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Fiat Money,

Fiat Money Definition:

  1. Meaning of Fiat Money: Brian Barnier is the chief analyst at Value Bridge Advisors, co-founder and editor-in-chief of, and a visiting professor at the Colin Powell School of City University in New York City.

    • The Fiat currency is a government-issued currency that does not support items such as gold.
    • Trust money gives central banks more control over the economy because they can control the amount of money hidden.
    • Most modern paper currencies, such as the US dollar, are fast currencies.
    • One of the dangers of paper money is that the government prints too much, which leads to hyperinflation.

Literal Meanings of Fiat Money


Meanings of Fiat:
  1. Formal approval or proposed application.

Sentences of Fiat
  1. Adopt a legislative review program instead of trying to regulate by a decision

Synonyms of Fiat

diktat, commandment, decree, command, mandate, dictum, edict, precept, promulgation, injunction, proclamation, order


Meanings of Money:
  1. A common medium of exchange in the form of coins and notes.

Synonyms of Money

ready money, cash, hard cash