Definition of Possession:

  1. Dominion over, and exclusive control and use of, a material object or property resulting from the fact of holding it (whether rightly or wrongly) in ones power. Possession is said to be the nine-tenths of the law and is a prima facie evidence of ownership-good against any other claim, except that of the legal owner. It may mature into legal ownership due to passage of time, as in adverse possession.

Synonyms of Possession

Aberration, Abnormality, Accessories, Acquest, Acquire, Acquisition, Affluence, Alienation, Ally, Aplomb, Appointments, Appurtenances, Archduchy, Archdukedom, Assets, Assurance, Baggage, Balance, Bedevilment, Belongings, Bewitchery, Bewitchment, Body politic, Bottomless purse, Brain damage, Brainsickness, Buffer state, Bulging purse, Captivation, Captive nation, Capture, Care, Chattels, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, City-state, Claiming, Clouded mind, Colony, Commonweal, Commonwealth, Complex, Composure, Compulsion, Confidence, Conquer, Constraint, Control, Country, County, Craziness, Custody, Daftness, Dementedness, Dementia, Derangement, Discipline, Disorientation, Distraction, Domain, Dominion, Duchy, Duds, Dukedom, Earldom, Easy circumstances, Effects, Embarras de richesses, Empery, Empire, Enchantment, Entrancement, Equability, Equanimity, Equilibrium, Equipment, Estate and effects, Fascination, Fixation, Fixed idea, Fixtures, Folie, Fortune, Free city, Furnishings, Furniture, Furor, Gold, Goods, Grand duchy, Guardianship, Handsome fortune, Hang-up, Havings, Hereditament, High income, High tax bracket, Hold, Holding, Holdings, Hypercathexis, Idee fixe, Illusion, Impedimenta, Incorporeal hereditament, Independence, Insaneness, Insanity, Irrationality, Irresistible impulse, Keeping, Kingdom, Land, Lares and penates, Level head, Levelheadedness, Loss of mind, Loss of reason, Lucre, Lunacy, Luxuriousness, Madness, Mammon, Mandant, Mandate, Mandated territory, Mandatee, Mandatory, Mania, Material wealth, Maya, Mental deficiency, Mental derangement, Mental disease, Mental disorder, Mental disturbance, Mental illness, Mental instability, Mental sickness, Mind overthrown, Mindsickness, Money, Money to burn, Moneybags, Monomania, Morbid drive, Movables, Nation, Nationality, Obsession, Obsessive compulsion, Obtain, Occupy, Oddness, Opulence, Opulency, Ownership, Paraphernalia, Pelf, Pixilation, Poise, Polis, Polity, Possessions, Possessorship, Power, Preoccupation, Prepossession, Presence of mind, Principality, Principate, Properties, Property, Proprietary, Proprietorship, Prosperity, Prosperousness, Protection, Protectorate, Province, Puppet government, Puppet regime, Queerness, Rabidness, Realm, Reasonlessness, Reception, Repossess, Republic, Restraint, Riches, Richness, Ruling passion, Satellite, Secure, Seize, Self-assurance, Self-command, Self-confidence, Self-conquest, Self-control, Self-denial, Self-discipline, Self-government, Self-mastery, Self-possession, Self-restraint, Seneschalty, Senselessness, Settlement, Shattered mind, Sick mind, Sickness, Six-figure income, Sovereign nation, Spirit control, State, Strangeness, Substance, Sultanate, Superpower, Take, Taking, Taking away, Taking possession, Tangibles, Tenure, Territory, Theft, Things, Tic, Title, Toparchia, Toparchy, Trappings, Treasure, Tricks, Unbalance, Unbalanced mind, Unsaneness, Unsound mind, Unsoundness, Unsoundness of mind, Upper bracket, Wealth, Wealthiness, Well-regulated mind, Win, Witchery, Witlessness

How to use Possession in a sentence?

  1. Superstitions have caused much harm throughout history, perfectly illustrated by the people who thought those with high fevers, epilepsy, and other serious illnesses were in a state of possession and would perform exorcism instead of treating them.
  2. While going through my Grandmas things, after her death, my niece informed us she had her Waterford crystal in her possession .
  3. I found your hat after we left the basketball court. I can return it to you tomorrow, I have it in my possession .

Meaning of Possession & Possession Definition