What is the average weight for a 13 years old?

Average weight for a 13 years old is different for boys and girls .According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) average weight for a 13 years old male is between 75 and 145 pounds and average weight for a 13 years old female is between 76 and 148 pounds.However we cannot label any weight a perfect weight because the weight of a person is affected by a number of factors ,which vary in every individual.

Overview :

Average weight for a 13 years old boy is different from that of a 13 years old girl .It is usually because this is a time when boys and girls are developing into men and women and their bodies are going through different physical changes and the time for these changes are different for boys and girls.

Everyone should be the most concerned about their weight as weight is of prime importance for any human being.Weight of a person can determine so many things about him\her.

In teen years weight should be in the priority list ,it should be cared about,because teen years are the growing years and any kind of weight problems,if neglected,can do serious harm in future.Usually teenage years are those years when a personality of the child develops and if the child is overweight or underweight it can restrain his/her personality to groom.

Although the weight of a person is determined by a number of factors and any kind of universal set of rules cannot be given to guide about weight but there are certain ways which can help children to maintain the right weight .There are also experts in this field from whom teenage children or anyone else can seek help if they are facing any kind of troubles regarding their weight but weight should not be ignored.

Body Mass Index :

Have you ever thought that when doctors tell you that you are overweight , underweight or are having a normal weight ,what standard do they use ? Most of the time they use a BMI ( body mass index ) calculator.

The body mass index is a type of calculator which is used to know that either our weight is proper according to our height or not ?

CDC ( Centre of disease control and prevention ) has set a standard BMI from which we can know that either we are overweight ,underweight or have a normal weight.

Complete dependence on BMI results is not preferred because although BMI gives us a general idea about our health risks associated with our weight but it cannot give us accurate results because while calculating our normal weight a number of other factors should also be taken into account.

How to calculate BMI :

Calculation of BMI is dead simple ,all you need to know is your height and weight.

If you know your weight in kg and height in meters then you can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kg with your height in meters square.

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m)2

And if you know your weight in pounds and height in inches then BMI can be calculated by dividing your weight in pounds with your height in inches square and then multiplying the answer with 704.5 .

BMI = Weight ( lb ) / height ( in )2 x 704.5

BMI works in a slightly different way for people aged from 2-18.It not only asks about their weight and height but their gender and age are also important in order to calculate BMI for them.

Standard BMI :

BMI is a number according to our body weight and height.It gives us a clue whether our weight is suitable for our height or not.BMI is used when a person wants to know if his/her weight is putting him/her at any risk of health problems.As already told above, the CDC ( Centre of disease control and prevention ) has set a standard BMI ,which is the same for both adult men and women.However let’s take a look at those standards :

* Underweight :

If the results of BMI shows a number less than 18.5 it means that the weight of a person is not proper at all and he is falling into the category of underweight .

* Normal weight :

When the weight of the person is normal his/her BMI results range in between 18.5-24.9.If BMI is showing this result it means that a person can be satisfied about his/her weight to some extent.

* Overweight :

A person has a body fat more than he/she should have when his/her BMI result is between 25-29.9 .In this case a person should take necessary steps to make his/her weight normal.

* Obese :

When BMI of a person is more than 30 then he/she is quite obese and should immediately take action to control this situation because obesity is the root of many health problems including diabaties,heart attack etc.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems which should be avoided at any cost because an obese person can attract more problems and diseases than opportunities in his/her life .

Summary :

When the question comes about the average weight for a 13 years old it is different for both boys and girls .According to the CDC average weight for a 13 years old boy is between 75 and 145 pounds and the average weight for a 13 years old girl is between 76 and 148 pounds .No weight can be called ideal weight because the factors which determine the weight of the person are different for everybody.In teen years weight should be the most concerning thing because if it’s not proper in these years a person can bear serious consequences in future .There are different strategies,which if adopted,can help teenage children or any other person to maintain the right weight.BMI is a scale which tells us whether our weight is in accordance with our height or not.Calculating BMI results has two methods,both of which are quite simple but for children aged from 2-18 the process of calculating BMI is a little bit different.CDC has set standard BMI numbers for us to know that if our weight is proper or not .However these standard results are the same for both adults and children.

