. In 1938, Alfa Romeo brought its racing operations in-house and Ferrari headed the new racing department, for a short time.

Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1939 and founded Auto Avio Costruzioni, which made tools until 1940, when Ferrari was making a racing car, the Type 815. A few years later, in 1943, Ferrari moved its headquarters and factory to Maranello.

Ferrari was not technically a car manufacturer until Enzo Ferrari sold cars under his own name in 1947, when the first road car with the Ferrari logo was completed, the 125 S.

What Car Company Owns Ferrari?

Since the public owns a majority stake in Ferrari, you can read it in two ways: the shareholders own Ferrari or Ferrari owns Ferrari. There is nothing wrong with looking at it because either way it means that the people who make the decisions about new Ferrari models, register and catalog their classic Ferrari, all have one thing in mind: the future of the brand and the reputation of Ferrari.

Who Owns Ferrari Today?

After restructuring to create Ferrari N.V. As of the controlling company of the Ferrari group, FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) sold 10% of its shares and distributed the remaining 80% of the shares to FCA shareholders. Piero Ferrari (Enzo’s son) owned 10% of Ferrari. Ferrari is currently owned primarily by the public:

  • 67.09% Public
  • 22.91% Exor N.V. (Owners of FCA)
  • 10.00% Piero Ferrari

History of Ferrari Ownership:

Enzo Ferrari parted ways with Alfa Romeo in 1939 and led the company for more than 20 years before seeking outside investment opportunities. Aware of the need to expand the industrial side of the business, Ferrari made a number of changes, including conversion to a limited liability company in 1960.

Although there were other potential buyers, FIAT Spa eventually acquired a 50% stake - Significant Ferrari stake production expansion. From 1969 to 1988, FIAT expanded its ownership from 50% to 90%; Enzo Ferrari had the remaining 10%. After Enzo’s death, his stake passed to Piero.

In 1988, Enzo Ferrari oversaw the launch of the Ferrari F40, the last new Ferrari to hit the market before his death that same year. In 1989, the company was renamed Ferrari S.p.A. renowned. From 2002 to 2004, Ferrari produced the Enzo, its fastest model at the time, which was introduced and named after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari.

It was supposed to be called the F60, a sequel to the F40 and F50, but Ferrari was so pleased with it that they named him Enzo. It was originally offered to loyal and returning customers, each of 399 manufactured (minus the 400 donated to the Vatican for charity) priced at $ 650,000 each (£ 400,900 equivalent).

On 15 September 2012, 964 Ferrari cars valued at more than $ 162 million (£ 99.95 million) participated in the Ferrari Driving Days at the Silverstone Circuit and passed the world record-setting Silverstone Circuit.

Former Ferrari CEO and president, Luca di Montezemolo, resigned after 23 years from the company to be succeeded by Amado Felisa, and finally, Amado resigned on May 3, 2016, being replaced by Sergio Marchioness, CEO, and president of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ferrari’s parent company. In July 2018, marchioness was replaced by Executive Board member Louis Camilleri as CEO and by John Elkann as President.

On October 29, 2014, the FCA group, which had emerged from the merger of the manufacturers’ Fiat and Chrysler, announced the spin-off of its luxury brand Ferrari. The goal was to turn Ferrari into an independent brand, 10% of which will be sold in an IPO in 2015. After the stock market closed on October 20, 2015, Ferrari officially rated its IPO at $ 52 per share. .

On December 10, 2020, CEO Louis Camilleri announced his resignation as CEO and President John Elkann will assume the role of interim CEO until a permanent successor is selected.

On June 9, 2021, the company announced the appointment of Benedetto Vigny of STMicroelectronics Geneva as the next CEO starting in September.

Does fiat owns Ferrari:

No. Fiat spA has controlled Ferrari for more than fifty years; people are destined to be confused. But there is a story about partial ownership until the shares are given away. In 1969 Enzo Ferrari sold fifty percent of the shares of Fiat SpA.

In 1988, Ferrari expanded its holdings by acquiring a 90% stake in Ferrari spA. Total ownership of the company was not expanded to include Fiat, although the 90% deal was extended until 2014. Fiat announced and started the process of separation from Ferrari spA.

During the separation process, Exor N.V was founded as the parent company of Ferrari spA, while Fiat sold its stake. Fiat owned many Ferrari SpAs for so many years, but Enzo Ferrari owned 10% of his company, which prevented him from owning it completely. Fiat has renounced its participation in Ferrari spA and has distributed 80% of its shares to its shareholders.

How Does Ford Relate to Ferrari’s Ownership?

In 1963, after Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari spA, Henry Ford personally met Enzo Ferrari with a business proposal to buy Ferrari spA. He began the asset review and the proposal continued until Enzo Ferrari realized that signing the contract would not allow him to keep his position at the helm of the Ferrari racing team. As a result, the deal was canceled and Enzo withdrew. In 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold half of his company shares to Fiat SpA to get a better deal.

Does the own Public Ferrari?

Yes. After the spin-off and separation of Fiat from the Ferrari group, Ferrari became an independent public company as of January 2016.

The public currently owns the largest shares of Ferrari. It is estimated at 67.09%.

Exor N.V as Ferrari’s Owner:

Ferrari’s second-largest owner and the company’s largest individual shareholder is Exor N.V., a Dutch holding company with an exciting history of ownership dating back to the 20th century.

Exor N.V. is a company run by the direct descendants of one of the founders of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli. Exor N.V. It was recently considered the 24th most prominent group in the world with a net worth of $24 billion. Exon

Who is Pierro Ferrari?

Pierro Lardi Ferrari is the second son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari and the owner of Ferrari. He is a 70-year-old billionaire and the only living heir to Enzo Ferrari and his lover Lina Lardi. As the illegitimate son of the manufacturer, he was unable to enter his father’s business at the time.

Also, divorce was illegal in Italy at the time, preventing him from being considered a family. In 1978, when the divorce was finally legalized, Pierro had the opportunity to become the heir to Ferrari SpA. Pierro Ferrari has loved mechanics since childhood and graduated from the Fermo Corni Institute in Modena in 1964 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He worked with his father to oversee the production of road vehicles. He later he became the organizer of the auto racing department. Following the death of his father in 1988, Pierro Ferrari became vice president of Ferrari Spa. In 1998, Pierre Ferrari became president of Piaggio Aero Engineering and won the Cavaliere Del Lavoro award in 2004.

After the death of his father, he passed 10% and the importance of the ownership of his 10% of the shares of the company. Thus, he owns the smallest stakes in the company, accounting for just Third of his $ 4 billion net worth.

Who owns Ferrari, and is Ferrari still owned by Fiat?

The history of Ferrari is interesting, and while Ferrari is one of the best-known brands in the world, many people are often confused about the origins of the company.

So Ferrari is Italian?

Ferrari is an Italian road car and racing team manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. It was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947 and today makes premium one-, two- and four-seater sports cars. After Enzo’s death, the remaining 10% stake passed to his son Piero Ferrari.

So it’s Italian, right? Well, like many things in life, it is not that easy! As you can see, it’s the other little 90% thing! The best thing is to have a coffee because the twists and turns are interesting and the result is not what you expected at all!


Enzo Anselmo Giuseppe Maria Ferrari was the founder of Ferrari and was born on February 20, 1898, in Modena, Italy. During World War I, Enzo joined the Italian Army and served in the Third Mountain Artillery Regiment. In 1916, however, Enzo lost both his father and his brother to the Italian flu epidemic, and Enzo himself became very ill. As a result, he was discharged from the army in 1918 after barely surviving.

