Intel Tiger Lake processors and what to expect

Before going into the deep knowledge of “Intel Tiger Lake processors and what to expect” first, we must know about “what is Intel processor?”

Intel processor:

In the computer, another word for the processor is CPU. The CPU chip is manufactured by Intel refers to an x86- based CPU. It works on calculations, logical comparisons, external data sources, and by executing the simple instructions one at a time to sprint the whole computer and make up the computer program. Intel designs the high-performance processors for every operation for example for laptops, mobile devices, desktops, different servers, and IoT devices.

Intel first processor:

In 1971, Intel 4004, the first microprocessor was released. The different types of processors are Pentium, Itanium, embedded processor, microprocessors, DSP, and media processors.

Now we discuss the Intel Tiger Lake Processor:

Intel Tiger Lake processor:

Intel gave the codename “ Tiger Lake” for the eleventh generation of mobile processors Intel core perform well for gaming purposes and for some accommodate workflows. It is a 146% speed over AMD in streaming online games. They are designed by using the 3rd generation of Intel that is a 10 nm process node. It is based on the new Willow Cove Core microarchitecture and makes it commercially-available laptops.

Intel Xe graphics:

The Intel Xe technology gives an amazing surprise and promises to offer you twice the graphic performances and 68 percent boost over Ice Lake through this Intel Xe technology. The massive boost of graphic and quality performances over the Intel 11 generation graphics that exist in the lineup of 10th Gen which separate or replace the Intel Tiger Lake from its predecessors called 2019 ‘s ice lake which represents an Optimization step in Intel’s Architecture-Optimization Model through this technology. With that, Intel promises to give the gigantic improvements, no matter what kind of work you are doing.

Released date:

This processor was launched and introduced on 2 Sept 2020 and soon will available on Nov 2020. The Intel called it the new best processor for thin plus lightweight laptops. The title given is powerful and vicious and it will beat AMD in single-core performance. The product code is 80690.


It includes both dual and quad-core
• 9 W(7-15 W) TDP
• 15 W( 12-28W) TDP models.
The processor of Tiger Lake will give the multitasking and office productivity results and no doubt beat the AMD on the performance of single-core but loses on multi-core performances. Intel claims that this processor will design with good battery life improvements from Ice Lake processors. At 15 W, this system reaches an average score of 1,553. The average clock speed is 2.5 GHz.

Features/ models:

  1. Intel will vend and give the 9 initial varieties of Tiger Lake chips. Their range is from low-end-dual core i3 models and higher-end-quad core i5 and i7 models but it still opens the door for more processing cores.
    Processor Name/ CLASS Model Name Cores/ threads Base frequency
    ( GHz) Graphics

Processor Name/ CLASS Model Name Cores/ threads Base frequency
( GHz) Graphics

Core i7( UP3) 1185G7 4(8) 3 Iris Xe
Core i5(UP3) 1135G7 4(8) 2.4 Iris Xe
Core i3( UP3) 1115G4 2(4) 3 UHD Graphics
Core i7( UP4) 1160G7 4(8) 1.2 Iris Xe
Core i3 (UP4) 1110G4 2(4) 1.8 UHD Graphics

  1. In word processing, it is 32 percent faster than the Ice Lake processor and 24 percent speedy than Ryzen laptop chips of AMD. It is 49 percent high speed than Ice Lake in video editing and gives you an efficient, amazing, and outclass results with double speed than AMD.
  2. One more important and amazing feature is that the PCs of Tiger LAKE will support the latest Wi-Fi 6 for speedy, fast, and well-grounded networking purposes.
  3. It has a larger level two and level three caches( L2/L3). L2 has 1.25 MiB per core and the L3 cache is up to 12 MiB, shared having 10 nm transistors.


. They go straight to OEMs so we can not expect independent or sole pricing of this processor. The chip’s actual cost will never actually be paid by consumers hope so.
We expect to see the mind-blowing and marginal improvements in the real-world as Intel improves its 10-nanometer process with good battery life and other amazing features over the Ice lake processor.
AMD is the best choice for mid-level users while Intel gives the best chips with faster and efficient power for pro users and dominates AMD.

Frequently asked ques:

1. Is Tiger lake a 10nm?

Intel tiger comes with the large 10 nm Super Fine die based on Willow Cove processing cores and Xe LP graphics.

2. How many transistors are on i9?

7980xe are around 7 billion transistors and 7900x should be around 3.5 billion.


The mobile processor Intel Tiger lake has the fastest core of intel and has integrated features with great manufactures. Intel is actively working with its partners to build products to offer the best in performance. Their chips promise a big boost in also an integrated laptop.

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