Average weight for a 13 years old :

Average weight for a 13 years old boy is in between 75 and 145 pounds .But what exactly does average weight mean ? It means that the 50th percentile of this weight i.e. 75 and 145 pounds is 100 pounds and if a 13 years old boy is falling into the 50th percentile then he has the average weight.In simple words,if a 13 years old boy falls into the 50th percentile of this weight it means that 50% boys of his age weighs more than him and 50% weighs less .

Average weight for a 13 years old girl is in between 76 and 148 pounds.The 50th percentile of weight is 101 pounds and just like the boy if a girl falls into the 50th percentile of the weight it means that she has the average weight.

Factors affecting the weight :

Bodies of 13 years old boys and girls are just at the start of developing into adult’s bodies and are going through many processes of development.That’s why there are a number of factors that can affect the average weight of 13 years old boys and girls.

Let’s take a look at some most important factors :

Rate of development :

Timing for the start of hormonal development is different for every child.It usually starts between the age of 8-14 years.That’s why there is no need to worry about if two children of the same age and same gender have different weight,because maybe one child has finished this process and the other child has just started it.

Hormonal development leads to a lot of changes in children.Changes happen in both girls and in boys.Hormonal development also becomes a cause of weight gain in both boys and girls.Before reaching the adult height i.e. during the time of puberty there is an expectation that the child will grow upto 10 inches .

Family history ( genes ) :

It is true that hormonal development affects the weight of a child but that’s not all .Family background also plays a crucial role in determining the child’s weight or it is more accurate to say that the genetic background of the child is important while discussing the factors affecting the child’s weight.If a child has a history of obesity in his/her family then chances becomes greater for him/her to be obese than those children who comes from a different background than this.

It is important to note here that the weight of the child determined through his/her genetic background is not fatal and can be changed with the passage of time and with the will of the person.

Where the child lives :

It may sound weird to you but it is true that even where the child lives has the effect on his/her weight.It is true because the location of a child decides his/her access to food.For example African children have a very limited access to food than American children which obviously then leads to the difference in the weight of both the parties.

Location of the child affects the child’s weight as there are different cultural practices around the world which can affect the child’s eating habits and physical exercise habits which in turns affect the weight of the child.

Eating habits :

Eating habits are something which varies in every individual.Some children are fond of eating everything and are food lovers while others have a very selective choice when it comes to the food . Some children prefer vegetables in eating,some chicken and some only love fast food .These eating habits have a very significant effect on their weight,so if you see two 13 years old children of the same gender but there is a very huge gap in their weight then it might be because of the difference in their eating habits.

Physical habits :

Just like eating habits, physical habits are also different in every child.Some children are born athletes and love to play outdoor games while some children spend most of their time in studying ( by sitting or lying ) just like that some children are very fond of video games and they also spend most of their time in sitting at one place and playing video games.All these habits have a very direct effect on the weight of the child .Those children who are more physically involved in their daily routine have less chances to become obese than those who are not.

Diseases associated with weight :

If a person has an abnormal/unnatural weight then it is of no good and is putting the person at the risk of some deadly diseases,which everyone wants to avoid.It becomes more important for teenagers to take care of their weight because if they don’t,then they may not suffer at the moment but in future many diseases will become the destiny for them.Let’s take a look at some of those diseases :

* Diabetes :

Diabetes is one of the deadly diseases of the world.It is so deadly that it can even drag a healthy person to his/her grave.One of the many reasons for diabetes is none other than obesity.An obese person is at much greater risk of having diabetes in future than others.Having bad eating habits like consumption of sugar in a large amount results in weight gain and can even cause diabetes so it’s necessary to adopt healthy eating habits to maintain the right weight.

* Heart diseases :

It is not compulsory that if you are overweight you have to face these diseases,however chances of these diseases are much higher for overweight people and as some wise had said “ prevention is better than cure “ it is better to avoid being overweight.

Overweight people mostly have high blood pressure and high cholesterol due to which chances of heart diseases are more common in them .

* Breathing problems :

Breathing problems like asthma has a very deep connection with being overweight.Recent studies have proved that overweight people tend to be more exposed to asthma as obesity affects the blood volume and due to many other reasons.

