Definition of Advances:

  1. Make or cause to make progress.

  2. Lend (money) to (someone).

  3. Move forwards in a purposeful way.

  4. Sums paid or received before the fulfillment of an obligation, such as supply of goods or provision of services. See also advance.

  5. An amount of money paid before it is due or for work only partly completed.

  6. Done, sent, or supplied beforehand.

  7. A development or improvement.

  8. A forward movement.

  9. An approach made to someone with the aim of initiating sexual or amorous relations.

  10. Put forward (a theory or suggestion).

Synonyms of Advances

Promote, Further, Forward, Help, Aid, Assist, Facilitate, Boost, Strengthen, Improve, Make better, Benefit, Foster, Cultivate, Encourage, Support, Back, Sexual approaches, Overtures, Moves, Progress, Headway, Moving forward, Forward movement, Lend, Loan, Credit, Pay in advance, Supply on credit, Down payment, Advance against royalty, Deposit, Retainer, Prepayment, Front money, Money up front, Move forward, Proceed, Move along, Press on, Push on, Push forward, Make progress, Make headway, Forge on, Forge ahead, Gain ground, Approach, Come closer, Move closer, Move nearer, Draw nearer, Near, Preliminary, Leading, Forward, Foremost, At the fore, Sent ahead, Sent on ahead, First, Exploratory, Explorative, Pilot, Vanguard, Test, Trial, Breakthrough, Development, Step forward, Step in the right direction, Leap, Quantum leap, Find, Finding, Discovery, Invention, Success, Put forward, Present, Come up with, Submit, Suggest, Propose, Introduce, Put up, Offer, Proffer, Adduce, Moot

How to use Advances in a sentence?

  1. The rebels advance on Madrid was well under way.
  2. The author was paid a £250,000 advance.
  3. Advance notice.
  4. He advanced towards the dispatch box.
  5. The building society advanced them a loan.
  6. Her tutor made advances to her.
  7. Advances in engineering techniques.
  8. The hypothesis I wish to advance in this article.
  9. Our knowledge is advancing all the time.

Meaning of Advances & Advances Definition

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