His father’s carpentry shop had collapsed and he could only work as a test driver for a small car company. But he was interested in motorsports from a very young age and managed to make his first trip in 1919 up the hill from ParmaPoggio di Berceto to ParmaPoggio di Berceto. He finished fourth and showed that he has talent.

His breakthrough came in 1920 when he joined the Alfa Romeo racing team as a driver. His first Grand Prix victory came in 1923, a year later he achieved three victories in one season. But the moment that changed his fate was in 1925 when his racing friend, Antonio Ascari, died in an accident. Enzo’s heart was no longer racing.

In 1929 he founded Scuderia Ferrari, a racing division of Alfa Romeo, but which was led by Enzo. It was his first entry into team management and would eventually become Ferrari’s leadership.

The team was successful, but Alfa Romeo struggled financially, so took over Enzo’s Scuderia Ferrari racing team. Enzo wanted to start his own Scuderia, but an Alpha clause meant that he couldn’t use his own name.

World War II broke out and Enzo focused on manufacturing mechanical products for the Italian war effort. But after the war ended in 1945 and he now owned land for a factory in Maranello, he was able to focus on his first road cars.


Enzo founded the company simply under the Ferrari name, and his first car was the Ferrari 125S, a beautiful little open-ended two-seater sports car. The company was wholly owned by Enzo Ferrari himself and began to expand the range of road and now racing cars.

It is argued that some of the best automobiles were made in his exclusive possession and that he made a total of 95 different models during that time.

PHASE 3 – THE FERRARI / FIAT 50:50 YEARS (1969 – 1988):

In 1969, Fiat S.P.A. acquired 50% of Ferrari and gave them a sports car division for the first time. Enzo was obviously making a good chunk of money, but more importantly, Ferrari was able to profit from Fiat’s spare parts container.

Other manufacturers were already expanding and producing cars at a lower cost simply by using the same parts. Ferrari, for example, could now use Fiat electronics instead of trying to develop its own.

Unfortunately, Fiat’s own electronics were not very good, and Ferraris suffered a lot of gremlins. However, it must be said that any car that is not used often suffers from reliability problems. Ferraris are mostly casual cars and if used occasionally, the owners’ experience with reliability is not great.

PHASE 4 – THE FERRARI / FIAT 90:10 YEARS (1988 – 2005):

Enzo Ferrari died on August 14, 1988 at the age of 90, leaving the Ferrari F40 as his latest and greatest achievement. In 40 years he has made the car and the brand the icon that it is today.

Fiat doubled its investments by another 40 before Enzo died to secure Ferrari’s future. With only the remaining 10%, his son Piero Ferrari became the beneficiary and the other shareholder of Ferrari.

Ferrari flourished under the leadership of Luca di Montezemolo from November 1991 to September 2014 and brought Ferrari into modern times. They produced some of the best cars they had ever built, providing style, reliability, and ease of use in ways not normally associated with Ferrari.

During this time, Fiat also took over Chrysler and became the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group. FCA itself was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Fiat’s grand plan became clearer and, for the first time, Ferrari was not Italian-owned. Even if it is a small participation. Piero’s stake remained at 10% and continues to do so today.

PHASE 5 – THE MUBADALA YEARS (2005 – 2010):

In 2005, Italian commercial bank Mediobanca turned to an Abu Dhabi sovereign investment group (Mubadala) to acquire 5% of Ferrari shares. FCA faced difficult business conditions and the sale of shares would improve its cash flow.

It was decided to sell 5% of the shares for 114 million euros, on the condition that Fiat can buy back the shares at a later date. Fiat decided several times not to exercise its right and left partial ownership of Mubadala for five years.

Finally, FCA bought back the shares five years later in 2010 for 122 million euros. Mubadala walked away with a return on investment of 8 million Euro OverNight Index Average (EONIA) and Fiat regained control of Ferrari.


For a while everything seemed to be going well at Ferrari. Montezemolo ran the company and produced class-leading cars for him. But below the surface, the main shareholder, the FCA Group, came up with a plan for Ferrari.

Fiat had realized its own vulnerability and wanted Ferrari in a risky position to make sure they could protect the asset. Ferrari was also undervalued as part of the FCA group, and a new directional decision was made.


In October 2015, a month after Montezemolo departure, Fiat announced that it had acquired Ferrari S.P.A. separate from FCA. For the first time in 46 years, Ferrari essentially became an independent company.


The goal was to have a completely independent company that is no longer controlled by Fiat. FCA created a new company called Ferrari N.V. which was incorporated as a holding company.

Ownership was transferred to the new company, and Piero Ferrari still owns 10% of the new company. At the same time, FCA floated 10% of its shares in an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

The separation was completed and Ferrari became an independent company. All of this was completed on January 3, 2016.

Since then, the FCA has reduced its stake from the remaining 80% to 22.91% of the shares. The rest were sold to the public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Is Ferrari still owned by Fiat?

Fiat no longer owns Ferrari and has been an independent company since 2016. Ownership was restructured into the Ferrari NV holding, with Piero Ferrari (founding son) holding 10% of the shares. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles owns 22.91% of the shares, and 67.09% is publicly available through the New York Stock Exchange.


I mentioned earlier that a new company called Ferrari N.V. was founded to own the company after the spin-off. The twist here is that Ferrari N.V. is registered in the Netherlands, so technically it is now a Dutch company.

The reasons for this were undoubtedly taxes and other advantages of the corporate structure, but it certainly puts a twist on those who think the company is Italian. However, the manufacturing has not changed and all the cars are still made in Maranello.

Of the current top shareholders, here is a summary of the top shareholders and who they are:

Ferrari NV – Incorporated in The Netherlands

Key Ferrari NV Shareholders
Position Shareholders Name Shareholding % Who they are
1 Exor NV (Private Equity) 24.10% Private Equity Company and owners of FCA. Largely owned by the Agnelli Family
2 Piero Ferrari 10.20% The son of the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari
3 Baillie Gifford & Co. 7.21% UK based Investment Management firm which is wholly owned by 44 partners, all of whom work within the firm
4 T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. (Investment Management) 4.16% American publicly owned global investment management firm
Other Shareholders Less than 1.87% Publicly traded shares only

Ford VS Ferrari:

Although Ford never bought Enzo’s company, it was a significant event in the history of his ownership. Before we get into Fiat’s takeover of 50% of the company, we have to talk about Ford.

At this time, Ford was struggling to sell its cars to the younger population. Chevrolet caused a stir with its new Corvette, while Ford lacked the passion, sportiness, and general desire it craved.

To change things, Ford decided to enter the world of racing. Instead of developing their own high-performance racing car, they offered to buy the entire company and all of Ferrari’s assets.

Ford took it badly here. Enzo was apparently eager to finalize the Ford purchase, but things stalled when Enzo learned that he was going to lose control of his racing department and his motorsports program.

Sales contract with “unacceptable” points, underlined by Enzo. Source: DriveTribe

While both groups were sitting at a table shortly before the contract was signed, Enzo doubted part of the contract that said Ford would make all the decisions that would oversee the racing team.

Enzo underlined the words “send” and “procure” twice with a purple pen and then launched a series of insults at Ford executives. After expressing his feelings, Enzo turned to his attorney and said, “Let’s go out to eat,” after which they left the deal, stunned all fourteen Ford executives.

This turn of events prompted Ford to develop its own 24 Hours of Le Mans racing car: the Ford GT40.

What’s the fastest car in the world 2020?

On October 10, 2020, the SSC Tuatara managed to win the title of the fastest production vehicle in the world with an average speed of 508.73 km / h and therefore also won the title of the first production vehicle to exceed the 500 km / h. Barrier.