Effects of the abnormal weight on the personality of the teenager :

In the start of the article I wrote that if a child ( teenager ) is overweight or underweight it can restrain his/her personality to groom.Here I am elaborating it a little bit .

Teenage years are considered to be the most crucial years for grooming of children.It is the time when the personality of the child starts developing and if he/she has an abnormal weight due to which he/she has been subjected to an unusual appearance then it can put a strain on their personality,for a lot of reasons , for the rest of their lives.Let’s take a look at some of those reasons :

Bullying :

It is very common for teenagers to become a victim of bullying due to their weight especially when they are overweight.Unfortunately we live in a body conscious society where obese children are often disapproved by their fellows even if they have all the qualities which lack in other people . They are often harassed ,abused , mocked and insulted by other children,which can cause many problems for them in their future life,one of those problems can be social anxiety.

Bullying stops teenagers to groom fully in order to become successful adults.Although overweight teenagers are more often subjected to bullying but underweight ones can also be the victim of this .That’s why it is important for teenage children to maintain the right weight so they do not have to endure such abusiveness.

Low self esteem :

Low self esteem is automatically grown in teenagers when they have an abnormal weight,doesn’t matter if they are overweight or underweight ,due to which they have an abnormal appearance,if not called abnormal then at least it is unusual.As when these children see their fellows with a perfect figure they start thinking low of themselves,they start considering themselves below average ,this puts a very bad effect on their self esteem which can be permanent.

Barrier in participating physical supports :

Physical supports are very pivotal in developing the child’s personality ,experts suggest parents make sure that their child actively participates in outdoor games if they want him/her to become a fully groomed person in future.However if the child is obese then it becomes very difficult for him/her to become a part of these sports even if he/she wants ,same goes when the child is too thin.This behaviour does not allow children to fully groom.

Maintaining the right weight :

By keeping all of the above discussion in mind ,one thing which should be done at all costs is to maintain the right weight.Only this is the way to avoid all those problems caused due to abnormal weight .But the question arises how can a 13 years old maintain the right weight ? Well , there are a lot of ways to do that.Let’s discuss some of those ways :

Role of parents :

Parent’s role can never be negligible in their child’s life.Parents influence their child in a way no one else can .However most parents don’t realize this and it mostly ends up in destroying the child’s life .It is important for everyone who has children to understand this fact that their every word and action has an everlasting effect on their children and it can either help them to live a better life or can become a cause of ruining their life.

Similarly when the question arises that how can a 13 years old maintain the right weight,its parent’s role is the most important factor in doing that.Parents should recognize their duty in this regard and should be aware of the consequences their child can bear if he/she has an abnormal weight.

Now if you are wondering what can parents do to help their child in this situation so below are some simple tips which if followed will surely give good results.

  • Parents should provide a right environment to their child at home . They should give him/her a peaceful atmosphere because in most of the cases when children don’t have a friendly climate in their house they try to find comfort in food .This very badly affects their eating habits which then affects their weight.

  • Parents should make sure that their child mostly eats homemade food because fast food ,if taken in excessive amounts,can become a potential cause of weight gain.
  • Parents should monitor their child’s eating habit very carefully and if they see that it is not proper then should take necessary actions to make it proper.
  • Parents should encourage their child to play outdoor games ,as physical activity is necessary in maintaining the right weight.

Role of media :

In the era of technology and social media we cannot deny the impact media has on teenagers.Whether it is electronic media or digital media both have become the great influencers for children especially teenage children .Children tend to copy what they see over there.That’s why it is the ethical responsibility of the media to spread awareness among children about weight and should encourage them through various means to not neglect their weight.Media should set

Role Models for children and should properly guide them in this context .

Role of schools :

Schools are not only responsible for teaching children books but their duty is much more than this.They should provide children the guidance they need in every matter of life including the matter of their weight.They should not only guide them verbally but should also take necessary action to help them in this aspect.For example ,a sports period should be mandatory so children don’t develop a habit of sitting all day,moreover those games should be conducted in which children are physically involved and there should be a compulsion on every child to participate in those games .Schools should also guide children about the proper diet for them.

