Definition of Modernity:

  1. Characteristics of modern (post second World War) societies that have capitalistic economies and democratic political structures, and are highly industrialized and divided into social classes based on economic status. These characteristics include regular pattern of everyday life, urbanization, influx of women at all levels of employment and business, secular outlook, sexual freedom, sharp reduction in birth rate and death rate, centralized bureaucratic government, standardized education system, and pervasive use of technology specially in communications.

How to use Modernity in a sentence?

  1. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, artists moved toward modernity , abandoning traditions of their own culture for radical new ideas.
  2. We are people of modernity , we shall use this special time in history to make sense of the past and make a plan for going forward.
  3. When trying to decide which business path to take make sure to choose the one with modernity so that your product doesnt become obsolete.

Meaning of Modernity & Modernity Definition