Definition of Graphic:

  1. Relating to visual art, especially involving drawing, engraving, or lettering.

  2. Giving a vivid picture with explicit detail.

  3. A graphical item displayed on a screen or stored as data.

  4. Image or visual representation of an item.

  5. Of or in the form of a graph.

  6. Of or denoting rocks having a surface texture resembling cuneiform writing.

Synonyms of Graphic

Accurate, Apish, Autograph, Autographic, Calligraphic, Chirographic, Clear, Clear-cut, Cogent, Compelling, Convincing, Cursive, Definite, Delineative, Delineatory, Depictive, Descriptive, Detailed, Diagrammatic, Distinct, Drawn, Echoic, Embodying, Engrossed, Explicit, Expositive, Expressive, Faithful, Figurative, Flowing, Freehand, Gory, Graphoanalytic, Graphologic, Graphometric, Holograph, Holographic, Ideographic, Illustrational, Illustrative, Imaginative, Imitative, In longhand, In shorthand, In writing, Incarnating, Incisive, Inscribed, Italic, Italicized, Lifelike, Limning, Longhand, Lucid, Manifest, Manuscript, Meaningful, Mimetic, Mimish, Monochrome, Naturalistic, On paper, Onomatopoeic, Painty, Particular, Pastose, Penciled, Penned, Personifying, Perspicuous, Photographic, Pictographic, Pictorial, Picturable, Pictural, Picturesque, Plain, Polychrome, Portraying, Precise, Printed, Realistic, Representational, Representative, Representing, Running, Scenographic, Scriptorial, Scriptural, Scumbled, Shorthand, Simulative, Striking, Stylographic, Suggestive, Symbolizing, Telling, True to life, Typifying, Unambiguous, Unmistakable, Visible, Visual, Vivid, Well-defined, Well-drawn, Written, Picture, Illustration, Image, Visual, Symbolic, Pictorial, Depictive, Illustrative, Diagrammatic, Drawn, Written, In writing, Delineative, Vivid, Explicit, Expressive, Detailed, Uninhibited, Striking, Forceful, Powerful, Punchy

How to use Graphic in a sentence?

  1. His mature graphic work.
  2. The main factors that influence the display of graphics for the Web, are the size of the file and the screen display quality of the graphic.
  3. Mean zero noise is associated with underestimation of distribution volumes when data are analyzed with graphic analysis.
  4. He gave a graphic description of the torture.
  5. Graphic granite is a regular intergrowth of quartz and feldspar that gives an angular appearance suggestive of cuneiform writing (whence graphic, which means writing).

Meaning of Graphic & Graphic Definition