Summary :

Average weight for a 13 years old boy means that he falls into the 50th percentile of the weight between 75 and 145 pounds and for a 13 years old girl means that she falls into the 50th percentile of the weight between 76 and 148 pounds.As 13 years is the age of growing,it becomes difficult to pin down the average weight for a 13 years old as there are many factors affecting his/her weight.Some of these factors include puberty ,genes ,location , eating and physical habits .There are many diseases associated with weight and some of them are diabetes,heart diseases and breathing problems.If a teenage child has an abnormal weight then it can also seriously harm his/her personality.He/she can become a victim of bullying and his/her self esteem can be hurt and there can also be a barrier for the child ,due to his/her weight,in participating in the sports.There are many ways to help a 13 years old child to maintain the right weight however the role of parents,media and schools are noteworthy factors in this regard.

FAQs :

Below are some frequently asked questions about the related topic and their answers :

* What is the ideal time to start hormonal development?

It is a time when different hormones start growing in the body.During this time the person experiences different changes as his/her body is going through different physical processes and he/she is becoming mature like an adult.It usually starts between the age of 8-14.However there is no ideal time to start puberty as it is also affected by a number of factors and is different for every individual.

* What is the ideal height for a 13 years old ?

The average height for a 13 years old boy is 156.4 cm and the average height for a 13 years old girl is 157.3 cm.But there is no ideal height because height just like weight is determined by a number of factors like location,genetic background etc.Therefore if two children of the same age and gender have different heights then it is perfectly normal and there is no need to worry about it.

* What should be the diet plan for a 13 years old child ?

Parents should make sure that their 13 years old is not completely dependent on fast food but he/she has a more consumption of home made food.Fruits and vegetables are a must intake for teenage children on a daily basis .

* Do children become rebellious in their teenage years ?

During teenage years the desire to explore the world and new things become very strong ,also teenagers tend to rely on their friends more than their family.This all is very normal ,it’s just the natural changes happening in children,it doesn’t mean that they have become rebellious .Parents should understand this fact and should treat their children with affection.

* Should 13 years old children have their own social media accounts ?

When children step into their teenage years they become much more curious about everything,they want to try new things,make new friends and interact with people that’s why they wish to have their own social media accounts.However parents should not snub them in this regard but should not also leave them unattended.They should allow their teenage children to have their own social media accounts but should also monitor them very carefully so that children should not misuse the technology.

* Should a 13 years old be allowed to date ?

Although most of the children have entered the process of puberty at the age of 13 but they are not wise and emotionally mature enough at this age to date someone that’s why they should wait at least to the age of 18 to date someone.

* Should a 13 years old girl see a doctor ?

At the age of 13 mostly girls have entered the process of hormonal development and the major change they face is menstruation .Many girls don’t know what to do in this situation.That’s why it is better if a 13 years old girl,who has just begun the process of hormonal development,sees a doctor.A doctor can guide her about this whole process in a better way .

* Should a 13 years old drive ?

If 13 years old children can pass the driving test then they should be allowed to drive.This also develops a sense of responsibility in them that’s why there is no harm in it.

* How to deal with teenagers’ changing attitude ?

Change in behaviour of children after they enter in their teenage years is very natural.Parents should not take their behaviour as a disregard and should try to understand them .The best way for parents to deal with them is to treat them as their friends.

* Should a 13 years old be left all alone in his/her decisions ?

13 years old should start making his/her decisions but it doesn’t mean that he/she will always make the right decisions as after all he/she is still just a kid.That’s why they should be monitored in their decisions.

Conclusion :

Body mass index ( BMI ) is one standard doctors mostly use to tell us about our weight.Although it gives us a general idea about our health through our weight but it is not 100 percent accurate because weight is something which is determined by a number of factors and these factors vary in every individual.Some of these factors are puberty,location,family background ,eating and physical habits.However everyone, especially young teenagers,should be very much concerned about their weight as there are many diseases associated with weight like diabetes,heart diseases,breathing problems etc .Abnormal weight causes abnormal or unusual appearance which can destroy a child’s personality.If parents,media and school play their role properly and guide young teenagers about their weight then it is not very difficult to maintain it.