"You are always busy on your phone.” Every one of us has heard this or similar to this kind of sentence from our parents, grandparents, or someone else has an important part in our life. As we spend most of our time on a cell phone and using technology, a big scary question arises: are these devices bringing us closer or further apart?

Reasons why technology hurting the relationships


We are living in an era where everyone has a smartphone in their hand. We have the whole world in our hands now. Smartphones have given all of us the internet in our pockets. With a one-click, you can connect to the people living thousands of miles away from you or can access any information or website of your desire. Every smartphone user is glued to their mobile phones. Now we are connected to everyone electronically, busy messaging, browsing websites and chatting but not talking to the person sitting next to us. We are moving to singularity or isolation very rapidly.


A poll created by Pew Research Center in 2014 resulted that in relationship or marriage out of four, one mobile phone user found their partner involved in the phone too much and noted that their partner was distracted because of a cell phone. It was also concluded that out of ten, one has argued about the unreasonable use of cell phones from their partner. The arguments between most of the couples are due to excessive use of cell phones or technology.

Why is this so? The writer at the online essay writing service argued that this is because mobile phones and technology have been involved in our lives so much that living without it seems impossible. To some extent, it is true because technology is present everywhere around us in every walk of life. No doubt it has made our life so comfortable, but with these comforts, it also brings so many negative effects in our lives, especially in our relationships.

Technology or mobile phones were made part of our lives for connecting people, not for disconnecting them or bringing them apart from one another. In pre-digital days, people could not contact their loved ones when they are away from them, but as technology developed, relationships last over time and distance. But as more and more developments are made and it became available for the people despite connecting, it started disconnecting people.


Excessive use of social sites has resulted in a negative effect on mental health. A study held at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in which the researchers found that due to unnecessary and excessive use of social media and the internet, young ones, especially teenagers, are becoming depressed. They are always engaged in the cell phone, which is causing depression.


We are getting away from physical meeting the people, exploring the world by going outside, interacting with people, finding peace of nature and beauty. We are getting away from those sitting with your fellows and partner where there is a cup of coffee, gossiping, talking about the whole world, sharing experiences, and laughing freely. It could be said that we are slowly losing the real happiness of life.


As society adapts to a new path of contacts like email, instant messaging, and social media, there are also ways new technology scares to reveal important aspects of how people relate and connect personally. People are likely to connect electronically than physically, and those who are physically together are that much busy that we don’t have time to talk to them, ask them whether they are fine or not if they are facing any kind of problem or is there life is going well or not. Even we don’t have time to give them a smile. One of the main reasons for mental problems is the excessive use of technology. We are so much involved in all this stuff that we are ignoring the real world and happiness. Talking to your partner is the key principle for developing understanding.


The new technologies are changing the whole dynamics of the world. New technologies are bringing new forms of communication through which people can connect rapidly, but on the other hand, these technologies are bringing negative impacts on our values, destroying our boundaries. Modern technologies have also transformed how couples communicate and get connected.

Texting (messages containing sexual content) and some similar kinds of content are now very common in a relationship nowadays, especially in adults. Although everyone is much aware of the danger and negative aspects of the internet but increasing the interest of youngsters in pornography or browsing similar websites or content can be easily seen.


Digital abuse is also becoming common due to an increase in the usage of technology and social media. The partners in a relationship stalk and check each other on their social media accounts and try to control and dictate what to do, what to post, and whom they can talk to or become friends of. They have imposed their own security rules and barriers for their partner, which in other words is stealing the freedom of others.


This technological world has completely transformed our relationship. This transformation was closely observed during these COVID quarantine days. When we all were locked in our houses and realized that there is something lacking behind which is our interaction with each other and how far away we are from each other while living together. That family time and gossiping have gone somewhere. We have missed our happy souls.


Technologies made for people’s convenience, and the betterment of their connections and relationships are now transforming and negatively affecting our relationships. These new technologies are becoming the main reasons for the argument between the partners in a relationship. Nowadays, everyone has time to post on Facebook, Instagram, or tweet on Twitter or browsing a gaming website, but they are so busy spending some time with their partner or love once by putting their cell phones aside.