What will be the fastest Ferrari in 2021? 2021 Ferrari SF90 Stradale - By the numbers 062 mph: 2.5 seconds (estimate) Maximum electric range: 25.5 miles (estimate) Quick pickup - An early Ferrari, the SF90 Stradale can with the high-speed, quiet electric handle . slow speeds with surprisingly instant immediacy.

What is the fastest McLaren in the world? The McLaren Speedtail is the fastest McLaren in terms of top speed. Although it is not yet necessary to test it, McLaren has said that the car will exceed 250 mph, which would dwarf the McLaren F1. Speaking of the McLaren F1, it’s hard to imagine that its top speed of 241 mph was delayed in 1998.

Famous People Who Own Ferraris:

List of famous people with Ferraris ranked by fame and popularity. It’s no secret that celebrities love to drive beautiful cars. Many famous people own a model of every luxury vehicle on the market and many actors, athletes, and musicians own Ferraris. Some celebrities pay extra money to customize their Ferraris with the best features and custom features.

Who is the most famous person who owns a Ferrari? Lindsay Lohan tops our list. The Mean Girls actress has a Ferrari in California. Justin Bieber owns several cars, including a Ferrari 458 Italia and a black Ferrari 458 Spider. Bieber even inspired his friend, rapper Tyler, the creator to get a Ferrari F12.

Several legendary musicians also own Ferraris. “Layla” musician Eric Clapton owns a custom made Ferrari SP12 EC that was built from a Ferrari 458 Italia. Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne owns a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason owns a Ferrari 458 Italia. John Lennon and Elvis Presley also owned Ferraris. Other famous people who own Ferraris include Arnold Schwarzenegger, soccer legend David Beckham, and actor Eddie Murphy. Some of these celebrities even own Ferrari Enzo.

Are you impressed that so many famous people own Ferraris? Would you get a Ferrari if you could afford one? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Paris Hilton
  • Justin Bieber
  • Kobe Bryant
  • David Beckham
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Heidi Montag
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Simon Cowell
  • LeBron James
  • John Mayer
  • Elvis Presley

List of notable Enzo Ferrari owners:

At over $1,000,000, the Enzo Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars in the world. With only 401 produced between 2003 and 2004, they are very popular with celebrities and notable businessmen.

The following list contains all known owners by country of registration:

Registered Owner
Ian Nazareth Importer of Ferraris to India
Roger Penske owns Ferrari dealership located at the Wynn Las Vegas resort
Bernd Pischetsrieder Chairman of the Volkswagen Group
Loris Požar owner of a slot machine company from Slovenia
William J. Pulte Owner of Pulte Homes
Zahir Rana Owner of yellow Enzo
Michael Riemer Hi-Tech entrepreneur. Owns three Enzos
Brian Ross Ferrari Collector and Commercial Real Estate Entrepreneur
Dr Anil K Roy
Justin Rubert Owner of a Casino in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Fahed Al-Saad Al-Sabah Member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family
Hamed Salem Al-Sabah Member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family
Peter Schorno Swiss slot machine manufacturer
Michael Schumacher Also owns the only Enzo based Ferrari FXX painted in all black with asingle racing stripe
Shum Ka Wai founder and chairman of I.T Limited
Daniel Sielecki Argentine Bussinesman
Rod Stewart British singer and songwriter
Page Stevens Businessman
Mohammed Ben Sulayem Middle East rally champion
Jean Todt Former Boss of Scuderia Ferrari
Ron Tonkin Owner Tonkin Auto Group and Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo
Giannis Vardinogiannis former car rally champion and the first-born son of oil tycoon
Donald W. Wallace Bought car at auction from Pope John Paul II. His son crashed his previous Enzo
Willi Weber manager of Michael Schumacher
Bruce Weiner former owner of Double Bubble Gum
Greg Whitten Chief software architect at Microsoft
Pharrell Williams music producer singer/rapper
Steve Wynn Recently offered for sale through Ferrari
Axl Rose leader of band Guns N Roses
Don Huayra Mexican car collector

Here’s A Definitive List Of All The Lucky Owners:

The Ferrari 250 GTO is considered the most beautiful car of all time. It is without doubt the most expensive car ever auctioned. On the rare occasions that a 250 GTO is for sale, it will easily raise more than $ 20 million.

It wasn’t until last August that a 250 GTO set the world auction record when it sold for $ 38 million. That broke the previous record for $ 8.5 million (a 1954 Mercedes).

There are unconfirmed rumors that a secret Spanish collector paid $ 52 million for a GTO in a private sale in November 2013. $ 52 million. For a car. The GTO is basically like the Mona Lisa of cars.

Ferrari produced a total of 36,250 GTOs between 1962 and 1964. They were originally built to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other high-profile European races. Later models were sold to consumers at a base price of $18,500.

That is the equivalent of $ 145,000 today. Over the next several decades, GTO prices fluctuated from a record low of $ 2,500 in 1969 to $ 48,000 in 1975, $ 180,000 in 1980, $ 300,000 in 1983, $ 500,000 in 1984 to $ 650,000 in 1985 One year later, a GTO broke a million dollars for the first time. In 1989, a GTO sale broke $10 million for the first time.

Prices fell a bit in the early 1990s. Some sold for just $3 million before prices fell again in the early 2000s. Barring a catastrophic economic disaster much worse than 2008 or the Great Depression, you will likely never see a 250 GTO for less than $ 3.04 billion again. A 250 GTO is more likely to sell for $ 100 million in the next decade.

Series I vs. Series II - 330 GTO vs. 250 GTO

In our first version of this article, some readers pointed out that it was incorrect to say that Ferrari originally produced 39,250 GTOs and there are only 33 left. After doing some more research and contacting a friend who is an expert in these matters, it turns out that we were wrong. But when you hear the explanation you will understand how confused we were.

Ferrari initially produced 36,250 GTOs between 1962 and 1964. We originally said that Ferrari produced 33. The confusion lies in the distinction between 250 Series I and Series II GTOs. Ferrari produced 33 Series I and three Series II. The three GTO 250 Series II were produced in 1964 and had a different design, as well as an improved chassis and engine.

The three Series II GTOs that are missing from the list below have chassis numbers 5571GT, 5573GT, and 5575GT. Interestingly, the # 5571GT currently belongs to Bruce McCaw, brother of Craig McCaw (owner of car number 6 on the list below).

Chassis no. 5575GT is owned by Rob Walton (owner of car number 9 listed below). The Series II chassis # 5573GT belongs to someone named Pierre Bardinon whom we have not yet been able to investigate.

To make this even more confusing, sometime in 1964, three of the original 250 Series I GTOs were returned to the factory and rebuilt as Series II models. These three are chassis numbers # 3413 (car number 3 on this list), # 4091 (car number 22 on this list), and # 4399 (car number 14 on this list).

And to make things even more confusing, Ferrari also produced a car called the 330 GTO in 1964, which had the same body and chassis as the 250 GTO, but a different engine.

A total of three 330 GTOs were produced, but the first 330 was scrapped from the factory to build the second, so technically there are only two 330 GTOs left in the world.

If you add it all up, 39 cars were made that would look almost identical to what we all call the Ferrari 250 GTO. Since the factory dismantled one of the 330, only 38 remained. These 38 today consist of:

30 cars from series I

cars 3 from series II

cars 3 from series I that have become series II

2330 GTO

So who are the 33 lucky ones that are today the original Ferrari 250 owns a series? I GTO? And how did they get rich enough to be able to afford the most valuable car in the world? Below is a detailed list of everything that is known about these incredibly lucky and wealthy current Ferrari 250 GTO owners.

