Definition of Discipline:

  1. The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

  2. Train (someone) to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

  3. A process of controlling ones behavior and actions, either through self-motivation or through teaching and punishment.

  4. A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.

  5. A certain branch of knowledge; an area of study. He was interested in the new disciplines being taught by his professors..

Synonyms of Discipline

Spartanism, Academic discipline, Academic specialty, Accommodate, Accommodate with, Accord, Adapt, Adapt to, Adjust, Adjust to, Administer, Administrate, Administration, Agree with, Anality, Aplomb, Apple-pie order, Applied science, Apprentice, Apprenticeship, Area, Arena, Art, Assimilate to, Astringency, Austerity, Authoritarianism, Basic training, Be guided by, Be master, Beat, Bend, Bound, Boundary, Bounds, Break, Break in, Breaking, Breed, Breeding, Bridle, Bring to account, Bring to book, Bring up, Call to account, Captain, Castigate, Castigation, Chair, Chasten, Chastening, Chastise, Chastisement, Check, Chime in with, Civil government, Classical education, Coach, Command, Comply, Comply with, Compose, Composure, Concern, Condign punishment, Condition, Conditioning, Conduct, Confine, Confinement, Conform, Constraint, Contain, Continence, Control, Copyright, Core curriculum, Correct, Correction, Correspond, Course, Course of study, Criticize, Cultivate, Cultivation, Curb, Curriculum, Deal with, Decorum, Demandingness, Demesne, Department, Department of knowledge, Deserts, Develop, Development, Direct, Direction, Disciplinary measures, Dispensation, Disposition, Domain, Draw the line, Drill, Drilling, Edify, Educate, Elective, Empery, Empire, Enlighten, Exactingness, Exercise, Fall in with, Ferule, Fetch up, Fetching-up, Field, Field of inquiry, Field of study, Fine fettle, Fit, Follow, Form, Form of government, Foster, Fostering, Gear to, General education, General studies, Go by, Good condition, Good shape, Good trim, Govern, Governance, Government, Grimness, Groom, Grooming, Guide, Harmonize, Harshness, Head, Hedge about, Hold in check, Housebreak, Housebreaking, Humanities, Improve, Improvement, In-service training, Inculcate, Inculcation, Independence, Indoctrinate, Indoctrination, Inflict upon, Infliction, Inform, Inhibit, Instruct, Instruction, Judgment, Judicial punishment, Keep in check, Keep in line, Lead, Liberal arts, Lick into shape, Limit, Limitation, Major, Make conform, Manage, Management, Manual training, Masthead, Meet, Method, Methodicalness, Methodology, Meticulousness, Military training, Minor, Moderate, Moderation, Mold, Narrow, Natural science, Neatness, Nemesis, Nurse, Nurture, Nurturing, Observe, Officer, Ology, On-the-job training, Orb, Orbit, Order, Orderliness, Overcome, Oversight, Pains, Pains and punishments, Patent, Pay, Payment, Penal retribution, Penalize, Penalty, Penology, Pillory, Political organization, Polity, Possession, Practice, Preparation, Prepare, Prescription, Preside over, Proscription, Proseminar, Province, Punish, Punishment, Punition, Pure science, Put in tune, Put to school, Quadrivium, Qualification, Qualify, Raise, Raising, Ready, Readying, Realm, Rear, Rearing, Rebuke, Reconcile, Rectify, Reduce, Refresher course, Regime, Regimen, Regiment, Regimentation, Register, Regnancy, Regulate, Regulation, Rehearsal, Rehearse, Reign, Reprimand, Reprove, Restrain, Restraint, Restrict, Restriction, Retribution, Retributive justice, Ride herd on, Rigid discipline, Rod, Round, Routine, Rub off corners, Ruggedness, Rule, Run, Scant, School, Schooling, Science, Scientific education, Scourge, Self-command, Self-conquest, Self-control, Self-denial, Self-discipline, Self-government, Self-mastery, Self-possession, Self-restraint, Seminar, Send to school, Settle, Settle with, Severity, Shape, Sloyd, Social science, Sovereignty, Specialize, Specialty, Sphere, Square accounts, Stand over, Sternness, Stint, Straighten, Straiten, Strictness, Stringency, Study, Subdiscipline, Subdue, Subject, Subjection, Subjugate, Suit, Supervise, Supervision, Sway, System, System of government, Systematicness, Take in hand, Take to task, Tally with, Teach, Technical education, Technicology, Technics, Technology, Tidiness, Toughness, Train, Training, Trimness, Trivium, Upbringing, Visit upon, Vocational education, Vocational training, Walk, Well-deserved punishment, What-for, Wield authority, Willpower, Yield, Field, Field of study, Branch of knowledge, Course of study, Subject, Area, Control, Regulation, Direction, Order, Authority, Rule, Strictness, A firm hand, Train, Drill, Teach, School, Coach, Educate, Regiment, Indoctrinate

How to use Discipline in a sentence?

  1. Sociology is a fairly new discipline.
  2. In order to discipline a dog, you have to teach it some basic rules such as learning to obey its master.
  3. Before entering law school, the future lawyer had to decide which discipline of law he would study and practice in the future.
  4. Parents sometimes choose to use discipline techniques to punish their children which involve grounding them or taking away their allowance.
  5. A lack of proper parental and school discipline.
  6. Many parents have been afraid to discipline their children.

Meaning of Discipline & Discipline Definition

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