3.50 – 4.0 GHz clockwise speed is considered as a good processor speed. Cores have a major role to speed up the processor, the more the cores higher would be the speed. Both works together to build an efficient good speed processor.

What is a processor

A processor is the backbone of the central processing unit (CPU) and the CPU is the brain of the computer. It is a metallic chip that is being penetrated in the CPU and controls all the action that has been given as an instruction to the computer from an external data source. All the calculations are performed by the processor also in its task include showing the result as output. The modern processor can perform trillions of calculations and other tasks at the same time.

Most of the devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, and other hand-held devices contain processors. in all devices, the main function of the processor is to interpret million and trillions of calculations at the same time and display it as a user interface.

Arithmetic logic and control unit (CU) which are count as processor, measures capability in terms of the following:

  • Ability to process instructions at a given time
  • Maximum number of bits/instructions
  • Relative clock speed

When we give any instruction to the computer such as open an application or change any file, the processor interprets the operating system or software’s instruction. Either fast or slow, the operation conducted by the processor depends upon its speed. The capability of the processor has a great impact on processor speed and a good speed processor runs operation smoothly than a slow processor.

What is a good processor speed?

A clock speed between 3.50 to 4.2 GHz is considered to be a good processor speed, but it is important to have a single thread performance.

Single thread performance means that the amount of work completed by some software in a certain amount of time and runs as a single stream of instructions.

Why processor speed is important?

The modern world is so fast, everyone wants their work as quickly as possible as well as, as much as it can at the same time. A normal speed processor or slow speed processor can take more time to interpret any task that is unbothered for a person who has a bulk of work. in this context, a good speed processor is very important.

As I identified above, a good processor speed is 3.50 to 4.2 GHz, but the question arises here is this speed is the solution to all the problems or it can handle multiple tasks quickly that is being happened in the processor?

The answer is yes, high processor speed is required for gaming. Clockwise speed 3.50 to 4.2 GHz of a processor is considered to be a good speed processor for gaming however, good single-thread performance has its importance. This means that your computer does a good job of completing and understanding a single task.

What does clockwise speed mean?

The clockwise speed of the processor means that the processor can execute an instruction or read and write data with every time the clocks tick. GHz is the unit that is directly referred to as clockwise so, GHz speed of processor means internal clockwise processor speed.

Another thing that increases the processor speed significantly and that is the core. The core can be more than one in the processor; it means that the more the no is processor higher will be the speed of the processor. But if both the core and the processor have the same function then how can we differentiate between them in terms of their functions. Now we see the difference between the core and processor of the CPU.

Difference between processor and core

We all have heard about core I5, i7, i9, etc. cores are being updated with time and it becomes advanced to advanced day by day. If we talk about the difference between cores and the processor then the first thing that needs to be cleared is cores and processors are not a part of each other. Cores are the part of the processor or you can say that cores are itself processor. As the number of core increases, the speed of the processor also increases.

How much information can a computer be received at a time is determined by the processor core and clock speed? Both work together to speed up the processor.

Processor core vs. clock speed

Processor cores and clock speed are two different things and have different functions however when they work together they achieve the same goal and that speeds up the processor. everyone wants a good speed processor although on what thing you should emphasize or we can say that on what part we spend more depends upon the purpose of use.

Like, if we buy a computer or laptop for gaming purposes then the requirement of processor speed is different of if we buy for general purposes or just for browsing on the internet, the requirement would be different.

If we differentiate between them in the list then it could be written as:

Processor cores Processor clock speed
It is an individual processing unit and receives information from a single computing task. Processor clock speed determines how quickly the CPU retrieves or interpret information or instruction.
High no of processor cores means that it can receive and done multiple tasks rapidly High clock speed means that the single task can be done more quickly.
More numbers of core processor allow you to perform multiple tasks, means that it can increase the productivity of your work. Clock speed is measured in GHz, higher GHz means high clock speed that leads to complete the task more rapidly and the user doesn’t need to wait on the interface.
High-end games and heavy software can be conducted easily because of processor cores. Games can also be played easily in a good clock speed processor.

How to choose between more processor cores or a higher speed clock?

  • After knowing all about cores and clock speed we come to an end that if a person has to work on multiple tasks at the same time then he/she should go for a core processor.
  • if a person has no use like this and he only needs to complete one or two tasks rapidly with any wait then he/she should go for a high-speed processor that is also known as a high clock speed processor with one or two cores.

Laptop vs. desktop (whose processor speed is good)

The laptop is small in size and convenient for mobility, as its size its machine is small and doesn’t contain the power like a desktop has. Regarding processor speed of both, here we see the difference between laptop and desktop which are as follows.

