Definition of Graphic:

  1. In the field of visual arts, mainly drawing, engraving or drawing.

  2. Provides a clear picture with clear details.

  3. Graphic elements that are displayed on the screen or stored as data.

  4. An image or representation of an object.

  5. Graphically or as

  6. A stone with a surface texture or designation that resembles a pitcher-like writing.

Synonyms of Graphic

Simulative, Visible, Symbolizing, Manifest, Cursive, Polychrome, Typifying, Representing, Monochrome, Descriptive, Graphoanalytic, Written, Drawn, Delineative, Detailed, Apish, Graphometric, Shorthand, Illustrational, Italic, Scriptural, Chirographic, Stylographic, Illustration, Representative, Uninhibited, Unmistakable, Realistic, Freehand, Distinct, Figurative, Vivid, Imitative, Incisive, Holograph, True to life, Faithful, Personifying, Image, Well-defined, Gory, Written, Italicized, Explicit, Incarnating, Expressive, Illustrative, Penned, Photographic, Clear, Pictographic, Pictorial, Expressive, Holographic, Punchy, Autographic, Visual, Picturesque, Well-drawn, Portraying, Expositive, Depictive, Imaginative, Lifelike, Graphologic, Explicit, Cogent, Inscribed, Manuscript, Representational, Painty, On paper, In writing, Meaningful, Striking, Naturalistic, Onomatopoeic, Embodying, Accurate, Mimetic, Perspicuous, Printed, Echoic, In writing, Telling, Running, Pictural, Powerful, Diagrammatic, Delineatory, Engrossed, Compelling, Drawn, Depictive, Autograph, Flowing, Visual, Longhand, Definite, In longhand, Convincing, Symbolic, Penciled, Picturable, Lucid, Diagrammatic, Illustrative, In shorthand, Ideographic, Picture, Precise, Mimish, Pictorial, Scenographic, Scumbled, Calligraphic, Detailed, Particular, Vivid, Forceful, Suggestive, Plain, Unambiguous, Clear-cut, Scriptorial, Limning, Delineative, Striking, Pastose

How to use Graphic in a sentence?

  1. His graphic work is solid.
  2. The main factors that affect the appearance of graphics on the web are the size of the file and the quality of the on-screen graphics.
  3. When analyzing data through graphical analysis, meaning zero noise is associated with a reduction in volume.
  4. He provided a pictorial description of the torture.
  5. Graphic granite is a regular development of quartz and field spar, which gives it an angular shape resembling a pitcher-like writing (hence, graphic, which means writing).

Meaning of Graphic & Graphic Definition

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