Definition of Data:

  1. Data and statistics are collected for reference or analysis.

  2. Computer: Signs or symbols that are entered, stored and processed by a computer can be deleted as useful information.

  3. Raw or incorrect information (such as letters, numbers, or symbols) relates to or represents situations, ideas, or objects. Data is unlimited and available in all parts of the universe. See also information and knowledge.

Synonyms of Data

Documentation, Bulletin, Mute witness, Instruction, Notification, Noise, Knowing, Festschrift, Relevant fact, Incidental information, Corpus, Thesis, Binary system, The information, Binary scale, Grounds for belief, Controlled quantity, Computer language, Correcting signals, Presentation, Self-knowledge, Premises, Computer program, Factual information, Theorem, Gen, Truth-function, Bug, Essential facts, Know-how, Directory, Statistics, Hexadecimal system, Proof, Binary digit, Features, Ruly English, Technics, Rectangular data, Ken, Muniments, Acquaintance, Manifestation, Hypothesis ad hoc, White book, Word, Token, Position, Anthology, Text, Basis, Unorganized data, The score, Expertise, Experience, Commands, Major premise, Body of evidence, Essentials, Briefing, The dope, The details, Info, Compilation, Library, Ana, Bit, Information, Holdings, Intimacy, Facts, Zoo, Publication, Postulation, Hard information, Compiler, Computer code, Mention, Ratio cognoscendi, Aquarium, Visible-speech data, Feedback pulses, Play, Minor premise, Multiple messages, Apriorism, Figures, Raw data, Hypothesis, Assumption, Alphabetic data, Report, Feedback signals, Command pulses, Message, Evidence, Practical knowledge, Technique, A priori principle, The facts, Details, Output quantity, Communication, The data, Grounds, Light, Familiarization, The whole story, Factual base, Florilegium, Reason to believe, Knowledge, Assertion, Menagerie, Release, Assembler, Treasure, Private knowledge, Body, Enlightenment, Museum, Instructions, Transmission, Punch-card data, Error, Matter, Familiarity, Polar data, Postulate, Communique, Single messages, The goods, Brass tacks, Postulatum, The picture, Numeric data, Categorical proposition, Clue, Machine language, Error signals, The know, Assumed position, Sidelight, Proposition, Promotional material, Input quantity, Technic, Indication, Oscillograph data, Handout, Byte, Exhibit, Dispatch, Materials, Blue book, Collectanea, Privity, Basis for belief, COBOL, Reference quantity, Ground, Statistics, Piece of evidence, Statement, Notice, Announcement, Guidebook, Mark, Axiom, Truth-value, Fact, Chain of evidence, Angular data, Premise, Propositional function, Account, Figures, The specifics, White paper, Chrestomathy, Philosophical proposition, Lemma, The scoop, Symptom, Datum, Collection, Intelligence, Details, Item of evidence, Publicity, ALGOL, Sumption, Random data, Particulars, Input data, Foundation, General information, Philosopheme, FORTRAN, Specifics, First principles, Material grounds, Supposal, Truth table, Affirmation, Output data, Signals, Octal system, Alphanumeric code, Sign, Film data, Facts, Control signals, Presupposition, The particulars, Fund

How to use Data in a sentence?

  1. Scientists want the current experiment to be complete so that new data can be compared with previous results.
  2. Very little data available.
  3. The brief description of the work program presented here only reflects the drilling component and not, for example, the acquisition of seismic data.
  4. Life insurance uses certain data such as gender, age and health so that insurance rates apply to everyone.

Meaning of Data & Data Definition

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