Definition of Announcement:

  1. Statement made formally and publicly to the press for mass distribution. Announcements can be made in response to something such as rumors, or can be made for positive reasons such as the introduction of a new product or practice. For example, a company in the business of manufacturing computers may unexpectedly make an announcement about a new computer model. See also press release.

  2. A public and typically formal statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention.

Synonyms of Announcement

Statement, Report, Declaration, Proclamation, Pronouncement, Account, Acquaintance, Ad, Advert, Advertisement, Affirmance, Affirmation, Allegation, Annunciation, Assertion, Asseveration, Averment, Avouchment, Avowal, Blue book, Briefing, Broadcast, Bulletin, Bulletin board, Circular, Commercial, Communication, Communique, Conclusion, Conveyance, Creed, Data, Datum, Declaration, Dictum, Directory, Disclosure, Dispatch, Edict, Encyclical, Enlightenment, Enunciation, Evidence, Facts, Factual information, Familiarization, Gen, General information, Giving, Guidebook, Handout, Hard information, Impartation, Imparting, Impartment, Incidental information, Info, Information, Instruction, Intelligence, Ipse dixit, Knowledge, Light, Manifesto, Mention, Message, Notice, Notification, Position, Position paper, Positive declaration, Predicate, Predication, Presentation, Proclamation, Profession, Program, Programma, Promotional material, Promulgation, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Proof, Proposition, Protest, Protestation, Public notice, Publication, Publicity, Release, Report, Say, Say-so, Saying, Sharing, Sidelight, Spot, Stance, Stand, Statement, Telling, The dope, The goods, The know, The scoop, Transfer, Transference, Transmission, Transmittal, Ukase, Utterance, Vouch, White book, White paper, Word

How to use Announcement in a sentence?

  1. The spokesperson was about to make an announcement.
  2. You may want to hold off the announcement of a new product until you are fully sure that it can be released on that day.
  3. As the crowd waiting for the mayor to make the announcement about the new baseball field, the children played hide-n-seek.
  4. The announcement was made that we would be trading two of our best players away in a deal that would give us one really great player.

Meaning of Announcement & Announcement Definition

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