Laptop Desktop
When it comes to processors, laptops tend to have less power and flexibility. Because of their robust hardware, desktops have more power and flexibility.
In terms of the core processor, laptops are not easy to upgrade as much for the requirement. Desktops has more space in chasses, that makes it easily upgradable in terms of core processor as much for the requirement
As evolution, laptops are upgraded and multiple core processors are introduced in laptops, like quad-core, octa-core, etc. that helps run heavy software easily in laptops. On the desktop, as I mention above the internal clock speed and core processor can be upgraded easily so, it can run any intensive task and multiple tasks at the same time more easily than a laptop.

Summary: now your confusion might be clear by reading the above article, I further clarify this in some words, if you want to do the intensive heavy task on your computing device and also you need to upgrade it with time then go for a desktop. If your work is not that intensive and you need mobility then go for laptops.

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Processors for a different purpose

Here is the list of different purposes for which a processor is needed to be given below.

Processor for gaming purpose

To discuss in deep gaming processor, we just need to evaluate time. Time changes rapidly, here the word “time” means that evaluation or the change from which we all are gone through.

In old times, gaming was not much advanced. I remember we paly Mario which was considered a complicated game. On mobile phones we used to play Snake game, Sudoku or puzzle, etc. as time changes gaming becomes advanced and requires a good processor speed.

If your passion is gaming then you need a quad-core processor like the intel i7-875OH featured in HP OMEN 15- INCH gaming laptop. it is an impressive device that has 6 core processor that allows you to experience a quality display with respond to the gaming technique with unparallel agility.

3.5GHz – 4.0 GHz processor speed is considered a good speed for gaming purposes, but to complete a task efficiently CPU needs good single-thread performance. If you are confusing between a single thread and multiple core processors then let me clear you.

What is the difference between a single-thread processor and a multiple-core processor?

Single thread performance means the ability of the CPU to complete one task efficiently without being late and multiple core processor means that the computing device does multiple tasks efficiently at the same time.

If a CPU has good processor speed but no efficiency in single-thread performance then the speed of completing a task would below.

Use of a processor for everyday purpose

If your daily basis task is not intensive and you just need for a normal purpose like typing, checking e-mails or so, then a dual-core processor is good enough for you.

HP14z laptop is a computing device with a dual-core processor that can handle all your daily tasks efficiently and you don’t need to think about clock speed because for daily purposes it doesn’t matter.

However, if your task includes video editing or graphics then you need a good processor as well as clock speed. HP Z Book 15inch mobile work station with 6 core processors can help you in all these demanding tasks.

Processor for high-performance computing task

The high-performance task includes extremely complex and data-intensive programs. Often researchers, engineers, and military or government are the user of high performing tasks.

To perform such kind of task like continue using multiple software as well as enter data at the same time requires high core processor CPU with good clock speed.

Processor for immersive computing and virtual reality

Similar to gaming augmented reality and virtual reality rely on high-quality graphics, audio, and navigational features. To feel like you’re experiencing a new reality, it’s essential to have a multi-core processor with high clock speeds.


  • if you are running multiple applications with complex games then go for 6 core or even 8 core processor and good clock speed.
  • If your usage is just for daily purposes then a dual-core processor is good enough for you.
  • If your work is video editing with gaming then go for a 4.0 GHz processor.

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If you have further queries related to the topic then this section will help to clear it.

1. How does GHz affect processor speed?

The internal clock speed of the processor is measured in GHz. High GHz means high processor clock speed, it directly affects the application speed and works completing the process. If a processor has a good clock speed then you can run applications, software, and games smoothly and fast.

2. Is 1.8 GHz processor fast speed?

The rate at which the processor can complete its processing cycle is called clock speed. It can be measured in two units, gigahertz, and megahertz. If we compare the processor of 9MHz and 1.8 GHz then the 1.8 GHz processor clock speed is twice than 9 MHz however, it doesn’t mean that speed is twice faster than 9MHz.

3. What’s more important RAM or processor?

RAM is essentially the core of any computer or smartphone and in most cases, more is always better. RAM is as significant as the processor. The right amount of RAM on your smartphone or computer optimizes performance and the ability to support various types of software.

4. What makes a computer run fast?

Processor or CPU, cache, RAM, bus speed, hard drive, GPU, latest software and operating system, all these things combine to make a fast running computer.

5. What files can I delete to speed up my computer?

Temporary files like internet history, cookies, and caches take up a ton of space on your hard disk. Deleting them frees up valuable space on your hard disk and speeds up your computer.


If you are thinking to buy a new processor then this article will help you to take a good decision. A good processor speed depends upon its cores and clock speed. Multiple cores help the computer or laptop to run multiple applications and games at the same time. The clock speed of a processor helps to complete the task more efficiently without being late.