Some more fun facts: 18 of the 33 cars are in the US Four of them are in California alone. Four are also in England. Almost three are in their home country, Italy. An incredibly lucky collector owns TWO 250 GTOs, so technically there are 32 individual owners of the 33 cars.

1. Chassis #: 3223GT

Owner: Joseph M. Barone and Vanessa Wong, Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Not much is known about the owners of the 250 GTO chassis # 3223GT. We know their names and they paid $10.6 million for the car in November 2004. Historically, this car’s most famous achievement was winning the 1966 Daytona 24-hour race.

Joseph Barone carefully restored the car for several years after purchasing it in 2004. The car won several awards at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2011, including the “Most Stylish Sports Car” award.

2. Chassis number: 3387GT

Owner: Bernard Carl, Washington DC

Bernard J. Carl started out as a real estate attorney. He made a name for himself in finance in the late 1980s after becoming one of Wall Street’s leading experts on mortgage-backed securities. He worked for the Solomon Brothers before joining Texas billionaire Robert M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Ferrari owned by?

The Ferrari belongs to former Microsoft President Jon Shirley. The weekend also saw strong sales at Italian car auctions, mostly Ferraris and cars with Hollywood ancestry.

Q2. Is Ferrari owned by Fiat?

Ferrari has been a part of Fiat since 1969, when Fiat acquired a 50 percent stake in the automaker. It is one of the two luxury brands owned by Fiat, the other being Maserati

Q3. Did Fiat buy Ferrari?

The Fiat Chrysler group eventually gave up direct control of Ferrari, a company it bought in 1969. The group recently sold its 80 percent stake in the Italian cult brand.

Q4. Who is the manufacturer of Ferrari?

Ferrari (/ forəˈrɑːri /; Italian: [ferˈraːri]) is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars based in Maranello. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 from Alfa Romeo’s racing division as Auto Avio Costruzioni, the company built its first car in 1940.

Q5. How reliable is Ferrari?

Cars are a series of tradeoffs limited by size and ease of use. High-performance cars tend to go fast and keep the driver alive. Ferrari is more reliable than it used to be, but it doesn’t top the reliability charts.

Q6. How many cars does Ferrari make a year?

While this may seem like a pretty slow pace, keep in mind that part of Ferrari’s charm is its exclusivity. Of all its models, the company only produces around 8,500 cars a year.

Q7. How much does it cost to rent a Ferrari?

Ferrari rental prices 2020/2021 Italy. Ferrari Portofino € 950 (1 day rental); € 5,230 (7-day rental) Ferrari F8 Tributo € 2,150 (1-day rental); € 9,750 (7-day rental) Ferrari 488 Pista € 2,010 (1-day rental); € 11,420 (7-day rental) Ferrari GTC4Lusso € 1,350 (1-day rental); € 6,340 (7-day rental)

Q8. What is the average price of a Ferrari?

Prices from $ 256,550. The drooling 488GTB 0, the latest in a long line of mid-engined Ferraris, is an exotic two-seater worth celebrating with a poster on your bedroom wall.

Q9. How can I contact the owner of a Ferrari?

You can email the customer service team at customerservice@owners.ferrari.com or call one of the toll-free numbers at 8779337727 or 87793377274. Was this content helpful to you? Thank you for your comments!

Q10. Is it possible to get a loan for a Ferrari?

Ferrari has been manufacturing luxury sports cars since 1940. If you want to add one to your collection, you can choose between financing through a luxury car loan provider or directly through an authorized dealer. How can I finance a Ferrari? Due to Ferrari’s high prices, you will need a luxury car loan to buy one.


Ferrari has proven to be a well-known and sought-after car brand with a passionate history. However, over time, various misunderstandings about its owners have been discussed. So it is a great pleasure to express the impeccable track record and impressive account of who owns Ferrari.

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Who owns Ferrari : Piero Ferrari. The largest single stockholder of Ferrari these days is Exor NV a corporation controlled by the descendants of Giovanni Agnelli.

Who owns Ferrari?

Who owns Ferrari
The largest single stockholder of Ferrari these days is Exor NV, a corporation controlled by the descendants of Giovanni Agnelli, one of all the founders of Fiat. Piero Ferrari retains his 10% stake. Marchionne was president and chief operating officer till his death in July 2018. The manufacturing business continues to be headquartered in Maranello, Italy.

Ferrari is an Italian associate manufacturer of luxury sports cars and a completely synonymous with sex appeal, Rossa Corsa (or the color “Rosso Corsa” and therefore the horse logo. Ferrari is currently a public company and remains active in motorsport.

Ferrari was based by Enzo Ferrari, a driver, and contractor who founded the Scuderia Ferrari in Modena, Italy, in 1929 to produce race cars for Alfa lovers. In 1938, Alfa Romeo integrated its athletics business in-house, and Ferrari ran the new racing department - for a brief time. Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo in 1939 and founded the car Avio Costruzioni, which created tools till 1940 once Ferrari produced a race car, the Tipo 815. Several years later, in 1943, Ferrari affected its headquarters associated with its industrial plant in Maranello.

Ferrari wasn’t technically a car manufacturer until Enzo Ferrari oversubscribed cars below its name in 1947, when the primary Ferrari-branded road car, a hundred twenty-five S., was completed.

Ownership History:

The car was founded by Enzo Ferrari, an Italian automaker, designer, and racing driver, in 1939. Enzo Ferrari worked as a test driver for a small company before working with Alfa Romeo, designing his first car.

During his employment with the Alfa Romeo company, he formed a racing team called Scuderia Ferrari, the official racing team of Alfa Romeo. Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo to found the now renowned automobile brand, which he named Ferrari SpA a few years later. The company designed its first cars and quickly rose to fame for its speed and uniqueness.

Does Fiat own Ferrari?

No. Fiat SpA has controlled the Ferrari company for more than fifty years; people have to get confused. But there is a history of partial ownership available to the shares. In 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold fifty percent of the shares to Fiat SpA. In 1988, Ferrari extended its right with a 90% stake in the company Ferrari SpA.

Did not extent Full ownership of the company to Fiat, although the 90% agreement lasted until 2014. Fiat announced and initiated the process of separating from Ferrari SpA.

During the separation process, Exor NV was established as a holding company of Ferrari SpA, while Fiat sold its share of ownership. Fiat had owned many Ferrari SpAs for many years, but Enzo Ferrari held 10% of his company, preventing him from fully owning. Fiat sold its stake in Ferrari SpA and distributed 80% of its shares to its shareholders.

What is Ford’s connection to Ferrari ownership?

In 1963, after Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari SpA, Henry Ford personally met Enzo Ferrari with a business proposal to acquire Ferrari SpA. The asset review began, and the proposal progressed until Enzo Ferrari realized that signing the deal would not maintain his position as head of the Ferrari racing team.

As a result, the deal was canceled, and Enzo withdrew. In 1969, Enzo Ferrari sold half of his stake in a better deal to Fiat SpA.

Does his own Ferrari public?

Yes, after the split and separating Fiat from the Ferrari group, from January 2016, Ferrari became an independent state-owned company. Currently, the public owns the most significant shares of Ferrari. It is estimated at 67.09%.

Exor N.V. As of the owner of Ferrari:

The second-largest owner of Ferrari and the company’s largest shareholder is Exor N.V., a Dutch holding company with an exciting history of ownership dating back to the 20th century. Exor NV is a company run by the direct descendants of one of the founders of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli. Exor NV was recently ranked 24th largest global group with a net worth of $ 24 billion.

Who is Pierro Ferrari?

