Definition of Computer:

  1. An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.

  2. General purpose machine, commonly consisting of digital circuitry, that accepts (inputs), stores, manipulates, and generates (outputs) data as numbers, text, graphics, voice, video files, or electrical signals, in accordance with instructions called a program.

Synonyms of Computer

IBM machine, IDA, Teleplotter, Telereader, Abacist, Accountant, Actuary, Adder, Analog computer, Analytical control unit, Analyzer, Bookkeeper, Calculator, Coder, Collator, Compiler, Computer hardware, Computer unit, Data processor, Decoder, Detector, Differential, Differential analyzer, Digital computer, Digital graph plotter, Divider, Electronic brain, Electronic computer, Estimator, Figurer, Hardware, Information machine, Integrator, Memory tubes, Multiplier, Phase discriminator, Position coder, Printer, Printing calculator, Receptor, Reckoner, Relay, Selective calculator, Selector, Statistician, Storage unit, Telecomputer, Thinking machine, Transmitter, Tristimulus computer

How to use Computer in a sentence?

  1. The laws were designed to prosecute people who hack into computers and steal information.
  2. Society has changed so much over the last 30 years and the use of computer has made businesses so much more efficient.
  3. The computer was vital tool that will always be a part of our business plan in earning profit quarter after quarter.
  4. I installed a new program on my computer that would make it a lot easier to download items fro the internet and that made me happy.

Meaning of Computer & Computer Definition

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