Definition of Severally:

  1. Exclusively, separately, singly, or solely: a severally-owned property is owned by one entity only, and being severally responsible for a debt or obligation is to be solely-responsible for its payment or satisfaction. See also jointly and severally.

  2. Separately or individually; each in turn.

  3. Many times; repeatedly.

Synonyms of Severally

Adrift, Alone, Apart, Apart from, Apiece, Aside from, Asunder, Away from, By itself, Distributively, Diversely, Each, Each to each, Even stephen, Exclusively, Fifty-fifty, Half-and-half, In equal shares, In proportion, In the abstract, In the singular, In twain, In two, Independently, Individually, Manifoldly, Multifariously, Once, One by one, Particularly, Per annum, Per capita, Per se, Piecemeal, Pro rata, Proportionately, Respectively, Separately, Single-handedly, Singly, Singularly, Sundrily, Variously, Separately, Individually, Singly, Discretely

How to use Severally in a sentence?

  1. I asked her severally if she was okay and she said she was fine.
  2. It was a severally owned place, which meant that he was the only owner and all of us would need permission from him to do business.
  3. You must make sure that everything you do is legit and above ground when you severally own a company and are the figurehead.
  4. If you are ever severally the owner then you must make sure that nothing bad happens or it is all on you.
  5. The partners are jointly and severally liable.

Meaning of Severally & Severally Definition