Pierro Lardi Ferrari is the second son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari and thus the owner of Ferrari. He’s a flush senior citizen graduate, sole shareholder, living heir to Enzo Ferrari and his mistress, Lina Lardi.

As a result of he being the illegitimate son of the manufacturer, he will in no method be concerned about his father’s business at the time. Finally legalized, Pierro had the chance to be the heir of Ferrari Spa. Since childhood, Pierro Ferrari graduated in Engineering from the Fermo Corni Institute in Modena in 1964.

He collaborates with his father to superintend the assembly of road cars—associate certification Organizer of the Department of Sports. On the death of his father in 1988, Pierro Ferrari became V.P. of Ferrari Spa.

In 1998, the capital of South Dakota, Ferrari became president of Piaggio Aero Engineering and obtained the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro in 2004. The importance of possession spends 10% of the company’s shares. As a result, he owns the tiniest stakes within the business that solely account for a 3rd of its $ four billion web value.

Piero Ferrari Net Price:

$ 4.2 billion Piero Ferrari on the Internet: Piero Ferrari is associated with Italian bourgeois with a web value of $ four.2 billion.

Today Ferrari generates around four billion dollars a year. . Ferrari went public in October 2015. After the last public offer, Piero was officially converted into a paper loan. Ferrari’s share value more than tripled between 2015 and the Gregorian calendar month of 2019, after Piero’s net worth was $ 3.5 billion.

Piero Ferrari was born in 1945 in Castelvetro di Modena, a rustic of the European that Piero, the second and solely living son of Enzo Ferrari, owns 100 percent of the Ferrari company and along holds the position of company V.P.

He couldn’t be recognized as a member of the Ferrari family till his father’s death, and he married Laura in 1978 when a divorce. She was a criminal in a very country born to her father’s lover, Lina Lardi.

Piero began operating along with his father because he was the head of the automotive road production and the organizer of the athletics department. His father’s death in 1998, Ferrari became President of Piaggio Aero Engineering.

In 2004 he won the title Cavaliere del Lavoro and was coupled to Floriana Nalin, with whom he has children and some grandchildren. In 2003 Ferrari SpA had sales of U.S. $ 2.3 billion.


Today Ferrari generates around four billion bucks a year. . Ferrari went public in the Gregorian calendar month of 2015. when the last public supply, Piero was formally born-again into a paper loan. Ferrari’s share worth quite tripled between 2015 and, therefore, the New Style calendar month of 2019, when Piero’s web value was $ three billion.

Early years of Piero:

Piero Ferrari is that the son of Enzo Ferrari and his mistress, Lina Lardi (19112006). Enzo met Lina in the late Nineteen Thirties whereas performing at Carrozzerie Orlandi, a body looks in Modena. Shortly when, and continuing their relationship till Ferrari died in 1988.

As divorce was smuggled in the Italian Republic till 1975, Piero couldn’t be recognized as a member of the Ferrari family till his death. Enzo’s ex-wife, Laura, in 1978. In 1990, she de jure modified her name from Piero Lardi Ferrari to Piero Ferrari.

In 1998, Ferrari allied with José Di Mase and purchased Piaggio Aero Engineering with the concept of Piaggio back to its roots as a designer and builder of business craft. Ferrari is called president. He resigned in 2015 once he oversubscribed the last one with 95% of his shares to Mubadala Development Company.

The association tested prospering as Ferrari persuaded Mubadala to become the title sponsor of the Ferrari Formula One team the subsequent year.

Ferrari is additionally president of HPE spheroid ■■■■■, an organization he supported in 1998 to supply high-end engineering services within the mechanical sector. In 2009, HPE nonheritable spheroid ■■■■■, a producing company founded in 1985, specializing in high exactness production of niche volumes and prototypes.

Following Ferrari’s commercialism on Gregorian calendar month twenty-one, 2015, its 100 percent stake was valued at $ 1 billion. On Apr twenty-eight, 2016, he joined the Ferretti cluster with thirteen.2% of the shares.

In 2019, he was graded by Forbes at variety 838 on the list of World Billionaires with a web value of $ three.1 billion. Also, in 2019, he nonheritable the primary mega yacht designed by Riva, the 50m “RACE,” that launched the new superyacht division of the Ferretti cluster.

As of Apr 2020, he was graded by Forbes at variety 680 on the planet Billionaires List with a web value of $ three.4 billion. In Gregorian calendar month 2020, its stake in Ferrari expanded to ten.23%.


In Gregorian calendar month 2021, he was graded by Forbes at variety 705 on the list of world billionaires with a web value of $ four.7 billion.

Does Ferrari own Maserati?

The relationship between the Ferrari and Maserati is attention-grabbing. Once Enzo Ferrari was still driving the Scuderia Ferrari, his auto racing game was a challenger of Maserati.

The two-car brands were celebrated to be rivals. Within the Nineties, rescript nonheritable Maserati and oversubscribed five-hundredths of its shares to Ferrari. Then rescript had the management of the Ferrari complete even supposing it had been not liable for its producing activity. Ferrari took full control of the Maserati production method in 1999.

They Created New developments. However, a replacement works for the corporate to interchange the recent works. Ferrari introduced new models through Maserati, like the Maserati car, Maserati Synder, and Maserati Quattroporte. Most of those cars used the Ferrari engine. Because of a recent announcement, Ferrari has stopped activity cars for Maserati. Ferrari created Maserati, its luxury division, and in 2002 us became one amongst the most critical markets for Maserati.


In 2005, rescript SpA separated Maserati from Ferrari to hitch Alfa lover. Ferrari doesn’t own Maserati. He controlled the corporate for six years and provided its engines for several years. However, Ferrari doesn’t own Maserati.

Did Ford attempt to get Ferrari?

Yes. In 1963, an industrialist created a business proposal to Enzo Ferrari to shop for Ferrari SpA. some years after Enzo Ferrari established the corporate and became fashionable with its distinctive automotive models.

The industrialist company designed automotive trucks among alternative models and felt Ferrari SpA would be an excellent addition to their business. However, whereas the shopping for the method was current, Enzo Ferrari withdrew from the deal, even supposing industrialists took management of Ferrari SpA.'s leader. Then canceled the contract, and Enzo Ferrari then created a suitable trot-out rescript. Yes, Ford tried to shop for Ferrari SpA in 1963. However, it is worth failing as a result of Enzo Ferrari canceling the agreement.

Why is Ferrari so famous?

Why is Ferrari so famous
Ferrari could be a vehicle corporation of Italian origin. Supported by Enzo Ferrari, a manufacturing business and designer, in 1939, the corporate has perpetually been celebrated for manufacturing sports cars and trams famed for their incredible speed luxurious refinement. It’s one of the foremost big-ticket cars ever oversubscribed. Every corporate model is expensive and has top-notch options that have rival alternative automotive brands.

What is the Scuderia Ferrari?

Scuderia Ferrari is a racing division of Ferrari, an Italian car brand. Its full name is Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow, and it is based in Maranello, Italy. As for its logo, the racing team is also known as Il Cavallino Rampante. he competes in Formula 1 races and is known for his speed and winning nature. Enzo Ferarri founded it in 1929 while working for Alfa Romeo.

He is said to have competed in 1016 races and won 238 victories. It has participated in all the world championships since the Formula 1 season of 1950. It is the most successful and longest-running racing team known for its important achievements outside of Formula 1, such as:

  • Championship World Sports Car
  • Sebring 12 Hour
  • Bathurst 12 Hour
  • 24 Hour Spa

Current models:

In the 1950s and 1960s, customers often personalized their vehicles as they left the factory. This philosophy adds to the mystique of the brand. Every Ferrari that comes out of Maranello is built to the specifications of the individual customer. In this sense, each vehicle is the unique result of the desire of a specific customer.

