Definition of Engineer:

  1. Someone who operates a railroad locomotive.

  2. Someone who is trained in the field of engineering, or someone who works closely with machines or engines. If you want to become an engineer, you could study mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or one of many other disciplines..

  3. A person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.

  4. Design and build (a machine or structure).

Synonyms of Engineer

Designer, Planner, Builder, Architect, Producer, Fabricator, Developer, Creator, Seabee, Accomplish, Achieve, Act, Aeronautical engineer, Agent, Agricultural engineer, Ancestors, Angle, Apprentice, Architect, Arrange, Artificer, Artist, Author, Automotive engineer, Be productive, Be responsible for, Begetter, Beginner, Brew, Bring about, Bring into being, Bring to fruition, Build, Builder, Cabal, Call the signals, Captain, Carry on, Cause, Ceramic engineer, Chemical engineer, Civil engineer, Clear, Clear the hurdle, Collude, Combat engineer, Come along, Come on, Command, Communications engineer, Complot, Conceiver, Concoct, Conduct, Conductor, Connive, Conspire, Construct, Constructor, Contrive, Contriver, Control, Cook up, Countermine, Counterplot, Craftsman, Creator, Cut the mustard, Designer, Develop, Devise, Deviser, Direct, Discoverer, Do, Driver, Effector, Effectuate, Electrical engineer, Electronics engineer, Engenderer, Engine driver, Engineman, Execute, Executor, Executrix, Father, Finagle, Finesse, Founder, Frame, Frame up, Fuel engineer, Functionary, Generator, Geological engineer, Gerrymander, Get along, Get by, Get on, Go on, Govern, Gripman, Grower, Hack it, Handle, Handler, Hatch, Hatch a plot, Hatch up, Head, Head up, Highway engineer, Hogger, Hoghead, Hydraulic engineer, Inaugurator, Industrial engineer, Industrialist, Industrialize, Initiator, Instigator, Institutor, Intrigue, Introducer, Invent, Inventor, Jockey, Journeyman, Lay a plot, Lead, Lead on, Machinate, Make, Make it, Make out, Make the grade, Make the rules, Maker, Manage, Manage somehow, Maneuver, Manipulate, Manipulator, Manufacturer, Marine engineer, Mass-produce, Master, Master craftsman, Mastermind, Mechanic, Mechanical engineer, Metallurgical engineer, Metallurgist, Military engineer, Mother, Motorman, Muddle through, Negotiate, Nuclear engineer, Officer, Operant, Operate, Operative, Operator, Order, Ordnance engineer, Organize, Organizer, Originate, Originator, Overproduce, Past master, Perform, Petroleum engineer, Pilot, Pioneer, Plan, Planner, Play games, Plot, Power engineer, Power-supply engineer, Precursor, Prescribe, Prime mover, Produce, Producer, Product engineer, Pull strings, Pull the strings, Put over, Put through, Quarterback, Radar engineer, Radio engineer, Raiser, Realize, Realizer, Regulate, Repairman, Rig, Rocket engineer, Run, Runner, Sanitary engineer, Sapper, Sapper and miner, Scheme, Scrape along, Set up, Shaper, Sire, Skipper, Smith, Steam engineer, Steersman, Succeed in, Swing, Swing the deal, Take command, Take the lead, Technician, Ventilation engineer, Volume-produce, Wangle, Water-supply engineer, Work, Worry along, Wright, Formulate, Form, Put together

How to use Engineer in a sentence?

  1. This is important to the engineers who design and build products, because it gives them a tool to determine what the future costs will be.
  2. The men who engineered the tunnel.

Meaning of Engineer & Engineer Definition