Mission statement

Mission statement,

Definition of Mission statement:

  1. The statement has two purposes: to help employees focus on what they are doing and to encourage them to find innovative ways to achieve the company's productive goals.

  2. A written statement of the organization's core objectives and direction, which usually changes over time. Properly written statement of mission (1) acts as a filter of what is necessary and what is not. (2) clearly indicates which markets are being offered and how; And (3) provide an overview of the entire organization in the desired direction.

    The mission is different from the vision because the first is the goal and the second is the result of the mission which must be completed, while the vision must be followed for this achievement. Also known as company mission, company mission or business purpose.

  3. Mission statements companies use in a simple and concise way to explain their goals. A statement is usually short, whether it is a sentence or a short paragraph.

  4. A formal summary of the goals and values ​​of the company, organization or person.

How to use Mission statement in a sentence?

  1. Mission Statements Companies use to express their goals in simple and concise terms.
  2. The new mission statement presented by the company's board of directors shows that the company is committed to providing public services, quality products and integrity.
  3. The mission statement serves many purposes, including encouraging employees and protecting investors for the company's future.
  4. The company's mission is to serve all customers promptly and without errors and to provide exceptional customer service at every point of contact.
  5. The company's mission statement is very clear and important to all employees, and will benefit from the company's guidance in promoting them.
  6. A mission statement that all employees can follow.
  7. A mission statement is usually a short sentence or paragraph that describes your culture, values ​​and ethics.

Meaning of Mission statement & Mission statement Definition