Ferrari formalized this concept with its previous Carrozzeria Scaglietti program. The options offered here were more typical, like racing seats, reversing cameras, and other special equipment. At the end of 2011, Ferrari announced a significant update to this philosophy.

The Tailor-Made program allows customers to work with Maranello designers to make decisions every step of the way. Almost any upholstery, exterior color, or interior material is possible through this program. The program continues the original tradition and emphasizes the idea that each car is unique.

The 1984 288 GTO can be considered the first in Ferrari’s line of supercars. This pedigree stretches from the Enzo Ferrari to the LaFerrari. In February 2019, at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show, Ferrari unveiled its latest mid-engined V8 supercar, the Tributo F8.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the first Ferrari to have the PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) architecture which sees the internal combustion engine integrated into three electric motors, two of which are independent and positioned on the front axle, the third at the between the engine and the gearbox.

Concept automobiles and specials:

Ferrari made a series of thought cars admire the Mythos. Whereas a number of them were pretty radical (like the Modulo) and were ne’er meant for production, others just like the Mythos featured rhetorical cues that later incorporated into production models.

The foremost recent concept car produced by Ferrari itself was the Millechili of 2010. Some distinctive, unique versions of Ferrari road cars were produced, commissioned from bodybuilders by affluent owners. Recent examples are the P4 / five and also the 412 Kappa.

Biofuel and Hybrid Cars:
Associate degree ethanol-powered F430 Spider was on show at the 2008 Detroit motor vehicle Show. At the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari disclosed a hybrid version of its 599 flagships. Known as the "HY-KERS conception, "the Ferrari hybrid system adds quite a hundred H.P. additionally to the 612 horsepower of the 599 Fiorano.


From the Nineties on, Italian athletics cars from Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and later Ferrari and Abarth were (and typically still are) painted in “Rosso Corsa.” It had been the same old Italian national racing color, as counseled between the two world wars by the organizations that might later become the FIA.

It refers to the status of the racing team, not that of the auto manufacturer or driver. During this diagram, French cars registered as Bugatti were blue, German like automotive vehicle Union and Mercedes white (since 1934 additionally in blank silver metal), and British inexperienced like Lotus and BRM within the mid-1960s.

For example, Ferrari won the 1964 world championship with John Surtees competitive the last two races in North America with cars painted in the colors of the Yankee race in white and blue, as these weren’t entered by the Italian house itself, however by the North with the bottom of the Yankee team of the Yankee athletics Team.


This was done to protest Ferrari’s discussions and the Italian racing authorities concerning the homologation of a replacement Ferrari mid-engine racing car.

Corporate Affairs:

In 1963, Enzo Ferrari was contacted by the Ford Motor Company for a possible purchase. Ford verified Ferrari’s assets, but Ferrari’s negotiations and legal talks were unilaterally halted when it realized that Ford’s proposed deal would not allow it to remain at the head of the racing program. The company.

Henry Ford II then headed his racing division to negotiate with Lotus, Lola, and Cooper to build a car that could beat Ferrari on the world endurance circuit, eventually leading to the Ford GT40 in 1964.

When The Ford deal failed, FIAT approached Ferrari with a more flexible proposal and bought control of the company in 1969. Enzo Ferrari retained a 10% stake, which is currently owned by his son Piero Lardi Ferrari.

Ferrari has an in-house merchandising line that authorizes many Ferrari branded products, including glasses, pens, pencils, electronics, perfumes, cologne, clothing, bicycle bikes. High tech, watches, cell phones, and laptops.


Ferrari also operates a museum, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, which exhibits road and racing cars and other objects from the company’s history.

Formula Men Program:

In 1997, Ferrari embarked on a long-term planned effort to improve overall company efficiency, production, and employee happiness. The program was called Formula Uomo and became a social sustainability case study.

Its full implementation took over ten years and included over € 200 million (2008) of investments.

Technical partnerships:

Ferrari has a long-standing relationship with Shell Oil. It is a technical partnership with Ferrari and Ducati to verify how to supply fuel and oils to Formula 1, MotoGP, and World Superbike athletics teams.

For example, developed Shell VPower premium hydrocarbon fuel. Thanks to Shell and Ferrari’s many years of technical experience.

Why Ferrari is worth more than some big automakers:

Maybe million-dollar sports cars can be suitable investments, even in tough economic times.

The market value of exotic Italian automaker Ferrari soared to $ 30 billion in May, surpassing the market values ​​of much larger automakers, such as Detroit-based General Motors, Ford, and even the former parent of Ferrari, FiatChrysler.

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has rocked economies and businesses around the world, investors seem to find the maker of high-end luxury sports cars a good bet.

The company has generous margins of around 24%, a strong racing heritage, and a worldwide brand image.

Its market capitalization is roughly three times the value of the approximately $ 11 billion that former Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne estimated before its IPO, which ended in 2016. At the time, some analysts thought it was worth about half of Marchionne’s estimate.

When Ferrari went public in 2015, its market value was $ 9.8 billion. Ferrari finalized the FCA spin-off in early 2016.

Marchionne believed Ferrari’s value would be primarily driven by its gold brand. Once said that the sale of cars was “almost incidental” to Ferrari’s deal.

The company has long put its mark on products such as clothing and watches. It even has its theme park in Abu Dhabi. But exploiting the brand to sell fashion or other products is risky, Ferrari admits. If Ferrari puts its iconic prancing horse logo on shoddy products, it could lose its premium image.


Analysts United Nations agency follow the corporate aforementioned it seems to require a disciplined approach to merchandise and thoroughly selected partners and inventory. As an example, Ferrari teamed up with high-end Italian tailor Giorgio Armani in 2019.

Who is that the wealthiest manufacturer in the world in 2021?

Toyota is that the most helpful manufacturer within the business. Toyota has overtaken Mercedes-Benz to become the world’s most valued manufacturer. Additionally, Toyota is today the wealthiest manufacturer in the world.

Toyota is the most valuable automaker in the business. Toyota has overtaken Mercedes-Benz to become the world’s most valued automaker. In addition, Toyota is nowadays the richest automaker in the world.

Toyota is now the most expensive automaker in society.
Toyota defeats Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes Benz tops the list.

Toyota topped Mercedes-Benz in the list of the world’s most valuable auto brands, making it the wealthiest automaker in the world. The value of the Toyota brand increased from $ 0.58,076 million in 2020 to हजार 59.479 million. According to the 2021 Auto Industry List, let’s find out about the five wealthiest automakers in the world and their brand value:


Toyota is currently the foremost big-ticket manufacturer in society. Toyota defeats Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes Benz first-rate the list. Toyota lidded Mercedes-Benz within the list of the world’s most valuable motor vehicle brands, creating it the wealthiest manufacturer in the world. The worth of the Toyota whole inflated from $ zero.58,076 million in 2020 to fifty-nine.479 million. In keeping with the 2021 motor vehicle trade List, let’s verify concerning the five wealthiest automakers within the world and their fundamental value:

1. Toyota is that the most prosperous motor vehicle company:
Toyota first-rate the list of the wealthiest motor vehicle corporations within the world. The corporate overtook Mercedes-Benz to become the world’s largest manufacturer.

2. Mercedes Benz:
Mercedes Benz
The company’s total whole worth fell to fifty-eight 225 million in 2021. Last year, Mercedes-Benz had an entire wealth of sixty-five. 041 million in 2020.

