Should I buy a gaming laptop or a gaming PC for High-End Games?

One of the main debates amongst the gaming community is whether a laptop or a PC is better for gaming. Those who prefer gaming laptops bring forth the pros of high-end gaming with portability. On the other hand, the devotees of gaming PCs mention the most prominent feature; that is upgradability. Here’s what you need to know when you want to choose between a gaming laptop and a gaming PC for high-end games:


If Core i7 gaming laptops are put to test against gaming PCs of a similar tier, PCs would be able to beat this because of the price difference. The ASUS ROG Strix scar 17, HP OMEN 15, Lenovo Legion 5, etc. are some choices that bring outstanding performance. On the other hand, you can get gaming PCs within less price than a laptop of a similar tier.

And when this is added with the upgradability option of the PCs, the choice becomes further evident. So if you’re on a budget, you would surely want to pick a Core i7 gaming PC instead of a laptop.


One perk with laptops is that even if you don’t get it ready for high-end gaming, you still have something that would keep gaming. Comparing a mid-range laptop and PC for gaming, picking a laptop would be the right choice since you get all in one setup. You get a display screen with at least 60 Hz refresh rate. Not to mention you would be able to take it anywhere, which is the primary plus point for gaming laptops. But then again, if you’re planning on playing high-end games, then there’s no point on playing on a dull 15” screen. Hence, a gaming PC takes the lead here as well.


This is where the final blow to gaming laptops can be made. PC enthusiasts claim that making a PC for gaming is much easier and cheaper than buying a laptop of high tiers. That being said gaming PCs such as HP OMEN 875, ASUS ROG Strix GT15, Lenovo Legion T730, etc. come with compelling specs, within a favourable price. Keeping the price of a gaming monitor in mind, which you’ll probably be getting even with the laptop, a PC would still prove an optimal choice for your gaming needs.

Upgradeability & Heat

There’s no denying it; gaming PCs are easier to upgrade and offer much better heat solution than gaming laptops. What if you’ve just purchased a laptop and the next version of the GPU that your laptop has is released after a week, you’d probably curse yourself for not waiting. That is why picking a gaming PC would be a favourable option for your needs since you don’t have to worry about upgrading the PC with the latest specs.

As for the heat issue, gaming laptops suffer from this the most. You can easily add liquid cooling and additional fans to a PC but can’t do such modification with a laptop.

Bottom Line

Playing high-end games means you’ll be needing high-end specs. A gaming laptop would come at double the cost of gaming PC with similar specs without upgrade options. So, if you’re finding an answer, then it’s better to go for a gaming PC instead of a gaming laptop. Not only it would come with better specs, but you’ll find it much cheaper and can upgrade it later as needed. You don’t even need to worry about portability since many PCs come in a compact size that you can carry. But obviously, you’ll be needing a complete setup, which isn’t a major issue.