How to Contact Indian Celebrities for a Brand Endorsement?

We can see several people following celebrities and influencers. I, also a great fan of celebrities and their lifestyle. So, I keep an eye on them via Twitter, Instagram, etc. Likewise, there are so many people influenced by the work of celebrities and we Indians are a lot passionate about them. Indian celebrities indeed have a large fan base because of us.

How to Contact Indian Celebrities for a Brand Endorsement?

How to Contact Indian Celebrities?

Not only do we create a fan base for Indian celebrities, but we also want to contact them and reach them. A report from Google even showed a large number of peoples searched for the celebrity mobile numbers and the celebrity contact list. It is even more transparent that we want to interact with our tv celebrities. But, due to the uneven schedule and time management of these celebs, they are also failing to make communication with their followers. However, they keep them updated about everything via social media.

Since they are loved by so many peoples and they make a deep impact on them through their products, it is no wonder that many companies are taking them for brand promotion. They are using celebrities for marketing due to the trust bond shared with their followers. Nowadays, businesses are reaching their apex using celebrity brand ambassadors.

How to Contact Indian Celebrities

One of the best ways for any business to get a good market is to make a brand endorsement by celebrities. If you don’t know about the brand endorsement, then let me explain you this term first.

What is a brand endorsement?

The brand endorsement also known as celebrity endorsement is a way by which the celebrity becomes a spokesperson and explains the values and services offered by the brand. It is a method of mass communication by which the celebrities take their status and position to a different layer by claiming the brand. It is done so that the peoples having their trust in the celebrities will also trust the brand and its services.

This collaboration with celebrities has shown good results in marketing. For example, Manyavar, a clothing and apparel brand, collaborated with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma generated a great response in the market. There are competitors of this brand but due to an outstanding impact on the audience, Manyavar is working better than others for occasional outfits. Similar is the case of Kalyan Jewellers’ collaboration with Amitabh Bacchan.

Advantages of celebrity endorsement

Till now, you got a clear idea about what exactly the celebrity brand endorsement is? Now, it is the turn to mention some of the advantages related to it.

1. Impact of celebrity endorsement on sales: ‘Influencing’ is the most common term used whenever we speak about the brand endorsement. The audience follows someone is because of the trust they have. Imagine a celebrity endorsing weight loss products who have recently lost a lot of weight. No doubt, the peoples will go after the product thinking that if it worked on them, then I should also give it a try once.

2. Create awareness about the brand: Not only helpful in increasing sales, but brand endorsement also plays a pivotal role in creating awareness about the brand. Also, brand awareness is directly proportional to sales. More people get to know about the brand, more will use its services.

3. Positioning the brand: The brand position plays a crucial role in getting the relevant customers. It redirects the products to particular target customers whether it be depending on the age group, gender factor, or the location for promoting the brand. It helps in making the brand stand at a particular position in this competitive market.

4. Draw the attention of customers: Small businesses or start-ups need consumers to use their products and most of the time, they fail to generate new customers for them. Using a local celebrity will be the best remedy for this as these start-ups and businesses need to focus on the consumers of their competitive brands. So, using a local celebrity for this task will be the best option as people will find it more relatable to them and thereby end up their decision in trying it once.

Celebrities for a Brand Endorsement

5. Revitalize the brands that failed in the market: Using celebrities for brand promotion company will also help in uplifting the brand that is failing in the market. Imagine a product dropping from the market due to high competition and less profit. Sooner it launched its advertisement with a celebrity in it. We can see that a large audience group gets attracted towards it as the celebrity will draw the attention back towards the product.

Is hard to get Indian celebrities to endorse the product

Now, let me make this very clear that it is hard to get Indian celebrities to endorse the product or become a brand ambassador. Also, the charges are very high for collaborating with them. It also takes a lot of time to reach them. It becomes time-consuming because of the barrier or hurdle coming in between.

There are celebrity managers who look after the entire routine and handle the social media accounts of the celebs. So, first of all, it is needed to come in contact with them and ask for the arrangement to set up a meeting.

Contacting celebrity managers is also not everyone’s cup of tea. It is even ■■■■■■ to get in contact with celebrity managers. However, there is a way for convincing the glam world to endorse the product. Let me discuss it with you.


Get celebrities to promote the brand

Everything from shopping to pharmacy to food delivery is getting digital. No one wants the traditional time-consuming method of getting from their couch and go shopping, medicines, eating, and so on.

So, haven’t you figured out that you can also reach out to the celebs by using the modern digital method?

Yes, you got it right. Now as per your convenience, many celebrity shoutout platforms are bringing the celebrities and their followers closer. These are celebrity management companies playing a great role in bridging the gap between the two.

One such brand is Celefi that is working for the welfare of start-ups and small businesses. With a large list of over 1000 celebrities, these businesses can request brand promotions from celebrities.

Celefi has become one of the best celebrity shout out platforms in India due to its quick response, easy navigation, customer support, and many more features. However, the overall website works absolutely fine and the reviews received for it is great.

Brand Endorsement


Hope that up to now, it is very clear that the star celebrity can help any brand to stay in the market for the long term. Indeed the collaboration is with a renowned star. So, stop wasting time on the traditional method to reach celebrities to promote your brand. Try a new way out.