3. Volkswagen:
the worth of the Volkswagen whole inflated in 2021 and currently stands at forty-seven.020 million. So, last year, in 2020, the company’s entire cost was $ thirty-three 000,897 million.

4. BMW:
BMW is recognized globally for its luxury cars and registered the whole worth of this company at forty,000,447 million in 2021. Thus, last year, BMW had an entire wealth of forty,483 million.

5. Porsche:
The worth of the Porsche whole conjointly inflated in 2021. With 34,326 million in 2021, the corporate managed to enter the highest 5. So, last year, in 2020, the worth of the Porsche whole was $ thirty-three million.


Who owns Ferrari- Piero Ferrari is lxxv years recent and is that the only living heir of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari. He ab initio became a wealthy person once the luxurious sports company went public in 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: United Nations agency owns Ferrari now?

A: Who owns Ferrari- Piero Ferrari. Ferrari’s most significant single stockholder nowadays is Exor American state, an organization controlled by the descendants of Giovanni Agnelli, one amongst the founders of order. Piero Ferrari retains his 100 percent stake. Marchionne was president and business executive till his death in July 2018. The manufacturer continues to be headquartered in Maranello, Italy.

Q2: what quantity is Enzo Ferrari worth?

A: the corporate has calculable that the Enzo can price between $ 6 and $ 2.9 million. Sold it for $ a pair of.6 million. That is a hefty add for automotive, despite however you inspect it.

Q3: what’s Ferrari for?

A: $ thirty billion. Perhaps million-dollar sports cars will be direct investment, even in robust economic times. The market price of exotic Italian manufacturer Ferrari hit $ thirty billion in could, surpassing the market values ​​of many larger automakers, like General Motors, Ford, and even Ferrari’s former parent company order Chrysler.

Q4: Is Mr. Ferrari still alive?

A: Ferrari died on August fourteen, 1988, in Maranello at the age of ninety. He attended the launch of the Ferrari F40 shortly before his death, to which he was dedicated as a logo of his exploits. In 2002, he launched the primary automotive connected, his name beneath the name Enzo Ferrari.

Q5: However rich is that the Ferrari family?

A: The Ferrari heir is calculable at around $ one billion.

Q6: United Nations agency owns Bugatti now?

A: Volkswagen cluster. When quite twenty years of possession by the Volkswagen cluster, Bugatti is currently within the hands of Rimac, which acquires fifty-fifth of the capital of the French whole. However, the Volkswagen cluster’s fans needn’t worry because the German giant’s Porsche contains a forty-fifth stake within the young Bugatti Rimac.

Q7: will Ferrari own Maserati?

A: Those days square measure getting ready to finish. Each Maserati since 2002 contains a Ferrari-built engine beneath the hood. It derives from an order that ceded the management of Maserati to Ferrari within the Nineties. However, Maserati has come beneath the control of order Chrysler (FCA), associated with Ferrari, was split in commerce in 2015.

Q8: Why square measure Ferraris red?

A: One specific shade of red comes out of the Ferrari color shade catalog: Rosso Corsa, that interprets as “Racing Red.” The logical thinking is clear: Red represents Ferrari’s lifeblood as a historic international color for Italian cars.

Q9: United Nations agency owns the foremost Ferraris within the world?

A: yank automotive collector Mr. Phil Bachman has collected as several as forty Ferraris (most in his favorite yellow color) over the past thirty years, creating his assortment one amongst the most significant Ferrari collections within the world.

Q10: what’s the Ferrari logo?

A: Prancing horse. The prancing horse (Italian: prancing horse, virtually “prancing horse”) symbolizes Ferrari’s Italian carmaker and its sports division, Scuderia Ferrari. Initially, the character was employed by WWI pilot Francesco Baracca in his plane.


Who owns Ferrari? Ferrari owns by Exor NV Company. Exor NV, a business managed by heirs of Giovanni Agnelli, one of Fiat’s founding founders, is Ferrari’s biggest single stakeholder today. Piero Ferrari still owns 10% of the company.


History of Ferrari Ownership

Name Ferrari
Company EXOR
CEO John Elkann
Founder Giovanni Agnelli
Founded 1927
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Subsidiary Ferrari S.P.A

In addition to the prancing horse insignia, Rossa Corsa (the color “racing red”) and the Ferrari name are connected with sex appeal, luxury, and sex appeal. As a publicly traded corporation, Ferrari continues to compete in the world of racing.

Scuderia Ferrari was created in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, a racing driver, and entrepreneur, to provide racing vehicles to Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo’s racing business was moved in-house in 1938, and Ferrari ran the new racing department for a brief period.

For the next two decades, Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa Romeo before founding Auto Avio Costruzioni, a company that manufactured tools until the company created its first racing vehicle, the Tipo 815. It wasn’t until 1943 that the headquarters and factory of Ferrari were relocated to Maranello.

Until 1947, when Enzo Ferrari began selling vehicles under his name, Ferrari was not officially recognized as an automobile manufacturer.

Who is Pierro Ferrari?

The second son of Enzo Ferrari and owner of Ferrari, Pierro Lardi Ferrari, is named Pierro Lardi Ferrari Seventy-year-old millionaire Enzo Ferrari’s mistress Lina Lardi’s only heir is him.

He couldn’t have worked in his father’s firm back then since he was an illegitimate son. Furthermore, divorce was prohibited in Italy at the time, thus he couldn’t be considered a member of the family.

When divorce became legal in 1978, Pierro had a shot at inheriting Ferrari spA. Pierro Ferrari was fascinated with mechanics since he was a boy, and in 1964 he graduated from the Fermo Corni Institute in Modena with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He assisted his father in supervising the manufacture of automobiles for the road. Later, he became the head of the automobile racing department’s organizing committee. Pierro Ferrari became Vice President of Ferrari Spa after his father’s death in 1988.

Pierre Ferrari was named Piaggio Aero Engineering’s president in 1998 and subsequently received the Cavaliere del Lavoro medal in 2004 for his efforts. When his father died, he inherited his father’s 10 percent stake in the firm and its importance. As a result, he controls just a third of the firm, which is worth 4 billion dollars.

Who Owned Ferrari Previously?

Enzo Ferrari’s life story is worthy of a film, and so is the ownership history of this racing and sports car company.

The current owners of Ferrari are as follows:

Shareholders % of Shares
Exor N.V. 24.05%
Mr. Piero Ferrari 10.23%
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 4.33%
BlackRock, Inc. 3.85%
Other public shareholders 57.54
Total Shares 100 %

Since its inception, Ferrari has been under the stewardship of Alfa Romeo. Scuderia Ferrari was the racing section of Alfa Romeo commanded by Enzo. This sparked a lifelong ambition for Enzo to design and build his automobiles. However, it wasn’t until the conclusion of World War II that he began to pursue his goal.

These are the most significant ownership changes from 1947 through 2021.

ferrari ownership

Enzo’s Sole Period of Ownership (1947-1969)

First, Enzo had a property that might be used for his automobile plant in 1947. For his first business venture, Ferrari was the only name he gave it. When he bought the business in 1947, he remained its sole proprietor until he died in 1969. Enzo built some of his most beautiful cars during this period, including the 166MM and the 1967 330 P4.

After 22 years of private ownership, tiny vehicle manufacturers began to feel the strain of large companies like Ford and Fiat, while dominating racing tracks and enjoying considerable commercial success. It was time to move on to the next phase of the project.

Fiat’s acquisition of 50% (1969-1988)

To add spice to the story, Ferrari sold a 50% stake in the firm to Fiat immediately after the unsuccessful discussions with Ford. Some have even speculated that Enzo never intended to sell the firm to Ford in the first place but rather did so to raise the price at which the company would subsequently be sold to Fiat. Fiat, on the other hand, was keen to acquire the business to have access to its engines. The Fiat Dino was subsequently powered with a Ferrari engine.

