Definition of Data:

  1. Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.

  2. Computers: Symbols or signals that are input, stored, and processed by a computer, for output as usable information.

  3. Information in raw or unorganized form (such as alphabets, numbers, or symbols) that refer to, or represent, conditions, ideas, or objects. Data is limitless and present everywhere in the universe. See also information and knowledge.

Synonyms of Data

Facts, Figures, Statistics, Details, Particulars, Specifics, Features, ALGOL, COBOL, FORTRAN, Festschrift, A priori principle, Account, Acquaintance, Affirmation, Alphabetic data, Alphanumeric code, Ana, Angular data, Announcement, Anthology, Apriorism, Aquarium, Assembler, Assertion, Assumed position, Assumption, Axiom, Basis, Basis for belief, Binary digit, Binary scale, Binary system, Bit, Blue book, Body, Body of evidence, Brass tacks, Briefing, Bug, Bulletin, Byte, Categorical proposition, Chain of evidence, Chrestomathy, Clue, Collectanea, Collection, Command pulses, Commands, Communication, Communique, Compilation, Compiler, Computer code, Computer language, Computer program, Control signals, Controlled quantity, Corpus, Correcting signals, Datum, Details, Directory, Dispatch, Documentation, Enlightenment, Error, Error signals, Essential facts, Essentials, Evidence, Exhibit, Experience, Expertise, Fact, Facts, Factual base, Factual information, Familiarity, Familiarization, Feedback pulses, Feedback signals, Figures, Film data, First principles, Florilegium, Foundation, Fund, Gen, General information, Ground, Grounds, Grounds for belief, Guidebook, Handout, Hard information, Hexadecimal system, Holdings, Hypothesis, Hypothesis ad hoc, Incidental information, Indication, Info, Information, Input data, Input quantity, Instruction, Instructions, Intelligence, Intimacy, Item of evidence, Ken, Know-how, Knowing, Knowledge, Lemma, Library, Light, Machine language, Major premise, Manifestation, Mark, Material grounds, Materials, Matter, Menagerie, Mention, Message, Minor premise, Multiple messages, Muniments, Museum, Mute witness, Noise, Notice, Notification, Numeric data, Octal system, Oscillograph data, Output data, Output quantity, Philosopheme, Philosophical proposition, Piece of evidence, Play, Polar data, Position, Postulate, Postulation, Postulatum, Practical knowledge, Premise, Premises, Presentation, Presupposition, Private knowledge, Privity, Promotional material, Proof, Proposition, Propositional function, Publication, Publicity, Punch-card data, Random data, Ratio cognoscendi, Raw data, Reason to believe, Rectangular data, Reference quantity, Release, Relevant fact, Report, Ruly English, Self-knowledge, Sidelight, Sign, Signals, Single messages, Statement, Statistics, Sumption, Supposal, Symptom, Technic, Technics, Technique, Text, The data, The details, The dope, The facts, The goods, The information, The know, The particulars, The picture, The scoop, The score, The specifics, The whole story, Theorem, Thesis, Token, Transmission, Treasure, Truth table, Truth-function, Truth-value, Unorganized data, Visible-speech data, White book, White paper, Word, Zoo

How to use Data in a sentence?

  1. The scientist was anxious for the current experiment to be over so that he could compare the new data with previous results.
  2. There is very little data available.
  3. The short descriptions of Work Programs shown here only reflect the drilling component and not, for instance, seismic data acquisition.
  4. Life insurance companies use certain data , such as sex, age, and health to make their insurance rates applicable to each individual.

Meaning of Data & Data Definition