How To Start Your Career In Automotive Industry?

Do you wish to kick-start a promising career in the automotive industry? Then, Perth in Australia must be your ultimate destination! It is one of the most sought-after sectors in Australia at the moment! Statistics even say a striking job growth of three percent has taken place in the Australian automotive industry until recently. The revenue procured from this upsurge is supposed to increase cumulatively within the next five years. So, before you begin your career in Automotive Courses Perth, you need to know a few crucial things about it. A checklist of some of the notable aspects pertaining to the automotive industry of Australia can be considered below.

  1. Sought-after Automotive Courses!

There are quite a few popular automotive courses offered by Australia particularly in Perth. Successful completion of these courses will ensure a rewarding career for you in the automotive sector of Australia. These include the following:

  • Diploma of Automotive Technology
  • Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology
  • Certificate IV in Automotive and
  • The course of Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Perth in Australia

After you complete any of these courses, you can expect to become eligible for a range of job prospects in Australia.

  1. Automotive graduates in Australia and their career avenues!

Whether you finish the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology or certificate IV in automotive, the benefits are aplenty. The biggest benefit is that you will become eligible for a wide range of career opportunities. Statistics even say that a thriving automotive mechanic is expected to earn around AU$52,000 per year. Similarly, an accomplished Automotive Service Manager in Australia is expected to earn an income of about AU$75,895 every year. In a word, when you complete an automotive course from Perth, you can expect plenty of career opportunities in return. Some of the job prospects which you can expect to preside over can be considered below.

  • Sales or Parts Representative
  • Motorsports Mechanic
  • Service Technician
  • Motorsport Development Executive
  • Vehicle Builders
  • Automotive Electrician
  • Automotive Applications Engineer
  • Motor Mechanics and
  • Service Manager to name just a few

So, do you also wish to preside over any of the job roles given above? Then, complete an automotive course which you find the most compatible to make your dream come true.

  1. Eligibility Criteria to Study Automotive Courses in Perth!

So, do you also wish to Study in Perth to finish any of the automotive courses given above? Then, there are some basic eligibility criteria which you need to comply with. A checklist of these eligibility prerequisites has been outlined below:

  • A valid Statement of Purpose
  • Evidence of any substantial work experience if you have any
  • Your senior secondary school qualification
  • Evidence which prove your fundamental English language proficiency. Make sure you obtain a score of five point five in total in IELTS. Alternatively, you can also obtain an equivalent score in tests like TOEFL or PTE etc.
  • A substantial passport of an eligible country. The passport which you are holding must be valid for the last six months.

Aside these requirements, you will need to meet a couple of requirements more. Say for instance a valid offer letter is required to make the admission procedure hassle-free. Again, you need to obtain this letter from your valid Australian education provider. Evidence which prove that you have access to adequate funds is also an imperative criterion which you must meet unfailingly. Besides, you also need to prove that you are the holder of a valid Overseas Student Health Cover. It will make the procedure of your student visa absolutely stress-free.

  1. Automotive Course and Australian PR!

The Automotive Courses Perth are in the greatest demand at the moment. So, as an overseas student you must complete the right automotive course first. Subsequently, you must also obtain a good deal of experience in the Australian automotive sector for added advantage. These traits will let you apply for a provisional skills assessment. This criterion is imperative if you are truly zealous about entering the Job Ready Program in Australia. This program will make you optimally employable in the automotive sector of Australia.

The takeaway!

After you complete this program successfully, you will be able become job ready in Australia’s automotive sector. As a result, you will be evaluated for the pertinent job role upon the successful completion of this program. Afterwards, you can optimize this opportunity to pave your way to attain a Permanent Residency in Australia.

  1. A glimpse of the Australian Automotive sector!

Australia’s population is increasing cumulatively. As a result, almost every resident in the nation has a car of his or her own. This has triggered the immense demand to produce vehicles impeccably from the scratch that too at a large scale. Some of the top automotive companies have therefore been able to establish their own units and offices in Australia, specifically in Perth. Statistics has even inferred most of the residents of Australia prefer to use a car unlike motorbikes. Australian logistics hasn’t remained an exception either in this matter. It is now comprised of premium Lorries, vans and trucks for drivers of heavy vehicles.

Additional pieces of information!

The demand for quality yet elegant cars have that’s why led to the increased demand for qualified automotive professionals in Australia. In Perth, you will specifically come across some of the top universities and colleges offering the aforesaid Automotive Courses to be precise. After you complete any of these courses, you can expect the following benefits instead!

  • Attainment of a substantial automotive qualification
  • Attainment of essential technical and theoretical understanding
  • Procurement of sufficient hands-on experience and
  • Scope to preside over remunerative job opportunities all across Australia.

So, do you also wish to attain a rewarding automotive career in Perth, Australia? Then, contact a top-notch Education Consultant in Perth to get the best guidance! After learning about your unique career objectives, your Education Agent Perth will help you choose the right automotive course. What’s more, your education agent will also assist you with all the procedures which bridge the gap between your arrival in Australia and the attainment of your dream career!