Definition of Function:

  1. Steps taken by the device, service or result provider. Its function is more or less fixed, while the goals (which indicate the intention or purpose) usually change. For example, the hammer's job is to aim at something around it when the hammer has the goal in mind (what to hit and why).

  2. An activity or purpose that is natural or intended for a person or purpose.

  3. Mathematics: A mathematical relationship in which a quantity (dependent variable) depends or is determined by another quantity (independent variable) or quantity. Let the dependent variable act as an independent variable. When something happens or happens to a free variable or a variable, it depends on the variable. For example, expenses are a function of revenue and, for an employee, revenue is a function of two variables: hourly wages and number of working hours.

  4. Formal or large-scale social events or celebrations.

  5. Relationships or expressions involving one or more variables.

  6. You are working or working in a proper or determined manner.

  7. View trade event.

  8. Something that depends on one or more factors.

Synonyms of Function

Institution, Nisus, Acting, Take effect, Officiate, Religious ceremony, Act as, Syntactics, Working, Construction modifier, Convocation, Affair, Word arrangement, Syntax, Performance, Effect, Prospectus, Order of worship, Mission, Desideratum, Cutting, Use, Occupation, Motive, Appositive, Be effective, Liturgy, Activism, Doing, Formality, Operations, Work as, Banquet, Part, Province, Party, Matter, Commencement, Celebration, Sake, Desideration, Go, Solemnization, Concernment, Role, Office, Sacrament, Have effect, Ceremonial, Deep structure, Perk, Commission, Formulary, Role, Underlying structure, Swing, Assignment, Ambition, Counsel, Be operative, Ceremony, Be in action, Gala, Study, Indirect object, Move, Concern, Qualifier, Purpose, Operational purpose, Surface structure, Inaugural, Rite of passage, Use, Enterprise, Affairs, Behave, Play, Work, Tick, Be in running order, Levels, Striving, Task, Do duty, Operate, Responsibility, Project, Filler, Idea, Thing, Slot, Action, Proceed, Meaning, Ordinance, Business, Gathering, Labor, Gathering, End use, Empty formality, Rite de passage, Soirée, Lookout, Complement, Militate, Point, Be in working order, Design, Immediate purpose, Formula, Perform, Phrase structure, Object, Intention, Tagmeme, Ritual, Undertaking, Raison detre, Form-function unit, Outcome, Perform, Goal, Syntactic analysis, Reception, Fixed purpose, Percolate, Exercises, Attribute, Ranks, IC analysis, Be in action, Mind, Place, Movements, Will, Consequence, Corollary, Employ, Jamboree, Holy rite, Solemnity, Ritual observance, Run, Intent, Immediate constituent analysis, Functioning, Ramification, Capacity, Work, Mode of worship, Purpose, Have free play, Baccalaureate service, Go, Activities, Structure, Resolution, Task, Reception, Affair, Workings, Character, Make, Initiation, Chore, Animus, Commerce, Ultimate purpose, Objective, Intendment, Direct object, Behavior, Sacramental, Practice, Modifier, Resolve, Occasion, Operate, Form of worship, Inauguration, Party, Run, Perform as, Attributive, Determination, Target, Duty, Graduation exercises, Event, Activity, Exercise, Service, Plan, Prescribed form, Formal, Shallow structure, Aim, Serve, Observance, Interest, Form, Slot and filler, Celebration, Concomitant, Bag, Position, Rite, Have play, Result, Predicate, Dinner, Mystery, Graduation, Praxis, Occasion, Strata, Mummery, Act, Desire, View, Aspiration, Job, Operation, Social event, Employment, Proposal, Gala, Mark, Faculty, Syntactic structure, Rituality, Word order, Social occasion, Subject

How to use Function in a sentence?

  1. Between the two bones of the knee joint is cartilage and a thick fluid that acts as a lubricant when we move our legs.
  2. Your heart is working normally.
  3. Class shamelessness is a work of social power.
  4. He is bound to take part in party functions.
  5. Bridges are used to provide access to water.
  6. Function (bx + c)
  7. In most offices, breakrooms or office kitchens should serve as a social center and rest area for employees during the day.
  8. Professor Xiao proved to his calculus students that equality would not work without a proper formula.

Meaning of Function & Function Definition