Definition of Performance:

  1. An action or process to perform or perform an action or process.

  2. Completion of assigned tasks in terms of specified standards of accuracy, integrity, cost and speed. In a contract, compliance is considered a duty, which exempts the actor from all obligations arising from the contract.

  3. Directing or performing a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.

Synonyms of Performance

Legato, Commencement, Show, Mimicking, Impersonation, Go, Farewell performance, Presentation, Thing done, Dispatch, Workings, Symphony concert, Pop concert, Ceremony, Promenade concert, Buffoonery, Demonstration, Rendering, Stunt, Overacting, Demeanor, Job, Ceremonial, Recital, Graduation exercises, Aping, Care, Debut, Perpetration, Dealings, Conducting, Feat, Observance, Music-making, Intonation, Liturgy, Dispatch, Completion, Works, Inauguration, Tryout, Proceeding, Direction, Popular concert, Expression, Gest, Acting, Personation, Effecting, Exercises, Business, Move, Acquittal, Execution, Execution, Implementation, Hand, Maneuver, Fait accompli, Thing, Swan song, Mission accomplished, Accordance, Effort, Conduct, Overproduction, Action, Handling, Acta, Empty formality, Premiere, Pantomime, Consummation, Running, Deed, Achievement, Fulfilment, Blow, Convocation, Slapstick, Formality, Vernissage, Step, Respect, Rite de passage, Retrospective, Accomplished fact, Personification, Manipulation, Rendition, Keeping, Heeding, Doings, Musical performance, Fruition, Stage presentation, Stage directions, Attainment, Characterization, Fingering, Musical program, Realization, Entertainment, Projection, Rite of passage, Administration, Agency, Enactment, Masquerade, Exhibit, Service of music, Theatrical performance, Exercise, Conformance, Baccalaureate service, Adherence, Playacting, Portrayal, Slur, Religious ceremony, Responsibility, Unveiling, Staging, Enterprise, Management, Pantomiming, Incarnation, Patter, Interpretation, Philharmonic concert, Act, Display, Rite, Stage business, Bill, Productiveness, Inaugural, Heed, Stroke, Philharmonic, Prom, Accomplishment, Office, Varnishing day, Staccato, Entertainment, Adventure, Play, Hokum, Benefit, Completion, Implementation, Tour de force, Dumb show, Carrying out, Celebration, Posing, Pops, Conformity, Gig, Operation, Working, Spiccato, Accomplishment, Exposure, Coup, Scene, Handiwork, Achievement, Performing, Fulfillment, Pizzicato, Showing, Behavior, Formal, Ritual, Presentment, Enacting, Passage, Acquittance, Function, Demilegato, Effectiveness, Parlando, Program of music, Doing, Taking a role, Endeavor, Cantando, Unfolding, Stage presence, Res gestae, Observation, Solemnity, Gag, Presentation, Work, Ostentation, Miming, Satisfaction, Ham, Rubato, Appearance, Mimesis, Service, Production, Exhibition, Opening, Hammy acting, Band concert, Mummery, Touch, Compliance, Carrying out, Functioning, Transaction, Deportment, Undertaking, Success, Efficacy, Commission, Imitation, Bringing to fruition, Mimicry, Production, Show, Driving, Practice, Showing, Hoke, Measure, Flesh show, Playing, Representation, Engagement, Exposition, Overt act, Steering, Act, Occupation, Unfoldment, Operancy, Embodiment, Effectuation, Discharge, Solemnization, Chamber concert, Glissando, Graduation, Concert, Repercussion, Program, Initiation, Turn, Mezzo staccato, Exploit, Conduct, Discharge, Pianism

How to use Performance in a sentence?

  1. Your performance is reviewed once a year and is based on the increments you receive.
  2. Performing a single task permanently reduces a person to the level of a machine.
  3. Don Giovanni first appeared in 1787.
  4. The new standard test, linked to the Common Core Standards, forces students to complete performance tasks rather than simply filling out bubbles and choosing the best answer.
  5. John's boss is going to his office to review his monthly performance, but he has been working hard for the last few weeks and he has no problem.

Meaning of Performance & Performance Definition

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