What are the different types of video games?

There is a wide variety of video games which have become the ultimate phenomenon in the entertainment industry. Video games are differentiated based on the objectives and the characteristics in them.

Video games are in any case are not divided based on the gameplay in each one of them. Different genres of games then are further divided into various subgenres, and this is how one game is differentiated from others.

Let us take a top-rated game; for example, Counter-strike Global Offensive is a record-breaking game in the marketing industry. Players buy CSGO accounts for gaming assets and to increase game worth.

But have you ever thought under which genre or category does CSGO falls? Well, we will let you know soon. All you have to do is, read till the very end and you will be able to identify the genres of every game you like!

Categorizing different games based on their genres can be very perplexing at times, but knowing the simple mechanics of the game can make it relatively easy.

Even if you are not very much interested in the games, there might be a single genre of games that would definitely match your taste, either you do not the game of your preference or you do not know such genre exists.

The first video games:

Starting with a little history on the games, the very first video game was created in October 1958. Its name was Tennis for Two, and it was played on an oscilloscope, sound a little crazy? But that is how it happened.

The game was very much like the PONG we have these days; a five-inch screen accompanied the oscilloscope for display which is a tiny screen.

Types of video games:

Now we will discuss video games and a short introduction on each genre:

Action games:

Action games are one of the most popular and well-admired genres in the video gaming phenomenon. The player has the control of the game and is the central or main lead of the game which performs all the action.

Donkey Kong is one of the earliest action games launched into the market. Action games are somewhat easy to play, and maybe that is the reason they are liked by most.

Action-Adventure games:

These games usually have two to three objectives or challenges that the players have to complete by conquering quests by finishing different purposes. Players have to collect various items and then use the exact thing in action.

Sometimes, the games that do not fall into the other genres of the games are tagged under the term of Action-Adventure games, because all of the games have some action and some adventure in them.

Adventure games:

The games that fall under Adventure games are usually categorized based on the gameplay style. The kind of style their gameplay hold defines that they are adventure games.

All other games have somehow evolved technologically, but this genre which has main parts in storytelling or textual gameplay has not that much progress.

Players in adventure games interact with the other players and with their surroundings to proceed with the storyline by solving different kinds of puzzles and searching for new adventures through them.

Role-Playing Games:

Role-playing games are also very much approved by the players, which makes them the second most played game genre. Commonly known as RPGs, these games also hold colossal fanbase.

RPGs usually have a fantasy in their storyline Sci-Fi fantasy is in the trend, and players demand such genres. RPGs are categorized based on cultures and thus have two further divided into two main types.

One is WRPGs that have western influence, and the second one is JPRGs that have Japanese influence. Players can openly choose the influence they want to play under.

Simulation games:

All the simulation games have something in common that can relate them to their origin. They are either based on real events or fictional events. In both cases, they mimic it like an actual condition.

Strategy games:

Board games that link back to the traditional games we had ago than are often categorized

under strategy games. In these games,’ players are given control over the whole world and its resources.

Challenges are given to the players on every step which they have to overcome using strategizing techniques and manoeuvres. These games were usually released with a turn-based system, but now they are launched in a real-time gameplay system.

Sports games:

Different sports are mimicked in sports games like football, cricket, golf, tennis, etc. Olympic sports are also included in them like skiing, etc., and pub sports like pool and darts are also a part of such games.

Puzzle games:

These are single-screen games that can be easily played by solving the puzzle and advance to a higher level. Different challenges are given to the players in the form of mazes and puzzles to make it challenging and brainstorming game.