Definition of Processor:

  1. Microchip implanted in a CPUs hard drive that processes instructions sent to it by the computer and software programs. Processors come in a number of sizes and are manufactured by such corporations as Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. The greater the gigahertz capacity of the processor, the quicker the computer will be able to process instructions sent to it. Some corporations have developed a dual processor, which allows one processor to process multiple instructions at the same time without slowing down performance.

  2. A machine that processes something.

How to use Processor in a sentence?

  1. I�m going to Best Buy tomorrow to buy a new Intel processor for my computer, since the old one is too slow.
  2. The computers at work started freezing up and replacing them was out of the questions, so I decided to replace the processor with one higher in gigahertz which speed it up greatly.
  3. I wanted to buy the right kind of processor for my computer, so it would function very easily and smoothly.
  4. The processor overexposed the film.

Meaning of Processor & Processor Definition