Both have their importance in their places, they work together to complete and run multiple tasks or high performing task efficiently. What you need to buy either a good speed processor desktop or laptop depends upon the criteria of work and mobility.

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What is a good processor speed? What is a processor and what is the good processor speed for desktop and laptop computers? In this reply, I will cover all these answers.

The processor also known as CPU is the main component of computer hardware that allows your computer to communicate with all programs and applications installed on your computer.

The processor, also known as CPU, can complete all tasks which you request when you open an application. The processor may affect your use since it can perform slowly or quickly depending on the processor you are using. So it is very important to know good processor speed for your computer. Let’s take a look at some information about clock speeds and CPU cores.

What are clock speed and processor?

Clock speed and processors are two different elements of CPU, but they work towards and rely on each other to maximize computer processor speed to benefit computer performance.

The job of the processor is to provide appropriate output and to receive input. It gets information from a single computing task, along with clock speed to faster process the information and for some time store it in the RAM and the permanent information is saved on the disk drive.

The quickness of clock speed decides how fast the CPU can interpret and retrieve instructions, this helps the CPU to do more tasks. Clock speed is always measured in GHz. The clock will be faster if the value of GHz is larger.

The best way to understand processor speed is just thought if you have to tell thousands of people about how to do their work, the faster you tell them the faster to do their job. Chips or computer processors work in the same fashion.

Earlier before the 2000s, the processors were very slow that you could just do one task at a time. Today in the era of modern technology there are faster processors to run programs, playing games, movies, and other things at magical speed.

Relation of the processor with other computer components

Your processor also interacts with other components of the computer, such as a hard drive and RAM. Because these components together make your computer faster, a slow hard drive makes your computer slow even if you have a good processor installed, and also if you have a good processor and hard drive and your RAM is less, so this also makes your computer slower. It is very important to make a good balance if you want your computer to run faster. If your RAM writes and reads data faster, this will make your computer faster.

What is good processor speed for gaming

The PC is considered as one of the best and most popular platforms for gaming, as consoles have become complex. When purchasing a pc to play games it is very important to buy a good processor. What you should look at in a computer processor depends on what type of games you want to play and on what graphic quality suits you the best.

Processor choices

Most of the notebook and desktop processors are made by AMD and Intel. AMD’s processors include Phenom, Athlon, Turion, and Sempron. The Intel processors include Celeron, Pentium, core2, Core i3, and Core i7.

Types of gamers

Before getting a processor for your PC, it is good to take wise moments to choose what type of gamer you are. Those who generally play casual games, like web browser games, so their processor speed doesn’t matter much.

Processor speed is important for those who love to play shooting games, classic adventure games, and emulated console games. Processor speed is also good for those who loved to play new 3D games.

Difference Between Desktop and Laptop

As laptop processors are getting more powerful day by day. Adding higher frequencies and more boost. There is quite a substantial difference between a laptop processor and a Desktop.

So, what are the key differences between desktop and laptop processors? The main difference between processors is their performance.

Let’s take a good set of processors as a prime example. An I7 8700K on the side, and one i7 8750H on the laptop side. With twelve threads both processors have six.

In short, the desktop 8700k is an average 30 faster than the laptop 8750H, across a range of tasks.

Differences Between Desktop and Laptop Processor

Now you are thinking, why is there such a good difference between the two? Well to name a few reasons.

  1. There are more cooling headrooms desktop processors.
  2. It can draw more power to the desktop processor.
  3. There are more cores to the desktop processor.
  4. Various clock speeds.

There are more cooling headroom in the desktop processor

A desktop is cooled by a cooler which has more than twice the cooling capacity as compared to laptop cooling systems.

Even low-end cooling systems are greater than laptop cooling systems.


A desktop pc is permanently attached with 110-volt for its power. This continuous amount of power allows the use of quicker CPU chips. On other hand, a laptop runs on a battery, which means that power is limited in duration and amount. Traditional CPU’s were designed to be canny, which means they had to run it at low speed.


Your CPU produces more heat as it gets faster. Your CPU needs more heat as it gets hotter. The best thing there’s, to reduce processor heat they have gone to great lengths.

Can we use a desktop processor in a laptop?

No, you cannot use a desktop processor in a laptop, there is no way of doing that. The logic behind it is the main difference between desktop and laptop processors in shape and size. The working of desktop and laptop difference is also different.

Can we use a laptop processor on a desktop?

One doesn’t prefer to put a laptop processor on a desktop, but there is a special case. If any laptop is not mended with the motherboard, and it is placed with the help of a socket, then with the use of a lever, you can easily take off the processor.