Loss prevention service

Loss prevention service,

Definition of Loss prevention service:

  1. The elimination or reduction of hazardous conditions with the goal of preventing losses. This is done through inspections and engineering efforts by the insurer or an outside organization.

Meaning of Loss prevention service & Loss prevention service Definition



  • LOSS PREVENTION SERVICE can be defined as, As the term implies, this is done by an independent insurer or department of the insurer, which involves reviewing large exhibitions to eliminate situations that could cause an accident or other damage. Can



Sentences of LOSS
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of LOSS

mislaying, dropping, overlooking, forgetting, misplacement


Meanings of PREVENTION:
  1. The act of preventing something from happening.

Sentences of PREVENTION
  1. Crime prevention

Synonyms of PREVENTION

obstruction, hindrance, discouragement, hampering, impediment, retardation, holding back


Meanings of SERVICE:
  1. Perform routine maintenance or repair work (vehicle or machine)

  2. With a (male) mate (female)

  3. Helping or working with someone.

  4. A system that provides public needs such as transport, communications or utilities such as electricity and water.

  5. A religious service in a fixed form - a fixed form for such a ceremony

  6. Routine inspection and maintenance of vehicles or other machinery as usual.

  7. A variety of different foods and dishes are used to serve certain foods.

  8. (In tennis and other racquet sports) The act of starting a game or right.

  9. Formal service documents such as letters or subpoints.

Sentences of SERVICE
  1. Check your vehicle regularly

  2. A dog can potentially serve several batches in one day

  3. Millions of people are involved in volunteering

  4. Regular bus service

  5. Funeral

  6. The car was fixed

Synonyms of SERVICE

rite, resource, amenity, service, check, good turn, observance, act of assistance, servicing, kindness, ceremony, helping hand, solution, overhaul, ordinance, maintenance check, utility, ritual, favour, facility, routine check



  • LOSS PREVENTION SERVICE means, Like the term amp, this work is carried out by a project bureau or independent insurer's sector, which involves examining key risks to eliminate situations that could lead to accidents or other losses. ۔



Meanings of LOSS:
  1. The fact or action of losing something or someone.

  2. Money lost by a company or organization.

  3. A feeling of condition or pain when someone or something loses its value.

  4. A person or thing that will be severely missed when lost.

  5. Power loss within or between circuits is measured as the ratio of input power to output power.

  6. There is no confusion or certainty about what to think, what to say or what to do.

  7. Earn less by buying, running or producing something.

Sentences of LOSS
  1. Lack of funds leads to loss of employment.

  2. The possible loss of employment was due to the possible closure of the garrison barracks.

  3. He acknowledges that the financial crisis could lead to further job losses and environmental shutdowns.

  4. Your own school will lose its job because it goes through one of two application forms.

  5. The earnings record announced earlier this year is now leading to dismissal.

  6. The bank did not say how many jobs it would lose as a result of the branch closure program.

  7. In the ensuing proceedings, it was found that the claimant did not suffer any loss.

  8. He was concerned that the district morale would not be able to handle the new dismissals.

  9. He said there could be a loss of jobs, but no decision has yet been made on which areas to trust.

  10. Farmers hope to send their animals to be slaughtered soon to avoid financial loss.

  11. Any job loss is dealt with on a collective bargaining and voluntary basis.

Synonyms of LOSS

privation, suffering, pain, grief, waste, hurt, torment, losing, dissipation, forfeiture, squandering, anguish, distress, trauma, disappearance


Meanings of PREVENTION:
  1. The act of preventing something from happening or happening.

  2. It's easier to prevent something in the first place than to repair the damage later.

Sentences of PREVENTION
  1. Treatment and prevention of malaria.

  2. Police will work this month to highlight issues such as crime prevention in the community, he said.

  3. Agents inform homeowners of any crime prevention measures, he said.

  4. According to him, the role of the community is more in the prevention of crime.

  5. The NHS has been criticized for not prioritizing the treatment and prevention of obesity.

  6. This money will be used for advanced cancer research to improve prevention and treatment and to find a cure.

  7. Again, we are in a situation where prevention is paramount.

  8. The money raised will be used to prevent, treat and cure heart disease.

  9. One study did not report separate results for treatment and prevention, so all women were included.

  10. Regular eyelid cleansing is the most important part of treating and preventing blepharitis.


Meanings of SERVICE:
  1. The act of helping or working with someone.

  2. An act of help.

  3. Length of service in a company or organization.

  4. Uses which can be made by machine.

  5. I work as a maid.

  6. Help or advise customers during and after the sale of goods.

  7. The process or process of serving food to customers.

  8. I work for a client or client that does not involve the manufacture of any product.

  9. Ministries or public institutions run by governments.

  10. Armed Forces.

  11. Car parking along the main road that provides petrol, snacks and other facilities for drivers.

  12. A religious service is a prescribed form for such a ceremony.

Sentences of SERVICE
  1. With more than six decades of volunteer work, the day is not over.

  2. In general, it is difficult for an agency to operate fully voluntarily and without funding.

  3. Regardless of the number of volunteer services, we want to hear from you.

  4. There is no better family volunteering in the community, and Nick is a leader in the area.

  5. She is also a member of the York Rotary Club, where she strongly supports volunteering for the York community.

  6. When it comes to volunteering, she never hesitates to be the center of attention.

  7. He said he has provided an excellent service to Castle Bar Social Services over the years.

  8. He then volunteered at the fort's artillery.

  9. Danny De Veto presents Michael Douglas with the Cecil B. DeMille Award for his years of service to the industry.

  10. Pastor Colin Medal was awarded to Patsy Tolan in recognition of his long service to the center.

  11. Michael and Patrick are highly respected and respected employees who serve the company faithfully.

Synonyms of SERVICE

usage, maintain, armed services, check over, serving, military, employ, labour, attendance, keep in good condition, go over, employment, forces, performance of one's duties, waitressing, serving of food and drink, give a maintenance check to, waiting at table