Definition of Mobile:

  1. Able or willing to move easily or freely between occupations, places of residence, or social classes.

  2. Three-dimensional sculpture that has movable elements, such as a crib mobile with toys that move when the unit it turned on.

  3. Relating to mobile phones, handheld computers, and similar technology.

  4. A decorative structure that is suspended so as to turn freely in the air.

  5. Able to move or be moved freely or easily.

  6. Possessing the ability to move.

  7. Slang for cellular or mobile phone.

  8. The Internet as accessed via smartphones or other mobile devices, especially when regarded as a market sector.

Synonyms of Mobile

Able to adapt, Active, Adaptable, Adjustable, Agile, Alert, All-around, Alterable, Alterative, Ambidextrous, Ambulant, Ambulatory, Animated, Art object, Brainchild, Bric-a-brac, Bronze, Capricious, Cast, Changeable, Changeful, Checkered, Classic, Composition, Creation, Design, Driving, Ever-changing, Expressive, Facile, Fickle, Flexible, Fluid, Grotesque, Impelling, Impermanent, In motion, Inconstant, Kaleidoscopic, Kitsch, Liquid, Malleable, Many-sided, Marble, Master, Masterpiece, Masterwork, Mechanical, Mercurial, Metamorphic, Migrant, Modifiable, Motile, Motivational, Motive, Motor, Motorized, Movable, Moving, Museum piece, Mutable, Nimble, Nonuniform, Nude, Old master, Pasticcio, Pastiche, Permutable, Piece, Piece of virtu, Plastic, Portable, Propellant, Propelling, Protean, Proteiform, Quick, Resilient, Responsive, Rubbery, Sculpture, Sensitive, Stabile, Statue, Still life, Stirring, Study, Supple, Terra cotta, Transient, Transitional, Transitory, Transmigratory, Transportable, Traveling, Unfixed, Unsettled, Unstable, Unsteadfast, Unsteady, Variable, Versatile, Virtu, Work, Work of art, Able to move, Able to move around, Moving, Walking, Ambulant, Ambulatory, Adaptable, Flexible, Versatile, Changing, Fluid, Moving, On the move, Adjustable, Transplantable

How to use Mobile in a sentence?

  1. An increasingly mobile and polarized society.
  2. The website allowed you to work from your mobile phone which was a great idea and made finishing tasks easier and more convenient.
  3. I texted her the directions on my mobile , so I hope she understands how to get to the restaurant now.
  4. Brightly colored mobiles rotated from the ceiling.
  5. The next generation of mobile networks.
  6. Many people hope and plan to settle down in one place and make it a permanent home, but there are also more restless and adventurous people who prefer to stay mobile.
  7. He has a major weight problem and is not very mobile.

Meaning of Mobile & Mobile Definition