This move by Fiat allowed Enzo to retain control of his racing operation while still receiving a substantial financial windfall.

When Ferrari was sold to Fiat, it also gained access to Fiat’s components, which were being developed and manufactured. Their automobiles were able to reach new heights because of Fiat’s electronics (these were expensive to develop and manufacture). The electronics made by Fiat were not the most dependable on the market, and as a result, Ferraris of this period had several technical problems.

Fiat’s 90:10 Ownership Ratio (1988-2005)

In 1988, when Enzo Ferrari passed away, Ferrari was already regarded as one of the world’s most famous sports car manufacturers. The famous F40 was the last "Enzo certified" car.

Fiat substantially up their stake in the firm now that Enzo was gone. They acquired an additional 40% of the firm, bringing their total ownership to 90%. Piero, Enzo’s second son, received the remaining ten percent of the estate.

The F50 and the F355 Berlinetta were among the company’s most stunning creations during this period.

The 5 Percent of Mubadala’s Years (2005-2010)

Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi investment organization, sought to purchase 5% of Mediobanca in 2005. (an Italian Merchant Bank). Fiat was now listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a component of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). They agreed to the 5 percent sale since the business was difficult at the time. Only one stipulation was placed on the sale. They might repurchase the remaining 5% of shares at any time.

At the end of 2005, FCA made 114 million euros on the sale of its 5% stake. When Mubadala bought a share in Fiat Group SpA in 2010, it had an option to purchase it back.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne indicated that he wants to purchase back the 5% interest to restore the company’s original 90% shareholding.

The Return of Italian Ownership (2010-2015)

After the FCA Group purchased back the 5% of shares they sold to Mubadala, the firm was once again owned by Italians.

During this time, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was looking to focus on an ambitious expansion plan, but it required financial support.

Stand-Alone Company (2015-2016)

FCA stated in October 2015 that Ferrari S.p.A. will be separated from the FCA Group.

To ensure the 2014-2018 Business Plan and proceed toward maximizing the value of their companies for their shareholders, Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA, indicated that pursuing a different route for Ferrari was necessary.

The Agnelli family, FCA’s largest stakeholder, kept a link between the two corporations. Around 25 percent of Fiat was held by the Agnellis, who are descendants of the company’s founder, Giovanni Agnelli.


You can see that the corporation has undergone several ownership changes throughout the years. In terms of who owns Ferrari currently, considering that the firm is no longer privately held and is publicly listed, you too might own a piece of it.

Who Is the Current Owner of Ferrari?

Currently, Ferrari N.V. is an independent holding company, which was established on January 3rd, 2016. It was formed in the Netherlands and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the ticker “RACE.”

Ferrari was valued at $9 billion and had a P/E ratio of 33 when it went public. The first public offering of FCA stock issued 17,175,000 shares or around 9% of the company’s total share capital. It was sold to FCA stockholders for the remaining 80% of what FCA held.

Even though it had a rough start to life on the New York Stock Exchange, it has subsequently returned quite successfully, with prices rising more than 450 percent since it hit its low point in early 2016.

What is Ford’s Relationship to Ferrari’s Ownership?

Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari spA in 1963, and Henry Ford visited with Enzo Ferrari directly to present him with a business proposition to acquire the company.

Here are some interesting facts about Ford’s relationship to Ferrari’s ownership:

  • During the auditing of Ferrari’s assets, Enzo Ferrari understood that accepting the transaction would not enable him to continue his job as the racing team’s chief executive officer.

  • Thus, the agreement was nullified, and Enzo withdrew as a consequence of that fact.

  • Enzo Ferrari sold a superior deal to Fiat SpA in 1969 for half of his company’s shares.

  • A proposal to buy Ferrari spA from Enzo Ferrari was made by Henry Ford to the latter in 1963.

  • Enzo Ferrari had launched the firm a few years earlier and it had already become well-known for its distinctive automobile models.

  • Car and truck manufacturer Henry Ford felt the Ferrari spA would be a great addition to its lineup.

  • Enzo Ferrari withdrew from the agreement when Henry Ford was auditing the Ferrari spA, even though the acquisition process was ongoing.

  • Having come to terms with the fact that he would no longer be in charge of the Scuderia Ferrari team, he decided to resign.

  • As a result, the agreement was scrapped, and Enzo Ferrari went on to strike a better deal with Fiat.

  • In 1963, Ford attempted to acquire Ferrari spA, but Enzo Ferrari called off the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to Ferrari owner:

1. Who owns Ferrari right now?

Exor NV, a business managed by heirs of Giovanni Agnelli, one of Fiat’s founding founders, is Ferrari’s biggest single stakeholder today. Piero Ferrari still owns 10% of the company. until his death in July 2018, Marchionne served as chairman and CEO. Maranello, Italy, is still the headquarters of Ferrari.

2. Is FIAT a shareholder in Ferrari?

Shares in Ferrari are now being traded on the Italian stock market after Fiat Chrysler Group dispersed its 80 percent ownership in the supercar maker over the weekend. However, the Agnelli family, who created Fiat, still holds 24 percent of Ferrari’s equity.

3. Ferrari and Lamborghini are owned by who?

More automobiles are being sold than ever before by Lamborghini as a part of the Volkswagen Group (which includes Audi, Porsche, Bentley, and others). With just three models in production (the Urus, Huracan, and Aventador), there is currently a lack of variety.

4. Is Maserati owned by Ferrari?

Ferrari. Fiat, Maserati’s arch-rival, sold a 50% stake in the firm to Ferrari in July 1997. (Ferrari itself being owned by FIAT). Until 1999, Maserati was owned and operated by Ferrari. It was replaced with a new plant, which was erected in the 1940s.

5. Is there a single person that has the most Ferraris?

Mr. Phil Bachman, an American vehicle collector, has acquired an incredible 40 Ferraris in the last 30 years, making his collection one of the greatest in the world.

6. Who is the new owner of Bugatti?

Porsche and Rimac Group have formed a combine venture called Bugatti Rimac to manage the Bugatti and Rimac automobile brands. Porsche, a part of the Volkswagen Group, controls 45 percent of the new Bugatti Rimac venture, while Rimac Group owns the other 55 percent.

7. McLaren is owned by which company?

Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, the Kingdom of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, is now the biggest stakeholder in the McLaren Group. Bahrain’s royal family has a majority stake in McLaren, yet it is still a publicly traded firm.

8. Why does Lamborghini exist?

About the Volkswagen group, it owns several well-known automobile brands. A controlling stake in the Audi, Scania, and Porsche brands is presently held by Volkswagen; it also owns Skoda Auto, Lamborghini, and Ducati.

9. Mercedes-Benz is owned by whom?

Daimler AG, also known as the Daimler Group, owns the Mercedes-Benz Corporation. Daimler, even though Mercedes-Benz is their most well-known company, produces a broad variety of high-quality vehicles, buses, and motorbikes.

10. Where is Bugatti manufactured?

In 1998, Volkswagen Group acquired the Bugatti brand name and constructed a new manufacturing plant in Molsheim, France, the ancestral home of Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti has relaunched itself as a luxury automobile manufacturer with the support of one of the world’s top manufacturers, just as it did in the early 20th century.


It’s safe to say that Ferrari is a highly sought after and well-known car brand with a fascinating past. However, there have been several myths concerning its owners throughout the years. Ferrari owners have a long and distinguished history, and it’s a joy to share this information.

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